Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Water's Edge by Raven Queen

The courtyard, beautiful but quiet as a grave
Kneeling here quietly trying to behave
A Lady appears to my surprise and delight
My body quickens with her greetings lite

My head rises as to her my interest peaks
Listening intently as the lovely Lady speaks
Her voice so eloquent and very direct
Secret yearnings within, can she detect?

She asks simply “Who will dance with me?"
Several options at her whim, a boy most likely
Nerves, distractions, none of the boys answer
Would any of them dare step up to be her dancer?

She walks the grounds surveying what she sees
Passing the boys over, she stops in front of me
“It’s a beautiful day and you’re a beautiful girl
Follow me to the beach where we’ll dance and twirl”

My heart rate doubles as she takes my hand
I rise to meet her and she leads me to the sand
As we walk the grains are warm beneath our toes
The music melodic, intoxicating, mixing with ocean’s flow

Heated rays mixed with a gentle aromatic breeze
Her dress swaying as she leads me to a stop so at ease
I smile brightly, our hands joined, our bodies so close
Feeling the happy and humbled it was me that she chose

Our bodies move to the rhythms tickling our ears
Momentarily I lose myself in her, she erases my fears
We talk of general things and secret desires as we dance
I don’t want it to end, these moments of happenstance

Time moves forward, the songs beautiful but blurred
As we chat of the past and experiences that stirred
Long conversations intermingled with soft slow motions
Everything about this engulfing my every emotion

Yet time is not a friend as she must depart for now
Night overtook day yet I still want more somehow
With happiness for the moments we shared together
Our friendship bonded though this date is severed

She walks away, turns to me, and on the breeze she sends
Her kiss of gratitude for the wonderful time we spent
My happiness abated for a moment as we part
But the memories of those dances will always be in my heart.

Thank you to the Lady that Danced with me. ~ Raven Queen

Bound by Anonymous

She smiled
Cuffs tightening about willingly presented wrists
Buckles securing each of them
Locks snapping shut with audible clicks that seemed to echo.
Ropes sprawled
Entwined, interlaced and knotted together
Web wrapping his body tightly
Limiting movement, even breaths.
He looked up, mostly immobile
Eyes beading with moisture
Glistening with longing
Beaming honesty
Again her lips curled into a smile,
Collar in hand
Placed about his neck
He can barely quiver
Not looking away.
Finally it resonates
That simple sound
Deep with meaning
Full of importance
So explanatory
It locks about him
Her signature of ownership.
Completely incapable of escape
So captured
Boundless bondage
Leaning over to ask
"How do you feel?"
Making sure he's ok
Her smile fades but for a moment
The time it takes to answer
That little pause
Full of truth
But simply he speaks

Eating Out by Doc

                                        By Doc Nolan
“So, tell me about it”, she said, leaning over the table, obviously intent on listening to me.  We were in one of those fake French restaurants with a lit candle and a single rose between us.  Linen table cloth.  Expensive food.
“There’s not much to say,” I replied.  “You simply call the shots.  Make the decisions.  I do the chores and pay the bills.  You keep me company and I protect you.”

“I don’t need any protection,” she answered, a bit huffily.  I realized she’d misunderstood. Par.  “Bad choice of words on my part,” I said.  “I apologize.  I meant that I’ll be your umbrella and your shield and your lookout.  That’s all.”  She looked mollified.

“I might use you for that.  I might not.”

“Your call,” I answered.

There was a long pause.  We were still waiting for the entrée.  She spoke first.

“You make a good pitch.”

“I simply make observations and make offers”.  She nodded at that.

“Yes”, she said.  “You always seem to be giving me options.  Letting me choose.  Offering me a…. “. She paused, pointing at the menu, still on the table, shoved to one side.  I smiled.  She didn't smile; neither did she frown.  She simply intensified her stare.

I joked.  “I guess you’ll have to pick an entrée from the menu.”  She nodded.

“Or decide I don’t like anything and go to another restaurant,” she said.  This time she was smiling.  This time I wasn't.

I said, “I think you are playing tennis with me.”

“Yes, I am.  And I never play tennis against a player that I can’t beat.”  Her grin widened.   I simply nodded.

Another long pause.  Still no entrée.  Still no waiter.  The nearby tables were full.  Everyone was whispering.  Not an American restaurant with concrete floors and loud piped in music.  Silent except for the clink of cutlery on china and the tinkle of wine glasses accidentally grazing plates.  In the distance the muffled sounds of the kitchen.  Very European.

“When can I expect your decision, Marie?”  She looked at her wine glass.

“I’ll consider your offer this weekend and get back to you next Monday,” she replied.  “You know all my conditions.”  I nodded.

She was the boss.  She would decide if on Monday.  Then she would decide when.  Then she would decide how.  The only things answered were who (me) and where (the house).  It seemed very right.  “I will make your life comfortable, you know” I said.

“Yes, you will.  And you won’t be the one making any rules for me.  I will make the rules.”  I again nodded.  “Are you sure,” she added, turning her head to one side quizzically “that you’re ready to be my submissive outside the bedroom as well as in it?”  I was ready for this question.

“I have given it a lot of thought and we wouldn't be here if I had misgivings, Marie.  I’m ready.  In fact, I’m past ready.  I need someone in the house.  You will be made to feel a queen.”

She smiled.  “You know what will happen if I’m not satisfied, right?”  I nodded.

“Kicked to the curb?”

“Well, I would have phrased it a bit more nicely, but yes – if I’m not happy, I will indeed kick you to the curb.”  She smiled.  I looked down at my wine glass.

The waiter arrived with the entrées.  I wondered how much the bill would come to.  I actually didn't care.  I was simply curious.  “Nice place,” I mumbled.

She simply raised her fork and began eating.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Dream Within by Raven

Lost in the dream, no way to turn.
Is this a chance to remake, to relearn.
"Who am i really?" I question the fates
The answer they reply lies through the gate.

"To find who you are" they say with a smile
Travel due east and go but a mile.
"You'll find challenges three" cackles the old hag
Then from out of thin air appears a bag

At the bag in her hands, i stop and i stare
Just then a raven flies through the air
The bag from her hands it grabs with great care
Then with a shrill laugh escapes from the lair

As the raven flies away, my hopes begin to depart
Then the hag speaks again "To find the raven follow your heart"
"You'll need that my dear if you hope to begin"
Says the old hag as my hopes start to thin

The hag speaks once more with nary a glance
"Without that bag you stand not a chance"
Then from out of the air with barely a glimmer
Opens a portal that starts to shimmer

"Step through this now and do not delay"
"To find your next step you have but a day"
As i step through the gate it closes behind
For the ones that follow, my future defined?

I close my eyes as i kneel and pray
The portal twists and turns for forever and a day
The gates open wide and the mists fade away
As i find myself standing in a field of hay

As i stop to pause and take in the air
I hearing a voice as I'm standing there
i look around for the source of this noise
then from out of the bag jumps one of my toys.

As i blink in surprise and check out my hearing
The doll stands there laughing and jeering
Then with a rude gesture it jumps it in the air
and runs into the forest as i mutter a swear

Shaking my head i up and give chase
Then trip over a root and fall on my face
Picking myself up with feelings of unease
I follow the doll between the dark trees.

Between the trees the doll do i follow
Then out in the distance i spot a slight hollow
Giving up on the doll i give a slight wave
Then changing direction i head to the cave

Outside the cave now, the winds start a'howling
From the darkness within i hear something growling
From out of the bag i pull out a lamp
And enter the cave all murky and damp.

Taking a deep breath, i start my new quest
While a feeling of dread lies deep in my chest
Deeper in now, my lamp all ablaze
I find myself now trapped in a maze.

I follow the paths as they twist and they turn
But to the entry i always return
Then with a great shake and a loud clap
From out of the bag falls a small map.

Following the trail that leads to the centre
I come across a door and a voice that says "Enter"
I open the door and enter the room
The door closes behind with a loud boom

As i step further in and go with great care
The scent of sweet perfume peppers the air
From deep within comes a loud voice
"Now is the time to make your choice"

"You may leave the room and end your quest"
"Or use the key, and open the chest"
As my head says go and my heart says stay
A light appears that leads the way

At the end lies a gate
And behind that a golden crate
From the bag drops a key
And with a sound the lock falls free

From within the crate i pull a box
Sealed with thirteen locks
With the key i unlock them all
Finally the last one falls

Within that box i find a chain
Taking it my quest starts once again
Suddenly to my surprise
A door appears before my eyes

Glowing bright, the door opens wide
A voice echoes out "Do step inside"
The box held tight, the chain held dear
I step inside, my body quaking with fear

As my mind screams out danger
I gaze around the hidden chamber
Within that room there sits a guest
Whose presence there ends my quest

From my hands she takes the chain
And in my mind a searing pain
Around my neck she fastens the locks
And from the cage the raven mocks

Forever now to her i belong
With my soul singing her song
My freedom fleeting now departs
As she claims my one true hearts

Grace by Anonymous

We are tragically flawed creatures, we Dommes.

In a perfect world, we would be always wise, always correct, never too harsh, never too lenient, always knowing what is best. God knows, you deserve nothing less.

I thought I knew what was best for you, and I made a choice that broke your heart, that broke both of our hearts. And now I know I was wrong and, truly, I am at a loss.

You look at me, all forgiveness, saying I owe you nothing, finding ways it was your fault. And a part of me wants it to be your fault, because then I can punish and forgive, clear the slate. But there is no recourse like that for me.

You tremble before me, raised bottom over my knee, as the lash falls again and again. Do you know, in that moment, in that sweet, loving wisdom you have that you carry not your own guilt in your flesh, but mine. I pile my own sins on you, and watch as you wash them away into the ground with your tears.

And it is only your grace that saves us. I owe you everything and nothing. I am bound as surely as you are.

Separation by Doc

by Doc Nolan

They had danced together; she led – he followed.
She had laughed.  He had smiled.
The sun had risen and light had surrounded them.

Now clouds had come.  Cold rain poured down.
She cried and he stood silently aside -- waiting for her to make a request.
It never came.  She stood alone, aware of him but never turning to him.

“You are released”, she said, as if words created truths.
They both knew the words were lies.
But they also both knew she preferred to fight alone.

She walked into the mist as the rain still came down in sheets.
He was cold.  She was colder.
Her puzzle was not his to solve.

She had chosen to walk alone.  He did not follow.  He had been told to stay.
As she disappeared, he shouted to her, “I will be here when you return.”She turned, smiled, and replied, “I know”.

He lost sight of her.  He hoped she would find the road to her answers.
He hoped she would come back.
Most of all he feared that somehow he would fail and if she returned she would not find him waiting.

The cold rain now penetrated his heart.
It was time pouring over him.  Drowning him. Inexorable time.
A cursed river of change.

He was afraid.

Watching Him Watching Me by Lady Panther

I watch him watching me
his eyes filled with desire
as they drink of my skin
Supple mounds glistening
rising and falling in time
with quick panting moans
He licks his parched lips
revealing thirsty yearning
as my fingers part my own
moist delicate lips wide
exposing hardened flesh
throbbing for his tongue
My body writhes for him
but my evil daring smile
binds him effortlessly
to his knees beneath me
His breathing quickens
and manhood solid for use
I close my eyes, arch my back
as my fingers massage me
then delve into soft warmth
sliding inside, drenched
removing them as he moans
only to insert them into his mouth
Opening my eyes as
He sucks them eagerly
yet wanting more
I retract my fingers and
plunge once more into
my depths, vigorously
Watching him, struggling
to hold himself back from me
This heightens my pleasure
seeing his tormented desires
My body responds violently
with waves of orgasms
Leaving a puddle upon
silken blue and black sheets
As I calm, I shift my position
"LIck it up, clean my sheets boy!"

The end!

Why I Am A Brat by Tonnik

So there it is, I've been asked, why am i a brat?;
Well i sit, and i think, why am i this, why i am that?;
I think i'm just me, but am i really a brat?;

Yes i can be naughty, but i'll always admit it;
Yes i can do things, that will land me in the pit;
But a brat, is that really what you think of me Miss?;

Yes i often crave a Miss's attention;
But here i am, myself, with this confession;
And it should be said, that it's a humble profession;

So again, I try to think, why is it that i'm a brat?;
But maybe, just maybe, i'm actually not such a brat;
I am just me, just Tonnik, and that is that.

The Captive Part 3 by Lady Crissy

The Captive - Part III

I shot off after him, keeping him clearly in sight as he ran.  As we ran over the trail and off of it, over downed tree limbs and stones, I found myself silently hoping My sometimes very clumsy boy wouldnt trip and fall and hurt himself.  It was much too late to worry, so as I watched My prey run, I took mental stock of the probabilities and spent a bit of energy visualizing where I packed the first aid kit.  I knew it had been a good idea that to stock it well.

It wasn't that difficult to follow him speed-wise as I was a runner, and on top of that knew which patches were stony or marshy in order to avoid them. His stride was longer but was the quicker.  Besides, the woods weren't nearly that thick here either, so that wasn't a hinder.  Tripping a few times, but recovering well, he left the path, running down a slope and picking up some speed, being a bit more reckless in order to try to shake Me.  He was willing to be reckless, but I didn't need to and took My time.

Some time passed and I was impressed as he fled and put some real effort into it.  I knew he had never been a runner, but he was trying hard. He headed into the more dense part of the park and I was so glad that I had worn longer shorts.  I held back a bit and enjoyed watching him work for his reward. At the beginning he had turned and watched to see how close I was, but now he was focused on speed.  Birds and wildlife not used to people running off the path scattered, some noisily letting us know they were not happy at the interruption.

I saw him try to duck behind some small trees that had fallen, so I circled around him, trying to cut him off.  I kept eyes on the ground and then over to where he had hid, determined to not lose him.   I had him just in sight again and he saw Me, darting off again and running full speed.  Then something came to mind as I watched him running from Me.  This was his fantasy, and something I wanted to give him, but I had to admit that having to work at it Myself was increasing My hunger and My desire was peaked watching My prey run.  My confidence in knowing that he would be all Mine soon to do with as I wanted only stoked the fire to catch, control and consume him.

Suddenly I paused, seeing him veer towards the small body of water about in the middle of the park. It was small, really no more than a large pond.  Turtles sunned on the logs that had fallen over the water, and many times I had seen whole families of turtles sunning at the same time.  I turned right away and shot off in another direction, my mind and body knowing the way around the water which would lead right up to the path he was on.  I knew that at his pace and knowing the noise he was making, his breathing coming heavily by now, he wouldn't notice that I was no longer behind him.

Breaking out in a full run, I ran along the other side of the water, keeping an eye out for the landmarks that would tell Me I was near the spot I had in mind. My mind pictured it perfectly and formed a plan as I ran.  I noticed being very aware of how the air felt rushing by, blowing against My face and through My hair.  I was aware of each footfall as I ran, My heart beating a familiar and comfortable rhythm.  I felt good.  Competent... in control, and I smiled to Myself as I ran, realizing I was close to My best opportunity for capture.  There was the way he came here, the way I came here and only one other feasible route out.  It was time to see how well I knew My boy.

Finally I saw the large stones and stopped, catching My breath and listening. I kept Myself still, focusing My hearing over My breathing and the sounds of My blood pumping in My ears.  I closed My eyes and used My extra senses to reach out and extend past My physical ones, squatting to touch the earth. A few moments later, I could hear his running steps in the distance on the forest floor confirming what I had felt.  They were hard and quick - he was still at a full run.  I knew he would be close soon at that pace.  Standing, I put the restraints back into My pocket for the moment and pulled the ball gag out of My small pack around My waist. The red ball was bright and I knew it would be perfect as I tied it to a branch that hung over the trail.  I stepped back and looked at it, there hanging, the bright red so clearly out of place here.  Slipping away, I hid and waited.

Borderland by Anonymous


Is this real or make believe?

I hear and see,
But feel only with my heart.
…It aches and it craves….


My mouth doesn’t salivate…
….Instead by heart strings tighten…

I lose my breath.
.…Remember to breathe….

Cryptic words for a cryptic place,
I observe, I listen and I think…

Here I reside in the happiest place on earth….
….For bitches….
Everything is so intriguing…

I want to know everyone and everything,
Yet I choke on my own silence.

Gagging on the words,
That saturate my mind.

My senses are alert,
So much so it’s painful.
Skin tender to the touch,
Yet no one’s touching.

….Trembling now….

Like a dull piece of metal waiting,
…Waiting for that magnetic pull…

Is this real or make believe?

Ode To Mine by Anonymous

More than words can say
In my life you shall stay
Now then forever I pray
Everlasting and a day

Boobs by Raven

As requested by the judge as punishment for my crimes i have to write a poem about boobs so here goes

The quest for the chest

As i write this for my crimes my punishment a poem about breasts i must rhyme
I rack my brain to think of answers, maybe bullets or maybe bouncers

We can never have enough of fog lights or ear muffs
So far I'm up to four, time to write down twenty more
Next we have Beanbags and Bazooms, those will always fill the room
Beacons, Blinkers, Cannon Balls, those i favor above all

Betty Boops and Gob Stoppers, not forgetting the Big Boppers
Head Lamps, Fun Bags, and Eclairs I count my list, I'm nearly there

Moo Moos, Mommas and the Teats a pair of those make quite the treat
Cantaloupes, .Honeydews and Butterballs,  At Milkshakes i stop to eat
Mountain Peaks and Mother Lodes, theres even one called the Nodes

Bombers Buds, Boobies and Boulders i push away to rub my shoulders,
I count my list at twenty seven i find myself in Bosom heaven
Hush Puppies, Snuggle Pups, Sweater Meat, I'm finding this quite the feat

Flesh Bulbs, Flappers and Head Lights, I'm finding this quite the fight
Meatballs, Melons and Milk Cans, of those ones I'm quite the fan
Sweater Puffs and Sweet Rolls, Sandbags and hills made by moles

Now at forty i stop to think, writing everything but the kitchen sink
Tomatoes, Tamales and Tortillas, time to get a little sweeter
Coconuts, Cupcakes and Cream pies,  I think of more to my surprise

Peaches, Pears and Necterines, those ones i've never seen
Mangos, Jugs, Macaroons, now my poem is ending soon
If i had to choose the one i liked best, it would have to be the simple breast.

Droplets by Anonymous


The sound of moisture hitting the fridged stone floor.
Streams of glistening moisture highlighting the tone of muscle.
The rise of veins.
Making visible the quivering with each heart beat.
The sound of air rushing into lungs.
The comparative roar against sch absolute silence.
Such impenetrable darkness.
Such tentative breaths.


The faint smell of salt,
Sweet surrender in a droplet
Leaks from the edges of the mask
Bondage of the senses
Serenity in isolation
The black as bright as a spotlight
To heighten every stimuli.


The thickened wetness that bleeds out,
Condensed arousal and need,
The milk of frustration.
Embodiment of desire.
A rod of steel that weeps in desperation
Under her bemused gaze

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Secrets by Anonymous

Let me tell you some secrets, of what I've hoped to be:
Her darling, to build Her up when she has been broken.
Her rock, for Her to lean against when She grows weary.
Her confidant, to listen when Her mind is burdened.
Her company, to sit quietly in Her presence when words aren't needed.
Her little girl, in which only belongs at Her side.

These unspoken truths may not be secrets at all anymore.

- Anonymous

Sadistic Little Shimmy by Anonymous

When I do something bad,
Not... too bad but bad enough to need correction.
Or perhaps, just because my Mistress is a little bored.
The most evil little smile spreads across her face for a moment, that moment when she decides upon what I must do.
It's always the same.
It's that one excruciating action which she loves.
She loves it so much because of the discomfort it causes me.
She delights in it.
Revels in it.
Feeds on it.
She bathes in the power that it makes her feel.
The knowledge that I hate it.
That I would never do it by choice.
Or at least, not by preference.
I do it because of her.
I do it because of that devious smile.
That evil grin.
That power.
She looks me in the eyes, and speaks calmly.
I can see her struggling not to giggle already.
I can see it because I know it's there.
But it doesn't break her calm.
I hate that word.
I hate the simplicity.
I hate the understanding.
I hate that I don't even hesitate.
She watches, fingers spread demurely across her jaw.
Not supporting her head, but her mind.
Her focus.
I start to move to music that doesn't exist.
I weave the lyrics that spell out my own torment, into clumsy little moves.
Sexy little hip wiggles.
I watch for the hint of that little smile at the corner of her mouth.
It's the opium for that pain.
It puts me under.
Nulls my fears.
Reminds me why I hurt.
In turn I remind her of my love.
In that I am defined.

Mistress's Pets by Jordan

by Jordan Enchanted


I looked up at the sound of Mistress’ voice, peering across the dimly lit room from where I sat, writing, by the hearth.

“Mistress?”, I replied, sitting up alertly as my focus instantly shifted from what I was working on to Her.  I waited patiently, though I felt at once the quickening of my pulse and the soft hammering in my chest that always came when Mistress showed me favor.

“Fetch Kitten for me.  I want her.”

I nodded, murmuring “Yes, Mistress”, sure that my momentary sense of deflation showed as Her dark, glimmering eyes watched me closely. I swallowed hard, averted my eyes to stare at the floor as I caught just a glimpse of Her knowing smile, and moved my dry lips to ask, “May I rise?”

She chuckled softly, the sound of it trailing at once into Her pure, seductive voice as She said, “You may, Pet.”

I rose in one motion, aware of the growing discomfort in my groin; and felt the weight of my thickening cock swaying there between my legs.  The subtle pressure of the Gates of Hell squeezed the tender flesh of it, the large ring engorging my now swollen balls with the weight of the entrapped blood.  I felt Her eyes on me as I moved across the hall, the only sound the soft pat of my feet on the stone floor.

I reached the door to Mistress’ chambers and entered without knocking, unlatching it and pushing back the heavy oak door before flipping the light switch on the right side of the entry.  The room was suddenly lit by the subdued orange glow from the antique chandelier overhead, the light spilling outward to find and caress the still form huddled in one corner of the iron cage in the corner.

I walked to the barred enclosure, and reached to unlock it. Kitten stirred from her slumber at the sound of it, her naked back rising as she took in a deep breath and mumbled, sleepily “Mistress?  Is it time to get up already?”

I drew open the door.  “It’s me, Kitten.  Mistress asked me to fetch you.”

She moaned softly as she pushed herself upright, and I felt myself involuntarily stiffen more as my eyes caught her naked form in the dim light.

I ignored the bite of the Gates into my thickened cock and spoke again.  “Come, Kitten.  I know you are still sleepy but Mistress is waiting for us.  And She did not say you could rise, so…”  My words trailed off as Kitten moved to a kneeling position and slid forward on all fours in response to my soft voice.

I walked back to the open doorway, moving slowly as Kitten crawled behind me.  I heard a soft moan as her knees found the stone at the end of the carpeted area of the bedchambers, then paused to let her pass through the doorway before drawing the solid door closed.

I peered across the room, and saw Mistress watching us as we moved across to where She sat.  Her kimono had slid off Her right shoulder, revealing the soft swell of Her exposed breast.  The bottom of the kimono was now draped open at mid-thigh.

Kitten moved to the red kneeling pad at Mistress’ feet, and I reached forward to hand Mistress her leash as Kitten knelt there before Her.  Mistress looked up at me, Her eyes filled with laughter as She held my gaze.  She took the leash handle from my hand, reached to deftly unsnap the other end from Kitten’s collar without taking Her eyes from mine, and dropped the leash to the floor at Her feet as She whispered, “Good boy, Pet.”

I lowered my eyes, humbled by Her gaze; uttered a soft: “Thank You, Mistress.”, and asked if I should return to my place by the hearth.  “No, Pet.  Stay here by U/us, please.  I hope W/we might enjoy a moment together, W/we three.”

She motioned to the black, kneeling pad to Her right, and I nodded and took Her cue by kneeling there.  She turned Her attention back to Kitten, Her hands going to the disheveled mass of thick, brown curls that framed the young woman's face.

I watched as Mistress caressed Her Kitten’s cheek, and then as She extended Her slender index finger and ran it slowly across Kitten’s lush lower lip.  “I’m glad that my sweet kitten  so clearly appreciates her Mistress’ favor.  And now I have something I am going to ask of you."

Kitten looked up, her face bright and alert with anticipation and the desire to please.  “Yes, Mistress?”

Mistress’ eyes blazed brightly as Her smile broadened. The heat in my gut grew greater, and I felt my cock distending at the sight of Her.  The stainless steel rings of my cock cage bit hard as I swelled, and a dull throbbing ache began to hammer out the rhythm of my pulse deep inside my scrotum.

The fingernail of Her extended index finger propped up Her girl’s chin.  At the same time, She leaned back in Her chair, spreading Her legs slowly and allowing the robe to open fully, exposing Her clearly wet pussy less than a foot from Kitten’s quivering lips.  “So, Kitten”, She said, “Tell me what you need?”

I watched closely as Kitten’s face turned pink, and then crimson.  Her fine eyelashes fluttered nervously and her tongue flicked from between her lips trying to wet them. She shivered, and her lips trembled as she struggled to speak.  After a few seconds – which seemed absurdly longer in time, for each of U/us I think – she managed to whisper “I wish only to please Mistress…”

Mistress snorted out a short laugh, and circled Kitten’s chin with Her fingernail, etching thin red lines in the ivory skin there.  Her free hand dropped between Her spread legs, the two fingers of Her hand spreading the glistening folds of Her labia before curling up and gently caressing the sensitive flesh.  She inhaled, sharply, at the sensation of Her own touch.  “I have been thinking of you, Kitten... And I have been thinking of your soft lips, and your tongue.  Of how neither has has pleasured Me. Do you wish to please Your Mistress, in that way?”

I watched the entire scene with wide eyes, looking away only long enough to glance down at my own throbbing sex.  The large mushroom head was swollen larger than I have ever seen, the blood entrapped there by the constricting first ring of the Gates.  It extended beyond the vestiges of foreskin on my cut cock, and glowed a deep and angry purplish-red color accented by the sheen of precum leaking from the eye.  The blue veins of my throbbing cock, held firm by the pressure of the second ring, seemed to pulse with each beat of my heart, and the thick balls swelled round and heavy with blood as the third ring choked them and the base of my shaft in its inescapable embrace.

I looked up again to see Mistress staring at me, Her eyes dancing with their own mischievous light – as if She saw into my soul and knew my every thought.  I flushed, wanting to look away from Her penetrating gaze, but could not take my eyes off the scene as Kitten replied.

Kitten nodded slowly, her eyes in a dream state but fixed on Mistress’ gleaming cunt and the fingers that spread them…caressing the slick, soft tissue and the small nub of Her hardening clit.  Her voice came, soft but confident in its expression: “I would like that, Mistress.  I would like that very much…if it would please You.”

Mistress laughed kindly, and drew a deep breath.  She reached up with both hands to twine Her fingers in Kitten’s soft hair, gently drawing her head forward as She whispered, “It would please Me, Kitten… very much."

I heard Kitten moan softly as she allowed Mistress to guide her forward, and watched with rapt attention as her face moved between Mistress' spread legs.  I felt my hands moving to my now throbbing cock, and felt the exquisite pain and pleasure of the Gates as the throbbing increased to a nearly unbearable ache.  I touched myself, aroused to the height of excitement; and felt that I might cum quite quickly despite the constraint.  But as my eyes shifted to Mistress, I saw the commanding glare there as She shook Her head "no" firmly, and my hands dropped immediately to my side as my cock spasmed and I nearly came despite Her remonstration.  I watched Mistress as Her eyes fluttered closed and Her head rolled back, and a gasp of deep guttural pleasure escaped Her lips.

For the next 15 minutes, I took in the scene with all my senses.  The soft, wet sounds of Kitten’s lips and tongue expertly servicing Mistress.  The sweet scent of Mistress’ sex, well known to me, that seemed to permeate the space around U/us.  The growing crescendo of Mistress’ moans of pleasure, accompanied by the sight of Her delicate hands fisting and bunching in Kitten’s thick hair as Her orgasm grew.  The sweet torture in my groin as my want built and the rings of the Gates cut deep furrows in my impossibly engorged member.

Through it all, I fought with every aspect of restraint and discipline I could manage to keep from exploding, spontaneously, in response to Mistress’ own pleasure.  Finally She came, Her body stiffening and spasming uncontrollably as She fairly screamed out Her orgasm. I very nearly lost control... but fearing that my spontaneous ejaculation would very quickly earn me a severe punishment, I bit my inner lip until it bled and concentrated on the pain to keep from cumming.

I watched as Mistress peaked, and nearly peaked again, before collapsing back into the chair and pushing Kitten away, gently but insistently. Kitten sat back on her haunches, her eyes glazed with her own happiness and pleasure; and it was only then that I saw the trails of clear, viscous wetness running down her inner thighs and soaking the cushion between her legs.

Mistress lay silently for some time, Her chest heaving and Her body shivering occasionally in the aftershocks of Her pleasure.  Eventually, Her breathing slowed, and Her eyes opened and fixed on me, as She saw my loving gaze…and the slowly deflating flesh between my legs.

“Did You enjoy that, Pet?”, She asked.

I nodded slowly in response and whispered “Thank you, Mistress…truly."

She pointed then to the chair cushion and made it at once clear what I was to do.

I moved close, lowering my head to clean the chair cushion of Mistress' ejaculate, being careful not to touch her directly since I'd not been given permission for that. I felt my cock extend and throb anew as Mistress idly stroked my head, taking care to clean up every drop of Her soaked seat cushion with my lips and tongue.

When I finished, I lifted my head and looked into Mistress’ eyes.  “Thank you, Pet”, She said.  “You may now return to your work."

I thanked Mistress, then rose and returned to my place by the hearth… the sense of pride and pleasure in my heart much greater than the unmet need in my body.

Ode To Miss Nathalie by Anonymous

i wandered here, without a plan
feeling like a half a man
my purpose was not very clear
meandering and so lost here

then i heard a gorgeous voice
a woman with power, grace and poise
beautiful and brilliant too
something seen in very few

i looked her way and couldn’t breathe
Her gaze seeing right through me
instantly i knew what i wanted
it’s like my soul was being haunted

i tried my best to get Her attention
on my best behaviour, following every convention
it wasn’t long before she knew
i was slutty, dirty and pathetic too

so now i beg and cry and plead
but despite all my pathetic needs
what i want more than anything
is to make her wonderful heart sing

i want to kiss the ground She walks on
to make her smile despite my cock’s want
all that matters is her pleasure
her satisfaction is my measure

i will degrade myself and more
i’ll be Her dirty filthy whore
anything for just one chance
to gaze up at her powerful stance

Please, Miss, please please let me try
for you i’ll fall to my knees and cry
You’re awesome, powerful and smart
and hopefully a sympathetic heart

Take pity on this pathetic sub
who does stupid things like tug and rub
his awful thing between his legs
and cries and whines and pleads and begs

The Spider's Web by Raven

My body chained onto the bed.
"Here you'll stay" the voice had said.
My vision dims the room goes red
Crimson silk tied around my head.

The room is dark
My vision blocked
My eyes are covered
The chains are locked

The room goes silent
The noises stop
Still tied to the bed I lie atop

Against the chains in the room so silent
I push and pull my struggles violent.
My hearing heightened as I lie there
Of strange noises I become aware.

My breath is held, my body still
Does a figure stand by the windowsill?
All alone or so I thought
A hand reaches out my hair pulled taut.

'Stop your fighting you foolish girl"
As the whip begins to unfurl.
It strikes me once it strikes me twice
Then the voice speaks again with advice.

"It would do you well to stop your fight"
The voice calls out with such delight.
"Make another sound and I strike again"
I hear as my cheek throbs with pain.

My body stills as my fire goes out
I lie there knowing without a doubt

My journey ends. There's no way back.
My life belongs in her hands
Who I was is no more.
As she walks out the door.

Hanky by Sillien


by: Sillien Adjani

She dragged her hand down the length of his back as she made her way to the other end of the table. His skin was so warm to the touch, yet a shiver went down his spine as she cupped his ass-cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. This was the fourth time she had him on this table, secured to its legs with his rear presented. The duct-tape over his mouth allowed nothing but whimpers to escape. The thick blindfold left him in the dark, mercifully keeping him from seeing himself like this in the mirror on the wall in front of him.

It would start with a simple message from her. “Give yourself an enema. I will be there tonight.” Every time those words popped up he would stare at them for at least a minute before putting his phone down and complying. Lady Rose would knock on his door at whatever time she decided she would show up. On two occasions even that didn’t happen. The Lady was at least generous enough to let him know that she had changed her mind, but each and every time he would make certain he was ready.

Naked, he would answer that knock on his knees. She would step in and he would put his lips to her shoes in greeting. Dinner would be served shortly. Occasionally she would instruct him to bathe her. It would always end up with him secured to that table. She would pull out a dainty five inch dildo and lather it with lube, then rub some around his hole to prepare him.

The first two times she had just wet him up with that thick, cold liquid. He had tensed up in anticipation of being violated in his virgin hole, but it never came. She strapped on a dildo, clenched her hands around his hips, and rubbed it along his crack, never once putting it in. It had felt like she would, and he supposed that was the point.

The last time she had visited, she even slipped a finger inside of him, sliding it in and out, making his hole as ready as it would ever be, the thick goo seeping inside of him. Again, he had gritted his teeth as her cock head teased his entrance, but it never came. On those instances he would instead be given a lashing, usually with a cane or a flogger, leaving welts to remind him for the next few days that she could have had his ass. She could have fucked him raw and left him there weeping. The only reason it didn’t happen was that she chose not to.

This would be different. He was slathered with the lube first again. His hole was prepped with a finger, then stretched a bit when she added another. Then the cock was rubbed up and down his crack and his opening was teased with its head. His fingers clutched the edge of the table. Even though she chose not to take him before, he still believed that it could happen. Then she drove it in.

The duct tape prevented his surprised gasp from filling the room. Her first push was slow and deliberate, filling up every inch of him with care. She left it there for five seconds before he felt her fingers digging into his hips. And the she fucked him. She tore the blindfold off of his face so she could see him in the mirror in front of him. So she could indulge in the moment his eyes shot open wide. The pumping came faster. The table made a scraping noise against the linoleum tile as she pulled his ass to him and pushed it away in a rhythm that grew faster with each passing moment. A hand would occasionally let go and give his cheek a sharp smack, and she smiled when she looked into the mirror to see a tear running down his face while muffled yelps came from the boy.

Her other hand reached down a gripped his cock and balls, using it as a handle to pull him onto her cock even harder, eliciting a muffled scream from him. That only made her grip tighter, pulling on him so hard he was terrified she might rip it all off. At this point he was crying while the Lady cackled at him. She was ready for more.

She stripped him of his bonds, ditched her strap-on, and tossed him on the floor. His hands were hastily tied together and she sat squarely on his face, her warm pussy juice mixing with the boy’s tears as she grabbed his skull and drove his face into her.

“Find that clit, damn it! Find it and suck it!” His tongue thrashed around. He was half in a daze and could tell the Lady was getting more and more impatient with him, but this was hard enough with a woman who was sitting still. One hand reached back and gripped his manhood once again, pushing him to work faster, to find that spot and get his lips around it and to hold on it for dear life. To suck on it and work it with the tip of his tongue and he knew he was on the right track when the Lady started to moan loudly, to grip his skull and balls that much tighter, to press herself more forcefully onto his face until, then, her whole body became rigid and tense and his balls felt like they were going to pop as her fingers clutched them like a vice and she screamed into the air and then… relaxed. Her breathing was heavy, her chest heaving as she lifted herself and moved a few inches down his chest so she could look at the boy’s gooey, messy face.

He had thought it was over. “I still need to be filled up, slut.” He thought she was done with him. That’s what he thought until she secured the face dildo to him. Until he watched as her pussy came at him again, this time taking in the fake cock sticking out of his mouth, his own cock standing tall yet completely useless to her. She gripped his skull once more and drove the cock in and out of her, his head making a tapping noise as it lightly bumped against the linoleum. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Lady Rose grinned and moaned as she fucked herself with her toy, riding him for a solid five minutes before the night had just worn her out.

After that she lifted off of his face at an angle so that the fake cock sprang back and wobbled.. She took off his binds and removed the face-dildo, then wrapped an arm around him and pressed her lips into his cheek, tasting his salty tears.

“What I really want to do is get dressed and strut out that door, leaving you weeping here on the floor like a used tissue. All men do that, right? They jerk-off into a tissue and just discard it?”

He just nodded.

“I want to do that with you. Use you and walk away.” She looked him in the eyes and ran her fingers through his hair. “Problem is I want to come back and use you again. How do we make that happen?”

“Well,” he gulped as he tried to talk. “You need to think of me as more of a hanky, maybe? Something you jerk-off in and then…”

She completed his sentence. “And then wash! Brilliant! But how do you wash a dirty little slut? How do you take such a messy little cock-whore and clean them up before next time?” She pushed him on his side and got an arm around him, clutching him tight and kissing the back of his neck softly.

“Gently,” he said, stroking her arm with his fingers. “Something like this.”

Cruelty Of Kindness by Anonymous

It hit me,
Harder than a slap,
More sudden than the flogger,
In my blindness I almost flinch,
Heated contact,
Mind races,
Heat quivers,
Screaming out in mime,
I want to whimper,
To whine,
To beg and plead,
To express my need,
To take a bite of what I hunger,
I simply breathe,
And lean in,
And submit,

The Sexy Adventures of Chip and Skip Part 1 by Lady Nej

The Sexy Adventures of Chip and Skip by Nej
Pt 1: The Arrival

Chip Swishington carefully adjusted his cravat in final preparation for his trip to the airport. His old college chum, Abelard Skipworth-Smythe, or "Skip" as the chaps called him, was arriving and Chip was looking forward to the reunion. Later there would be diner and drinks with Bitsy and the Admiral back at Swishington Place, but for now Chip would have Skip all to himself. Bitsy had hinted there would be an entertainment later. It was all very hush-hush and Chip was intrigued. Bitsy's entertainments were not to be missed.

Skip tucked his passport into a breast pocket and looked up to see Chip waiting for him. "I say old bean, but it is good to see you again." Chip grinned the slightly crooked grin that Skip remembered well. "I've missed you, old friend." They clasped hands and as their eyes met, time stood still. Chip blushed and cleared his throat which broke the spell. "Jackson is here with the van. He'll take your things back to the house and you and I can follow at our leisure." "Ripping!" Skip signaled the skycap to follow and tucked his arm into Chip's as they made their way out of the terminal. "Perhaps a spot of lunch at that seaside shack!" Chip chuckled. He knew his friend well and had already made reservations.

They talked of small things during the meal, but after the coffee was served Chip could contain his curiosity no longer. "Tell me Skip, however did you manage in customs and security with…" He blushed and gestured vaguely in the direction of Skip's crotch. Skip smiled ruefully. "She's a clever girl, your Bitsy." They both paled at that and looked around guiltily. "Lady. Of course I mean Lady Bitsy." Chip nodded hurriedly, "of course, of course." Skip continued, "I must say I was worried for a while. But a parcel arrived 15 minutes before the car. Silicone cage." He shifted slightly in his seat. "Chafes like mad and it's a bit small, but no embarrassment while flying. I daresay my fretting was part of what she enjoyed." Chip nodded in appreciation. Bitsy was clever indeed. He stopped himself from imagining just how.. confined.. Skip was; his own cage was starting to pinch and thoughts of Skip would not help matters. This would be an interesting visit and he wondered if he had any idea what was in store.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Welcome, where we find why selecting the right dickie is so important!

The Dancing Queen by Raven

Dancing along to the sound of  her own beat
The music pounding as she moves her feet.
In the crowded room she is aware
Of a thousand eyes as she dances there.

Upon her they look her skin so fair
Covered only by her golden hair
And around her neck a precious band
That shimmers in the light like golden sand

For her clothing has been taken
Yet her faith has not been shaken
Upon her rump lies an imprinted hand.
And on her breast her Mistresses brand

Her punishment shall last a week
The reasons why are hers to seek.
The music stops and as the room goes still
There she stands naked still.

A hand reaches out and grabs her tight
Then from behind she follows with delight
Led to the chairs her queen sits down
Yet upon her lips lies a slight frown.

As for her she falls on her knees
In front of the one she seeks to please.
To ask what's wrong she does refrain
And lowers her eyes once again

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Go Kneel by Rex

Go Kneel by Rex

   Ten minutes she said. It seemed doable, my naivety led me to believe that I would have little to no issue
enduring that amount of time upon my knees with my arms outstretched. I did as I was told and chose a spot on my
vinyl floor, I got into position, and I started the timer. Perhaps I should not have, but I kept it close - watching the seconds as they rolled by. The first four minutes came and went relatively quickly, but as I continued to kneel there, I started to feel time gradually come to a standstill. Those same seconds that seemed to come and go so quickly, were now passing mockingly slow. The room was still, and the only thing to replace the absence of sound were the sensations I felt; the heaviness of my arms, the weight and warmth beneath my knees, and the irksome effort it took to remain poised and aligned.

Ten minutes she said, and I stared bitterly at the turning numbers that refused to go any faster, eagerly awaiting the moment of relief when I heard the pleasant chiming. Ten minutes kneeling with my arms outstretched seemed so achievable, maybe I didn't realize the lack of stimuli from other sources would result in a heightened sense of discomfort. Ten minutes felt like thirty, yet I did not move an inch, I knew I would be given reprieve when my time was up.

She said, "This is me being nice," so I imagined how it would be if she weren't so nice. That these ten minutes could actually be fifteen, or twenty, or even thirty - the prospect of this being the new normality made the awkward straining of my arms even more apparent. When I finally heard the sound of the timer I proceeded to roll my shoulders, stretch out my folded legs, and then rub the reddened surfaces of my knees with a tender hand. This was to be the new regime; if I misbehave, act rudely, or fuck, just if she thinks I need it she'll tell me to, "Go kneel."

Sweat by Chattel

He was furious.  He could feel his heart beating quickly in defiance.   Struggling against the bonds would not help, but they would upset her, so he tried to keep his struggle within. His hood was sweaty from the inside and it was itching, but there was nothing he could do about it in his bonds. Damn, he hated it, he thought to himself.  These things are better in a fantasy. Why would he go to such great lengths to get himself in this kind of pathetic trouble, why crave the real thing and envy the slaves on the porn clips so much he had to follow,  when he could just sit in his chair comfortably, as always, and "identify" with them while jerking off, watching them get beaten or something.

He makes a silent decision just to do everything that is required of him and try very hard not do anything he would regret during this session. Later, when he's back on safe ground he would think clearly about what to do next, and if he decides then to end this he'll do it properly, without rebellion or drama that may discourage her.  He would not do anything silly to upset her, she's really nice and he wouldn't want to hurt her. She's a good girl that he wouldn't want to disappoint, he thought. She does it because he has agreed to it, so there's nobody to blame beside himself.

Oh that horrible itch in the forehead and there's nothing he can do about it.. And those nipple clamps.  Why did she have to add them absent mindedly in the last moment, without giving them a thought?  It is so distracting and it's hard to find a peace of mind for one second with them on. One of them is so loosely hanging from the nipple and that's an extra torture she is probably not aware of at all. These types of suffering, the ones she's not even aware of, are the worst to take because there's no gratification in them, none at all.

Muscles hurt and it's only been 5 minutes at most. This will have to last at least half an hour, she had said. That's eternity! And all the time it takes, there are so many errands to do and he won't be able to finish them today. No way he could call his mom today as he promised her, he thought to himself. Alright, can he say that it's been 6 minutes now? Can't be, it has been just another 10 seconds at most. About 5 minutes since he heard the room door closing as she left him there and went to watch TV. He could hear the closing the door, that's where the desperation began. Watching that comedy on TV again, 30 will minutes pass very quickly for her. She would not think of him and every second of his unbearable struggle. This is so frustrating!

Muscles hurt more and more and he's really boiling now, struggling, trying not to make a loud noise so she won't perceive it as protest against her. God, she's so technical, her skills are really great but she's like a block of ice. Why not spend time with people who appreciate your contribution, who are nice to you in return?  Why does he have to be attracted to this black coldness?  Why insist on making rain in the middle of the sahara desert instead of finding a normal woman that would give back? Keep cool, you'll pass that, he tells himself. It feels like eternity but it will end. Keep on.

And then, as he settled down a little, perhaps 3 long minutes later - he felt it. One, two, three taps on his latex clad ass cheek. Reassuring taps, a playful rhythm, almost cheerful. With each tap her hand slipped an inch or two over the latex. She was rewarding him! Surely she was happy with his performance so far!  Wow, that felt great! Mistress is pleased, and she didn't really leave the room, she tricked him. She actually watched him, so his inner struggle didn't go completely unnoticed. Perhaps she might have even smiled to herself in satisfaction now.

Well, she should be satisfied, he thought. She got him trained to endure all of this for her, so she deserved to be pleased with herself.  She was such a powerful lady. What a honour to be hog tied like that for her. He felt so proud, so helpless, so small in her shadow.  Suffering for her felt so sweet, being exactly how and where she wants him to be. Oh, the more of it the better - like the sweat in his forehead and the hanging nipple clamp that is about to fall, all contributing to the sweet misery.

Oh wait, she just picked the nipple clamp up, brushed his nipple on her hand and readjusted it, just now! She was aware of that too! He felt a bit sorry that the clamp was a bit too comfortable now to the point he could really ignore it. It suddenly became a bit too easy just when he wanted to concentrate in the pain and discomfort and feel every second of it. It was so exciting, so arousing, and one of the moments he would wish would last forever.

The Captive Part 2 by Lady Crissy

The Captive - Part II

"My boy?" I started, still standing above him, My hand squeezing his shoulder firmly.

"Yes, Mistress?" he responded quickly, his voice carryng a bit of tension, and betraying more than a bit of excitement.

I looked down at him, My face serious. "When I let go of your shoulder, you wll run.  As fast as you can, and away from Me until either I catch you, or you reach one of the public roads that mark the borders of the park."  I heard a hitch in his breathing and saw a flare of heat in the beautiful eyes that stared up at Me.  His body trembled slightly under My grip, and I noticed the rise and fall of his chest quicken with his excitement.

"Yes, Mistress.. thank you,"  he responded, clearly not sure what to say, now that it began to dawn on him why we were here.  He had a boyish grin on his face, and I saw My boy's sweet child like side looking through his eyes, making them sparkle.  I felt his body tense under My hand and I was pleased that he was excited to begin as I was. I slid one of My hiking boots under him as he kneeled and I pressed it upward, rubbing his crotch.  I watched him close his eyes and moan softly, his body giving a gentle shudder as My boy slippd comfortably into his need for Me.

"Now listen.... "  I started again, and his eyes once again opened to watch Me, attention rapt.  " motivate you properly, I will tell you this."   I paused, feeling My boy pressing against My boot instinctually, and it made Me chuckle.  "Focus My slut!" I said, shaking him by the shoulder gently, and I watched him blush as he figured out why I said it.

"If you are easy to catch, then we will stop the game and I will send you back to get the gear. We will find a nice place to continue our relaxing camping trip. We will chat and relax and have a wonderful time."

"Yes, Mistress,"  he responded, swallowing hard and licking his lips in anticipation of the rest of My instructions that were sure to come.  I paused and I could feel him holding back, wanting so hard to prompt Me to continue.  I let him wait in silence a bit more and rubbed My boot even more firmly against him, watching him squirm, knowing he was so very aroused.  I watched his lips part, and I squeezed his shoulder firmly, curbing My own desire to skip the plan and have him naked and begging under My will immediately.

"However...."  I watched his eyes light up and widen a bit.  "...if you are a challenge to catch and give Me a run for My money, then the the consequences will involve Me catching you, overtaking and capturing you, then taking you to a very special place, where I will use you mercilessly until I'm satisfied.   Mercillessly.... "  I emphasized the last word to make it clear that it would not be a usual session, but much harder, rougher.

With wide eyes, his breathing quickened and his voice a bit shaky, he answered, "Yes, Mistress, I understand."

"That's My good boy,"  I said, smiling.  "I know this area very well, so you will have to work hard."   I watched him nod quickly, still watching Me, his body tensing even more.   With another squeeze, I let go of his shoulder and took a step away from him.

He looked up for only a moment, still kneeling, perhaps a small part of him wondering if it was possible I might be kidding, then he was off his knees and running.  My own heart began to beat faster as Iwatched My prey run off into the trees, As I watched him, I felt My focus narrow, watching which direction he was going and how fast, calcuating My best chance of interception.  I took a moment to imagine the end result, My prey securely bound at My feet and at My mercy as I pulled the flexible restraints from My pocket and held them, stroking them with My fingers.  The chase was on and the predator in Me wanted to play.

The End of Part II

One Year by Casey

One year
Casey Wildmist

One year ago, my life was changed forever. I was given the honor and privilege of wearing my Mistress' full collar. In the year that has passed, there have been ups and downs in my life, but the one thing that has never changed, and never will is my devotion to her. No matter what I've been dealing with, my Mistress is always supportive and often gives me the time to talk things out with her, giving me advice on the situation that helps a lot.

With recent changes, the time I get to spend with her has been reduced, and it's made me see that it's the quality of the time, not the quantity of it that matters. Even a short phone call makes my day so much better than if I can't get through to her. When I'm able to be here, at her feet, I can't peel the smile off my face with a crowbar. Whether we're spending time in SL, playing games, or she's turning me into her panting, begging slut, every moment spent with her makes me feel complete.

In the year that has passed, I have grown so much, becoming a better man for being her boy. I love my Mistress with all that I am, body, heart, mind, and soul. Thank you, my Mistress, for allowing me to be yours, for letting me love you, for letting me entertain you, and most of all for loving me for who I am.

Bite by Anonymous

The aura, tingling and heavy, drawing goosebumps from my skin.
The anticipation brims, knowing almost exactly what hovers meet millimeters from me.
In sheer contrast to the host, calm wafts of breaths that kiss at my neck.
I can feel eyes, locked intensely on my face.
My eyes, shrouded in darkness.
I bite my lip, responding to the sudden stab of an ice cold water droplet.
My teeth keep me quiet, making pretty marks in the creamy white whilst it trickles down to body warmth.
I hear an interrupted breath, a sign of amusement at my reaction.
That's what's on the menu, delicious reactions.
Cutting my focus in two, the cube of pure temperature burns a mark into me.
Drawing my lip into my mouth with little wriggles of my teeth.
I eat my little whimpering noises, muted by effort.
A smear of moisture and tingles confounds my senses.
Hot, cold, my mind can't tell even though I know the answer.
Bemused giggles under her breath betray her enjoyment of my subtle squirms.
Her fingertips draw the object of her attention towards ever more sensitive surfaces.
I feel so exposed, as if projected upon a big screen for scrutinisation.
My breath held, erecting a dam of will in front of the inevitable outburst of little noises.
I want to protest, to escape.
I want to sprawl out, and welcome it.
I want to collapse and implode and write away the confusion.
I don't even know what I want.
My body does.
And now so do her eyes.

Spontaneous Confession by Anonymous

No matter, for how long my Mistress already has chosen me
I choose Her every single day, be they good or not so good,
I adore and appreciate Her every single day,
I take nothing that She means to me as just a given,
I fall for Her every single day.
Over. And over. And over.

Her Pleasure Part 2 by Lady Karma

by Lady Karma

(Review from part one )A thick strap on, and she was going to use it. However when she played, he knew already it didn’t always mean he would too. So bringing it about to the side of his face, making it easier now for him to see, she leaned and whispered once more “Ready for more fun boy?”

Putting the  strap on to the side she moved about the bed, stepping up on to it she chuckled, He was till laid there, his wrists cuffed behind his back, his head hanging over the bed, lips and cheeks wet from her sweet juices. His eyes, hazel danced to the light that still peaked through the small blinds. The room was still dark, it was early in the morning now, but there was time left for sleeping once she was done, and she was still far from done. Kneeling beside his body she pushed him over, so that he could push back on himself with the aid of her and kneel. Carefully she helped him shuffle to the edge of the bed. Her soft hands caressed his body, lightly teasing her nails along the skin. His body was not quiet the Chippendale, but she adored his look all the same. After all, he was perfect looking when pink or heated red from a spanking. Her nails lightly scratched down him as she thought on spanking him. It wasn’t on the plan for having fun at the moment, but the more she thought on it the more she wanted it.

Once he was at the edge of the bed and feet resting on the floor she spoke again “bed over the bed” He moved and bet over, Damn she thought. She couldn’t help but run a hand over his back, pushing upwards, then dragging her nails down again. The red marks instantly raised, causing her to moan softly, again she ran across his back. His groan echo'd the room, adding to her increasing want to take him. Grabbing his cuffs she yanked him away from the bed a little more, making his bottom push out towards her, her other hand placed to his head she pushed him down onto the duvet, nails gently teasing to the hair, pulling lightly.

Pausing for a moment before she let go of his hair and cuffs, “ stay still.” she muttered as she placed the strap on upon herself. Bending over his body the 'cock head' pressed to the curve of his ass. Her hand snaked about his body, moving slowly to his shaft, wrapping her fingers about him she began to stroke. Teasing up and down the length whispering “Do not cum, you cum and I stop. You will not cum again for a month, do you understand me?” She waited for him to answer, a moaned yet broken gasp of no escaped his lips. Hand moving faster, her fingers wrapped about the long hard pulsing shaft. She could feel his arousal, his hunger, need and want to release. She could hear the deep breath quickening, it was like a timer to her, each breath was an indication of how far she could take him. How far she could push him. Further, deeper harder, her hand moved faster over his length.

As her hand reached the head she paused, running her thumb over the slit and teasing a droplet of pre-cum across her hand, chuckling a little knowing how close he was, taking her other hand to his shaft she moved and began to stroke the pre-cum over the thick black dildo of the strap on. Repeating this till it was nice and slick, her hands was still covered, her fingers wet. Gently she pushes two fingers to the tight star of his ass. It clenched a second, before a moan escaped his lips, parting the tightness and carefully readying him for her to take. Once she felt he was ready and not a moment to soon, she pressed the head of the dildo and pushed into him. He wasn't new to her strap on and as such she was able push in deep and hard, her hand was holding to his cuffs, thrusting into him. His moan was almost as deep and hungered as her own moan of pleasure. Her body swayed back and forth, her mind getting into it more and more, taking him hard and deep knowing that he would be struggling to hold back, the excitement alone was noticeable against his body as she fucked him hard. The strap on was a double one, so not only was she fucking him, she could feel it fucking her. Sending her to the spiral of pleasure once more. As she broke, her body spasm against him her breath hot and hungered across his flesh like a fire's glow as the wind danced across it. Soft words barely able to be spoken now she whispered “.. Good boy.. Now what fun can we have??”

To be continued.

My Book by Lady Karma

My book

I will read you, from cover to cover.
Tracing my fingers along every word, across every page.
Taking you in to my thoughts, my feelings,
across my body to my mind, heart and soul,
dancing my desires and exploding to my loins,
till I reach the final page and know everything about you.