Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Confession - Cole Wardell

I didn't expect to be this nervous.  I guess no matter how long you prepare for this moment there really is no way around the nerves that are going to set in.  We had talked on the phone earlier in the day and both expressed how excited we were that tonight we would finally be together.  Tonight would be the night when I could finally let go of all of the things that I have held so close to my heart and just give it all to her.

The room was totally silent.  I wasn't sure how long I had even been there, but it felt like hours.  As instructed I had left a key for her at the front desk.  She told me that once in the room was to slowly strip putting all of my clothes into the closet.  Once that was finished I was to stand in silence in corner nude and wait.  My heart was pounding the longer I waited.  Had she decided not to come?  Really how long have I been standing here?  I wanted to look at the clock and see what time it was, but I knew that once I was in this position I was not to move.  I could hear everytime that someone would pass in the hall.  The sound of rolling suitcases and footsteps repeatedly bringing me back from trance that I seemed to be going into.  I could feel my legs twitching as if they wanted to just give way.  I was getting more anxious by the minute.  Everytime the air conditioner would kick on in the room the chilled air would cover my skin in goosebumps.  I stood there feeling so exposed and so vaulnerable for the first time in my life.  I began to find the focus that I needed.  I concentrated on my breathing trying to calm myself down and fight the urge to just turn around to just look around the room once more.  I really didn't take it all in when I had arrived.  I was concentrated on following her instruction that all I could really remember was seeing the plush king sized bed that was covered in pillows and ...

All my thoughts came to a halt.  There was a sound outside the door.  I could hear talking, but I couldn't quite make out what was being said.  The voice was deep and somewhat quiet.  My heart was pounding and it seemed that was all I could really hear.  Why did it sound like a man's voice?  What if there was a mix up and the wrong person got the key.  I was panicing.  My mind was racing trying to figure out what I should do in this moment.  I heard the key going into the door and the handle turn.  That sound when a hotel door opens is loud most of the time, but this time it seemed to be amplified even more.  I wanted to hide. I didn't know who was about to come in the door.  The door opened slowly and it felt like the air was being sucked out of the room.  I gasped feeling as though I was taking my last breath before plunging under the water.  I heard the voice again.  This time it was much clearer.  "Here is your room Miss. Would you like help in with your bags?" My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.  I didn't hear her respond but the man then said, "Thank you Miss. Enjoy your time here." With that the door closed.

Once again there was silence for a few moments.  I tried to calm myself down by taking a deep breath, but there was not much I could do right now to get calm.  My head was spinning and I felt like as though I was going to collapse.  My legs wanted to just give out from under me.  I could tell that my whole body was trembling now and there was really no way to hide.  The urge to turn around and to see her in the flesh for the first time felt to overwhelming.  I know that she knew I would feel this way and I knew this was a test to see if I could obey even though we had both been waiting for this moment for such a long time.  I heard her move into the room and the sound of her bags being set down.  I remained silent just trying to steady my breathing.  I was doing my best to keep my emotions in check, but the lump in my throw was beginning to grow.  I wanted to look into her eyes and tell her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me, but I knew that now I needed to stay as I was.

I could hear as she opened her bags and the sound of things being shuffled around.  She was moving all around the room arranging things and setting things out, but still she didn't say a word.  I could here the sound of her turning down the bed and the soft sound of her hand running over the sheet.  It was almost as if I could hear her thoughts in the moment.  As she stood there taking in the moment, her mind filled with all of the things she planned for me.  She began to move around the room again and I listened closely trying figure out what might be going on.  There was a snap and then a flair as she lit a match.  That sound was repeated over and over and then the room seemed to go dark.  I blinked a few times realizing the room was now only being lit by the warm glow of candle light.  I let out a soft sigh.  It was the first sound I had really made since she had entered the room.  There was silence again as I stood my head bowed and my eyes on the floor.  I could her eyes on me.  I knew she was taking in the sight of me.  She was studying the curve of my body, the body that was hers, the body that she would soon know all to well.

My breathing began to pick up as I could feel her approach.  She was behind me now, very close.  The sweet smell of her perfume, the perfume I had dreamed about for so long, filled the air.  I closed my eyes and felt as the rest of me senses seemed to be heighten.  I could her hot breath on my back and then feeling as though I was being cut by a knife my body stiffened.  I could feel as she took just one finger dragging it across my shoulders ever so gently.  I could hear her moan a bit, finally touching me after waiting for so long.  Her finger traced down my back as I began to breath heavier.  I could feel her body getting closer and then her hot breath almost panting on my neck.  The soft, sweet voice that I had heard so many times was now there with me.  I could tell there was a soft smile on her face as she whispered, "Hello, Mine."

I nearly crumbled to the ground.  The weight of those words were enough to bring me to my knees, but I remained strong holding my position for her.  I could hear her sigh as her hands explored the shape of my body, not lingering to long in one spot.  Then nothing.  She was still there, but I couldn't feel her hands on me at all.  She spoke quietly again, "Tonight I am going to take what is Mine.  I have waited to find you for so very long, but now you are here, you are Mine and nothing is ever going to change that."

Beads of sweat had started to form on my body when I was shocked back into the present moment by the sharp smack on my ass.  Her hand fell hard and stayed there a moment.  Then again on the other cheek.  The sting and heat of the smacks began to grow as she continued.  She stop and took my ass into her hands, digging her nails in just a bit.  I could feel the relief as she let go and walked away from me.  I took a few deep breathes still unsure of what to expect when I heard her say, "Are you ready my boy?  Are you ready to give yourself to me now?"  Looking down, I spoke for the first time in hours, softly I responded, "Yes my Mistress, I am very ready."  I could hear her hand toying with something, but unsure of what it was.  My heart was nearly leaping out of my chest waiting for permission to turn and face her for the first time.  She let out a soft moan and in a nealy inaudible whisper she said, "Then come to me, Cole."

I slowly turned with my eyes raising up from the floor, I could feel the sheepish smile coming to my face as I saw her sitting there looking right into my eyes.  Her skin seemed to glow in the soft light of the candles.  Her dark eyes sparkled with the desire and passion we were both feeling.  She sat on the edge of the bed in a simple black dress.  Her long, dark hair flowing elegantly over her shoulders.  She smiled looking at me as I walked over to her, taking in every subtle movements of my body.  I slowly dropped to my knees before her, looking up into her eyes as my heart pounded.  In her hand she held the single thing that I had wanted to earn most, a collar.  A single steel ring.  My mouth went a bit dry and I looked into her eyes.  I knew what she wanted from in the moment as she looked down into my eyes.  I cleared my voice softly and began to speak, "Mistress, I have longed to be here in this moment for as long as I can remember.  I beg you now to take me as I am.  Please grant me the honor of wearing your collar as a symbol that I belong to you. I kneel here before you naked with nothing to hide.  I am yours Mistress now and always."  My voice cracked at the end as the emotion began to over take me.  She leaned forward looking deep into my eyes.  A joyful grin coming to her face.  She opened the collar and placed it around my neck, the cold steel now resting on my skin as she locked it into place.  

She kissed me softly on my lips and wrapped her arms around me.  A quiet moan escaped my lips as I took in the gravity of everything that had just happened.  I took comfort in her warm embrace.  She sat back slowly and produced a red satin scarf from behind her.  She smiled sweetly at me and then a slightly evil, lustful look came into her eyes.  "Now my boy it is time for me to truly see what is mine."  With that she tied the scarf tightly around my eyes and whispered in my ear, "And from this day on, everything for you will change."

Public Confession - Kerry O'Toole

        I was spending the weekend at my aunts house. Nobody was home so I went into my cousin's room and snooped in her laundry bag.
    Wow! I found the whitest panties that I had ever seen. And they felt so sorf and  silky. They weren't really dirty and there was nice smell to them.
    I didn't dare try them on: no time to get outta there if someone came home. So I zipped down, took out my little thing, and stood in front of her mirror, rubbing myself with the sweet nylon. Then I put them back and went to my room to finish my masturbation.
    I sometimes wonder what woulda happened if I got caught.

Summertime Confession II - by Destiny Teardrop

After ten minutes had passed, I leant further into him, lifting my hand and placing it under his chin, tipping his face up, meeting his gaze once more.  I spoke, "Follow me". He could only nod.  I got up and walked away from the bar towards the small cove in the bay below.  He was close behind. "Crawl!" I hissed. He obeyed and followed closely at my heels. His fate was already sealed. He was mine.....

The boy scrambled behind on his hands and knees, struggling to keep up with my steady stride as I approached the steep slow leading down to the private bay. I paused at the top of the bay, looking back at him as he crawled hurriedly towards Me. "Keep up, boy. I don't have all day". He stammered "y..y..yess Miss". Amongst the wild flowers and foliage I spotted an old length of twine, discarded by a previous tourist. I picked it up and smirked to myself..this would do nicely. I approached the boy and bent down to his level, "you seem to be having difficulty keeping up, let me help you". Wrapping the twine round his neck, I formed a make shift collar and leash. I tugged on it, he groaned a little and let out a gentle whimper. "Thank you, Miss".

I proceeded down the slope, pulling the boy along behind me. He groaned periodically as his hands and knees scraped on the rough ground. His moans thrilled and excited me. I do so adore an obedient boy. His increasing arousal was also evident from the bulge in his swimshorts.

Shortly, we arrived at the beach. The warm, golden sand between my toes was a welcome relief from the harsh, steep path. The slut on my leash was panting heavily and sweating with the exertion of his journey. I took a bottle of water from my beach bag, unscrewed the lid and swigged at it, allowing some to spill from my mouth and cascade down my chin to my chest, trickling between my cleavage and down to my stomach, resting in a pool in my navel. "Are you thirsty, slut?" I enquired of the boy at my feet. "Yes Miss, very thirsty", he replied. "What do you want, boy?" I barked at him. "A drink of your water would be most appreciated, Miss". He eagerly responded. I laughed and sneered slightly as I took another swig from the bottle. "Beg for it then. Let's see how desperate you are". Before he could respond, I hissed "And get on your haunches and beg properly". The boy looked at me wide-eyed, hesitant. I stared at him. Waiting. He knelt up, sat back on his heels and raised his hands up, dog like, "Please Miss, I beg you, please may I have a drink of water?". He was a pathetic sight. A beautiful, desperate, pathetic, whimpering boy.

I knelt down opposite him. I lifted the bottle of water to my mouth and took a gulp. I tucked two fingers inside the twine around his neck, yanking his head forward, his nose almost touching mine. I smelt arousal, fear and heat on his breath. As our mouths touched, I spat the water from mine into his open lips, he desperately lapped at it, savouring every drop as my left hand reached deftly down into his swimshorts and firmly grasped his throbbing cock. He sputtered, eyes wide as I continued my firm hold on both the collar and his cock. "You have your drink. Now you owe Me. I am going to take what I want from you". He nodded slowly,  his eyes never leaving mine. "Do you understand what I am saying to you, boy?" I demanded. "Yes, Miss. Take what you want." he gasped. "Oh, I will. I certainly will". I whispered.

I let go of his cock, leaving it hanging over the top of his shorts, bobbing and throbbing. I stood up, pulling him to his feet  by the make-shift collar round his neck. He gagged a little as my knuckles dug into his Adam's apple. We stood, face to face. "Strip!", I demanded. "Y...y..y..Miss" he stammered. He stepped out of his swimshorts and t-shirt and stood before me. Naked, vulnerable, trembling with nerves and excited anticipation. 

"Get on all fours" I ordered. The boy dropped immediately to the designated position. I walked around him, slowly, deliberately. As I paused in front of his face, his eyes were level with my shins, looking at my tanned legs and feet. "Lick the sand off" I commanded, as I proffered my leg forward towards his lips. He gingerly extended his tongue and licked as instructed. "Good boy". I murmered softly. I walked around him again, making him wait, biding my time, enjoying the anticipation. Basking in the sound of the waves gently lapping against the shore and the distant cry of a seabird, coupled with his laboured breathing as he baulked a little on the sand in this mouth and struggled to maintain his position in the heat of the evening sun.

Ahead of me was a small, dark, damp hollow in the cliff face, a secret cave. In there I had my toys and this boy was my going to be my latest plaything. He was ripe for it, perfect in every way and he needed it. He just didn't quite know that yet, but I knew that within the next few hours he would be begging me to truly possess him. I licked my lips in anticipation. This would be a long and eventful night.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Treehouse - Anonymous

Mike, Cindy, and Todd had been friends since the third grade. Mike and Todd came to pick up Cindy for their senior prom. Cindy was in a black knee length spaghetti strap dress. Cindy almost never wore a dress. She had always been just one of the guys. Tonight she would be different.

Mark, Cindy and Todd went to the dance and had a good time. Mike would dance with Cindy, and then she would dance with Todd. They kept her on the floor until midnight. They decided to then take a long walk. They stopped by the local liquor store and each bought one cooler. The man carded each of them.

They drank their coolers slowly, and finished them off as they had come to their old tree house, in the back of Todd's massively large back yard. Cindy suggested that they go up. Todd and Mike laughed a bit about climbing into the old tree house in their tuxedos, but then complied. Todd went up first, followed by Mike and Cindy came up last. 

They lounged back for a while just reminiscing about old time and how they had done everything together. Cindy suddenly tossed in with an evil grin, "Not everything." She giggled and so did they. 

Finally, Cindy decided to bring her fantasy to life. She leaned forward unobtrusively and ran her hand up each of their legs, until she had a hold of the solid lump in their pants. Cindy did notice that Todd had a huge hard-on.

None of them had ever dated in high school. For one thing, nobody could figure out if Cindy was actually dating one of them, so everybody kept their hands off all three. And, the guys just never asked anyone.

"I see you are thinking about what I said," Cindy's hands were shaking as she felt them up. She went the next step and in the old tree house, she unzipped both of their pants, pulling their dicks out into the moon light. Mike and Todd were not quite sure what to do. Cindy was their best friend, but she was real sober, and they both sort of wanted her too.

Cindy started working their rods, moving Todd and Mike closer together. She licked Todd's shaft from one end to the other, and waited for a response. Todd made a definite sign of pleasure so she did the same to Mike. She did this for a while to both of them and then stood up.

We do everything together right?" she said seeking a pleasurable confirmation. They both said yes. Then she dropped her dress off her shoulders and stepped out if it. Her breasts were nice and full. They had never imagined her any way but clothed and now here she wearing just a tiny pair of black lacy panties. Both of their dicks hardened even harder seeing this. "Take off those, unless you want to get them dirty," she stated knowing what she wanted to do. They got the message real fast and took off and laid their suits neatly off to the side. 

Now they were all naked. Without kneeling, she bent over and took Mike's head into her mouth. Mike had to control the sudden urge to shove it straight into her. She worked his head in and out of her mouth. Mike was holding her head, unconsciously controlling the speed of her attack. 

She then stopped and turned to Todd. Mike moved directly behind her, knelt down and started to lick her box from behind as she went down on Todd. She spread her legs apart to give him better access. With Mike working on her she began to want more and more. Finally she stopped going down on Todd long enough to tell Mike what she wanted.

Mike obediently stood and slid his virgin rod into the entrance of her waiting furnace. She groaned softly as he entered her. No one had ever entered her before, and she was tight. He was just too massive for her first time. Frustrated she turned around and put her waiting pussy up to Todd's slightly smaller shaft, and went down orally on Mike again.

Todd fit in her better and slowly worked his way into her making her cue. She was shaking, from pleasure, from fear, and from pure ecstasy, as Todd pumped slowly deeper and deeper into her. Mike was getting it as well though. She was transferring every pleasure she felt at one end to the other end, and Mike could hardly control himself.

"Now we do it together" she announce, barely able to speak. The guys wondered what she was talking about. But she did not leave them in the dark for long. She sat Todd down and facing away from him, lowered herself down onto his shaft. Todd was not sure what she was doing, but she was suddenly way tight. Todd's rod slid slowly into her ass as she went all the way down. 

She laid back and spread her legs for Mike. She pulled him forward so he could see that her pussy was waiting for him. Mike began to slide in again. She was still tight to Mike, even after having been opened up by Todd, but Mike succeeded this time. He was in. 

Mike and Todd began to pump together, their dicks playing off each other. Cindy was beginning to shake and tighten, shake and tighten, again and again. Todd and Mike began to work her breasts with their fingers and that was the final straw. Mike felt a sudden rush of fluid around his shaft, which excited him further. He pumped harder and faster, causing Todd to do the same. Then, as Cindy reached her first explosive orgasm, Todd and Mike fired their loads into her. With each firing of their loads what felt like a jolt of electricity fired through all three of them. She let out moan of absolute pleasure finally released from years of frustration. They worked themselves until none of the three had anything left. 

Then removing themselves from Cindy's insides, they laid on the tree house floor. Cindy found both of their limp dicks, and worked her hands on them as they lay there, Cindy in Mike and Todd's arms. Now, they had done everything together.

Naked they climbed down the tree, and played in the pond until the early morning sun began to rise. They ascended the tree house again for a long slow hour of three-way play submitting themselves to Cindy’s every pleasure. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oops Chronicle - Anonymous

I meet up with her again...its been a while and I thought about her on several ocasions.
Its something new...a new woman...shes beautiful, her personality even more. Her voice is calm and firm.

We spill all the common I am, how she is...I try to push the convo to more private affairs...what she's done lately...with the guys shes close with...playfully flirting as she lets me lead it.

She doesnt even dodge the most daring questions, or innuendos...usually they all do...which always makes it easier for me to go right down the path I want.

''And what do you look for in a man?''...I asked

''To make them understand my ways...and I dont look for them...they always come to me''
''What if you wanted one?''...

''I dont need to want one...I just snap my fingers and theres always a few wanting to come to me'' she replied laughing slightly...


''Because they want what I can give them...because im not something they can find around the corner''

''And...just exactly do you give them?'' my eyes widened in curiosity..

Usually its a man who gives ''them'' what they want...thats how nature works...male...over female...and shes so cocky...not cocky...but confident...I'd totally be smacking the face of a guy who acted this sounds just so hot on a female.

Then again...they see the same in us...when we're confident and cocky sometimes...attitude capitalizes in here.

''I give them what they crave...not to have to lead...but be led...and believe me theres nothing as hot and sensual as that...''

''Not what ive seen so far...Ive had some good experiences....''

''Then what would you do if I told you to whip your cock out for me right now?''

I almost blushed...Im used to straight forward women...but not as this. And I'm hoping she didnt notice how that forwardness made my pants thicken slightly.

''I would...I'd ask why?''... My statement slipped more like a question

''You're asking me?'' she quickly replied

''No but...''

''Because I want you to'' she interrupted me.

How rude of her...tho i didnt seem to my hands went down and unzipped my jeans, staring up at her to confirm if she was serious about it....her look never looked as serious before...

''Now now...seems like its a little stiff...something wrong?''My hands ran behind my back trying to find a spot to hide...what was I to say to this?...Never admit straight up to a woman that she turned you slightly indifferent and they want you more.

''Well you know how us guys work...we get like this easily....''...I quickly escaped that one
''Yes I do know how I cant say every guy I talk to has a're simply gonna deny its hard because of me?''

Guess I really didnt escape that one...Witty one this one...what a wonder my cock was getting even harder.

''I...dont know, I guess im horny''....hearing myself grunt as I feel her hand wrap around my stiff shaft

''You're not just horny...that cock keeps getting harder everytime I talk. And I can feel it pulse on my hand already...It wants me''

I kept my silence...hated to admit it but it just kept growing and throbbing as she touched me and spoke to me.

She didnt even wait for my reply...''Would me to take care of it?''

My eyes lifted at her as I nodded and let it out...''Yes....I would''

''Very well...just sit here in this chair please''...she tapped her hand on the seat as i sat down and tilted my head back...

''Let me just go grab something...i'll be right back ok?''...she proceeded.

I sat there staring down, my cock pulsing and stiff was wet now even, in antecipation ....If only I could deny my arousing at how she acted on me...but my crotch kinda gave me away.
I let out a slight grasp as I felt her pulling my arms back and tying them to the chair...then she went over my head and tried to blindfold me...I protested...

'' you want me to take care of it...or not?''

My mouth opened to say yes but she interrupted me...''Then stop complaining like a little bitch and sit back again''

My chest pulsed, wanting to reply to that but I kept quiet...she proceeded to tie my legs and blindfold me...Then I felt as she grabbed my cock again...and slowly started stroking me.

''You far its been you taking care of women...tho I doubt any of them actually took care of you...but not today...'' I felt my cock starting to drip precum as she pumped me slowly, squeezed me and kept talking to me....I wanted to see but all I had was darkness...

''I see you trying to look, your eyes moving against that dont deserve to see it tho...Im giving you the feelings, without the visuals...and by the looks of're not hating it a bit you little bitch''

My voice panted everytime I would reply now....I moaned, unable to keep quiet as she toyed with my cock...and it just got worse when I felt her tongue slipping up and down my torso kicked forward wanting to see it, but she just slapped my cock in reply.

''Be quiet, I just told you, you dont get to see. Im doing you a favor here...and while you're sitting there tied up and folded...its MY lean back and enjoy''

I sunk again into the chair, and groaned and moaned my way as she sucked my cock for a couple minutes...taking slow and fast paces...alternating...teasing the shit out of me...leaving me wet dripping her saliva...was about to cum and she must have felt it...:

''Dont you even dare...cumming now...or cumming in my mouth...or I swear ill open your mouth and spit it all down your throat...and make sure I get another cock to push it down your throat''
I groaned and didnt say a word...I could hold it...I was just wanting to cum cause it felt so good....but I could hold it.

I felt her getting her mouth away from me as I heard unzipping and could trace tru my darkened vision as she pulled her pants and panties down.

Soon I felt her wrapping them on my cock and getting her taste and my precum all over them...right before she told me to open my mouth and slipped them inside...I eagerly opened and inhale both the scents ...Didnt care as my salty flavor sunk on my was mine after all...and it tasted like her as well.

I felt her warmth hovering over me as her voice turned at me again...''Is this what you want?''
I tried replying in an audible way as all the came out was mumbles...felt her get away from me again as I nearly jumped from the chair screaming tru her panties, tilting the chair as it fell and i hit my head on the floor.

She quickly lifted me back up, and I could hear her laughing as my head pulsed with pain...''Very well...I see you do want it badly...even hurting yourself for me''...she said

She slapped my legs open again and felt her hand grabbing my shaft, her nails digging against its veins as she sat down on me and pushed me slightly inside her.

I groaned extremely loudly even tru the panties..she felt so tight...she wouldnt even push much of me in.

For a couple minutes she felt my head swelling between her wet hot lips as she rode it slowly, hearing me squirming on my chair as she did it on her own pace.

I grunted loudly right before my face turned red...I had came...and Im pretty sure I came inside her...I couldnt hear her anymore as finally I heard it....her hand slapping my face repeated times.

''This is how you repay my help you filthy bitch?  You cum inside me?...I told you what id do if you came before I told you didnt I?''

I couldnt even reply...she had said so...and I totally blew it...literally...couldnt help to grin...and of didnt escape her...

''Grinning have some nerve...'' she pulled the panties out and I heard her cleaning herself with them...i closed my jaws as i felt her approaching again...''Open up''...

I kept my mouth closed...One thing was precum and saliva...other was semen..and not few...

I didnt want that so I kept my lips closed...she slapped me again, and again...''You fucked up...and crossed our little now open your fucking mouth, you helpless lil bitch who cant even control himself from cumming''

That sounded quite hot again...and my lips opened as she pushed the soaked panties into my mouth again....I felt the semen sinking and sliding down my mouth as she proceeded....''And this isnt all im gonna demand from you for being an ungrateful punk...just sit there while I make a phonecall...''

And there I sat for what seemed an eternity...blindfolded...eating my own semen from her panties ...but eased up...afterall...she finished me up...and I couldnt say I had any regrets so far.

Friday Fantasy - Zoie Paule

I woke up Friday morning as horny as hell. I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet and my Mistress entered my psyche like a bolt of lightening. My hand involuntarily grabbed my, or should I say her, cock: No warm up, no gentle caressing, no slow construction of fantasies to put me in the mood. I just grabbed it and began to tug. 

Her words flooded my mind. “I’m going to violate your ass,” she had said only the day before as I sat helplessly on the edge of my seat, a butt plug in my arse, my hand tugging furiously at her cock. “Cum now, cum for me right now,” she had commanded, her voice vibrating deep inside my head, an affect heightened by stereo headphones. And I did cum. Hard. 

And now I was alone in bed and it was only the next day. I should have been feeling relief after a 9 day cum ban but I didn’t. If anything I felt hornier than I had felt the previous morning. Within minutes, or was it even seconds, I was on the edge of an orgasm. Dutifully I stopped and just lay there for a while listening to the sound of my own breathing and with my eyes closed my imagination began to form a picture of my mistress.

She was sitting on a large dark oak chair, in a long robe. What colour was it? Had I even imagined a colour? I doubt it. My mind was fixated on her long, smooth legs and milky white thighs, uncrossed, relaxed and bare. I let out a low whimper, unable to deal with such a sight in a normal, civilised manner. My head bowed and nudged against her leg like a cat, trying desperately to push her legs gently apart. 

She grabbed my hair and pulling my head back, staring straight into my eyes and hissing, “did I give you permission to do that? “ I yelped, and whimpered, “No Mistress, you did not. I’m sorry Mistress.” That’s better,” she replied, “Now start again properly,” I composed myself and breathing slowly said, “Please Mistress, please may I worship your thighs.” 

“Yes you may,” she laughed, clearly enjoying my desperate state. My head lowered and once again I started to brush my head against her thighs, using my hair to caress her skin. Slowly but surely her legs began to spread and looking up I gasped as I saw, for the first time her beautiful shaven pussy. “Oh Mistress,” I sighed, “Please Mistress…” I moved closer, unable to help myself. I felt yet again her hand grabbing the back of my hair, yanking me back. “Please what?” she aggressively said. 

“Please may I worship you. Please I so want to kiss… just a little.” 

“Very well, you may, for a little while until I get bored. But you better do it well Zoie.” 

“Thank you Mistress. I will, I promise.”

Returning to the task in hand I started to kiss her thighs. Lightly at first, nibbling ever so lightly between kisses, working my way ever so gently up her silky skin, closer and closer to her sex. By now I could smell that sweet perfume that only girls have and my mouth was watering with anticipation. My heart began to pound as I ran my tongue up the crease between her thigh and torso. She tasted ever so slightly salty from perspiration but never the less sweet to my taste buds. I could hear her breathing beginning to quicken and, encouraged by this, I began to nuzzle my way closer to her pussy, my hot breath warming her as I went.  I was almost there and my jaw dropped open, allowing my tongue to slide out from between my lips. 

My eyes snapped open and I was back in my bed. I let go of my Mistress cock and held my breath. Had I gone to far that time? Am I about to cum? No. I breath a sigh of relief and got out of bed. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caught Redhanded - Anonymous

She held the item in question before my nose. 

“Tell me what this is?” She demanded. 

I didn’t want to confess what I’d done, even though She knew. I was only digging myself deeper and deeper into trouble. Her fist clenched the item in Her hand, I avoided eye contact.

“Those are your black thong panties,” I answered and quickly added, “Mistress.”

“I know what they fucking are you troublesome slut. WHAT IS THIS!?,” She didn’t yell, but my ears were ringing. I began to stammer, but no words came out. She pressed the soft dark fabric to my face. I tried to hold my breath, but soon I felt the wetness on the tip of my nose and the scent filling my nostrils. 

I began having arrogant thoughts. She knew what it was. What I’d done was so cliché’ and immature. Why couldn’t we just get this over with? 

Her hand pressed harder against my face, and brought me back to reality, back into my submission. “What do you smell?” She asked. 

“My cum,” I whispered and hung my head. 

I am never good at concentrating. I try, but my mind wandered again. I didn’t know what She was going to do with me. This had never happened before. I had wrapped my Mistress’ lingerie around myself many times. I pulled it tight, my veins swelling and throbbing against the fabric. I’d never been caught before. I’d always pumped my hot dripping sex into Her panties just before I did the laundry. I was jolted back into submission again when I heard Her order, “Open!”

I opened my mouth and felt the cum drenched panties against my tongue. Her thongs always felt so small in my hands, but now soaking up my saliva this thong filled my mouth as my own scent filled my lungs. She pressed a finger at the bottom of my chin and forced my jaw to clamp down. 

“Give me your underwear,” She commanded me. I didn’t want to stop kneeling, so I tried my best to slip the tight boxer briefs down my thighs, over my knees and off my legs. I fumbled a bit, my eyes were on the tile floor of the laundry room, but I hoped that She was smiling at my struggling.

Still avoiding eye contact I held out my garments, which She snapped from my hand. I could feel Her gaze on the top of my head as She decided what to do with me. I was startled as I saw Her body lower into my view, Her hands on the floor; squatting in front of me. In one hand was my underwear, in the other She wielded a ruler. I swallowed. Semen-laced saliva trickled down my throat. 

She perched there on Her toes. I felt the tip of the ruler against my chest. She pushed me back forcing me to make eye contact and causing my legs fall open, spread before Her.  Once She had my eyes in Her gaze, I didn’t dare look away. Her robe had fallen open, my underwear clutched tightly against Her naked thigh. 

“Is this what it feels like?” She mused and didn’t waste anytime pressing my briefs between Her legs. I didn’t look down, I concentrated on Her eyes which began to slowly relax and fix themselves lower on my body. The pain was sharp, I felt the ruler smack hard against my cock. I winced and gagged on the panties in my mouth.

“What’s the matter?” She said in a mocking voice. “Isn’t this what you wanted? Why is your cock so limp?” 

I mumbled against my gag, but She knew. I had only finished cumming only moments before She found Her panties soaked in the hamper. “Look at your own panties, slut,” She laughed, “Did you ever think your Mistress would fuck Herself with them?”

I looked down to see Her fingers against the fabric of my underwear. My mouth watered at the thought of Her wetness. As if she was reading my thoughts, I felt the broad side of the ruler strike my cock painfully.

“Still can’t get it up? What good are you? Sitting there limp with a woman pleasuring herself in front of you.” 

I squinted from the pain and sucked in air through my teeth. She moaned softly and seemed to take an interest in my cock, dragging the edge of the ruler down it’s length. “Come on then,” She smacked my cock again. Still painful but more playful this time. “What a pitty, that you aren’t feeling up to it, slut.”

My eyes were wet from the pain. I looked through the tears to see my underwear and two of Her fingers deep inside Her, slowly sliding back out again. She moaned once more.

Moments later my own boxer briefs were dangling in front of my face. “See how useless these are? What am I supposed to do with your panties after I’ve soaked them? You’re always such an inconsiderate slut. I hope you know how I feel now.”

The she commanded me again. “Open,” She ordered.

I opened my mouth, Her drenched thong bulging from between my lips. I knew my fate and soon, those two fingers that were deep within Her pussy, were now shoving my own boxer briefs into my mouth. Her scent now mixing with my mouth full of my own cum. The tip of the ruler pushed against the bottom of my chin. I shut my mouth as best as I could. 

It all had only taken a few minutes, but the pain was unbearable. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” She said sternly. My eyes rolled up to look at the ceiling as tears streamed down my eyes. The ruler drug a trail from my chin across my chest and gave my bruised cock one last nudge before She was up and ready to leave the room. 

“Think about this next time,” she said and then left me with a question. “Do you want me to catch you again?”

I was alone, my mouth was full, my cock began to get hard. With a mouth full of our sex mixed together, I mumbled to myself, “Yes.”

Office Furniture - Della Demonia

Good Morning,
I will be thinking of you at work, trapped behind that desk in those snug pants mmmmmm
Today, I will sneak into your office before you arrive and hide under your desk. I can see your package clearly outlined in your trousers in the little light that is available to me in my concealment. Oh it makes me ache, that passive bulge resting mere inches from my face so I slowly dip my fingers into the front of my blouse, no bra! lucky me. My lovely pink nipples are already erect from being constantly caressed by the silken material of my blouse and the cool breeze from the air conditioning. I gently squeeze my left nipple between my thumb and finger... tugging deliciously at it's rosy peak, twisting it a little... I struggle to stiffle my moan.
You are totally absorbed in your work now and I can see that your legs fall apart more, revealing you to my hungry eyes even more. This inspires me to slip my left hand (you know I am left handed?) into the front of my skirt..down into the warmth of my panties... already my clit is throbbing.. I am moist. Using some of my juices to moisten my fingers, I take my clit like a small penis and gently pull on it, my fingers holding it softly. As this delight tears through me I feel my pussy pulse, it's lips swell outwards, opening a little...  after a minute of this gentle tugging and pulling I am trembling madly and stop before I give my position away with the certain moans that I feel building.
I decide to take a chance.... gently reaching out my hands I place them firmly on your thighs causing you to jump and look down! Your eyes meet mine and you see the hunger flowing from my eyes, smile warmly at me and this is returned with a cheeky grin.  You ease back into position, allowing your legs to spread as far apart as they can. I quickly outline your delicious cock and balls with my fingertips before undoing your trousers and easing them down to allow me full access to you.
Your cock is only slightly aroused, I gently cup your ample balls in my right hand while taking the base of you with my left and bring my eager mouth down over your entire flacid penis... all of you to the balls resting on my warm wet tongue and deep into my mouth. I close my lips and apply just a little suction and allow my tongue to explore much of your cock before I bring my head back a little to focus on that wonderful foreskin. I gently lick your tip, allowing my tongue to linger on the hidden fruit a second before slipping in under your foreskin... yessss, you cock jumps on my tongue, lurches as it begins to swell deliciously. I swirly my tongue all over your head, under the foreskin and as your cock swells up
I focus on the underside of your head, allowing you to be sucked onto the roof of my mouth. I work my hot tongue deftly all over the underside of your cock head, firm moist strokes that cause you to moan audibly.
Your cock is rock hard now, I start to stroke you with my left hand, from the base to reach my lips about halfway down your shaft. My tongue is going wild on you now as I take more of you into my mouth and then out so that just the tip is resting on my tongue... over and over this pumping sucking action. Picking up the pace, my hand is loving sliding up and down your fat erection, feeling it pulse almost in time with my stroking and my plunging mouth... I feel your balls twitch in the palm of my right hand so I hold them just a little firmer, letting my fingertips caress your perenium to feel the pulse there too.
Your phone rings... you must answer it..... I do not let off my pace, my hungry ministrations while you struggle to deal with a client... I can hear a tremor in your voice which only excites me even more, causing me to quicken my pace, take more of you in and out of my mouth, tighten the suction whilst my tongue is a wet blur upon your aching rod. Your
precum drips onto my tongue... like salty lava, drop after drop making me moan quietly. Your phone call continues and I can hear you are having a hard time holding any conversation.... you thighs start to tremble and my hand and mouth are a hungry wet piston on you now... as I hear you mention something about product excitement to your client.
I know you are getting close, feel your balls contract in my hand, tightening for their release. My left hand has you firmly now, making my mouth do much of the work, I make the very tip of my tongue firm and swirl it madly all around the rim of your swollen head. You are literally dripping like a tap now... your glans so swollen my mouth is very very full.
You begin to end your phone call and I know that you will blow any second. No sooner do I hear the phone click into the receiver but I see your hands grip the desk as your hips gently thrust into me. Your cock is all over my tongue and halfway down my throat and back again like a wild beast, your entire legs shaking as your balls begin to shudder. The first blast of your come hits the back of my throat, hot and urgent and my mouth simply pistons and sucks even harder. I am now sucking your juice out of you as it gushes out of your cock and into my mouth, down my throat, your gentle moans hide the roar I know you are making inside. Rope after rope of your hot thick cum pouring into me, you balls spasming madly for me. I am hungry, I want every single drop so I hold my mouth still with as much of you as I can take in and gently suck as your cock twitches it's last drops for me.
I leave my mouth there as I feel your thighs and buttocks relax, your hands loosen their grip on the desk only to slip underneath and stroke my hair. Your breathing still heavy I give your wonderful cock one last suck before gently releasing it into the cool air, loosening my hands. I kiss your member now... gently tucking him back into his snug resting place all the while a look of total wonder and astonishment on your flushed face. Your eyes dart around the room to see that nobody is watching as you signal me out...
I crawl out on trembling legs, looking like the cat that's had the cream. Tidy myself up, looking deep into your eyes I lean down so that you can see my erect nipples down the front of my blouse, just a peek, before closing in for the kiss. Long, deep, heated... a throaty moan escapes me as I slip my tongue into your mouth and I feel you melt into me. Gently pulling back I straighten up and say "well, it has been a pleasure and yes I may need that air conditioning unit installed immediately. I look forward to your call!"
then I wink, shoot you a sassy smile and sway my hips on out the door!
*what I cannot help doing to myself in the elevator and also the car is another story for another time*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Confession of an Anonymous, Decent Brat

The first time I came to the Dominion I heard this voice which completely intriguided me. It was sexy, sultry and beautiful and it still is today. I was and still am completly smitten by the Mistress with that voice.

Sometimes I think I should feel guilty about it. She is a highly respected Dominion Mistress and I am being a brat to her. But I like her a lot.

I could sit by her feet for hours and hours and just listen to her voice. She is intelligent, she makes me wanna be completley submissive to her and I am afraid that it will never happen. Because why would she? I am not worthy of such a beautiful, honest, funny person. 

In my wildest dreams I am though. In my wildest dreams I would do anything to make her happy. I would rub her shoulders when she is tired, I would joke to make her laugh, I would kiss her to make her feel better, I would dance with her for hours,  I would be submissive to show her how much I appreciate her. There is nothing I wouldn't do. 

If it would ever come to it I would solemn promise her this:

To be your lover when you need to be loved,
your doctor when you are ill,
your army when you go to war,
your umbrella when life rains down on you,
your rock when you get weary,
your shield when you need defense,
your spirit when you are drained,
your pillow when you need to rest,
your voice when no one can hear you,
your ear when no one will listen,
your comfort when you feel pain,
your hero when you are under duress,
your sunshine when darkness falls,
your answer when questions arise,
your inspiration to overcome obstacles,
your hand to hold when you are frightened,
your kiss that wakes you everyday,
and your "I love you" each and every night

And to make another confession I did not write that poem. But it would be true. 

~I always fall for the wrong ones ~

The Black Widow I - Anonymous

I saw him, the blood in my veins begain to boil- embers raked with a iron poker seemed to ignite what tinders had been lain aside in my belly.  It was adrenaline fueled by raw emotion that drove me on.  I saw nothing, comparing one boy after another looking for the right one, my prey of the evening.  Who would expect a woman dressed as I was to be on the hunt.  A simple classic black ensemble, accented only with a hint of color hanging from around my neck.  The soft echo of stilettos bouncing over the marble floor while the amethyst stone rolled between my fingers, calculating which move would be the best.  

The dirty blonde hair had been washed and combed back, trying to maintain the surfer look despite the crisp suit that covered what was certainly a toned body underneath.  No not him, however just as delicious looked his friend, the one with the angelic eyes, the subtlest shade of blue that kept avoiding my direction, continuously glancing down into the glass of watered down pop.  The slightest sounds of pleasureable sounds slipped from my lips, this would be too easy.  

He was nearly perfect for what I had planned for my evening-  His arms would hang just enough that when I let the barest tips of the french manicure dance over his tnned flesh, I would be able to watch every ripple of goosebump dance over the surface.  I could envision the beauty of  a chain dangling from around the muscles of the boys neck.  I stood at the barstool, ignoring the tenders requests for my drink order.  I was too busy soaking in the moment, feeding off of the pure lust and skilled planning it would take to get him closer, draw him into my web...

Oh and how thorough the web had been woven, the blonde had no idea why I was on his arm a few moments later.  He was the football star, lifeguard on the weekends why did I walk away with his friend the shy one who didn't have the nerve to say hello to a gorgeous woman when she walked up.  I never got their names, I didn't need them.  The haughty hair gelled nitwit thought he would try to seduce me back to his place on the water with a "whats a Lady like you doing here... certainly the beach bar isn't the place you go for a drink on the town?"  Without  hesitation, I nonchalantly answered his sad excuse for a pick up line," Looking for something sweet to keep me company without trying to get in my dress."  

That was when I knew he was caught, my pretty little brunette coughed in his drink and for the first time smiled at me.  Without thinking I extended my hand to the side, letting the pads of my fingers lay upon the polyester blend jacket.  As if on cue the boys arm curled and instinctively brought me away from his buddy for a quiet moment to speak... 

A few whispered instructions were given to the boy as he guided me out the front door- which car to follow, the street name and the number to my apartment, and precisely which moment to ring the bell to gain entrance.  Just enough time for me to get upstairs, and let the pure exhiliration of power and lust fill my veins. 

  I poured a glass of water and left it on the counter, letting the quarrtz stone dance once again between my fingers- In the stone I could already see the sweet marks left from the ropes that were laid across the black laqured table at the end of my bed.  The crisp white cotton fibers a stark contrast to not only the room, but to the tanned flesh that  it would be wrapped firmly around holding his body in place for my amusement and pleasure.

Tucked safely away just beneath the duvet cover was my favorite pair of deerskin floogers with wieghted etched silver handles.  The chilled weight sang a sweet counter point to the harmony or discord that I chose to weild out of them- the light sensual meoldy of bliss, or the harsh staccato notes of red to create discord against a movement of pleasure.  

The bell chimed, and the sound of shuffled uncertain footsteps could be heard on the carpet in the hallway outside my front door.  A few delicate steps drew me to the door, I knew it was him, my catch of the evening was waiting on the other side of thedoor- but the few moments of anticipation hung around him like a blanket of mystery.  The bolt slid in the door and the handle turned as I appeared before him, no more no less than what he had seen at the bar- Until he willing stepped foot inside to be swallowed whole... 

"Hello Sweet One, this is your last chance to turn around and go back with your blonde buddy at the bar and pick up some college girl on spring break and take her home to have your way with her...." 

"I am here, and I am not turning back..." I could hear the missing word clinging in his throat as the boy crossed into the apartment, a confident stride for one who had entered the web of a black widow... 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summertime Confession I - by Destiny Teardrop

Lying in the sun makes me so horny. So very, very horny. During a long, hot summer I am in a constant state of arousal, wet and throbbing and wanting, no, NEEDING to devour any half decent looking male in my vicinity. There's something about lying in the sun, feeling the rays against my skin, that turns me into a nymphomaniac. 

One day last year, on holiday in Crete, I was on a lounger in an open air bar.  The long hot day was drawing to a close, it was around 5pm, still hot, but less intense now and my body was warm and golden from a day in the sun. Alone, with my book, soaking up the sun. I became aware of eyes on me, you know the way you do? When you just 'feel' someone looking at you. I lifted my head from my book and looked over the top of my shades towards the bar.  I saw a dark, athetically built young male perched on the edge of the bar stool, a bottle of Bud in his hand. My eyes met his gaze and locked on his deep, deep brown eyes. I raised an eyebrow briefly and contnued to hold his stare. He broke the hold and looked down, a light blush forming on his cheeks. I sat up slightly, continuing to stare, a sardonic smile playing on my mouth. He lifted his head, looked my way once more and returned my smile as he sat up, a little more confidently now. This boy was flirting with me! I felt that old familiar tingle between my legs as I knew the thrill of the chase was about to begin. 

The heat was intense and a trickle of perspiration ran from my neck, down to my cleavage. I wiped it with my finger, looked intently at the boy and sucked my finger hard and long. He visibly gasped as I played my fingertip around my lips and sucked in and out, coating it with my saliva, all the while holding his gaze and smirking.

Boy, it was hot today! I realised that the one other customer had left and there was only the barman, the dark guy and me still there. It was quite deserted. The barman was busy stacking glasses. I was hungry, lustful, predatory and I had my eye on my prey.

The boy shuffled uncomfortably on his stool as I got up, empty glass in hand and strutted towards the bar, my softly rounded hips swaying seductively from side to side under his watchful gaze. I approached him rapidly and walked right up to him, into his personal space, speaking firmly and assuredly I said "Stop gawping and buy a lady a drink, boy". He spluttered a little, replying ", ok....Miss". At least the boy had manners and knew how to address a lady. The drinks ordered and presented, the guy was becoming visibly uncomfortable at my proximity. I was wearing a low cut, deep red, lycra bathing suit, underwired to accentuate my full breasts and high cut on the leg to flatter my full round hips. I wore high heeled, red strappy sandals to extend and lengthen my bronzed legs. The boy cast regular, furtive glances at my body. His appreciation of my form was evident by the bulge in his swim shorts and the flush in his cheeks, matched with the perspiration on his brow. 

We sat in silence. I was waiting, taking my time and he knew it. The result of our meeting  was inevitable. There was an unspoken acknowledgement of our relative statuses. 

After ten minutes had passed, I leant further into him, lifting my hand and placing it under his chin, tipping his face up, meeting his gaze once more.  I spoke, "Follow me". He could only nod.  I got up and walked away from the bar towards the small cove in the bay below.  He was close behind. "Crawl!" I hissed. He obeyed and followed closely at my heels. His fate was already sealed. He was mine.....

That Smile - Anonymous Sub

I'm working alone at my desk in my office, later in the evening.  Work is going gangbusters, and the days are getting later. My tie is loosened from being straight, the top button of the dark blue shirt unbuttoned.

I should be focusing on the tasks at hand, but my mind keeps wandering.  Wandering back to you. 

There was just something about the last time we talked, the tone in your voice, a little glint of something... else in your eye.  I'd worried you caught me looking you over, but I don't think you did.  When you dropped that note and I bent down to your boot to pick it up... I thought you saw something stir in me.  I looked at your calf, up slowly, my eyes tracing up your leg, where skin and skirt met below your knee.  I realized what I was doing and quickly looked up at you, and was shocked that you gave a smile, it was almost too knowing.  Almost.

I'd slowly risen to my feet, handing you your note.  The "Thank you" formed from your mouth as I locked on to your lips, then eyes up to your eyes.  I really wanted you to drop the note again...

The phone rings.  I check the time and pick up.  You were out late, wanted to see when you could pick up the rest of... oh, right, you would have gotten voicemail if I wasn't in. This neighborhood?  Sure, definitely, especially if it saves you some time... no, I'm here for at least the next hour or two.

Hanging up, I realized my heartbeat kicked in a little. I feel guilty about it, but you on the phone, so relaxed, so funny.  The thing you do with your head...

I get back to it.  There's no way to actually add time into the day, but I'd try to shoehorn at least another two hours to the clock.  Not that that would be a big increase in time, it wo... that must be you.

Leaving my desk, I remember to pick up your file.  You've been here before, it's late... shouldn't keep you running too long.

Greeting you at the door, I can't help but feel the heartbeat increase again. God, you just exude... it's something extra.  Some kind of confidence that just enhances everything about you just enough, from the way you wear your hair to your style to that little something that's always behind your eyes, (which are only brought out by your glasses.)

And I do mean it's nice to see you.  Seeing you always makes me smile, genuinely and wide. No, no I have time to talk things over. Come on back. Do you need anything?  A water?

How was dinner?  Very nice, I hear it's good. And the dessert is supposed to be... yup, that's the one.

The way you subtly cross your legs... just at the knee, not quite a full cross. I should really pay attention to what you're saying and stop staring...

You did what?  You took something from the restaurant?  I hope you got enough knives for the complete set...

From your purse beside the chair, you pull out a small silver ring, about two inches in diameter.  I'm not sure what it is...

That's from your napkin?  Ha, too funny.  Well, now you can have the same experience eating at your house as you do at the restaurant, but with less tipping.  Or maybe more tipping...

You saw it and thought about me?  Ha!  How so?

You slowly start to smile, big and wide.  I smile back. You hold the ring up and point to it, then to me.

... wait, you want that... on my dick? On the shaft?  I don't get the joke here...
That goes around my testicles and the shaft?  How the hell... wait, what?

But I don't get it.  You want to see if it fits?  Ha! Well, I'm not sure you're paying quite enough to see if fits... or if I have enough to pay to see if it fits.

Oh my God your smile... that laugh... oh my... my cock just moved.  

You're serious?  Over my cock and balls? You'd really like me to?

My cock moves again.

... okay.  

I rise slowly, worried that I'm going to get hard and you'll see through the dress pants. You smile as I take the ring and I try not to break eye contact and look at your top.  

I'll be right back... I look at you as I exit the room and you smile sweetly.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom.What the hell?  Napkin ring around my cock?  Does that even fit?  Who asks you to do that?  How the hell is this sanitary for anybody?

I stare at the ring. Silver, a couple of inches wide. Does this go on my shaft?  I probably should've gotten a little more in terms of details out of her...

I pull out my belt lip and unbuckled it.  I turn towards the door and unbutton my pants. Unzipping my pants, I drop them and my boxers to my ankles.  

Would I have testicle ... go one at a time?  Hmmm.  

I take the testicle in his right hand and bring the ring to meet it.  The ring is a little warm from my touch.

I push down.

Slowly one testicle through the ring.  I wince and exhale.  One ring through the testicle.

I shift the testicle back and grip the second one. Slowly I move it through, pinching a little, my hips involuntarily pushing out.

Am I really doing this?  What kind of woman asks for this. Then I think of the smile and that something extra behind your eyes. I can't believe I'm doing this.

Since I'm not hard I just work it through? Taking my cock, I carefully bring the tip through the ring. I grunt a little as I thread it through, and feel a little bit of blood rush to my cock. 

Moving the ring back on the shaft and the balls, I feel the full circle pressed up against my body.  As I watch, my cock starts to swell.  My hips push back again as my cock grows. My face feels as flush as my cock is becoming hard.

Wow.  I had not expected this... was this some kind of joke gone bad?

The ring is fully around my cock.  Bending forward to pick up my pants,  I feel another rush of blood.  I swallow as I stand. Tucking my cock into my pants, I move it around to not seem so obvious with my erection.  I untuck my shirt to cover the bulge.

I walk back into my office.  The side of your mouth turns up into a smile...

I am wearing the ring, yes.  And it's... yeah, it's tight.  I can feel my face turn red.

I sit down across from you.  You tell me to stand up.  I notice the fragrance of your lipstick.

Alright, what's going on?  What's gotten into you?  I stand up, careful to conceal my crotch.

You've thought about this for some time?  Ha, well, yeah, I find you attractive... sure.  Funny, smart... and easy on eyes, some would say.  Right, I would say...

You ask me to stretch over the desk, leaning forward, hands together, arms over the desk. I barely hesitate.  As I lean down, I meet your eyes.  ...what's this all about? 

My cock presses up against the desk.  My eyes dart to your lips.  You lean down to your purse, and pull out metal handcuffs.  You're walking slowly around the desk as you grin, and point out that I'm blushing.  ... no, I'm not sure what "this" is, but I do think maybe I want it...

Woah, ho-kay... the cuff is cold going around my wrist, cold and tight.  The metal tumbler clinks as you cinch the other cuff to the desk leg.   I'm not sure where all this is going at all... 

My cock bulges again.  

You move on to my other arm, pulling it over to the desk leg on the opposite side.  Alright, really, this is... this is really sexy... but what's going on?  There a camera in the purse too?

Call you "Miss?"  Of course I was kidding, I didn't mean any disrespect... Miss.

You walk around behind me.  I can look over my shoulder at you.  Eyes front?  Okay.  Okay "Miss."  Yeah tha... Yes "Miss."

I look forward.  The room is oddly silent.  I feel your hands touch the front of my pants, my belt.  What... what're you...  

You unbuckle my belt without saying anything.  You slip it from the pants loops without saying anything, drawing it around so each loop gets a little punctuated. 

I swallow hard.  My cock feels the belt slide past.  You must be right behind me.

Your hands are back to the front of my pants, unbuttoning and unzipping. You pull the pants down, and they get hung on my erect cock.  I blush again.

Look, I'm sorry that I'm so... up. I didn't think.. I mean I don't think about this... no no, I would totally.  I would totally, Miss.  ... I have.  Yes, I have.  Yes, Miss.

You pull my pants and my boxers down to my ankles, and slowly use your feet to sweep my legs out as far as they'll go. You move around back to the front.  I look up at you.

No, I definitely value your friendship. Absolutely.  

I watch as you reach under your skirt... it looks like... oh my God, your underwear.  It's lacey, refined.  Sexy.

I can imagine your day IS long yes... yes Miss.  

You move closer to me and drop your hand to the side of my head.  Your fingers lightly brush my hair.  

Your midsection is directly in front of me, your crotch a few inches from my face.  You begin to move your skirt up your thighs, at the same time drawing my head in closer to your crotch.  

No, no Miss, I'd think relaxing is a good thing...

You lead my face to your pussy.  

Kiss you?  Slowly?  Of course...

I purse my lips softly as I touch your skin.  The softness juxtaposes your hard nails that are slowly pushing into my scalp.  I kiss a little faster, and you tell me to slow down.  I feel my cock pulse against the desk.

My head starts to move up and down a little, tenderly I lick your pussy.  Your nails dig deeper.

Answer you but keep my head down... yes Miss.  

My mouth opens a little wider as I lick.  I feel your torso shift a little.

Suddenly, without warning I feel leather on my thigh. I yelp into you.

Head down, and quiet?  Head down and quiet Miss?  Yes...

You strike me again, closer to one of my ass cheeks.  I strain to stay in place.  My pace quickens a little, and your nails dig in.  I slow down, head first into your pussy.

You swat me again across the ass, the belt stinging at the same place it just landed, my cock pushing into the desk. I open my mouth wider. The cuffs rub against my wrists.  I have nothing else in reach but the desk top or the chain. I grip the desktop tightly.

The steps keep repeating, slowly, building to a rhythm.  I start to lick you faster, I open wide like I'm gasping for breath.  I feel your thighs push in as you strike my ass.  Your grip on my hair tightens.

I want to explode, and you sense it. 

You strike me with a deliberate pace, and you start to move my head around with your hand.  I can't stop straining to get closer to you, to open wider.  You start to gyrate your hips into my face.  My cock pushes into the desk when the belt lands.

My face is sticky now.  I can actually hear you breathing. I cannot get close enough to your pussy.  I lick and lick and lick... and then I feel you start to cum.  My lips part, my mouth opens wide. You drop the belt on my back and hold my head in place as you cum. I keep my mouth open as try to cover all of you.

As you breathe out, you step back, lowering your skirt.  I look up to you as you pull away. 

Yes Miss, I enjoyed that.  Very much.  And did you?  ... I'm glad to hear that. Uh... yes, I'm hard.  Really hard.  Really really hard. And I would love to cum., not if you don't want me to. No... of course not. You walk to the other side of the room, and excuse yourself for a moment I feel the cool air hit my face, and notice how wet it is...

... my cock pulses again.  I have no idea what you're going to do next...

The Bowl - Anonymous

Laid out on the floor before me was one of Her best lace tablecloths. In fact, it was the third tablecloth like this that I had seen in the past month. I examined the shiny satiny fabric bunching up around my knees. So clean and white. My eyes followed the flowing landscape of the cloth; beyond my knees it was smooth and pristine. Across from me, dotting the barren desert of satin and lace were two of the most fiery red figures I have ever known. Perhaps they were a mirage, two saviors clad in crimson here to rescue me from my exile in this lacy wasteland. My mind and my eyes began to focus. From above a mix of net and flesh plunged downwards, deep into those triangles of red that covered the toes inside. Her toes. Her crimson red pumps and net stockings. A clinking sound brought me to my full attention. Her deep red fingernails tapped against dark green glass. 

About two glasses of wine sloshed around in the bottle that She held tenderly in Her gorgeous fingers. She said my name. 

“Yes Mistress?,” I replied. 

I felt a lump in my throat and She heard it in my voice. She said my name again and asked if I was nervous.

“No Mistress.”

One of Her elegant feet left the floor and moved towards me; the toe of her shoe nudging the object in my hand. “What do you have there?”, She asked.

“A bowl, My Mistress.”

She continued with questions, “And do you remember what to do with the bowl?”

“Yes My Mistress,” I replied again.

Her red lips cracked a smile. Her smile was wicked and approving all at the same time. Those striking white teeth against those red lips. Red like Her shoes, red like the wine in the bottle. She saw me eyeing the bottle. 

“Don’t you worry about what I’ve got here in my hand just yet,” She said in a comforting voice, “tell me what you’ve got in your other hand.” Her gazed fixed on my right.

My throat felt dry and words were hard to come by, “My man-hood,” I answered.

She said my name again sternly.

“My cock,” I corrected myself for Her.

“That’s better,” She continued approvingly, “You don’t have to be so formal with me.”

I longed to please Her, not only to do as She asked, but to do the impossible for Her. I hoped She wouldn’t see how anxious I was, but I could never hide that from Her. 

“Remember how nervous you were the first time?” She lowered the bottle to my eye level. I heard a slight gasp escape Her lips as the cool glass brushed against the exposed flesh of Her thighs. She teased the open rim of the bottle with Her fingertips. I watched Her fingers slowly moving in circles.

“Now remember, I don’t want to see a drop on this tablecloth,” She began instructing, “You’ve already let two of my good tablecloths be ruined.” 

I hung my head. I cursed myself under my breath. “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Now’s your chance to start out with a clean slate,” She motioned towards the satin and lace bunched up around my knees and all around me, “do a good job and you’ll get your reward.”
“Thank You, Mistress.”

I looked up just in time to see Her press the neck of the bottle against Her thigh and drag it slowly back across Her skin. I felt a rush of heat through my body. My muscles tensed. I felt my fingers clench.

“That’s right, go ahead and pump your cock while you watch your mistress,” and then she added with a chuckle, “pump your man-hood.”

I held my shaft over the bowl, my fingers wrapped tightly around it. It’s veins bulged. My eyes were fixated not on myself, but on the wine bottle which pressed hard against Her skin now, moving ever so slowly up the flesh of Her leg. 

“Not a drop,” She reminded from deep within Her throat. 

It had been so long since I had a release, Her pleasure was my only concern, or at least it was suppose to be. I had already failed Her twice. I didn’t want to let her down again. I could already feel a wetness dripping down my knuckles. Before She pressed the mouth of the bottle into Herself, I was ready to cum. 

She was reading my thoughts, “no cumming yet,” She gasped at me as the bottle plunged deeper between Her legs. The trickle of wine began to drip from Her lips and into the bowl. 
I could feel the strain of my cock against my fingers and the weight of the wine filling the bowl. Everything was happening so suddenly. I was not sure where to look. My gaze moved from my cock to the table cloth, to the glorious sight of my Mistress pleasing Herself, the thick neck of the bottle disappearing within Her and the sweet drip of the wine. My gaze found what it was looking for in Her eyes. It was here that I could pay attention to Her pleasure and Her pleasure alone. Her eyes half closed, looking at me, watching me. Her teeth biting into the deep red of her lower lip. 

I started to cum.

Her eyes widened and I could tell Her body was experiencing waves of pleasure of Her own. My Mistress’s pleasure. My heart beat hard for Her. Even though my own body was pulsing with my own pleasure, I knew I had failed. I could feel every last drop of my own leaving my body. But I was so happy for Her, so happy to see Her body tense up as She was hit again and again with Her orgasms. Her breath heavy and sweet in my ears. 

Soon my head hung again, my eyes closed. My failure overwhelmed me. I felt Her gentle fingers in my hair. They were still quivering, but comforting in my hair.

“My boy…. You came”

My eyes tightened. I had failed.

“But look,” she said. She encouraged me to open my eyes. All around me I looked. “See, my boy, not a drop.”

I looked all around me, the table cloth was still clean. Every drop of wine and cum had landed in the bowl. My heart leapt and I looked in Her eyes. She understood my gaze and answered it.
“Go ahead, my boy, time for your reward.”

Breathing heavily I lifted the bowl, I couldn’t help the grin on my face as my lips parted and I drank my reward.

A Tolerant Mistress's Anonymous Confession

I am waiting for him, sitting on a chair,  my legs crossed and my crop laying across my lap.  I am patient, and deadly serious.  There will be no light hearted play tonight.   He walks in the door, home from work, unsuspecting.  As he puts his keys on the table he looks up at me, his eyes meeting mine and he knows.  He knows that I mean to deal with him; that I mean business.  He tries to smile as he slips his jacket off slowly, but tonight I am impervious to his charm.

I stand up, crop in hand, leaning over slightly to straighten my skirt.  In two long strides I am in front of him, my eyes at the height of his shoulder, much smaller than him physically, but he is no match for me.  

I feel it rising up in me, the power, like a tiger stretching, arching it's back, fixing its gaze and preparing to pounce.  It's overhwelming and I can feel it radiating from me.  Looking in his eyes, I can see he feels it too, and he immediately falls to his knees.

My left hand, still holding the loop of the crop, goes to his collar, yanking him roughly and holding him still while my right hand strikes his face hard with two quick hard slaps.  "Slut.  Stupid, little slut."  I shakes his collar and l look down at him.  He looks down at the floor, refusing to meet my eyes.  "Strip you little bitch".  I command, releasing his collar with a shove.  He scrambles, falling backwards, and hastily removes his clothes before scurrying naked back to my feet.  "Follow me slut.  Crawl".

I turn on my heel and walk briskly towards the bedroom, where I have had the forethought to   prepare a special chair just for him.  As I pass through the door I pause to look over my shoulder and watch for his reaction as he sees my surprise.  I see him stop as his eyes travel towards the corner.  He sees the chair, with a large dildo screwed in to the centre of the seat and gasps.  He glances over to me with fear in his eyes and starts to slowly shake his head, realizing that this is much more than I have ever ordered him to take.  

Knowing he will require some extra incentive I walk quickly towards him and lift my crop smacking it hard against his ass.  "Hurry the fuck up.  Get over there slut".  He jumps and quickly crawls towards the chair, looking up at me as I gesture for him to get on.  He sees my eyes and realizes that no is not an option.  Slowly standing up and he turns to face me.  He begins to position himself over the dildo and I stand in front of him, placing my hands on his shoulders as I guide him down on it.  His mouth opens, moaning, and I cover it with my own, intensely excited by his struggle, his moans.  Slowly he slides down on the dildo, and I glance down, watching his cock grow hard.  I smile.  Some punishment.  However I am not finished.

I step back and lift my crop again, striking his rising cock hard before letting the crop fall on the floor.  I smile as I see him wince in pain, but note that his cock is stil hard and throbbing.  Smiling, my hands slide down my hips and I slide my skirt up my hips, revealing my pussy, wet, ready.  I slide two fingers in, moistening them, all the while keeping my eyes locked on his.  He is transfixed.  I step towards him, and straddle his legs while I shove the fingers in his mouth.  He sucks them greedily.  I smirk and  shift myself, and slowly, luxuriously, I slide down on his hard cock, filling myself up.  He groans.  I lean over, pressing my breasts against his chest as I reach towards the night table.  A small device he hadn't noticed sits on top.  Holding it in my hand, I lean back over and settle more firmly on his cock, slowly moving my hips in circles as I press on the button on the remote.  The dildo deep in his ass starts to vibrate and move in small circles inside him.  I feel his cock twitch and harden even more inside me.  "Now", I say.  "Don't cum".

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Three Fantasies from a Sissy Boy

Fantasy number 1
I have been taken hostage. I wake up in a strange room strapped to a table. A beautiful Mistress stands before me and explains that she needs a new maid for her house and I am going to become that. I gasp and struggle but I am bound. She goes on to say that not only will I be her maid but that from time to time I will be expected to give pleasure to her male guests. I laugh at this and swear at her and tell her I’d rather die. She tells me that won’t be necessary. She points to 2 large screens and explains that she is going to use hypnosis, brainwashing and pain inducing drugs to condition my mind. For days I am forced to watch pornographic movies without being allowed to cum. The two screens are playing two different kinds of movies. 

The screen on the left is normal pornography, the one on the right plays strange movies with effeminate looking men (kind of like shemales but without the big breasts) doing chores and making love to each other. Of course I concentrate on the normal pornography and try not to look at the other screen. Except when I do I start to feel pain, so to relieve the pain, every so often I look at the pictures of effeminate guys making love. The pain goes away as soon as I look at this screen and the horny feeling becomes stronger. All the time the Mistress is watching this and teasing me when she catches me looking at the screen with guys making love. Anyway to cut a long story short, cos I still have 2 more fantasies to write before you come online,  the days turn into weeks I am slowly transformed into a cock hungry slut.

Fantasy number 2 
This ones an sl fantasy. I tend to have a lot of sl fantasies these days. I spend a lot of time thinking  about the perfect situation. I am with my mistress talking when her favourite sub turns up or maybe it’s her boyfriend. The y start to talk and slowly I find myself being pushed out of the conversation. I complain about this to my Mistress in IM’s and she publishes my complaint in open chat. She tells me in front of the other sub (maybe there are other people there too)  that I am hardly competition considering I’m such a sissy. She tells me to play with myself and shut up. She continues the conversation, this time talking about me as if I wasn’t even there. All I can do is sit there and play with my girly cock as she humiliates me in front of everyone.  

Fantasy 3
This ones pretty standard I think. I haven’t cum in weeks and I’m feeling sooo horny. She brings a guy into the room, a real stud with a huge bulge in his jeans. She explains to the guy that I am her sissy maid who isn’t a real man. The guy laughs and asks, “what is she good for then?” You explain that I’m useful for house chores but that today, “she is going to learn to suck cock like the bitch she is”. I am shocked by this and object. Mistress slaps me really hard round the face and says, “since when have you had an opinion.” I shut up. Mistress then pulls out the guys cock and begins to suck on it in front of me. “Look at this big guys cock sissy. This is what a mans cock should look like. See, it must be at least 9inches. (mines kind of average just so you know, about 6 inches I think) Not like your pathetic excuse for a cock.” I blush and feel ashamed. You tell me to play with my cock as if it was just a clit and watch. 

I do this and begin to almost drool at the sexy sight of you sucking on his dick. You stop and smile. “come here now sissy,” you order. I come closer. The big cock is right in front of me now and you begin to talk about how sexy it is and how much you know I like it, and that you know that I want to taste it. I deny this and you slap me again. “I didn’t say you could speak, now stare at the cock sissy!” I stare at it and you grab my hair and push me closer. You continue to talk about how much you know I want to suck it and how you know I’m a closet fag anyway. Slowly you seduce me with your sexy voice and before I know what I am doing I am sucking on cock as you continue to whisper in me ear… 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

From a Once Loved, Now Gone Sub

 I have a confession . This might not be what a typical confession consists of, as there isnt something necessarily... taboo about it, nor is it something  that might bring about an exclaimed  ' ohhhh you naughty slut, boy!'  , but who knows, such has been said for a boy just sniffing the wind after a Mistress has lifted a cheek and.... passed  a breeze of her own.
   There is a certain Mistress at the Dominion who, through no fault of her own,  has a certain affect on me whenever im in her presence. It wasnt something that I was  consciously aware of at first. Its like a beautifully written musical ballad  playing  in the background while your attentions are focused and  fixed on something else:  you arent actually consciously listening , but it , nevertheless , gives you a relaxed and even euphoric rush of sorts.
   Now we all know every Mistress is quite different in just about everything they do. From preferences on attire to the cute pet names they call thier boys, to the way in which they care for thier boys. ..This Mistress ive always thought to be just such a sweetheart of a woman that I just couldnt fathom what her voice would sound like if she ever even uttered the word ' fuck' . 
  Well that whole image..was blown out of the water, so to speak, one quiet evening. There were maybe 2 other boys around the circle , besides me. One had his chin in his chest , the other was doing the newbie stand and turn dance on  the circle step. There was no other Mistresses, only this lovely sight that always made me melt just from hearing her voice.  "Hello boy. How are you tonight", she said.  If I had thought of something to compare the sound of her voice to , it would be along the lines of a chorus of Angels. I responded with my usual humdrum " Greetings ,Miss So-and-so " .  If this, second life, were any more real than it already feels, I would have surely felt her eyes burning into me. I have never felt an electrical prod against my body ever before, but i would assume, having her attention all my own, It would be comparable. I held back from asking to come closer, or to kneel before her. My frail ego wasnt ready to hear a ' no , your fine right there boy' . Her lengthy yams were adorned with mighty leather wraps that seemed to have more shiney, sharp buckles about them,  than a freshly punished boy  from the trials has .. thick, throbbing cocks sticking out of him. 
  So there i kneeled. My cam did a 10 point swivel and dive, coming to a stop at her  glistening,  bared thigh. There was just a tease of her red -gstring panties showing at the top of my view. I've always thought of her as the sensual Domme, and oddly at that moment, while her outfit teased my senses a song popped in my head out of nowhere, a video of some girl in red and white stripped, thigh high  socks singing .." I know what boys like ....I know what guys want...". I  laughed , thankful that my mic wasnt locked and forced that silly song from my head . I then pulled my view back to take in the aura of pixels that seemed to perfectly match this MIstress' personality. Beautiful, stunningly so, she was.  She was also the vocal type and  I could hear the Mistress take a deep breath .Suddenly she said " Your a dirty slut , boy . Arent you?" ..... My own deep breath.. came with a gasp, as that lowered tone of a whisper, the words she said, all coming from that chorus of a voice melted me on the spot. Choked up some, I replied " I am, Miss? " , and my head nodded as there was no question at all about the facts.  One imagined  look up in those knowing eyes and I knew..she knew . She then stood, her heels making  a firm statement, her legs molesting my camera angle. I reeled back some in response; the camera had pulled back and tilted, much like a head would when fingers take a firm grip of hair. The Mistress took two deliberate steps towards me and sure enough, as if she read my mind, curious of further reactions, her gloved hand did take a full hold of my newly attached doo. My head was yanked back , the camera forced back to mine eyes and there was no longer a choice of what to look at. My eyes were held by her intense gaze,my face an inch from being smothered by ' what guys like' . I inhaled deeply, soaking in this moment of her towering and gorgeous presence. I could almost smell the power of her sexuality above me, my eyes dared not drop but my mind went totally in the gutter when she said  " Have you cleaned up the mess down there well , slut?" ..There was a scrubbing brush in my hand. I had meant to rub off some of the usual black heel scuffs that mark the circle area floor daily, but the intention passed like the wind once the Mistress spoke to me. ..Her eyes took on a devilish sparkle as she purposefully glanced at the brush in  my hand, then settled her gaze upon my lips. I watched a slowly forming  seductive smile, hot pink color glistened on supple, moist,tiny rippled lips. 
  From the gutter my mind was in , rose a heated and raging hardon .It was only 20 minutes before, that my self-induced edging had come to a  creamy beaded head. It wouldnt have taken much ,  and her being before me like this was more than that much - My loose fitted jeans bulged quite noticably. Her eyes burned again and mixed with the throbbing rush of hot blood that formed the swelling  of my cock beneath the jeans. " Mmmm hmm", she hummed thru her victorious smile, and quickly ordered " Speak up boy! SHow me your tongue. Has a Cat gotten it!" My gaze had diverted downward, the ruffles of her skirt waved and played with my level of view , once again teasing me with a spotting of red silk over a split mound . I whispered thru loose, parted lips, exhaling first with the slow extension of tongue, as if it was even possible a furball could have come out. " I ... Have every intention to ..clean ..I just havent been able to get to it yet,  Miss" , the words came out fuddled and distorted from trying to speak without use of my tongue. She seemed to know where my view was fixed, as she arched her back , parted her thighs and thrust her hips forward. Her skirt covered my head like a folding umbrella, her scent surrounded and smothered me. The tip of my tongue was pressed to her taut form of panties for only a fraction of a second before she yanked my head  back  and out from under her skirt. " You think you'd ever be that lucky , slut?" , she chided annd laughed softly , as her free hand ironed down her skirt and disappeared beneath for a moment. " Close your eyes and say nothing".  I did as she demanded, with my tongue still extended . I heard a rustle of fabric and suddenly a finger was touched up under the tip of my nose. " Breath in that which you worship" , she said in that melting and seductive whisper and proceeded to snap her wrist, landing a heavy handed smack to my cheek. Her fingers had left a trail of moisture from my right cheek across to the corner of my lips. I kept my eyes closed, with my tongue stiff, my head had turned with the smack and my ear was tickled by her lips as she had bent over and whispered in it " Seeing a hard cock in a pair of jeans makes me wet, did I give you permission to make Me wet, boy?"

  She snickered and pulled away from me. I heard the click of her heels fade  to silence as she left the area and TP'd away. I knelt there stunned, left with her scent lingering in my nostrils. Suddenly, a blue TP window popped up in the top right corner of my screen, it read "Here NOW, slut". 

Confession From a Straight Domme

I am going to do it.  I am going to confess.

People know me as a straight domme.  I've never had more than a passing interest in my own sex, and have never explored it past a few drunken teenage fumblings.  But recently I have had a fantasy.  A dark fantasy that involves a pretty light haired young woman, based on no one in particular.  I am not sure why she is light haired in my mind, except perhaps that association we have with all things light being somewhat pure and innocent.  And this fantasy is about innocence being corrupted.

There is no real lead in to my fantasy....just an abrupt beginning, placing me inside a basement dungeon, with two cells.  Florescent lights hang overhead, and there is a metal medical table in the middle.  I have no sense of who I am in this fantasy...male, female, it has shifted between the two.  I know one thing.  I am not myself.

In one cell there is this young woman.  She is naked and chained to a wall.  Inside her cell is a small cot and a toilet.  She is on all fours and whimpering, looking to me with pleading eyes.  Somehow I know she is uncomfortable..and that I have been making her drink water but not allowing her to relieve herself.  She has broken away from the rule of silence I have placed on her, and has begun to plead, to beg, to sob, to allow me to let her relieve herself.  I refuse.

I walk towards her cell and unlock it, reaching in to unhook her leash from the anchor on the wall, and guide her out of her cell towards the medical table.  Leaning over, I smile at her and put my finger to her lips, silencing her.  Her eyes are filled with fear and she knows she must obey me.

At this moment I become very aroused.  The thing that arouses me is the idea of completely filling her up..making her totally helpless.  I yank at her leash and move her upper body so it is bent over the medical table and move her legs open with my foot.  I am acutely aware of the weight of her own body pressing down on her bladder, making her ache for release even more.  Smiling, I fumble in a drawer for a large plug that inflates and press it to her mouth to moisten.  Her head is turned to the side and she sucks on it as best she can.  I take great pleasure at guiding this plug to her ass and roughly twisting it in her, hearing her gasp and moan as it enters in to her.  Once I am sure it is firmly lodged, my hand reaches for the pump and I give it a few quick squeezes.

At this point I am not sure if I am a man or a woman.....using my cock or my strap on, but I enter her.  My hand presses on the small of her back as I push in as deeply as I can, watching her writhe on the table as she is fucked, filled, out of control.  Tears stream down her cheeks and they are delicious to me.  I hold her leash tightly and fucker her hard until I get what I want, until she loses control, until she wets herself, sobbing, humiliated, defeated.

I've confessed.  Now don't tell anyone.