Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Angel's Wings by Skye

Angels Wings

Under the stars, as i stare aimless into the night,
longing for my heart to take that daring flight.
I reflect upon my destiny of my life,
i tear, as i feel im using my own scythe.
cutting away at my heart once more,
as i effectively halt from the creation of a fable or lore. 

I deliberate, consult and decide, i should no longer stand back,
my armour is created and made up from all that i lack.
Proceed onwards and go in battle blind,
this hell im creating is just my mind, i let it unbind.
I move slow with in my thoughts, though my heart races,
those moments of fear but with familiar faces.

Conversing with a clarity of a new slate wiped clean,
my heart beating with a intangible beam.
a chorus of angelic voices in replay for days in my mind,
as i hand a note over the trembles flurry with inability to remain inside.

Under the wings i am taken, protected and safe,
no longer feeling like a lost waif.
Feeling a sense of being deep down,
looking up from my knees to You and your veneration like crown.

I understood the demons that had tortured my mind,
was lost behind these alluring lights of second to none this Seraph kind.
Teaching me just learn how to fly,
under Your wings i would later flourish, yet cry,
As my ultimate apotheosis later achieved a dream ultimately coming true,
after a few months of patience, reality, i became owned by You.
Reality stung like the sweetest of stings,
around my neck my adoration for You this brings.
I wiped away my tears of happiness inside i glisten,
i hang on Your every word, for your words i do listen.

Little seed planted scattering this in me on the ground,
over the time the winds of change blow all around,
growth and strength, i cultivate myself i am now found.
Seasons come, and seasons go,
This past year i saw us together grow.

Observing the auras in which You even prehaps unwittingly extrude,
I never want this feeling i have to ever conclude.

this love i have for my angel whom i solemly speak, no words can truly describe,

mysterious, intellectual, enigmatic and filled full of grace,
under the wings of my Mistress, i know my place.

Mistress Mira, i wanted to share this these words dont even do justice to my expression of how i feel about You and O/our dynamic in which we have. thankYou so very much for the first year of O/our journey from when You took me on a year ago today 05/20 as just as a protection and W/we watched the dynamic grow, i may not have been what You was looking for at that time, but i am so graciously thankful You gave me the chance and i became Yours, Faithfully Yours, Skye