Saturday, October 27, 2012

Confessions From Lady Wycked & Kirby

How It Feels - Kirby Deed

You said “Stroke My cock, boy”. Do You know how it feels when You command it? I become a man with something to prove and a boy that only wants to please.

You say “I like it when you stroke My cock for Me.”. Do You know how it feels when You remind me of my own loss…the loss of free will? I become a man that wants to fight You and a boy that needs to thank You for allowing.

You said “Beg for it.”. Do You know how it feels when You demand it when it used to be mine? I become a man with resentment and a boy that gladly complies with Your every instruction.

You said “Cum for Me.” You said it 13 times yesterday. Do You know how it feels to give You what was my choice before? At that moment, I am simply Your man, Your slut, Your puppy, Your bitch, and mostly Your boy. When You speak those three words, it pierces my gut. I can feel a wave that starts right behind my ears. Hear that roar? It travels down my spine all within seconds. My balls suck up like shore does right before the wave crashes into the banks. The power causes my eyes to close. That wave carries everything. My despair, problems, complications, and even the small daily routines. “Cum for Me.” My hips push forward and the wave becomes hot…red hot like the head of Your shaft. Veins pop up, and a guttural rumbling emerges in the form of my voice. Animalistic panting.  The sensation hits, the release, all of it leaves my body and lands on my chest. The tsunami You created brings an earthquake that rocks my core, and the aftershocks leave me whimpering and thanking You for the release. It is a perfect storm in my body that gives way to a new light. It reminds me. I belong to You. I need You. I want You. I desire You. You are my everything. It feels like hope, promise, and safety. The man vanishes to leave behind only the boy that adores You.


Taking What's Mine - Wycked Kytten

Of course I command it, it's MINE. You gave it to me a month ago, and I'm soooo not done with it. Or you. Of course I command that you stroke it for me… each pass of your hand along my cock builds inside you a fire of need, need that only I can satisfy. And that translates into something delicious for me to feed on. You the man and his fight to prove something is the gravy making the inevitable surrender all the more sweet.

I don't like it when you stroke my cock for me, I fucking love it. It feeds this carnal basal part of me. It turns me on like nothing else, it can awaken my cunt from the slumber of daily distraction within a handful of strokes. I LOVE listening to the way your breathing hitches how your voice gets smaller. I can't wait to watch you on your knees before me. I even enjoy you fighting it and LOVE when you thank me for letting you stroke my cock for me.

Mmmmmm and when you beg me… bits inside me swell. The obvious sexual bits and other less physical bits. My pride grows, my heart expands, and my essence swells bridging the space between you and I swallowing up your very being. Beg me to let you touch my cock. Beg me to let you cum. Beg me to let you stop. Beg me to direct - you period. It's like an electrical current direct from your begging desperate lips to my hot wet cunt.

When I say "cum for me" I've satisfied myself with telling you "no" and stalling you out is no longer of interest. When I say cum for me, it's usually followed up directly with a "NOW!", because that's when I want it. And you, my beautiful boy, you are so fucking skilled at giving me what I want when I want it. Who knew you could cum for me on command, repeatedly? When I decide to take my pleasure from you, you open up to me exposing the outlet that I plug into connecting our two ancient selves. Ancient selves that were formed somewhere in childhood and adolescence and the lives we lived before. Parts of ourselves that have been found at home within each other.

When I reached inside you the other day and ripped not one but 13 gut wrenching ground shaking orgasms from you, it was all too crystal clear what you are. You ARE my man, my slut, my puppy, my bitch, and mostly my boy. In those moments I felt something more than just cum and orgasm (in the end without cum even) being separated from your body… I felt you. I felt the man that still fancies himself "da boss" clinging to it - fighting. However, we both know, between you and I that big strong man, and he really is big and strong, but we both know that man is no match for me. And deep down and honestly it's why the man adores me so much, because even when he wants to resist he cannot.

Knowing that does things to me. Hearing the orgasm tear and explode from your body does things to me as well. Hot things. Wet things. The other day you came 13 times for me… I thought "given his age and horniness today I could easily get 7 out of him but will shoot for 8 because that would be twice his previous personal best". But I kept demanding and you kept providing. Over and over again, not twice but thirteen times. Each certainly more challenging than the previous. Until finally numbers 11 and 12 were all sensation and no semen. We discovered together that you are capable of multiple orgasms, well at least with me taking them from you. What I've yet to discover is the point in which you simply cannot give me what I require. I wonder if said place exists? I am utterly dedicated to researching such topics with you.

Impromptu Confessions 10/27/12

One scary thing I did was skydiving with a very old and used parachute. Its fabric was used and wanted to collapse all the time.
It was a wing profile canopy with seven cells, and the two outer cells wanted to collapse because the fabric was not good. If the wing collapses one fall very fast to the ground.
Why did I jump with it after all?
I was done with my basic skydiving education, and could not then use the gears that the parachuting students had access too.
This was also the first time I jumped without an automatically emergency opener, if I would not manage to open myself.
It was kind of scary.
So after that weekend, with that parachute gear, I  bought one.


Here's a confession! My brother and his best friend got an apartment together when they were in college with a guy they really hated.  My brother and his friend were both huge guys, my brother being 6'4" inches and his friend 6"6".. They were hilarious together and used to get drunk and push each other around in shopping carts.  I went to visit them one day and looked around their apartment. They had lawn furniture in the living room, and bottles of diet coke and a two week old birthday cake in the fridge. That's it.  They had just finished peeing on the third roomate's toothbrush. Guys are gross. Done :p


From Dalia,

I had a recurring dream, I was in a strange house, it was a party, I found myself wanting to go up a set of stairs.  I did.  I reached the top and there was a closed door.  There was a light shining bellow the door.  I awoke.

A decade later I attended a house party, all latino santeria objects around, rythmic pulsing drums, non-stop.  I found myself wanting to go up a set of stairs.  I did.  I reached the top and there was a closed door.  There was a light shining bellow the door. I was called away by a man.  He said "it's not time."

 5 years later, I am at school.  I swear I saw the man on campus.  I told a friend and she laughed.  We looked up and he was there.  He said, "it's not time."  I looked at my friend and she looked at me.  We looked back to him and he was gone.


Braidy's scarey experience:
I was in my late teens.  My gf was a year younger and who I had my first sexual experiences with.  It started mostly as making out and petting and she really enjoyed finishing with a hand job.  It was thrilling for me to be with her and I was always so eager.  She eventually decided it was time and told me so and I was to do it with her.  We did and it was magical.. well it was for the 2 minutes it took for me to climax.  Anyway to make a long story endless.  A few weeks later.. we were in a park in my car and she decided it was time again.. and straddled over me... just as I penetrated we hear banging on the car to get out of here the police are coming.  Needless to say it was quite scary.


The scariest, spookiest, creepiest thing that ever happened to me on Halloween was when I was in college. I had a boyfriend over to help pass out treats to the kid, and we were watching scary movies on tv. At one point we decided to pull out my Ouija board.

The pointer was moving quite fast, and I realized it was answering questions that I was contemplating in my mind, questions I had yet to speak. Things my boyfriend wouldn't yet know about me.

Always being quite fearless, I decided to ask the spirit if it could possess my boyfriend, letting him channel it. Of course I didn't let my boyfriend in on the plan.

Well, he started to behave really strangely. Jumping at the phone ringing and freaking out over the tv. He stopped talking altogether and just kinda stared at things around my house and at me. I began to get really scared, I had really done a stupid thing here.

Ten minutes or so had passed and I asked whatever was controlling my boyfriend to leave his body, leave the house altogether. Within seconds, my guy was back, complaining about a headache and telling me how tired he suddenly was. He went home early, not realizing how lucky we both were.

I never did tell him...


The other day my Mistress and I were visiting the bondage ranch, and a sub was there asking for help from the Ladies there. He had been given a task by his Mistress to complete a task on cam with a random Lady, and he only had 15 minutes left to do it.

What was the task?  I only know if involved a pumkin with a hole in it and vaseline. Not too hard to guess I think. I don't know if he completed it, but it gave us a good laugh.



There i was, playing football with friends as i always did on a weeknight after school.

I was only 13 at the time and playing football with the same group of friends was an absolute necessity, it was a typical warm summer evening and the conditions were perfect.

We never really had any arguments within our group and were a tight knit bunch, but as with anything the moment can take you.

A friend of mine had gone in for an unnecessary challenge and swept me off the floor, usually i wouldn't mind this as i used to play hard myself.

But this time was different and we started scrapping.

it went on for 5 minutes before his incredibly beautiful 20 year old sister grabbed me by the neck and pinned me up against the wall.

I felt something incredible that day and little was i to know that it might have actually meant something.

Scary, Maybe, life changing Yes!


When  I was 13, I had a slumber party for my birthday. We snuck out around midnight and tp'd the house of the nastiest neighbor on my paper route. We filled up their mailbox with shaving cream and threw eggs on their door - totally trashed their yard with toilet paper.

I knew they were out of town that weekend and there were no lights and no cars in the driveway.

We went back out at  first light to check out our handiwork.

Not a shred of paper was left - and the trees were over 30 feet tall! Not a speck of shaving cream nor egg was anywhere - and still no sign of the neighbors being home.

We all looked at each other and got really freaked out - we thought we either mass-hallucinated it or we were majorly busted. But we had no idea how any human being could have possibly cleaned it all up that fast in the dark.


My first adult job was as a psychiatric nurse/counselor. By the time I was 19 I was running group sex therapy for the criminally sexually insane at a State Hospital. In my years as such I was only attacked once... but it was so sudden I had no time to absorb the fear until after for by the time I even realized I'd been struck on the back of the head by a male patient, I was sitting on his prostrate ass, his elbows leveraged to both take him down and then to hold him there, my 5'3" in a wrestler's press holding him just so. Locked in position. My clearest memory of fear is mixed with an early memory of pride.


Dedicated to my first Owner and Mistress. 

They broke me and I ran, I ran from me and I ran from you.

They broke me and I denied myself my identity, but most of all I denied giving myself to you. 

You were patient and you knew what you wanted and so you waited, you waited for me to return.   

But they broke me and there's nothing left of who I was to give to you.  

You took me broken and stubborn and you allowed me to come into my vulnerability on my own.  

You took me and let me heal and then you broke me and took me as your own. 

You broke down my walls and exposed me and for that I will be forever grateful.  



Scariest session I've ever had...First dungeon I ever worked at had a notorious client, that all dommes in all of NYC had heard about. Mental Dental!!!!!! His name was so because he has a fetish for teeth, now me being a new Domme, I hadn't had the luck of encountering him.  Until the day I did.  A creature like no other... Yellow teeth, yellow gums....Veiny purple tongue,swollen from years of horrible dental work.  He enjoyed getting his teeth pulled and looking at a Dommes beautiful teeth.  He smelled like father death and looked like father time.... Unbelievable that one creature could have all of these qualities in one.  He loved my teeth even asked for pictures.....The scariest day ever was the day he asked "Mistress May I lick your teeth"....I nearly fainted.....I froze, threw in my mouth and had to excuse myself from the sheer horror.


I don't believe in ghosts by Persephone

I remember the detail clearly.
I was staying in an old vicarage in Suffolk, a beautiful ivy clad building, early Victorian and vast.
I had gone to bed well fed, the hospitality bountiful, conversation stimulating.
I fell asleep listening to the sounds of the countryside, relaxed, at ease, tired from traveling and rich food.
I woke in darkness, a movement catching my eye close by to the door. the door opened and in scampered a border collie dog. I watched how the white patches on the fur stood out in the darkness , it approached my bed and I sat up ready to stroke the soft fur. 
It did not stop by my bed but continued towards the window...disappeared through the wall.
The hairs on the back of my neck prickled, I was on the first floor, the other side of the wall was many meters above the ground.
Realisation that I had seen a ghost swept over me, I tried to convince myself I was half asleep and dreaming. That didn't  reflect the truth; I had seen it but there was no fear unease, it was just a dog passing through the room, it just felt right.

The next morning at breakfast I told my story to my host, it wasn't the first time it had happened and he showed me my room from the outside, the shadow of an old door clear in the altered colour of the brickwork right next to the window ...exactly where the dog had disappeared.


Was sounding a boy and between his cock being completely slutty and incredibly leaky it slipped out of my fingers and all but disappeared into his cock... I had him restrained thankfully, so he didn't move and complicate things but with my slippery fingers and the teenie bit sticking out I couldn't get it. So I had to improvise I opened my mouth a wee bit and pressed down on the cockhead with my lips and gripped the barely visible bit with my teeth and pulled it out.


It was 2 am. Since we can't do depressing, I can't tell you what happened before that. I will tell you this. That same day I had broken up with an abusive person, I was scared and wanted to go into hiding. Ok, enough with the depressing story. It was 2 am. I didn't think I'd get any sleep that day. Noises scare me, in general, I hate sleeping in a stranger's house. But I was at my mom's house, my old bedroom, freaking out over every little sound. There were three loud bangs. As if someone was knocking on the door. I heard glas breaking. Or something that sounded like it. My heart was pounding in my throat. I got up from bed and wanted to walk to my mom's bedroom when I heard the stairs. You know when you walk up the stairs and they make a noise. That noise. I was freaking out. I heard the door to my mom's bedroom open. I was certain this was my ex and she was going to kill my mother. I opened the door, ran to my mother's bedroom.. and there stood my mom.. naked. Which is a sight I really did not need to see anyway. She had been downstairs. All the noises were her. I explained my fears. She took them away. We both jumped when her curtain moved. A screeching sound. A little paw appeared under the curtain. My mom yanked away the curtain. A cute lil cat sat outside on the ledge of the window. We were both scared. Needless to say we didn't sleep, we did laugh though at the cat story. Happy halloween?


my scariest moment was when I knew
the only path to love and you,
was wired around in thousand stones 
with each a spooky prize to pay 

in skin and fear and blood and hope
to reach you at the end, naked and complete
my scariest moment 
was one that blessed my day 

scariest moments have that other side
where, when turned around 
you hold not horror but shining love


A ten year old boy left home alone is a scary thing. Especially a boy with an imagination. Home alone, sitting at the kitchen counter. What is a boy to do with all this privacy from 5 sisters and a mother? My eyes move to my mother's favorite fruit....the honeydew melon. I could remember when we would eat it the texture. I stood and made my way to the drawer to pull out a sheet of aluminum foil. Enough to wrap the melon. I did it so carefully and quietly. I switched the oven on to bake....I knew....not too hot. I watched through the greasy window as the honeydew sat in the warm oven. Anticipation. This would be the best day EVER!. Oven mits on....remove the melon. I unwrapped it as carefully as I wrapped it. Searching for the right knife, and quest accomplished. I cut the hole into the melon that was now softer and a sweat formed on my young brow. Moving to the chair with the melon gripped by two hands, I set it down. Quickly I dropped my jeans and superman underoos. I put it round on that melon. Stuck it in with purpose. This was the closest thing surely to a woman. I gave that melon at least 120 seconds of heaven. Then the front door shut and there she stood. My mother, me, and the violated honeydew melon. To this day, neither of us eat them anymore.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Confession by Lady Dalia

I confess I don't wear heels, nor lingere or corsets.
I have yet to convince a guy to do my laundry.
And housework has yet to get me a score.
I have no boys hidden in my basement.
My nosey neighbours preclude tying anyone up indefinitely.
As they ask me at 8am, "Are you coming or going?"
My last boyfriend was kinky, but no sub.
He called me babe, when he didn't forget to call.
I set out my rules but no one seems to care.
My raised eyebrow only brings laughter.
It's not like I am wishy washy.
Most people don't like to say no to me,
Except of course my bank.
No one recognizes my authority,
except where they need me,
then I cannot be done without..
But let's face it, few can even commit.
I mean trying to firm up a date
requires new online software
And facebook relationship status requests
can be challenging..
Why did they leave out Mistress?
There I said it.
Not everyone recognizes my being a Domme.

Confession by Lee

I had been coming to these nearly-weekly events for a couple of months.  Following a rather traumatic divorce, I'd decided to relocate back to Chicago and to re-engage in real-life BDSM activities, which I'd completely avoided during my years of marriage.  Rather reserved by nature, I'd known that it would take a while to re-immerse myself into the lifestyle community, and I was fine with that.  So, I'd been coming to events hosted by this local group, but staying toward the back, at the periphery.  Tonight's gathering was a typical discussion meeting.  As usual there were perhaps a dozen Dommes present, a couple of invited Doms, and 20 or so submissives; a large enough group that someone like me could keep a low, quiet profile.  There was a presentation on shibari techniques, followed by a broader discussion, with a break for refreshments in between.

As appropriate, the Dommes took their refreshments first, then the subs.  I was among the last of the subs to approach the table for coffee and a piece of cake.  After filling my cup and plate, I stepped back, bumping into some.  I became flustered when I turned and saw it was one of the Dommes.  I'd seen here at several of the meetings, but had never spoken to Her.

“Please excuse me, Ma'am,” I sputtered out quickly, my cheeks flushing and my head bowing, both without any conscious effort on my part.

The Woman flashed me a brilliant smile, shaking Her head and not moving even an inch.  “No problem,” She said in a rich voice.  “I've seen you here before, haven't I?”

“Yes, Ma'am, I think You have.  My name is lee,” I stuttered out, immediately regretting that I'd not simply answered Her question rather than volunteering information She had not asked for.”

“lee,” She said, swirling the word around in Her mouth for a moment, almost like She was testing a wine.  “That's a good name for a sub, short and simple.  Like 'boy' … quite appropriate.”  As if I weren't flustered enough already, these words nearly caused my knees to tremble … and I was entirely uncertain if She were teasing or serious.

“Are you here alone, lee?”

“Yes, Ma'am, I am.”

“Well, I'd like for you to join me for the rest of the meeting.  Set your coffee down, please, refill my cup, and you may bring the cake … I'll be eating that,” She said coolly, entirely matter of fact, handing me Her coffee.  “I'm sitting in the front; join me there.”  Then She turned and headed back to Her seat.

Setting aside my cup and refilling Hers, I hastened to comply.  When I arrived at the front of the room, She smiled, said not a word, but pointed to a pillow on the floor beside Her chair, on which I melted to my knees, my heart pounding.  Turning Her attention from me, She continued to chat with another Domme, only after several minutes touching my shoulder and taking Her coffee.  After several more minutes, She also took the cake, again not speaking a word to me.  As She conversed and enjoyed Her refreshments, I watched the group begin to congeal again for the second part of the program.  Those who had drifted off for private conversations began to return; the host Domme was having Her boy reconfigure some of the chairs for the panel discussion.  I was shaken from my mental wanderings.


Turning my head slightly, I saw that She was leaning down, holding a small bit of cake in Her fingers for me.  I lifted my gaze up to meet Hers and She nodded encouragingly.  Carefully, gently, I took the cake in my lips, oblivious to any taste it might have had, my sensations entirely overwhelmed by this simple, telling act of submission … something I hadn't done in what, decades?  But I was not given long to savor the moment.  Before I'd even had time to swallow, She asked, a steely edge to Her voice: “What do you say?”

“Thank You, Ma'am,” I was able to rasp out, hoping I didn't spray out any of the cake I was struggling to down.

“Good boy,” was Her simple response before turning Her attention away from me, back to the conversation quite literally above my head.

As the host Domme was calling the group back to order, I heard a voice whispering in my ear, my nose catching a whiff of Her perfume.  “I hope this goes without saying, but while you are here, you don't speak or move without My permission.  Understood, lee?”

“Yes, Ma'am.”

“Good boy.  And keep your gaze on the floor.  I want you listening, not looking.”

For the next hour or so, I listened intently to the discussion that focused on ways to mark a submissive. It was a fascinating discussion, including both subtle and explicit, temporary and permanent ways to mark a sub or slave.  One Domme went on at some length about She made Her boy wear wear toe rings and anklets, which made me shiver, almost able to imagine the feel of such items under the business  suits and wing-tip shoes I wore on a normal work day.

The Domme at whose feet I knelt – I still did not know Her name – said nothing more to me during the discussion.  I could hear Her shift Her position above me, though, and once more She held down a piece of cake for me to eat from Her fingers … tugging gently at a lock of my hair when I whispered my thanks to Her.  Otherwise, the only other “communication” W/we had was when somewhere in the back of the large room, a door closed loudly.  Instinctively I looked up, turning toward the origin of the sound.  Almost immediately, I heard the snap of Her fingers and saw a long, expertly manicured finger pointing down to the floor, a silent command to relower my gaze, which I obeyed.  Cheeks burning for a moment, I assumed O/others had noted this, too.  As the discussion rolled along, my own attention was distracted, wondering to what extent I'd just been “marked.”

Having lost most track of time, I was a bit surprised when the meeting drew to a close and the host Domme thanked all of U/us for attending and reminded the group about an upcoming social event.  As those around me rose to leave, so did the Woman above me.   Pointing to the empty cup and plate, which She's placed on the floor beside me, She said: “Take these things back to the kitchen, lee, then return to Me.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I replied before scurrying away to obey as quickly as I could … anxious and very uncertain about what, if anything, would happen now.

When I returned, She was chatting amiably with Another as the room was clearing.  I didn't know whether to kneel again, but She saved me from anguishing over the matter by excusing Herself from the conversation and turning to me.

“I have enjoyed meeting you, lee.  Thank you for joining me.”

“It was my pleasure, truly, Ma'am; thank You.”

Warming me with Her smile, She continued.  “If you have to go, I understand.  But, if you have time and would like to talk more, the evening doesn't have to end right now.”

Relieved, but not surprised, that She was taking the lead, I nodded my head eagerly.  “I would like that, Ma'am, thank You.  I can stay.”

“Good,” She said, a tone of true pleasure – I hoped – in Her voice.  “Wait for Me by the door.  Head bowed, lee … and you are to speak to no O/one.  Understood?”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I said, feeling the familiar burn in my cheeks.

So, I stood to the side of the door, watching the feet of those, Domme and sub, as T/they exited.  Mind swirling about what had happened this evening, I lost track of time and didn't fully realize when She approached until She urged my chin up with Her finger.  There was no smile on Her face this time, just a rather flinty look, almost a frown as She pushed my chin first one way, then the other, taking in my looks before forcing my head back down and saying simply: “Heel.”

As I had imagined in any number of on-line, Second Life scenarios, I heeled behind Her … two steps back, slightly to Her left, gaze focused on Her black boots, which were the style that season and didn't necessarily give Her away as a Domme.  She led me up from the basement of the community center where the meetings were held, out into the cool night air of the parking lot.

“Did you come by L, lee?”

“No, Ma'am, I drove.”

“Do you mind leaving your car here?” She asked.  “I assure you, I'll get you back safely.”

Smiling a look of trust, I replied.  “Not at all, Ma'am”

Without another word, She led me across the parking lot to Her car, a late model Volvo, which She unlocked and waited, while I opened the door for Her.  “Get in,” was Her only response.

After I had buckled myself in, She cleared Her throat and turned to me.  “As I hope you realize, lee, I'm a very serious Woman … serious about all aspects of my life, but especially about Gynarchy and Female supremacy.  I have watched you for a while now at these meetings, and you interest Me.” Perhaps registering the look of surprised appeciation that flickered across my face, I sensed rather than saw Her smile.  “That surprises you?”

“Yes, Ma'am, I guess it does.”

“Good.  A boy should be a bit unsettled.  Now, as I was saying, I'm interested in you and would like to get to know you better.  But, and I stress this in all seriousness, as in all things, W/we will do this MY way.  Period.  Full stop.”  She paused a moment, letting Her words sink in.  “Let Me assure you, lee, that I know the difference between hurting and harming … and I will NOT harm you.  I will ask you to trust Me on that point.  For I am used to be trusted … and obeyed.  When I give you an order, I expect it to be obeyed, quickly.”  Again She paused.  “Of course, you can always refuse an order.  But, if you do, this” – and She left ambiguous exactly what “this” was – “is over.  I will wish you well, but W/we will not see each other again.  I'll stress this one more time, W/we will do things my way.  Understood, lee?”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I said, hoping my voice did not betray all of my trepidation.

“Good,” Her tone lightened a bit.  “W/we will see how this goes.  I am strict and demanding by the lights of most in the lifestyle, but not unreasonable.  I may ask you to do some difficult things, lee, but I will never put you in harm's way.  I take my responsibilities as a Domme as seriously as I take my prerogatives.  And I fully expect you to take your responsibilities seriously, too … and W/we would not be sitting here now if I didn't have good sense that you will.”

Putting Her hand to the key, She spoke again.  “So, lee, it's your choice.  You may leave now with My best wishes … or stay … and obey.”

It didn't take me half a heartbeat to reply.  “I will stay, Ma'am.”  And, without another word, She started the car.

W/we drove for some minutes through the nearly empty night-time streets for several minutes in silence, me with my eyes lowered, just barely able to take in which direction W/we were heading.

“Are you curious where I'm taking you?”

Nodding, I spoke softly.  “Yes, Ma'am, I am.”

“But you have not pestered me by asking, which is good.  Trust me.  When I want you to know something, I'll tell you.”  She gave my knee a quick squeeze with these words before returning Her hand to the steering wheel to pull us into the small parking lot of a small diner, locally famous for being open 24 hours and serving excellent greasy-spoon food to diverse customers.

Seeing that I was poised to jump out and get Her door, She laughed, amused.  “Calm down, lee.  I'll tell you when to get out.”  Turning to me, She said, “But first a few rules.  I expect your best behavior, even – especially – when W/we're out in the vanilla world.  Do NOT be overly explicit, but I want constant and subtle expressions of your submission.  I suspect I don't have to tell you this, but just to be clear: keep your gaze lowered and your mouth shut.  You are to speak only to Me and only when spoken to.  Clear?”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I responded, at which She granted me permission to get out and open Her door.

Leading me into the diner, She greeted the hostess, who seated us in a booth at the very back.  She slid into the seat next to the wall, leaving me to take the facing seat, where I could see only Her.   A slight look of irritation crossed Her face.  “I won't make you do it again, lee, but next time wait for My permission to sit.  I'll tap my nail on the table when You may do so.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I whispered, voice lowered in the public place, although it was nearly empty.

As She opened Her menu, I did the same until Her glare and sharp words stopped me, causing my blood to run cold for a moment.  “No,” the word was spoken like an order given to a misbehaving puppy and caused me to set the menu down immediately.  As She perused the offerings, She said nothing more until She'd closed Her menu, decisions made.  “When you are with me, I don't want to see you even touch a menu.  Menus imply choices, lee, and when you're with me, the only choice you have to make is whether you'll obey me.  I will make all other choices for you.  Are W/we clear?”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I replied meekly, my intrigue with this Woman increasing.

When the waitress came, She ordered a cup of coffee for Herself and – after soliciting advice about what was freshest – a slice of blueberry pie.  Nodding to me, She told the waitress: “He'll have a glass of water, no ice.”  If the waitress was nonplussed by the fact I did not order for myself, she did not show it.  In this part of town, at this time of night, I'm sure she saw all kinds of human behavior.

As W/we waited for the coffee, pie, and water, She began to tell me a bit about Herself.  I learned that She was of Hungarian extraction, a medical doctor specializing in Women's reproductive health, divorced, no children.  She mentioned that Her interests outside of BDSM included travel and modern art, expressing a vague dissatisfaction with the fact that Her career afforded the salary for such pursuits, but not nearly enough time for them.

When the waitress had served U/us, She sipped Her coffee and examined the delicious looking pie.  Seeing my gaze shift to the pie, She chuckled.  “Don't get your hopes up, lee; you've had your treat for the evening.  But I must say that I'm impressed that you seem to learn quickly and have not taken the liberty of drinking your water.” Saying this, She tapped Her nail twice on the table top … and I lifted the glass to drink.  “One small sip, boy, then put the glass back down.”

“Thank You, Ma'am,” I said softly after I'd swallowed the allotment of water, which felt wonderful in my mouth, parched as it was with anticipation.

As She sipped Her coffee and enjoyed the pie, She occasionally permitted me to drink from my water glas and quizzed me about my life.  As W/we chatted, it became clear that She already knew a good bit about me. I almost physically squirmed at the thought – simultaneously concerned and aroused – that She had been stalking me.  Stalking … not in the perverse sense of that word, but in its original sense … I felt like Her prey.

When She had eaten the last bite of the pie, She dragged Her finger across the plate and held it up, smudged with a swipe of the blueberry filling.  “Lick,” was all She said.

Having no idea who was watching or how they might take this, I hesitated for a moment before obeying, leaning across the table and sampling the sweet taste from Her finger.  When She withdrew Her finger, I leaned back, noting the frown on Her face.

“You hesitated, lee.  I thought I'd made myself clear about that.  Do it again and you'll regret it.”

“Yes, Ma'am.”

Collecting Her purse, She stood and ordered curtly: “Pay the bill, leave a VERY good tip, and then come back to the car.”

Confession Story by Patrick

Caught in the act: , a  fictional story from Patrick Turquoise

     As my Mistress is leaving the house,she tells me that she would be gone for an hour or so to run some errands. She lets me know while she is gone that I may do as I wish but in her strictest tone she says " Remember though no porn for you!" Well it had been sometime since I had seen any and the urge had been building for days. So as she was talking to me my plan was hatched seeing I had an hour and no one would be the wiser. As she was done speaking. I nodded my head and said "Yes of course Mistress and thank you for giving me free time." As she walked out the door,I went to the window to watch her leave and see that the coast was clear. As she heads out the drive way, I head over to the computer and turn it on.
    I go to my favorite porn site and find a video that I use to like to watch back before when I was allowed to watch porn, it is a  video of a Mistress using a nice big strapon on  a submissive. As I allow the video to buffer I go and get my lube and butt plug, once back at the computer I slide my pants and underwear down around my ankles. Next I get the butt plug all lubed up and then my cock,I proceed to turn on the video and as i start to watch it I slide the butt plug in and start to ride it up and down on the chair. I then grab my cock which is semi hard already from the excite of everything going on and perhaps even from trying to get away with something.
      As I watch the video, my breath becomes quicker with excitement I start to stroke faster and ride the butt plug harder. My cock is very hard now almost ready to cum. I am so focused on the video that I didn't hear the front door open,for all of a sudden I start hearing a foot tapping on the floor and someone clearing their throat as in a uh um way. I am startled by this,I turn my head and in the door way I see my Mistress. My jaw drops and my eyes go wide. I start to stutter and say "Buttt buttttt Mistress I thought you were going to run errands?"
    With a stern look on her face she asks "What do you think your doing?" Didn't I say no porn and your touch my cock too!"Boy you are in so much trouble you have no idea."Turn off the computer and stay in your chair I will be right back. I hear her footfalls, they sounds as if she is going to her bed room. I hear her opening and closing draws, then I hear her coming back down the hall way as I see her turn the corner I see what is in her hands and my eyes go wide.
        I start to talk  but all that comes out is a stuttering of noise, "But please Mistress not the rubber gloves you know how they hurt so."
"Well boy you should have thought of that before you disobeyed me."she says. She comes closer to the chair putting on the gloves.and produces a pair of handcuffs as she binds me to the chair. She looks at me with a sly grin on her face. Knowing that is not a good thing from previous experience.
   She grabs my cock and starts to pull and jerk on it, I bite my lip trying to hold back a cry. She says. "You will learn boy this cock is mine and to obey me, I feel the rough rubber on my cock as it starts to make the cock red. But at the same time hard. She starts to stroke it up and down
because there is no lube it hurts from the roughness of the rubber,my cock is aching to come at the same time in so much pain that I am not sure if I am moaning in pleasure or pain.

   She looks into my eyes and says well boy have you learned your lesson, I say "Yess Mistress please I promise to be good."  "Well we will see won't we."she says. I am straining to cum as my cock becomes harder even though it is in pain. hoping release will lessen it some how. As I am biting my lip feeling the roughness of the rubber gloves going up and down , I plead  with Mistress to allow me to cum.
      Then I see that sly grin again and my eyes go wide. She says, "Cum you say, this is a punishment boy!"She lets go of my cock and gives it a couple hard smacks as she does I yell out, from it being swollen and needing to cum and from it being red from the gloves it is very tender. As she takes off the  gloves, She says, "Now I want you to sit there for an hour and think of what you did." As I hear her leaving all that is running through my head is porn what is it good for absolutely nothing.

Confession by Madi

Confession by Madison Grayman

Those who know me know that I do not regularly write a confession. It is not that I do not find confessions at the Dominion a wonderful event, but it is the fact that I prefer to write when I have something to say. This weekend is one of those moments.

Just over a year ago several things happened in my life. The most important was my then girlfriend of more than a decade..... said yes to my proposal. We married this past spring. While that is exciting in itself and many of my Dominion family shared in the experience for with I am very grateful. The second most important thing happened rather unexpectedly. It was something I never thought would happen. I was collared by Lady Gabrielle. I had been owned by 2 other lovely Ladies who I still adore very much. But those relationships did not last to know one's fault. It is the way of SL relationships. But now I am collared to Lady Gabrielle. Someone who first and foremost was my friend before the delicate collar was locked around my neck. I am the only girl in a small gaggle of subs which my Mistress has collared. I have my role. I am her assistant. Her go to girl. Her Girl Friday.

My Mistress is my focus, my purpose, my discipline, my rock, and my dear friend. She accepts me for all that I’m. She tolerates my mischief and puts her foot down at just the right moments. My Mistress encourages me to be my best. She encourages me to be the best husband to my wife. My Mistress is understanding. Look at garth, if thats not understand, I don't know what is. But all kidding aside. my Mistress is wonderful and I just want to tell her thank you for the very special gift she gives me by allowing me, Madi, to be her girl friday.


Since You've Been Gone by Miss Lisa

Since you’ve been gone.....

I feel as if I am existing in a vacuum; just going through the motions.  I breathe in and out.  I eat, I sleep, I work, I log onto SL, I read a little, I watch TV.  Life goes on. Sometimes I laugh, have a little fun and I am happy again, temporarily.
Most of the time, inside, I feel as if I am drowning, slowly , just a little bit more, every day.
My whole being feels raw. A raw, open wound:  Weeping,  fragile, tender.
We still play our word games on our phones. Our silent way of saying to each other, ‘I’m still here, in your life. I still love you.  I haven’t left you completely’.  We email every week or so: ‘Hi, how are you doing? Winter is on the way. I miss you. I love you’. We still cling desperately to each other;  like fish gasping for air in an evaporating pool.  We cling to the fragments of the relationship that we left behind. Unwilling to let go, unwilling to let each other slip into the abyss of the past; that dark, lonely place of memories, of how things used to be.  I don’t want you to be a fucking memory. I don’t  want  you to be my past.  I want you to be my now, my every day, my life.
Please don’t tell me it gets better. I don’t want to get over you. I want to wallow in this pain forever.  Anything to stop the fear of losing you completely.  The fear of not being significant in your life anymore.   Of not waking up every day thinking of you, wondering if you’re thinking of me.  I’d rather feel this, than feel nothing. Don’t make me let you go.
I welcome the pain. The pain tells me you’re still here. Here where you firmly lodged yourself in the beginning, right here, buried deep within my broken heart.

Lisa (Destiny Teardrop - 20th Oct 2012)

Confessions From Alisa

Happy 4th Anniversary Dominion, thanks for the many memories.  Here is one:

I was a different person then, younger, more inexperienced; my journey fresh out the gates and the depth of transformation and self-discovery possible through submission was still a wild open frontier.

I served Mistress Persephone Absent with polished etiquette and devotion, but the depth of my willingness to obey was still merely words, even to myself, hardly felt as deep below the surface as She would guide me to discover was possible.

On this eve I had finished my usual platitudes of devotion and affection, promising to please Her in all ways that She desired, when She replied

"I was designed to be served and pleased and I feel your need to do that for me"

As She said this She slid Her panties down Her legs and lifted the black lace with thin silk banding, crumpling to nothingness as they were dropped in to my outstretched hands

"clean them"

Bringing the panties to my nostrils, inhaling deeply, i replied

"Yes Mistress"

 and snaked my tongue slowly over the fabric, tasting Her...

I rose, naked, and departed the room to dutifully and carefully wash Her precious panties and then returned and presented the black lace to Her; clean, fresh, dry and warmed slightly from the light ironing.  On my knees before Her, arms lifted, i presented them.

Her look was casual, commanding, with that hint of delight at my obedience and as Her finger tips reached out to accept the panties, and lift them to dangle before my eyes, She spoke..

"you wear them boy"

I swallowed once, surprised, slightly shocked from the unexpected instruction, but just trained enough not to question or argue, but still not experienced enough for what a singular moment of transformation this was to become in my journey.

"Yes Mistress, thank You Mistress..."

i said as i was trained to say and i stood and obediently slid the lacy panties up along my slender legs, where they snugly confined my hard cock under its delicate lace material. I blushed  feeling so dainty, feminine, a boy adorned as She desired, pulsing with arousal under Her watchful eye, and more...suddenly discovering a depth of freedom through obedience, a new frontier of self discovery through submission.

Thank You Miss Persephone, and thank You Dominion for the memories and the growth.

Happy Anniversary.

Ailsa - formally Wilson Islay.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dominion Anniversary Haikus!

Dominion 4 years
Change is inevitable
Eva reigns supreme

Winds blow here and there
the grass remains green, chairs inviolate
Dominion hearts us

Subs eat the cherry
Pits blossom inside bellies
What say you Ladies?

Trials weed the chumps
an ill wind makes a hamster
Locked cage, naked subs

the hud speaks the truth
Gentle mountains provide cover
Strip down stocks await

A Confession About Confessions by Eva

A Confession, About Confessions.

April 25, 2009, the first writing was posted on our Confessions blog.  I don't know if this was the very first Confessions event or if the blog came a bit later, but if it was later, it wasn't by much.  Earlier in the year I had put the call out to our staff that I wanted someone to host an event that featured our member's writings called 'Femdom Confessions'.  Ravanys Lavendel got in my IM shortly there after and volunteered. She had a very specific idea of what she wanted the event to be. "Do something grungey for the venue", she said. "And I'll wear a nun's habit!".  Ravanys took the ball and ran with it, opening the event with church music and one sexy thigh peeking out from her long dark skirt.  Her soft voice teased and titillated us as she read out the first writings, and before we knew it, we were in love.  But not just with Ravanys, but with Confessions, which quickly became a 'can't miss' event.  The intimacy of it seduced us, in an atomsphere that is like no other.  Ravanys moved on and other hosts took her seat for varying lengths of time. I changed the build and the furniture. But still the same distinct atmosphere remained. What is it about Confessions that makes it so special? Maybe it's that we feel safe pouring out our hearts here, sharing our love, our passion, and our heartbreak.  We amuse each other, perform for each other, and in some cases, even bare our souls.  That has stayed constant and that's why I think we keep coming back each week.

To our hosts, past and present, thank you for carrying the torch. I know without question that every single one has considered hosting this event as a bit of a sacred duty. Our Confessors have handled your little gifts with care and protected them, and did their best to make sure they were presented in the best way. If they've cajoled you, ordered you, or seduced you in to contributing, thank them.  Because they've intitiated you in to something special. You're another sinner, just like the rest of us here at Femdom Confessions!

A Love Letter To Dominion by Kivrin

Some people search their whole lives for a place where they can be their true selves. A place where they can be comfortable and at ease, with themselves and with others. A place where they can feel accepted without judgment. A place where they can commune with like-minded individuals and feel a part of something larger than themselves. A place where they can truly connect, recharge and reach out.

Some people call that place nirvana.

We call it Dominion.

Dominion is indeed a safe haven, filled with love and friendship, passion and humor, compassion and creativity. A home away from home for many of us, I know I am not alone when I say that the Dominion and all the people that grace it's grounds have become a true family to me. And so with that said, I'd like to thank not only Eva, whose great vision and creativity and hard work built this panacea of femdom, but also each and every one of you, for it is you that help make Dominion what it is. And it is utterly beautiful.

With all my heart,
Kivrin Caedmon

Confession By Ash

if  I  had  never  come  to  the Dominion 2  years  ago approximately.
 i  would  never of  met  the  people  that  I  have become friends  with  and I call  my  family.
I  have come to Know  the Dominion as  my  home from home, and  the only  one that  i  have  truly  felt  a part  of.

Dominion 4th Confession by Dondas

The Dominion for me, is the place where I found myself
It's the place that I discovered I wasn't weird and the first place I ever really felt I belonged to.
It's also the place I met my Perfect Lady.
Thank you Miss Eva and the Dominion

Wycked's What The D Means To Me

I've been coming to the D regularly for a couple months. What I've found here is fellowship, renewed and new deep friendships, and the promise that everything I dream of existing out there.

Tyson's D 4th Anniversary Confession

The Dominion is a home away from home. It is a place for me to come and be open about my submission, to learn more about myself and others and to be amongst friends (mostly =p). The Dominion nurtures and feeds my fetishes in a way that I could never have in RL and I’m very grateful for that. But most of all the Dominion gave me the opportunity to serve my Mistress whom I love and Adore.( yeah yeah I'm a suck up I know =p)

Summer Confession


I will admit that D is inclusive and exclusive. Some people find that daunting. I understand that. The Dominion is populated by educated, brilliant, funny-ass women. Who can top that?

I have learned so much in my time here, had the biggest laughs, met some awesome Ladies and subs, been supported when I was down, and will always thank God that I showed up and stayed.

Viva La Dominion!

Anonymous Confession

Devotion at the Dominion

I am through with love, I say.... I think I will only write love poems to my dog from now on... or on a breezy island in anonymity, meditating on God's femininity.
Through with love I say, as if I can escape her evangelists....

Truth be told, if you see me here at The Dominion, I am holding a secret and silent vigil for a Domme I love- have always loved. And though I am not a submissive boy, I am tortured with the desire to be as devoted to her as a pilgrim is to an absent god in perpetual Winter.

Anniversary Confession by Susannah

I once wandered lost in SL,
My life there a mere empty shell.
Til one day I found
The most hallowed ground -
Dominion! And now life is swell!

Seriously, thank you to everyone at the D who really gets what SL is all about - community and connection and fun. It's a wonderful place full of great people and I'm eternally grateful I found it when I did.

~ Susannah

Dominion Anniversary Confession by Babi

 I love the Dominion because I was welcomed there unlike any other place in SL I have went to lifestylewise. Also the Misses are firm to their beliefs and their practices of Femdom. It is a very true lifestyle sim in my opinion and everyone there, Misses and subs are all true to their individual lifestyles and themselves.

Dominion Anniversary Confession by Heather

The other day I was showing Claire De Dirval my exhibition. She brought along her partner. As she was explaining to him how the Dominion works, we started talking about my first day at the Dominion. Claire had a gig. She mentioned it was a femdom sim and that I had to behave. We were about ten minutes early and I .. surprise surprise .. heard a voice that completely mesmorized me. I told Claire in IM but I could not figure out who it was before the show. So after the show I hung around .. and never left. In case you were wondering, that voice belonged to Miss Zarita.

 I've been told to keep this relatively short. So let me try. In 3,5 years the Dominion has given me intense friendships with both Dommes and subs.

In 3,5 years I have learned so much about myself for which in all fairness I have to thank Miss Zarita for. She has put up with more bullshit from me than any person in SL so far.

In 3,5 years I have been alone, owned, alone and now being considered. Which I have to say I hope is the end of the cycle. The Dominion has given me Lady Jem and I could not be more happy than I am right now with her.

3,5 years at the Dominion has given me the opportunity to hug in real life, Leasha, Miss Lisa, Miss Zarita and lastly my own twinnie.


To Lady Eva I want to say: thank you for giving me a home. Thank you for giving me a safe haven. Thank you for your faith and trust in me, it means the world. Thank you for creating the Dominion.

To Miss Zarita I want to say: Poffertjes. You already know everything I'd want to say to you.

To my twinnie: I love you, beyond words and actions.

To Lady Jem: you saw something in me. I didn't think it was still there. I'm not going to go in a lot of details right here. But, you should know how incredibly humbled I am by your act and how much I am enjoying my time with you.

So. To make a full circle. Thank you Lady Eva for having the sub temp program.

Confession by Nath

The Dominion and what it is to me.

I was only about a week old when I found The Dominion, I rezzed in read the rules and found the kneel pose, quickly put it to use and nervously made my way for the Court yard.

Being new I didn't know what to expect but it seemed like a place that could easily keep me coming back.

After greeting the Ladies and subs in the court yard instantly this felt like the place for me, found it to be very friendly, I soon found out that if you stepped out of line it wouldn't go un-noticed, and was soon corrected, besides that it felt natural being here, a place I could fit in, be around people with the same interests.

It is after all the place that I met a great person, a great friend and my wonderful Mistress, the greatest Lady I know.

Since then I have met many wonderful people within The Dominion, I wish that others continue to find happiness here, people they can learn with,  find friends, others that they can relate with.

Would just like to thank everyone of The Dominion for being here and making it what it is.

Nath (nathsub)

4th From Kirby

The Dominion has been a lifesaver in that it has provided that crack in an otherwise closed door to the D/s world for me. i am so grateful, and would still be lost without it.

Kirby Deed

Impressions by Fallen

                                Impressions of the Dominion
    First day looking for   I don't know what greeted by a kneeling sub admiring the sim.

  A break from SL after an ending came back looking for a new beginning and returned again and again ... watching listening, healing.

A community, a sisterhood, friends all here for the asking.

  A place to be who I am.

So many emotions .... love and laughter.

The first sub who greeted me now wears my collar, and has done for
8 months

More happiness ... my second sub has been with me for 3 months.

My boys give me so much.

I am content.

I  have found where I belong.

Anniversary Confession by Crissy

From the first day that I came to the Dominion, I could tell it was different.  Women.  Several of them. Clearly articulate, opinionated and unafraid to express what they wanted stood or sat around the courtyard.  Over time, I have come to know some of these wonderful Ladies and call them sisters, as well as make new friends and kindred spirits in supporting this dream made real that Eva has created for us.  Thanks to all of you and especially Eva for making this beautiful place.

<3 Crissy

Anniversary Confession by Janice

Janice's Anniversary 'Confession'

I haven't been able to spend as much time at Dominion recently as I would like to but the place and the people are never far from my thoughts or my heart.  When I first joined SL almost  four years ago, I would never have predicted that I would still be here now as part of such an incredible community.  The members of Dominion have enriched my life in so many ways. I cannot thank Eva enough for encouraging me with SL photography and entrusting me with the gallery and I'm so grateful to all of you for supporting it.
I'm proud to be a member and I'm proud to be on staff here. I think it's an amazing testament to Eva's hard work and leadership that we are celebrating this milestone. I look forward to the next four years!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beautiful Bottom by Dalia

Beautiful Bottom.

Tom was an architect.

We first met at a munch on Queen Street in Toronto.  He was a regular in the scene, though not one of my immediate friends.  He loved to dress in leathers.  Lean, well toned, he looked good in anything he wore and he knew it.

He was youngish, late twenties or early thirties and considered himself a serious player.  I had seen him worked over in play and could vouch for his pain tolerance being high.  He also had a rep for being a total slut.

That one night he wore just leather pants to a public party.  After chatting me up for a while he told me he liked it rough.

I raised an eyebrow and waited in silence.

“I mean really rough” he said with a challenging gleam in his eye and a slight smirk playing on his lips.  “No one has ever made me cry.”

I smiled. “Why don’t you come back with us to K’s place”  I gave him the location of the home.

Later that night all were all settled comfortably, chatting in the living room of K’s home, me behind the sofa, sitting off it’s edge, behind Tom, my hands playing with his thick dark hair.  He looked up and smiled.  I walked to the stairs and looked back at him, then descended.

I could hear the living room go silent and then laughter, as he arose to follow.  Calls of “Have fun” and “Good luck” accompanied his departure.

K had a dungeon in her basement.

I took a set of cuffs and stood in the centre of the room.  He came towards me, that smarmy smile still playing on his face.

“You think you can make me cry?” he taunted.

“Is crying important to you?” I asked, my chin raised, head tilted just slightly to the side.

He looked a little startled at the question and took a moment to respond, “Yah, I guess it is”  The smile left his face.

“Once these cuffs go on, you will not be released till you cry ‘uncle’.  Uncle is your only safeword.”

He laughed in my face and held out his hands.

I placed the cuffs on both wrists, took one hand in mine, smiled and walked around back of him, reached around, stroking his cock through his leather pants.  He arched back against me, and I grabbed the other wrist, securing them together behind him.

I walked to the wall and lowered a rope on a pulley so that when attached his wrists would stay at approximately the same height and re-secured it.  I snapped the latch at the end of the rope in place.

I walked up to him and teased his cock some more then opened his pants and removed them.

I grabbed a high-backed stool from the side from the room and sat before him.  Left leg went up, pointed stiletto boot resting on his shoulder, the other between his legs, playing with his balls.

“Kiss the boot”

“That’s not really my thing”  he said, as my right leg dropped a bit and came back hard.

“Kiss it” I said as he groaned and his eyes watered, knees buckling a bit.

He turned his head and began kissing the tops.  I moved my foot to give him the dirty sole.  He moved back a bit but not far as the pointy tip rested at the base of his balls.

Our eyes met and he kissed it.  “Lick” I said as the rough edge of the right boot scrapped over his balls.  A choked groan escaped him and his mouth remained shut.  I kicked again this time hitting more between the ass cheeks and he gasped, the toe of my boot entering his mouth.  “Suck then”  And he complied.  Even more eagerly this time.

I let him lick clean both my boots.  He paid particular attention to sucking off the stiletto heels, suggestively, his eyes telling me he found this hawt.

“You are such a slut” He smiled while sucking even harder.  I removed my foot.

I lowered the rope length more; raised my leather mini dress up a little and secured a strap on to myself as he watched.  I grabbed his hair and forced it his head down and watched as his wrists raised a bit behind him.

“Since you are so good at sucking… “I trailed off and rubbed the tip around his mouth and he laughed and said “Oh yah!”

I lifted his head by the hair again and slapped him hard, leaving a red mark on his face.

“When I want to hear from you cunt I will let you know.”  I immediately pushed his head back down and forced the dildo between not so happy lips.

But being the slut he is, he began respond, to get into the groove and as soon as he relaxed I took over, pumping, making him gag and gasp.  Tears welled in his eyes and fell down his cheeks.

I released him red faced and pulled out an old fashioned hand mirror.  “Not so pretty now.”

He spluttered.  “This isn’t crying”

I rolled a spanking horse over and locked it in place.  He bent over it, his breath coming just a little faster.  I secured the waist belt and released him from the pulley, though his wrists were still bound.

I brought out my cane and began disciplining him.  “I told you when I wanted to hear from you I’d let you know.”

“Yes, Ma’am.  Sorry, Ma’am” he gasped from his beautifully engorged lips.

“I will leave my mark on you, because for all your challenge and talk, you can do squat about it bitch.”

His not warmed skin began to mark quickly.

“Yes Ma’am.  Thank you, Ma’am”

I pull down the cane, and rubbed my hand over his ass, cupping his balls and pulled downward while his cock strained against the wooden horse.

“Thank you, Ma’am” he groaned.

I spread his butt cheeks painfully wide and spit.

“Dirty cunt.  You don’t want it rough, you just want to be used”

“No… “ he began and my finger slipped into his ass and started roughly moving in it, “yes…”

I laughed and removed my finger.

“Seems like my little slut is actually a dog in heat”

I grabbed a collar and leash and put it on him.

“There we go.”

I released him from the horse, pulled him by the neck, by the lead, making him stumble back towards me and then pressed against the back of his knees, forcing him to kneel.

“Kiss the boots doggy”  He bent to kiss them and as he became prone, I moved away forcing him to scramble on his knees to follow, unable to get upright.

“Let’s go for a walk”

“Fuck”  He exclaimed and I brought my boot up to his neck and pressed down.  His face crushed to the floor, spitting angry.

“I thought you liked rough?  You’re just a fucking pussy though, aren’t you?”

“No!”  he exclaimed and I raised my foot and brought it back down on his pretty face.  Tears welled in his eyes again.  Tears of frustration.

“Pussy, did you have something to say?”

“No Ma’am” He said through gritted teeth.

I removed my foot and dragged him a few more feet.

I picked up some lipstick and put it on him, his head twisting to avoid it, smearing it all over his face.  “Pretty slut” and I slapped him again.

I yanked up is collar and he struggled to find a crouch.  “Get up you stupid slut”

He opened his mouth to complain and shut it again.

“Slut is learning”

I grabbed some lube and a wooden chair this time, bending him over the back of it.  He relaxed a bit.  I prepped myself but not him.

“Wouldn’t want to be too gentle with my man-pussy” I said and he tensed as I placed the strap on to the entrance of his ass.  “Tell me you want it”

He laughed.

I grabbed his balls and squeezed hard.  “Arrrrgh!”

“Tell me”

“I want it”
“Beg for it”

“I don’t fucking BEG”

I reached around and slapped his cock peeking through the back of the chair.


I squeezed his balls and did not release.

“Please- give- it- to- me----”


“because I’m a dirty little whore Ma’am”


“Because I thought I could take it and I can’t and you win, please just do it”

I released his balls and started fucking his ass, easing into it, gaining momentum.  I reached from behind to stroke his cock.  He didn’t take long to cum and still I stroked and rocked his ass. I milked and milked, and he began to cry.

“What do you say slut?”


“What do you say?”

And on and on it went, his pride warring with his pain until he called it; gasping, slobbering, sobbing.


Beauty Of Negative Space by Tab

Beautiful Negative Space

In art, negative space is the space between objects.

We are in a large airy room. I am bent over a winged back chair. My chest is pressed down against the top. My hips are back and my butt is pushed out slightly.

I am nicely dressed. I am in dark fine wool suit pants, a brown leather belt and a white twill cotton shirt, a long maroon tie with paisleys hangs around my neck. I wear dark socks and excellent black leather shoes.

I am not sure why I have done this. Assumed this position. You did not ask me to.  Couples are dancing together downstairs in the main ballroom. I can hear the string quartet. You came upstairs and I followed. We stood together at the top of the stairs for a minute  and then I walked over to this chair and leaned over it as I am.

You said nothing. In fact you have said almost nothing to me about positions and how I should place myself before you except on that day we met. That day, after I had turned away to watch an event, you tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "turn and face me." That was all you said.

You haven't asked for my attention since and yet I can't give enough of it.

Yet you haven't ignored me. Even now after I took this foolish position, for some unknown reason, you walked over and ran your fingertips over the back of my neck for a few moments and then stepped away. You seemed amused, I hoped you might be grinning. I could only feel you leave.

Now I am here and impatient. I want to say something. I almost whisper out loud. "Is this what you want?"

You remain quiet though your presence, what I can feel of it, seems immense, even frightening.
There's so much space and distance.

I imagine you sitting in a chair  behind me. Waiting. Watching. Or maybe you've walked downstairs, and have found another dance partner. But after many long minutes you are at my side again and you run your hand gently over my shoulder, and down my arm as though you're caressing me. I feel crowned,  excited, a happiness breaking through me until I realize....until it occurs to me that your touch seems more about straightening the fabric of my shirt than a caress. You're such a stickler for appearance and order. I feel your foot touch mine and nudge my legs further apart opening me like I so want to be opened and I tremble again, but you step back (and I can't help then but think your intent nothing more than a whim.)Then you are gone again from our space, or so it seems, and I wonder if you've left.

I want to turn around and look this time, to see the expression on your face, but that might violate a rule that seems to exist, some unspoken expectation that holds me here, brought me here, that has me bound down, bent over and silent. The silence becomes almost terrible, it is both soft and promising, foreboding, and threatening, threatening to never end. But to break it might be to break something tender that may exist, that might be rising between us, that I want, that I need, that I cling to.

I can not help myself and I start to look back but stop. I start to speak but stop. Silence, agitation. Perhaps you looked me over and decided it wasn't right, that it wasn't time. The thought breaks through me as if I'd been pricked with a thousand pins. I hold to it, embrace the sharp dread of that potential wound that is mixed with a throbbing excitement that thickens me.  I yearn for you though I barely know you.

For several long minutes my eyes are closed. You return and hover near. I want you to take my belt off,  pull my pants down, and strike me, wound me, break this fever that is  overheating and burning me up. But you come and touch me.. very gently, almost too kindly...raise me and say, "Why don't you go home now and get some sleep."

Lesson Part 11 by Anonymous


Hands on my hips I watch as she drops to her hands and knees, crawling
toward you slowly. You're watching her, the weights hanging from her
nipples, swaying as she crawls, eyes on your cock as she licks her lips
in anticipation. Kneeling in front of you she opens her mouth and
swallows your hard cock in one movement, her nose against your belly as
she begins to suck and lick at you, head bobbing back and forth as she
takes you down her throat again and again.

"Oh fuck... Mistress please, it's been so long. Let me cum, I beg you."
you shudder, every muscle in your body tense as you try to fight it off,
voice full of the pain of denial, brow already beaded with sweat.

"No, this is my game, we play by my rules. The longer it takes her to
make you cum, the more lenient I'll be with you, and the harsher on
her." I answer unsympathetically, climbing onto the bed as you watch,
leaning back against the headboard, legs spread, one knee raised, foot
on the bed, affording you a perfect view of my pussy.

My words seem to encourage her even more, make her hungrier for the
taste of your cum and she begins to groan loudly as she sucks at you, a
vibration you can feel as she deepthroats you. Closing your eyes
tightly, you grimace, fighting it, trying to hold it off, moaning,
swearing, making incoherent sounds. When you open your eyes it's to see
me fingering my clit, the other hand on my breast, fingers squeezing the
nipple roughly, twisting it.

You're powerless to look away as I slide my finger into my wet
throbbing hole, hips squirming on the bed as I watch another female
sucking my cock, my property. Eyes half closed with desire I bring my
finger, glistening with my own moisture, to my mouth, sucking it clean.

"Oh God! Ahhh fuck......" your body convulses as you shoot your hot
load down her throat, cumming so long and hard you nearly choke her with
it. "I'm sorry Mistress, I'm sorry." you nearly sob the words, eyes
holding mine as you continue to shiver in the aftermath.

I merely smile, watching as she swallows every drop of your cum, licks
you clean, and returns to her slave pose, eyes on the floor.

"Hmmm, I think perhaps you deserve equal punishment." I finally say
long moments later, getting up, dragging her to her feet by her hair.
Finding another pair of restraints in the armoire, I attach her to
another set of chains beside you so that she is also facing the bed.
Riding crop in hand I walk back around in front of you, noticing that
your cock is still semi-hard, I caress it with the tip of the crop

"Did you enjoy having my cock in another slave's mouth pet?" I ask,
sliding it up over your stomach and chest, slapping it lightly against a

"Yes Mistress."

Moving over to her I do the same, first caressing her with the crop,
then slapping her nipple with it. "And did you enjoy having my cock in
your mouth whore?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you." she answers softly, still licking her lips,
tasting you.

"You're welcome slave." I smile, walking away, toward the door. "I'll
be back in a moment with punishment for you both, don't go anywhere." I
laugh softly, opening the door and leaving.

Chained there it seems like hours to you both before you hear the door
open again, but actually it's only been a few minutes. You look over
your shoulder to see me enter the room with a man wearing blue jeans and
a black t-shirt, his blonde hair just long enough to brush his
shoulders, eyes a piercing blue. He looks right past you to the female
who gasps softly when she sees him.

"Master?" she asks in disbelief as he walks past you toward her.

"Hello little one." his fingers slowly trail down her upraised arm and
exposed ribs.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, shivering from his touch, sighing
as he moves away to stand by the bed, smiling at her wickedly.

"You didn't think I was going to miss out on all this fun did you
slave?" he chuckles softly, holding out a hand to me which I take.
Pulling me closer, his free hand covers my breast as he lowers his head
to kiss me playfully.

"Sonofabitch!" I hear you say loudly, and turn to watch as you struggle

"What's the matter slave?" I ask coolly, my hand on his chest, moving
slowly lower.

"Don't do this......please." you beg roughly, still pulling at the
restraints that bind you.

"Why not? And stop that."

Standing still now you answer, eyes holding mine. "Because I can't
stand to watch, please Mistress." your voice soft again, yet desperate,
full of pain.

"But I watched as she sucked your cock and made you cum. This is no
different than that." I answer sensibly, snuggling closer to him as his
hand covers my ass, stroking, pulling me firmly against his side.

"Yes, and what's good for the goose...." he begins the phrase then
stops when his mouth covers mine in a hot, passionate kiss that makes my
knees weak. I cling to him as his hands wander over me roughly,
restlessly, both of us breathing hard when he finally raises his head.

Eager now, extremely aroused, I nearly rip his shirt off over his head,
hands going next to the buttons on his jeans, undoing three of them and
pushing them down over his hips, taking underwear with them, backing
away as he bends over to remove the rest. I hear her moan softly, a
whimper of protest as he takes a step toward me almost threateningly.

"How do you want it?" he asks, hard cock jutting straight out from his
body, drawing my gaze like a magnet as I feel moisture trickle down my

"I feel like a bitch in heat tonight, let's fuck doggiestyle." I answer
with a very naughty grin, turning to climb onto the bed on my hands and
knees, giving the two of you a perfect view from the side as he crawls
onto the bed behind me.

"Ooo yeah," he says as he runs his fingers over my wet pussy. "I do
love a woman who gets soaking wet the way you do my dear."

Wiggling my ass at him I tremble, groaning as he shoves two fingers
into my hot throbbing fuck hole only to pull them out again and shove
his long hard cock in instead, ramming it home with one hard stroke.

"Oh yes, fuck yes!" I scream, bucking back against him as he begins to
fuck me hard and fast, slamming into me, balls slapping my pussy.

I turn to look at the two slaves as we bump and grind into each other
like animals on the bed. Her head hangs down, hair obscuring her face,
but I see her shoulders shaking as she sobs, refusing to watch. Then I
look at you, our eyes locking across the distance as you struggle,
pulling at the chains, your wrists rubbed raw by the leather restraints.

Your eyes are wild, lips drawn back in a snarl, and I know that if you
were to get loose you'd tear him apart like a rabid wolf for daring to
even touch me, let alone this. The thought makes me shudder, moaning
loudly as my body tenses, spasming uncontrollably, the muscles in my
pussy clamping down on him as I cum.

"Oh God... I'm cumming!" I scream as it crashes over me, sobbing
incoherent words as I feel him stiffen, shooting his hot load deep into
me as he groans, shuddering, my pussy clenching him, milking the cum
from his cock.

We collapse onto the bed in a sweaty, heavy breathing heap, not moving
for a long moment. Finally he props himself up on an elbow and smiles at

"Do you think they understood the lesson here?"he asks, reaching out to
brush the hair away from my face.

"I certainly hope so."

"How we sometimes have to suffer feelings of jealousy to fulfill their
fantasies, and that it's only fair that they do the same for us on
occassion?" his eyes on her as he speaks, she raises her head, meeting
his eyes, her love and devotion for him laid bare.

"I think they understand." I answer, smiling at you, knowing from your
expression that it's hard for you to accept. But also knowing that you
will because you know you belong to me, and that I, in a different way,
also belong to you, and no one else.

Confession by Heather Part 2

"Well, if it is that tight, how about you take it off?" She sat down on the little bench in the dressing room. I grinned. "A show in the sex shop, huh? I'm still a little in shock that you are actually here." I took a deep breath and tried to undo the pins from the holes, but like before failed miserable. "This thing doesn't like me." She motioned me closer with her finger. I took a step forward and she unhooked the top pins, exposing my breasts. "Those are my boobs, don't you forget it." She stood up and pushed me against the wall. She leaned in closer and whispered into my ear "Let's get this show on the road shall we?"

End of part one.

I gulped. "Right here?" She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Do you have a problem with that, my girl?" For a split second, I contemplated nodding. But she was here, there was absolutely no reason to say I had an issue with it. So I told her the one "No" I would probably ever get to tell her. She smiled at me. "Good girl." She unhooked the other pins, removing the corset from me completely. She traced a finger down my chest, between my breasts and I wondered if the approval sound was coming from her or me.

When she leaned in closer and her lips made contact with mine, I thought I would melt into a puddle right then and there and as her tongue explored my mouth I knew for sure I was going to die right then and there. Her hands cupped my breasts and as she bit on my lower lip, she pinched my nipples between her thumb and finger. "Now tell me my girl, how happy are you to see me?" I grinned like a big idiot. "Very happy, it is utterly confusing, but very happy." She grinned. "Good." She lowered her head and bit down hard on one of my nipples and I could feel my panties getting soaked. A moan escaped my throat and I could feel myself blushing fiercly. "You seem to be enjoying this!" I nodded and squirmed as her tongue circled my nipple again, sucking it in every now and then. "Lets see how much you'll enjoy this then."

Her nails scratched down my stomach, leaving red welts, and as she got nearer towards my pants, my breathing got heavier. She unbottened my jeans and grabbed hold of my hand, gently guiding it inside my panties. "Touch yourself." She let go of my hand and sat back down on the bench. I ran a finger through my wet folds, before I started circling my clit ever so slowly. "Are you wet my girl?" I nodded. "Don't nod. Tell me. Again. Are you wet my girl?" I whispered a "yes Mistress" back. She smiled. "How wet?" I blushed more. "I think that ocean that is between us, is now in my pants or something." She laughed. "That's a whole lot of wetness. I am not sure if I believe that."

She got up from the bench and removed my hand from my pants. Her left hand ran through my hair, grabbing it as she pulled my head back. "Guess I will have to check on that myself, won't I then?" I started to nod, then quickly said, "yes Mistress." Her right hand moved inside my panties, and I gasped as her fingers ran through my wet folds. "Oh my, you did not lie! I am pleased." My clit was throbbing. I wanted so badly for her to touch it. "These pants need to come off. Now." I wiggled my way out of them, all the while her fingers were still moving through my wetness. "Much better." She let go of my hair, and as her mouth once again found mine, she moved her fingers inside of me, as her thumb circled around my clit. When she finally did touch it I thought I'd explode right then and there. My heart was pounding in my chest and a "fuck yes" left my mouth. She instantly removed her fingers from me. "You can come, when you want, this once, but you know what to say. I want to hear it loud and clear. Do you understand me my girl?" Her fingers moved in and out of me again and I muttered a "yes Mistress."

"You know. With that little turbo vibrator of yours, it won't be as easy next time. I will enjoy teasing you. Denying you. You're a very lucky girl today." Her fingers slipped out of me, focusing only on my clit now. "Come for me, my girl." And I did. I said the words she wanted to hear. Or tried to as best as I could, between gasping for breath and trying to stay on my feet. She removed her fingers from my pants and kisses me. "Well done my girl." I smiled up at her, "Thank you Mistress." She laughed. "Look at us. Get yourself decent. You have some toys to pay for. And then we will see how many times I can use them on you today."

The end.

LImericks by Bebop!

There once was a sub named
Whom many of you I'm sure
have met
His accent's exotic
Finds horses erotic
And will hurt himself on voice,
you can bet

There once was a Lady named
From New York, or so she'll
At events she'll show
With Patrick in tow
And if she gets bored she might
make him edge

There once was a Lady named
Who rarely gets grumpy or
For her, subs all kneel
And are brought to heel
Or risk ending up as a si

There once was a lady named
Upon whom all her friends
could count on
Since she collared dark
We've heard him remark
"Though I love her, I wish she'd
lube her Strap-on"

There once was a lady named
Who hosts trials and punishes
A teacher, quite strict
And hard to predict
Bad behaviour you'll find she
can remedy

There once was a lady named
For whom many boys and girls
Her weekly mingle
Gives us all a tingle
But mock her accent and you'll
be in hell