Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pussy Venom: Baited, Caught & Enslaved by Gunther

Pussy Venom
Baited, Caught & Enslaved

I was a free man in his 40’s until my life got turned upside-down by a group of wealthy, dominant, strong women.
I was looking for some extra work and was browsing the adds, when a saw an one saying “Wanted Houseboy”!
 It said it was for a mansion where only women were invited as Guests.
The women were  looking for a boy to do some household chores and other stuff.
The Person I needed to call was a Miss Eva.
I typed in the phone number and a very gentle voice spoke.  It was Miss Eva. She said she had to meet me in person in order to see if I was any good for the job as they were looking for the perfect applicant.
So I made an appointment next Monday. If I was approved I would begin right away. The weekend was long and I was eager to prove my worth for the position.
Finally Monday came and I drove a bit nervously to the address I had been given.
As I turned into the street there was this long and high wall and then a huge gate with the address number.  A plate said “PV Inc. “
I pushed the button on the gate post and Miss Eva’s voice came on “I’ll open the gate, drive up to the Mansion I’ll meet you there”!  As I advanced up the driveway, I noticed how big the property was and then the huge mansion came into sight.
A lady was waiting; she looked gorgeous, wearing a white blouse and a tight leather pencil skirt , plus black high heels. Her smile was mesmerizing to say the least.
As I stepped from out of the car and walked towards the elegant women I said:  “Greetings Miss Eva, I’m Erik”!
Miss Eva looked me over from head to toe without saying a word.  She then said “Let's go inside to the lounge area so we can talk”!
As I followed her in, I noticed how luxurious everything was.  It was stylish with black marble floors, red walls and gold framed paintings.
A bit weirdly, each painting depicted a lady in a very dominant pose with her name at the base picked out in gold lettering.
As Miss Eva sat down she indicated for me to sit in the seat next to her.
Miss Eva spoke:
“So you are willing to work here”!?  “You realize, you will do all sorts of things in and around the mansion”?
I answered:
“Oh, yes Miss Eva”! I replied nervous and eager to get the job.
Miss Eva said:
“Mostly you will do the dishes, clean tables, get the bed laundry done”!  “Maybe, you can do some yard work, or set out pool towels on the chairs and make sure the bar is stocked with drinks”!  “I don’t see why you can’t start immediately, by trimming the hedges around the pool area”!  “When you’re done you can come and find me in the house”!
“There shouldn’t be any Ladies present as I have an event later this day planned “.
I stood up and went straight to the poolside where I found a toolbox with all the tools I needed for the hedges.  It took me a few hours to trim them and I would swear every now and then  Miss Eva ,on occasion, would be looking at me through a window.
When I was done I went inside looking for Miss Eva. I couldn’t find her downstairs so I went up the long stairs. Then I heard a noise coming from one of the rooms.  As I walked closer the door was slightly open and I peaked in.
Here was this gorgeous blond woman on the bed.  She was wearing a pink lingerie set and I noticed that her hand was clearly in her panties. I was mesmerized by her beauty and the sexual lust on her face. She clearly did not see me as she was in her own zone.
I went on to look for Miss Eva, but I could not find her.  Maybe she had popped out for a while.
I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, when I noticed on the counter there was a note.
It said “Erik, I want you to do some laundry”. “Gather all the bed sheets from the rooms and clean. Then make sure all beds are made up again”!
“Btw my younger sister arrived earlier so be careful to knock first before you walk into the rooms”!
I did as I was told knocked on every door and gathered the bed sheets.
When I came to the door where previously the woman was the door was still open. Although I didn’t hear anyone, I knocked and went in. No one was there.  As I removed the bed sheets the pink lingerie dropped to the floor.
It was clearly still wet from her juices.
I felt naughty and picked them up slowly looking them over and then brought them closer to my face. I could smell her scent. It smelled so good, and the bra cups still felt warm.
Suddenly I heard a yell!
“What the Fuck are you doing pervert”!!!!
I turned to face the door to see Miss Eva and the woman I saw before both looking angrily at me. Fear ran through me, I was caught sniffing these panties and fondling them.
Miss Eva and the other women both rushed to me grabbing my arms, holding  up the hand that was clutching  the pink panties and bra.  Miss Eva shouted:  “Well you perv explain yourself”?!!!!!
I…..euh IIIi was all I could get out of my mouth.
Her sister then responded. “I saw him perving me while I was in my bed earlier. I figured he was watching me but it seems all he wanted was my pink panties and bra”!!!
She had this wicked grin on her face when she looked at Miss Eva.
Miss Eva spoke:
“Well boy…, are you some kind of sissy”?
“You like to wearing panties and bras don’t you”!!!!
“Get those fucking clothes off, you deserve a punishment”!
I was still in shock from being caught, barely able to move when Miss Eva took a pair of scissors from the vanity and started to cut away my clothes. I protested but the women gave me a knee to the groin.
 Miss Eva “Lisa hold this little perv while I throw these rags in the trashcan”!
The women grabbed my arms tightly behind my back.
There I stood naked being held by one woman all naked trying to hide my cock between my legs.
Miss Eva spoke again:
“Bend the little faggot over the end of the bed Lisa”!
Lisa pushed me toward the bed and I fell over.
No sooner had I fallen forward she sat on my back facing my backside.
Miss Eva snarled:  “I’m going give you a spanking you won’t forget sissy”! “Perving my sister like that then trying to steal her dirty underwear to wear yourself”!
I tried to protest but Lisa took the pink panties and forced them into my mouth.
Then it happened slap, slap, slap, slap….. The pain shot through my ass cheeks as I yelled in the dirty panties.
I could taste Lisa’s juices as my saliva mixed into the panties.
Miss Eva picked up a camera from somewhere and started filming my red ass as Lisa kept slapping it hard.
Lisa shouted:  “You owe me sissy boy, you owe me big time”! “Tell the camera you’re a sissy slut and you like to wear pink panties or I’ll spank your ass till it’s all bloody and throw you into the streets”!
By now I was crying, my ass felt on fire and I was powerless; all I could do was comply.
I whined:  “I’m a sissy slut and I like to wear pink panties”!
Lisa stopped spanking me and let her nails stroke my sore red cheeks.  She said: “From now on you will call me Miss Lisa, and you will do whatever the ladies here say”!
“Yes Miss Lisa” was all I could whimper out of my mouth.
Miss Lisa looked at Miss Eva with a grin on her face then winked.
Both Ladies knew a new victim was in the firm grip of the Pussy Venom club.
Miss Eva stood up and said “Bring the little pansy with you to the play room”! Miss Lisa twisted my arm and forced me down the hall, down the stairs, then to a basement I never seen before.
The door was solid steel.
When she opened it she pushed me forward and I fell to the ground. By the time I could stand up again I heard Miss Lisa lock the door behind her.

Miss Lisa growled: “Get moving bitch, down the hall to the right”! I trembled as I feared what was awaiting me, but I followed the instructions, attempting to avoid another kick to the groin or worse.
As I turned right I saw a room with Miss Eva standing in it , I froze like a statue..
A dungeon a real dungeon, I could not believe what I was seeing. I looked around as cuffs were place on my arms and feet. Then a shock collar was attached placed about my neck.
Miss Eva pointed to a table with a paper on it and shouted at me “Sign it bitch now”!!!!
I made the mistake to talk and ask what it was.
Zap zap zap I fell to my knees as Miss Eva switched the remote on.
I cried out! “Miss Eva, please stooopppppp”!  Miss Eva snarled “Shut the fuck up and sign the paper you fucking shit or I’ll whip you “!
I crawled the best I could to the table and signed the paper without even knowing what it was.
Miss Eva said to Lisa:  “Lisa would you please sign it as my witness and lawyer”!
Miss Lisa walked to the table and pushed me with her foot, smack in the middle of my ass, laughing as she did.
Then she signed the paper.  Miss Lisa snorted:  “There loser, now you truly belong to us as property to do with as we see fit”!

Part 2
Pussy Venom intensified.
Miss Eva grabbed me by the ears and forcefully guided me to what looked like a gyro chair.
But this one was different; in the fact it had restrained to totally immobilize the “patient”.
As both women secured me all I could do was watch. Then Miss Eva flipped me with the chair and folded away the part near my ass which was now totally exposed.
Miss Lisa “Now then you pathetic piece of shit you were staring at me for at least 12 minutes “!
“So guess what going happen” which was more of a statement then a question.
“Eleven women are going to fuck your pansy pussy, starting with a small one to the biggest”!  “When all have fucked and stretched you out, I’m going make sure your pansy pussy is going to remain that way with the biggest strap-on of all”!
“You stole twelve minutes of my private pleasure; I’m going to share 11 strap-on moments of pleasure with my sisters”! At that moment I wanted to cry out for help but Miss Eva standing behind me, waiting. She quickly put a ball gag in my mouth and secured it.
Miss Eva said “Scream all you want sissy boy, this room is sound secure and the land is surrounded by a huge garden area”!
Then the ladies left me alone, I don’t know how long it was but my mind raced on the recent events.
Why did I peak in on Miss Lisa, why did I enter the room and picked up the pink panties and bra.
The words pervert ran through my mind and I felt guilty.
No I didn't deserve this! I tried with all my force fighting the restraints but there was no escape.
The more I was fighting the restraints the weaker I got.
Then the door was unlocked and Miss Eva and Miss Lisa followed by ten other women came in.
All covered in Leather.
To my horror I noticed the strapons on each lady, not to mention Miss Lisa’s was huge she would tear me apart.
I struggled with all my might and screaming in the ball gag.
Miss Lisa spoke “Oh look, the sissy loser can’t wait to begin”!
She walked over and whispered in my ear “We are filming this sissy boy, so struggle all you want “! “It makes it more fun for us”! Then she kissed my forehead leaving her red lipstick smudges.
Miss Eva had the smallest strap on and came over then took some lube and smeared it all over the cock then roughly inserted a finger in my ass and started to lube it up. She placed the head near my ass and pushed just the tip inside without retreating.
The pain shooting in me as my virgin ass gave in to the forced object was nothing for what was to come. She grabbed my legs and in one stroke went full in.
Miss Eva said:  “Get the point now loser, there’s no going back! She roughly fucked my ass for how long I did not know.
When she was done the next women stepped up with the bigger one and invaded me just as ruthlessly as Miss Eva. I was screaming trying to get out of my restraints.
But each woman pounded me with great delight and pleasure calling me names and degrading me.
One even grabbed my balls and pulled on them as she went deep into me over and over.
The pain in my balls made me scream in agony. When it Miss Lisa’s turn, she slowly walked toward me like a tiger, the huge dong dangling.  Miss Lisa reiterated: “Time to get that sissy ass pussy opened to no return”! “Are you ready my little bitch”!
By this time my ass was already so stretched and sore.  It was most certainly a gaping hole.
She applied lots of lubricant to the dong then applied more to my ass. She then put the head of the dong in place and slowly worked the head in. The pain and stretching was bigger than any other of the previous ladies.
As she pushed I kept praying and begging her to stop, but she had fire in her eyes, determined to do what she wanted.
When the head popped in I did something I didn’t expect. Somehow there was a vibrating device in this dong that send ripples down there making my ass relax a bit as she worked the dong very slowly inside me.
To my horror my cock started to spring alive and harden.
Miss Lisa shouted “Oh look, the little bitch likes her ass pussy filled”!
I was so humiliated my body was betraying me. I don’t know how deep she was but she was starting to fuck me slowly as my cock hardened even more and was standing now.
Miss Lisa screamed “That’s it bitch show everyone what a little pansy slut you are”!  “I’m going to fuck your sorry ass till you cum allover yourself and the camera captures it”!
“I’ll send a copy to every person on your cell phone list for free and sell the tape in every adult store world wide”!
She started fucking me a bit faster and teasingly stroking the sensitive part of my cock.
I felt how my body was creeping closer to an orgasm. Suddenly jets of cum landed all over my body as all went black for me.
Miss Lisa giggled: “He fainted; I fucked the little pansy senseless”!  All the ladies laughed.
Miss Eva came over as Lisa retracted the dong. “Now we can get to work on the bitch”!

Part 3
I woke up staring at a ceiling, unable to move. My groin was hurting but I couldn’t move my hands or look. I was still feeling woozy when Miss Lisa came in and sat down on the chair next to the bed.
Miss Lisa said:  “Hey there sweetie”! “I was worried about you”!  She had grin on her face.

“Where am I”? I say, rolling my eyes to see around, as my head is strapped secure. Miss Lisa “You’re still at the mansion sweetie”! “You’re just in the medical room.”

“Why am I in the medical room”?
Miss Lisa “Well you kind of fainted from my strap on and your excitement sweetie”! “We had to do some alterations to you so you will be a good little sissy boy”!
My fear must have been apparent for Miss Lisa “What……what did you do to me”!
Miss Lisa smiled:  “Oh silly me I was so worried about you I forgot all about it.”
She released my head so I could move it and then bent to the ground to pick something up.
“Well Erika meet Erik”! She had this huge grin on her face as she places a jar on the tray next to her. I look over and see a jar with liquid in and something in it floating.
I focus my eyes and I see two testicles in there.
“No….. No you didn’t nooooo”!..I cry I scream and tears flow.
Miss Lisa purred: “there there sweetie.”  “We removed your testicles and replaced them with fake ones a bit smaller”! “One of them is capable of shocking you.” “The other, when activated, releases venom in your body that will give you a very painful death”!
She pointed: “See this gold bracelet on my arm with PV on it?
“The letters are actually buttons, P for Pleasure…..euh my pleasure that is and your pain”!
“And V of course is for Venom!”
I shrieked: “You can’t do this to me”!!!!!!!
Miss Lisa replied: “But I can, the contract you signed allows me to do whatever I wish”! “I think it’s time for another shot of your medicine today”!
She picked up a syringe and injected something into me. I cried:  “What’s that, what you are giving to me”!
Miss Lisa replied:  “Oww don’t worry sweetie, it’s just some female hormones so you’ll get nice little titties”! “After all you wore looking at mine and everyone else here, so we decided you should have a pair of your own.”
She continued: “They’ll fill out your dresses better anyway my sweet sissy Erika”!

I moaned: “But I don’t…..”! Miss Lisa interrupted him: “Shhh, in a few hours we’ll let you up and we will dress you. Then we’ll go out”!
She walked out and left me crying.
A few hours later Miss Lisa comes in dressed like a porn star. “Time to get dressed sweetie”!
“And look we're going be dressed just the same”! Again she had that wicked grin on her.
Two more ladies came in and started to release me from the bed. They helped me up and I’m completely naked feeling embarrassed.
I look down and my cock and balls seems so small. Then I realize all my body hair has been removed.
I ask: “Just how long have I been out”?
Miss Lisa replied:  “not long just a few days to let you heal sweetie”!
I was given hot pink panties and had to put them on. The silk on my legs felt soft as it slid up.
The bra I was helped with and felt weird but not as weird as what came next.
One of the ladies took a fake breast and applied something to the back then slid it into the bra cup and repeated the procedure for the other.
The next thing on was a garter belt in the matching color then the bra and panties. Then came bright yellow stockings. The ladies made sure they wore perfectly put on.
I was given a tube top which was very tight in front to my horror. I swallowed since it was unlike Miss Lisa’s one.
Then I was to get in 3” heels which had the same look like Miss Lisa. A wig matching the Miss Lisa’s color was put on my head and makeup applied.
Then Miss Lisa and the two ladies guided me to the car outside. The breeze on my legs made me feel very vulnerable, not to mention going outside dressed like this was very humiliating. Fear ran through me.
Sitting in the back between these ladies I was thankful no one from the outside could really see me!
As we drove I could see we wore going to a more shady area of the city.

Part 4
The switchover.

We stopped at a crossroad  as Miss Lisa turned towards the two ladies and me.
Miss Lisa said: “Summer you and Dahlia take this sniffling sorry assed Sissy to the back door.  Carla will be waiting for you to open up and get her in the special room.”
“I’ll go to the front and draw some customers in”!
Miss Summer looked at Dahlia then at me. She reached for something in a bag. It was a leash and collar.
She said: “We both know we don’t need this faggot, but as we walk on the streets I want everyone to see you’re a slut slave”!
She put it around my neck and yanked it hard. As I was led across the street I could see people staring.
To my horror Miss Dahlia slapped my ass hard and said loudly for everyone to hear “Walk faster sissybitchy”!
I heard laughter and lowered my head in shame as I tried to walk in the heels faster. As we came to the back door of this adult store, Miss Summer knocked .
The door opened. Miss Carla greeted my two escorts and then looked at me.
“Is this the pathetic pervert”?
Miss Summer replied “That she is, she’s our entertainment for today”! Miss Carla led us to a room that was pretty dark. She switched on a monitor.
It showed the store area and I could see all sorts of men browsing porn movies, and sex toys. Some couples wore also there.
When Miss Lisa came in through the front door, she was acting real slutty walking by men tracing her finger over their shoulder or caressing their butts.
Then she turned around and announced “I’m going to the glory hole.” “Who wants me”? Who  is brave enough to put his throbbing big cock in my mouth or ass?”
She then turned and passed out of view. I could see men following.
Miss Lisa came into the room we were in and locked the door and switched on the light.
That’s when I could see the hole in the wall and two buttons on it. A green one and a red one.
She pushed the green one then turned to me.
Miss Lisa spoke in a very stern and strict voice:  “Now listen to me my sissy bitch”!
“You're going to be doing all the sucking and fucking like a good little slut”!
“These guys pay money for having some pleasure from me”!
“And your little faggot sissy holes are going give it”!
I looked up at her, begging her not to do this. “Please Miss Lisa, please don’t make me do this”!
Miss Lisa just reached down to her PV bracelet and pressed the P. The pain shot through my body like hell.
The ladies were laughing hard at me as I balled in pain on the floor.
When Miss Lisa pressed it again it stopped.
Miss Lisa “Well, you piece of shit are you going to do as I TELL you or do I need to give you another lesson?”
My eyes teared and I tried to plead once more for mercy. Again she pushed without mercy on the button and the pain shot through my body.
When Miss Lisa switched it off, Miss Summer yanked my collar for me to kneel upright.
She grabbed my chin and said “You better do as your told Bitch or by God I’ll fuck your ass in that store for all to see!” The fury in her eyes made me believe she would.  I looked at Miss Lisa and Miss Dahlia and both had that same look that scared the hell out of me.
I said “I…Apologies Miss’s”!
“I will do as you Command”!
When I looked at the hole a cock was already there, white and semi hard.
Miss Dahlia scolded at my “Get to it you filthy cocksucker”! With trembling hand I grabbed the cock.
I guess it wasn’t fast enough because Miss Lisa pushed my face against the cock.
Miss Lisa “Get that filthy dick in your sissy whore mouth now”!!!!!
I opened my mouth and slowly licked the cock first.  Miss Summer said “Lick around his cockhead bitch nice and slow. Make it all wet like a good little slut!”
I did as told and that seemed to get a reaction out of the guy as he grew harder.
Miss Lisa pushed me and said:  “wrap you sissy lips around it and gently suck on the tip”!
I did as told feeling utterly degraded and humiliated not to mention disgusted.
But I also feared the pain more and being fucked in public.
They kept on instructing me on how to suck his cock. Soon I was sucking and bobbing my head on his cock. His meat slid into my mouth over and over.
Then it surprised me and jet of cum shot into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I reacted and released the cock out of my mouth as jets spurted over my face over and over.
The Ladies laughed as Miss Dahlia said “Look at that sissy cumwhore”!
Miss Lisa grinned and ordered me to clean his cock. As the cock disappeared into the black hole not soon after another bigger one came through.
I could smell the urine on his cock it smelled foul and unwashed.
Miss Summer shouted:  “Get to it cock whore, suck it off!”
As I went closer I did what I just learned from them and tasted the urine on the guys cock.
I felt so disgusted and so degraded but I knew if I refused,  I would be dragged into the store and suffer far worse.
I was sucking on his cock I heard Miss Lisa make pictures and talk to the other ladies whispering.
As the guy started cumming I wanted to back off again but I felt a hand push on the back of my head making the cock hit my throat. I gagged as the ladies laughed and spunk came down my chin.
Not soon as the guy left  another poked through the hole.
Miss Lisa said: “Turn around bitch, your pussy is up”!
I looked at her and she was stroking the bracelet again. I quickly did as asked and stood up.
Miss Summer ripped the panties of me. My last barrier of defense was gone.
Miss Dahlia shouted at me “Back up bitch and spread those sissy cheeks”!
As I did I could feel the cock head touch my left butt cheek so I adjusted.
Miss Lisa grabbed a latex glove and applied some lube to the glove she then came closer and lubed my ass.  She whispered to me “Time to become a real sissy girl”!
“Time to be fucked by a real cock sweetie”!
She grabbed the shaft and guided it to my ass. As the pressure increased could feel my ass give in then with a bit of pain the head popped in.
It wasn’t as big as the strap ons used on me by the ladies but it still caused discomfort and pain.
I was standing there for a moment when Miss Summer pushed on the sides of my hips and I was impaled in one stroke on his cock. I gasped for air as the pain shot in me .
I felt full like I needed to go to the toilet.
Miss Summer  “Start fucking that dick whore, work that ass”!
I slowly began fucking the cock as it pounded into me over and over.  I felt sick.
Miss Dahlia said to me “Rotate your hips a bit as you fuck him sissy bitch”!
I did as instructed and soon felt his cock grow even bigger.
Then I felt the cum rushing through his shaft and the heat in my ass as he exploded deep into me.
Miss Lisa saw my reaction and said  “That’s a good girly, now your my little sissy whore aren’t you slut”?!
I looked at her feeling used and humiliated beyond anything. But all that came out of my cum drenched mouth was “Yes Miss Lisa”!
I had to do 3 more cocks up my ass when they said to stand and twirl around for them.
That’s when Miss Carla came in and said “I filmed it all, the back and the front of the wall to the 3 ladies with me”!
“I’m going to edit it to a movie tape “Sissyslut Erika at the Glory hole!”
The Ladies all started laughing when Miss Summer said something I did not expect.
Miss Summer “Now it’s time for the main event, let’s show these perv’s who they really fucked.”
With that my skirt in the back was lifted and hands were cuffed to the back. My ass was dripping and leaking cum now and my face was all sticky as well.
Miss Lisa yanked forcefully on the leash and I had to follow followed by Miss Carla, Miss Dahlia and Miss Summer singing  “I’m a sissy girl in a bitchy world”!
As I was dragged into the store I could see people looking at me in disgust and laughter and I could see clearly which men used me as their faces looked all puzzled then anger.
To my utter humiliation, Miss Lisa made me twirl around in the middle of the store then dragged me out through the front door. Some Ladies passing by from the near clothing store started laughing at my expense and snapping pictures with their cell phones.
Miss Lisa, Miss Summer, and Miss Dahlia thanked Miss Carla and we walked to the car .
The ladies said I was filthy and had to go in the back trunk.
As they closed it the emotions ran through me and I cried all the way back.

To be continued…..

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Following Instructions by Anonymous

I logged from SL and made my way up the stairs to my bedroom. I was wearing just a soft cotton dressing gown and the floor was cool on my feet as I stepped lightly up the stairs. I moved quietly through the room as I had woken up early to check some emails.

Undoing the belt of the robe, it falls open as I walk into the bathroom. My cock is semi hard just from typing to Her. Her voice is imprinted on my brain.

I turn on the water and hold my hand under it checking the temperature. As I wait a few seconds, thoughts and memories race through my mind. Her voice...Her instructions...Her words. "edge".

I move under the shower head and let the water cascade down over my shoulders and my neck. Down....down over my ass and my legs.

I think back to the gym. Wearing  a pair of silky panties. Each movement draws a delicious sensation. Each step....each rep...each lift......divine.

I close my eyes and rub my body with coconut scented shower gel. Feeling silky fingers sliding over silky skin. my hands rub over my chest...pausing to tease my nipples...pinching and twisting. My hands slide down lower. one to my growing cock...the other behind me. My fingers...searching out my asshole. My finger circles my asshole...soaping it up. Imagining Her behind me....her strap on cock nudging my hole.

My other hand circles around my cock and stroke slowly. Long, silky strokes. I push a finger inside my ass.....moaning as I speed my strokes. Teasing myself....wiggling my finger.....taking myself to the edge.

I feel my orgasm building.....bubbling up inside me. Then I hear your voice......"I told you to edge...not are not allowed to cum."

I sigh as I  calm down and slip my finger from my asshole. Removing my hand from my twitching cock.....I cut the hot water......then the cold. Stepping from the shower, I grab a towel and dry myself. Smiling slightly. I can't wait to hear her voice again.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sensuality in Solitude by Lady Astrid

© Astrid de Manyet

Sometimes there is sensuality in solitude.

I am sitting just beyond his reach
so that he must watch me
unable to touch me with his hands
not even the barest brush of fingertips
but only the gaze of eyes
upon the curve of my shoulder
as I let my own gaze settle on the ocean.

I am like the tide.

Raw and powerful some days
bashing against him like the ocean does the rocks
crashing and breaking anything not strong enough
washing away anything not tied down
other days ebbing in like a gentle bath
polishing with the utmost care
leaving behind tiny treasures as gifts
perfect shells and polished white sand dollars
as token memories that I am real.

He is watching me.

I feel his gaze upon my hair
as it cascades over my shoulder
tickling the sensitive stretched skin
over the curve of my collarbone
and I move it aside so he can see more
just to tease him but I do not look back

Sometimes there is sensuality in solitude.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Captured by Lady Portia

© Astrid de Manyet (portia.swords)

It is a sweet trap...
this justifiable darkness
and the unspoken tension --
The aesthetic vein of chemical heat.
His heart-beat
pounding in your ears --
And failing charm...
the variable innocence of his arrival
at your feet.
It is the falling scatter
of pure events
like sequenced dominoes
that lead to surrender.

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Prickly Confession by Anonymous

It was the end of the week, and I was exhausted.

Seems like all I could do at the end of each day was collapse on my sofa, heat up a frozen dinner, gobble it down and then crash. The next morning, it was time to start all over again.

So when I got a call from my friend Stu on Friday night, I barely had the energy to answer. I let it go 7 rings, and then finally picked up.

"Hey lazy - wanna come out and party?"

"Stu, I'm wiped. Go have fun. I'm a mess."

"Nonsense, I'll pick you up at 8," said Stu, and then promptly hung up.

Sure enough, at 8 he was there, calling me loudly from the cab. So I grabbed some cash, and dragged myself out the door to join him.

I didn't know where we were going, so it was a surprise when we pulled up at a completely black building with a door that could barely be identified.

A rather large man, dressed in leather, let us in.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, my head felt dizzy from the pounding music and the heat. I turned back, and Stu was already gone, getting lost in the crowd and the sounds.

All alone, I figured i'd find my way to the bar. As I approached, I stopped in my tracks as I saw the silhouettes of two incredibly beautiful women, chatting at the bar.

I tried to act cool and not acknowledge them, as I made my way to the bar to ask for a drink.

As I got closer, I saw the women were wearing boots - not just any boots, but long, shiny beautiful black boots. Several minutes must have passed, because the next thing I knew the bartender was yelling at me. I looked up, and smiled sheepishly, ordering my drink.

"Oh, we'll get you a drink, no need to order," said one of the two Ladies on the stools.

I turned, surprised.  "Me?" I asked. "Why?"

"Clearly you need one - you must be dehydrated from staring at my boots for the last 5 minutes", she said, and the other Lady giggled loudly.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't realize... " I began to say. "Of course you did", she said. "What's your name?"

"-------" I said. "and yours?".

"This is Eva", said the second Lady. "Hello, Eva", I said politely.

"What did you call me?" she asked. I paused. "Eva?" I said tentatively. "What?" she repeated, angrily. "You are not bright. It's MIss Eva". I gulped and took a breath. "Miss Eva? In that case, i'm "Mister ------", I laughed.

That's when I felt the sting across my face. I winced, and tried to figure out what happened.

"I offer you a drink, allow you to look at my boots, you're told my name, and this is how you speak?" she said angrily.

I thought about this. "Sorry, Miss Eva".

"Are you?" she asked sarcastically.

"Yes." "Yes, what?" "Yes I am.". Slap.

Again, I was confused, only this time the sting remained for longer. Then I felt my hair being pulled hard.

"And I'm Miss Persephone, you rude little toad", said the second Lady, who then pushed me down to my knees, hair in hand.

Now I was face to boot with Miss Eva. "Kiss," said Miss Persephone. I looked up at her. "Don't look at me! Kiss!", she repeated.

I kneeled for a while, quiet and confused.

"Fail," said Miss Eva, lifting her boot and putting it in my face. "Now you must beg to kiss it."

Again, I felt paralyzed, unsure of how to react. I'd never been talked to this way, and these strangers were pushing the limits of my sense of fairness.

I think Miss Eva sensed my confusion, because her tone changed. "Aww, you seem confused. Poor little ------. Are you thirsty?" She handed me a drink.

I took it, relieved, and began to rise. But I felt the pressure of Miss Persephone's hand on my head, pushing me down, and pulling my hair to the side so I couldn't get up.

Miss Eva lowered the drink to my mouth. Miss Persephone pulled my head back with her hair and plugged my nose. I opened my mouth to breathe, and Miss Eva poured the drink down my throat. "Drink it all up," she said sweetly. I complied, not knowing what else to do.

"All finished?" she said caringly. I nodded. That's when they both broke into loud laughter, with a tone that almost seemed sinister. Again, I felt confused. Why was she so nice, and then so mean? And why were they taking this admittedly odd interest in me?

Miss Persephone began counting. "One, two, three, four ..." she counted. "Five, six ..."

"Why are you counting?" I asked.

"Because in 4 seconds it will kick in".

"The alcohol?" I asked. They laughed even louder this time.

"You idiot. The drugs," said Miss Eva, this time with an authority that was frightening.

That's when I panicked. I realized it then - I didn't know where I was, I didn't know who I was with,  I was on the floor
and i'd just had my drink spiked with something I didn't understand.

Immediately I rose. I had just started putting my weight on my feet to push up when I felt my knees go wobbly.

"Having trouble, little ------? Let us help," said Miss Persephone, smiling at Miss Eva. They each grabbed an arm and began lifting me. I felt my feet firmly on the ground now, my legs straight. Then I felt them release my arms. My knees buckled, and down I went. More laughing followed.

"What should I do?" I asked helplessly. Miss Persephone stroked my cheek, then brought her hand behind my head. Miss Eva had something in her hand, but I couldn't quite make it out. Miss Persephone grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and once again Miss Eva poured a drink down my throat as she plugged my nose.

I shook my head, ashamed that I was unable to see this coming or stop it. I tried to spit it out, but she held my jaw shut, and looked deep into my eyes. "Drink," she said firmly. My head was swimming. I nodded and did what I was told.

"Now, about my boot ..." said Miss Eva. I leaned forward obediently to kiss. SLAP!

i shook my head and waited for my vision to unblur. Miss Eva spoke again. "Beg, loser."

"Please?" "Please what?" "Please can I kiss your boot?" SLAP.

"Miss!" said Miss Persephone. "Miss," I repeated. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP.

"Miss Eva".  "MIss Eva," I said, confused. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP.

i looked up, almost in tears, shaken and confused.

"Say the full sentence, with her full name," said Miss Persephone, with a little more patience than I expected.

i tried to remember the phrase, but couldn't. All I knew was that the pain of being slapped, the humiliation of being on the ground, the smells, the heat, the drugs, it was all making me feel ... very strange.

i looked at Miss Eva's boot. I really wanted to kiss it. I wanted to worship it, lick it, praise it, hump it - my desire was deep and dark, and awash in disorientation. I was lost in my own arousal.

"Please, Miss Eva, please may I kiss your gorgeous boot?" I asked, with passion. "Please, gorgeous Miss Eva? Pretty please?" I begged, making puppy dog eyes.

They both laughed. "No," said Miss Eva. "Now come with us".

They lifted me again, and I was half-dragged and half staggered my way out of the bar, into the night.

I don't remember much about how I was transported, but I do remember arriving at the house. It seemed normal, in a quiet street with a nice yard, etc. I remember feeling relieved, calmed, like i'd awoken from a dream where I was unsafe.

I took a deep breath, and leaned toward the couch. Couches always made me want to lie down and crash, which is exactly what I needed. Then I remembered, my arms were being held. I tried to free them, and felt pain on my wrists and heard a clinking sound. Confused, I demanded to be released.

"Of course, -------", said Miss Eva. They both let go. I fell. Now I was on the ground, face down. I felt a heel digging into my back. My hands were cuffed behind me.

"Is that what you wanted?" Miss Persephone asked. I shook my head. "You want to get up?" I nodded. "You want us to help?" I nodded again.

Miss Eva put her boot in front of my face. I felt my face flush, and my cock begin to harden again.

"Please Miss Eva, please may I kiss your beautiful boot? Please Miss? Pretty please?"

"Why should I let you?"

"I'll do anything Miss, please...". "Anything?" "Yes Miss, anything!"

I was desperate, I knew. It made me feel weak to beg like this. I felt like every word I said was like a little transfer of power from me to the two Ladies. I felt like my will wasn't really mine any more.

"What do you have for me?" Miss Eva asked.

"My lips?" I said. I felt Miss Persephone's heel dig into the small of my back deeper now.

"My body?" I asked. Now I felt her other boot between my legs. I felt a sharp pain in my balls as she kicked me. I yelled out.

"My balls?" I asked? KICK. Harder this time. I screamed again.

"Me?" I whimpered.

Miss Eva pushed her boot into my face, pressing the soul into my mouth. I accepted this, stunned, strangely grateful.

They grabbed an arm and dragged me out of the room to a very heavy door. They pushed some buttons, I heard some beeps, and then the door opened. I was dragged in again. The door slammed shut.

This was no ordinary room. There were strange contraptions, chairs, whips, chains, all manner of leather and vinyl and metal objects hanging on the walls.

They dragged me to a chair in the center of the room. They unlocked my cuffs. I saw a strange shiny cart that frightened me, because it looked like it was from a doctor's office. This I did not like at all. I began to feel more sober now.

I leaned my arms on the rests, and began to rise again.

"I'm leaving. There must be some mistake," I said, panicked.

"You're right," said Miss Perspehone. "There is a mistake. You're not going anywhere!".

She kicked me hard in the balls. I collapsed. Miss Eva caught me, guiding me back into the chair. She slapped me and spit in my face.

They quickly fastened restraints on to my arms and legs. I was immobile. As the pain in my balls began to subside, I struggled, but I could not escape.

Miss Eva moved behind the chair so I could not see her. She began stroking my face, softly. Miss Persephone rubbed her boot against my groin. I closed my eyes, confused and unsure whether to sigh or cry.

Then I felt it. The pinch, and that unmistakable shock. Something was being injected into my left arm.

I opened my eyes. Miss Eva and Miss Persephone looked back at me, smiling.

"Loser," said Miss Eva. "Pig," said Miss Persephone.

Another kick. Another slap. More laughing. The sound of wheels squeaking as a cart was brought closer.

Things were blurry now. I heard what sounded like latex gloves being put on. A whirring sound. Some more metallic clinking. The smell of rubbing alcohol.

That's when I passed out.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Confession by Doc

Doc rolled over and glanced at the clock, still groggy from a delightful nap that he’d needed.

“Oh, fuck!  OMG!”  The clock beside the queen size bed read 1:20. “Impossible! It can’t be.”  But it was indeed.  He raced up the stairs, glanced at the microwave clock.  It flipped over to 1:21.  He didn’t slow down, logging on to Second Life.  He knew he was late.  He’d agreed days ago to meet at 1:00 local to meet his Domme (one of several) with whom he’d agreed to tutor in Spanish every week.

Worse, they’d exchanged messages and emails to be sure they were talking the same time zone and not SLT.  Worst this was a repeat of another missed appointment, also his fault.  He felt like shit.

As he logged in, he checked the clock.  This one: 1:22.  She was not there.  More ominous: no IM hanging fire to blister him.  No notecard.  Nothing.  He hoped and prayed she was, as had happened a couple of times, running late too.  He sent an IM to her, and then – to be sure – another copy to her alt.  He waited.  Silence.  He minimized the screen, went into Google Chrome to see if there was any email.  None.  It was now 1:28.  He had promised to log on 15 minutes early so they could get a prompt start.  (He had been told to be at a discussion in The Dominion, which started at 2:00.)  After waiting a few minutes, he decided to write a notecard to send to her.  Writing always takes a long time.  He wrote, edited, revised, deleted, added and so on and somehow, when he next looked up it was 2:07.  He dashed off from this closet (one of his ladies had insisted he relocate his SL ‘Home’ to her Victorian wardrobe), so he logged in there to Dominion Beach.  The beach was the best (and most lonely) place to pull out a ‘kneel’ gesture from his inventory.

Landing in the Courtyard required nimble fingers to get into a kneeling position before the brickbats started flying, so he had long ago made it a practice to land on ‘The Beach’. There he could open his mini-map, click on a location near  -- but not too near -- the circle of green dots, and then approach the group.  Fully ready.  Already kneeling.

Today it was especially good that he had dropped into The Beach first.  He realized he was still naked as he landed. (Naked was another ‘wardrobe requirement.’; the lady in question liked to open her wardrobe’s doors – with built in squeak – to see him inside, naked).  Doc clicked on the conveniently located ‘shirt icon’ at the bottom of his screen. Using ‘replace all’ he put on his usual dark suit.  Being sure his cock was ‘turned off’ he cammed in and, satisfied, tp’d over (a bit late but not noticeably) to the discussion.

He never took his gaze off the ‘friends’ menu.  His Spanish-lesson-Domme never came online.  An hour and a half later she still had not appeared.  Nothing.  Again he checked his email in-box as he half-listened to others in the discussion.  Empty.

He still felt like crap.  Nothing at all was ominous.  It wasn't about fault.  It wasn't about anger.  It was about having disappointed.  That was a fact.  Failure, no matter what the reason, is not pleasant.

He logged out and it was at least an hour (probably more) before he logged in again.

His worst fears were realized.  A scathing note with a list of punishments (choose two out of these four).

The real kicker was toward the bottom.  A pending project, previously hanging without deadlines or parameters or shape or form was now once again active.  It was not his idea.  It was hers.  He had no hope that it would turn out well or that it was worth the effort.  That was, of course, irrelevant.  She had decided for reasons unknown that it would be a good idea.  His job wasn't to question orders.  His task was to obey orders.

They IM’d later.  After he’d had time to digest the contents of her message.  After he had made his choices based on the alternatives which she had offered.  It was a tense meeting, but one-by-one things were decided.  The deadline for the essentials of The Project was now set: one month from now.

His head swam thinking of the work ahead, but he calmed down, reminding himself of innumerable projects he’d undertaken which seemed impossible at the onset and which seemed less impossible as time went on.  Nonetheless he had failed several times ‘stretching’.  There was the horrendous end of a friendship when he’d incompetently attempted to build a Charleston-style ‘whorehouse’ for a client. (That was what she said.) After two weeks of work she then told him she wanted ‘something very large that looks like the French Quarter’.  He hadn't had the heart to tell her all his miserable efforts to date had yielded a small Federal-style residence.  She had never had time to look at his build before.  When she looked at it, she simply said, “This is all?”  He gave her back her lindens, but she was still furious.  She never spoke to him again.  He never built anything again commercially. He’d never really cared about the lindens.  It had been about creating something that would be loved.  He’d failed.

Then there was the English lady who wanted to write a FemDom novel which would match the commercial success of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.   Reading the novel itself was a horror but as her vision of ‘commercial FemDom qua house of prostitution’ unfolded, week by week, chapter by chapter, his heart sank further and further.  Her focus was on fame.  Also the money.  He dreaded fame and didn’t see the point of more money than what it took to pay the bills and have a bit left over for ‘fun’.  Worse, he got to hate most of the women that she sketched out. (His job was to flesh out the scenes, ensure continuity, paint word pictures, and write dialog. She briefly described the action).

This project continued for over seven months.  Doc learned he might be physically a masochist – but that he was not and would never want this kind of mental pain.  He finally told her he needed to quit.  He told her he had come to detest her characters and both their motivations and their actions.  Outwardly she took it well (maybe because she is British?) But…. She never spoke to Doc ever again either.  I doubt the project continued.  If it did, I would wish her well on becoming famous and wealthy.  I don’t think either will ever happen.  But then again I’m often mistaken.

Now, not thinking of the past, Doc pondered the future of this new project.  It also involved writings. Perhaps this will turn out better.  He will be happy if his Domme is happy and enjoys whatever she seeks to gain.  That’s what matters: being a positive force. It is scary and dark when one fails to perform and leaves a wake of unhappiness.  Even if unintended.

Last Night by Niki

Last Night
By Niki Songlark

A night like many others.
Casual conversation with people I like but keep at arms’ length.
A hug for a few, a very few, a friendly wave to the others.

Except for one.
A hug for her.
A warm hug, holding her tight and close.
Her arms squeezing me, holding me tighter and longer.
Did I “mmmm?” Did she hear me?

A bubble shattered unnoticed.
“Why are you moving away?” she asks.
“Was I?” I reply, closing the distance, my leg against hers.
Conversation and food and laughter and why am I blushing?

A hand on my leg.
A touch so casual and so intimate.
So welcome.
Does she know what she’s doing to me?
Mmm, tingles.
From my scalp, down my back.
This is why cats purr.

Conversation and laughing and a milkshake.
“Can I walk you to your car?”
Did she hear?
She turns expectantly and we go.

And we’re alone.
Her arms are around me, pulling me close.
And we’re talking and laughing and her mouth is on mine.
So good so good so good.
I’m leaving hand-prints on her windows.

And talking and laughing and it’s so easy.
Her words cascade over me.
They’re so smart and so pretty.
She is her words.
My words feel clumsy and inadequate.
Why can’t I say it?
Why can’t I say how I feel, how she makes me feel, what I want?
She demands it and I do, in small words.
Dribbles through a crack.

My body is against her, and she looks at me.
Does she know how much I want her?
Her hands are on me, so cold, but I’m so hot and it feels so good.
She says she won’t hurt me and I trust her.
Please push me, make me say the things I can’t say, I want her hands on me, her lips, her teeth.
My hands are on her, in her hair. She feels so good.

Her hands are on my chest.
Can she feel my heart beating for her?
There’s a rattle, does she feel that?
I have to walk away and cough into the bushes, at least I didn’t cough in her face.
And we’re together again and the moment isn’t lost.
We talk and laugh and hers is musical and mine sounds like an old man’s and I hate it.

Her hands are on my wrists and they’re behind my back, her mouth on mine.
She’s in control.
So much power.
Does she know?
She looks at me and I feel like she knows what I’m thinking.
But she makes me say it.

It’s time to go and she kisses me one more time and tells me to walk away.
I do, wanting to stay, wanting more time, more of her.
I walk away and we wave and I sigh.
I’m in my car and that can’t be the time.

It’s a short drive and I’m thinking of her and how she feels.
Tasting her on my lips.
And I’m in bed and we’re talking still.
The screen glows and that’s how I feel.
My eyes close and she’s my last thought.

Acceptance by Lady Jericho

I accept you
Exactly as you are
There isn’t a thing about you that needs to change
I don’t need to break you and reshape you or mold you into the perfect submissive
I am going to break you
But it’s not necessary
That’s why I’m going to take my time
So we both enjoy it
So that the brutality of it can be cherished
So that in your darkest moment
In the face of your fear
You can remember what it’s like to feel alive

The Night I Sunk His Fleet by Lady Jericho

I didn't cheat. I just didn't play by rules he was expecting. I admit I'm surprised he didn't expect the duplicity; he's smarter than that. To be fair, it was his first public scene, so while his mind was filtering the typical anxieties of public play, I went on the hunt, pressing his buttons like a matador hooking a bull.

He laid out the scene, a luxurious blanket went down on the dungeon floor - we settled on it, and the box came out. It was still in shrink wrap; he bought it just to play with me. While I slid a fingernail along the seam of the box and peeled the shrink wrap off he watched me, his eyes still smack talking with defiance. I flipped the box right side up and let the bottom fall out of it slowly. It landed with a soft sound, unhearable to anyone but us. We each took out a battle station; he sorted out the white and red pegs while I broke the battleships away from their plastic moorings. When I handed him most of the ships, he stammered, confused, I was giving him an advantage. No, those weren't the rules. He wanted to win, true, but he wanted to win fairly.

I should mention the stakes. We'd negotiated for a scene of Battleship. You know the old "B7" "You sunk my battleship" game. The stakes were as follows: Standard Rules. If I win, he lets me hit him with my belt three times, in the dungeon (my choice). If he wins, he bottoms to me at a BARR munch (his choice). For each battleship of mine he sinks, I kiss him in whichever scenario we end up in (my choice). For each battleship of his I sink, I barehanded spank him in whichever scenario we end up in (his choice).

I insisted he take the extra ships. He tried to give me back the carriers, insisting they would be harder to sink, and I shouldn't give him such an advantage. I smiled at him, assuring him that I wasn't the slightest bit concerned and he should set up his fleet. I waited until he was nearly finished before I pulled out the hood and slipped it over his head. He gasped so loud I'm certain that even the people sitting behind us in the spectator section heard him. It took him a moment to catch his breath and protest softly about how this wasn't in the rules. It took just a few moments in the hood with my hand on his thigh for him to abandon his desire to play by any rules but mine. It was warm in the dungeon, warmer so under the hood. I let him struggle to set the rest of his board up, and when he was done I removed the hood.

I looked at him, long and hard. He bit his lip, looking back at me, expectant. I couldn't let him down, so out came the belt.  His hands went behind his back. I don't even remember telling him to do it - perhaps I didn't. I wrapped it around his wrists, looping, and tying. I leaned in so our bodies touched and with my lips against his throat below his ear I told him "That's the belt I'm going to beat you with" and he let out this soft little moan and leaned a little closer to me.

With magnanimity, I let him have the first move. He missed. I took a red peg, and with my eyes on his, I leaned across and put the peg in the first ship on his side. He let another moan pass his lips; this time tinged with some despair. It went like that turn after turn. He did manage, along the way to sink two of my ships (even with his hands tied behind his back) but I sunk his entire fleet, systematically annihilating every single vessel. I had him clean up the game and pack the blanket away. He approached nervously when he was done.  His eyes darted everywhere but came back to my face and to my eyes where they finally settled. He took a deep breath and looked that the bench next to which I was standing. He looked from me to it and back, and when I nodded he put his hands on it, bracing himself. "Are you ready?" I asked him, my hand gently rubbing along his back. He shook his head no. I shook my head yes, and he repeated my gesture. I took my first swing at him, and the belt snapped hard against his butt. It was a brutal swing, strong, hard. No warm up. His breath came out in a frantic gasp. Once. Twice. Three times and I kissed him then, long and hard with the same deliberateness I had applied the belt. He half moaned, half whimpered against my mouth, and I hit him again. And again. And again. I circled him like a matador.  I'd come in close, lay my body against his, or my mouth on his skin, my teeth on his flesh, and then I'd strike and move away. I weakened him systematically, methodically, and with deliberate brutality. I lost track of how many times I'd hit him or how long we'd been ‘in scene’. I hit him hard enough and long enough that my shoulder still hurts two days later, and my belt has a crease in it that hasn't flattened out.

He was drenched in sweat and shaking. He cleaned up after us - well, I might add, and we stepped outside into the cool night air. He asked to not be in the tent, to be out in the air alone, and I agreed, sitting there on the bench against the wall. He'd planned to sit next to me, you could see it from his stance, but he didn't, he dropped like a stone to my feet. He leaned into me there, like that, on his knees, and I held him. When he could finally lift his head, he gazed up at me. The total trust, adoration, and respect I found in his eyes then must have been the mirror image of the respect, adoration, and total trust he found in my eyes, looking down at him in that moment.

The Night She Sunk My Fleet by Niki

We walked into the dungeon, smiling and laughing as we checked in.
She looked stunning in her suit, my borrowed necklace just visible.
I was passable, in all black with my hair pulled back.
After checking in, we walked into the dungeon proper. The music was loud and the lights were low, people were playing, people were watching.

We picked out a spot out of the way and I put out a blanket for us to sit on.
I was feeling rather confident, though it was my ass that was literally on the line. Playful banter and smack talk went back and forth while we set up the game of Battleship.
There was some confusion when she gave me the ships, notably the aircraft carriers and all the other ships that have the most hits. I tried handing them back, noting that I would have an unfair advantage, but she insisted.
I relented, feeling I was being given a huge advantage. Until the hood came out.

I protested, these weren’t the rules!
But they were. We would be playing by HER rules.
I finished setting up my ships, mostly by touch. The haze of the hood making it a challenge.
After the set up the hood came off and we were ready to play. Or so I thought.
I found my hands behind my back, something stiff and hard being wrapped around them, binding them.
“This is the belt I’m going to beat you with,” she whispered in my ear, a sigh escaped my lips.

She generously allowed me to take the first shot. I called it out and missed, unable to mark it on my board as my hands were bound.
She took her shot.
Her gaze trapping me, she took a red peg, reached across my board, and placed it in a ship, scoring a hit.
I knew then that I never stood a chance.
So it went, me calling out a shot and her, placing a red peg in a ship, until my entire fleet was slowly and inexorably sunk.
I did manage to sink two of her ships, a small victory.

We cleaned up and I prepared to pay off my end of the wager for losing.
Three hits with the leather belt that had been binding my wrists.
If I had won, I would be collecting on the wager.
What that would have been didn’t matter, it was an illusion.

I approached the spanking horse and bent over, leaning against it.
She asked if I was ready and I indicated that I was.
She swung the belt, there was a sharp pain followed immediately by a sweet burn.
Over and over I felt the bite of the belt.
She walked behind me, back and forth, switching sides.
I focused solely on her.
Her words washing over me, her fingertips moving over my sweaty skin, her mouth on mine.
Again and again the sound of leather striking flesh, I’ve lost count.
Stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop.
She tells me I’ve had enough and we stop.

Shakily I clean up, spraying the station with alcohol and wiping it down, just like the gym.
We go outside where it’s cool, we have the night to ourselves.
She settles on a bench and I go over to sit next to her, but find myself in front of her on my knees.
“You were perfect,” she whispers, taking me in her arms.
I wrap my arms around her, still kneeling, listening to the beat of her heart.
And I’m safe.
In her arms, I’m safe.

Why The Muses Were Wrong by Lady Danika

"Why The Muses Were Wrong" -- ©March 2015

Had my love been but a flame
it could have been fueled by simple things.
Tis true. Tis true.

Or held within the confines of a bricked-in pit
and tended with a rough or gentle hand
and the shove and prod of a stick or booted kick
to keep the embers glowing as might have been willed.

But my love was never so simple as fire.
Fire is the love of Youth-
the all consuming brilliance
that consumes and destroys despite
the momentary heat and comfort
and then burns down to bitter ash.

My love has always been the ebb and flow
of salty ocean waters
renewed and tended and replenished
in the pain and sacrifice of my own sweat and tears
as I gave what all I had of me for them.

Of course, water too can be dangerous.
It can drown, overwhelm, erode the shores...
But the ocean never dies, disappears, or becomes less.
Instead it cycles, rages, changes, calms, and evolves.

And yet what worth do we put in the former?
When all the love poems speak of love as an ember
an ever living flame to light the way of darkness!

Fire eats up the oxygen of souls!
Even the stories of old equate fire with Hell!

Was there ever an antique pen
that spoke of love as the ocean?

At least when love is an ocean-
the brave soul willing to compromise and bend
who is willing to learn to surf the waves...
can walk the sandy shores for glittering shells
each of which tells a small story of sacrifice
each its own small gift given in offering
to the beloved barefoot collector.

Fire can be tamed! Snuffed out! Smothered!
But it is not so easily re-lit as some might think.

You can walk the edge of the ocean
and circle the edge of the world
And she will -never- dry up!

But for most, the interest in such a strong love
seems to break like the ocean waves themselves
and crash against the rocks when the tides are high.
Because it is easier to see the traditional as love
when the muses have long defined it in poems and songs
as flowers and a soft smile highlighted by firelight.

Lest the broken-hearted lover
who tries to tame the ocean forgets...
the vapors that rise above those waters to the clouds
which later birth the great storms in cycles
are required to renew the deep, vast waters
that shimmer and undulate.
And those were what you first saw and loved.

Not the fire.

Perhaps the luminous memories of the water
that held you floating in warmth and cocooned in safety-
your lips and nose held above the waves so you could breathe-
when fire would have instead just singed away your skin...
Will remind you that such a love cannot be bricked in.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Awesomeness Taken, Awesomeness Given by Patrick

In a land far, far away called the Dominion where Ladies rule and males submit there came one day a traveler from a distant land. His name was Atrick. There was something different about Atrick right from the start. People didn't know what to make of him. Oh, he was pleasant enough and very respectful toward the Ladies. That wasn't the problem you see. (All the Ladies thought he was an awesome sub.) The issue just happened to be his style of dress. You see, Atrick liked to wear very colorful suits.  One might say awesomely colorful. Soon, throughout the land, rumors started to fly about how awesome Arick’s very favorite suit was. The stories got bigger and bigger, until, one day, someone mentioned how awesome this exact suit was and named it The Awesome Suit.  The name just happened to stick because the suit was just that awesome!

Everywhere Atrick went if he wasn't wearing The Awesome Suit Ladies and subs alike would say to Atrick, "Say Atrick where is the Awesome Suit?" And Atrick would reply "Well if I wore it every day it might lose some of its awesomeness." Word spread of just how awesome the suit was until it reached the ears of the Fashion Police. They had to see this suit for themselves.  They found Atrick one day and they asked him to wear this suit about which they've heard so much. Being the good and humble sub that Atrick was he (of course) obliged. As soon as Atrick put on the suit The Fashion Police let out a collective scream of horror and said "How dare you wear that awful thing! It is making poor Mavis' eyeballs explode, and Gertie's graphics card is storming off in protest!" There was much wailing and smashing of glasses at the crime against fashion standing before them. "We never want to see that awful suit again! It is in no way an awesome suit -- and hence is hereby banned from this land."

Atrick broke down and cried through his tears.  He said, "But why Fashion Police?  My suit has brought happiness to so many! People smile when they see it!" The Fashion Police declaimed: "That does not matter to us! As of today, all rainbow-colored clothing is banned from the Dominion!" Again being the good and humble sub that he is he bowed his head and said "Yes Ma'am." He bid his farewell to the Fashion Police and started to walk down the road sullenly.
As he was walking down the road, he came upon another Lady. She greeted him and said "Hello there! My name is Lady Akit.  Why do you look so sad?" Atrick said, “Well Ma'am I ran into The Fashion Police, who didn't think my Awesome Suit was so awesome, and they banned it from this land. Now it can no longer bring smiles to the people." Lady Akit began to cry and through her tears she said "Oh no! I can't believe it! I came here precisely to see The Awesome Suit I have heard so much about it!  I shall have to see to this at once. Do not fret boy, I shall set things right. We shall see the ruler of this land, whose name is Lady Ave.  She is a just and fair ruler and I am sure she will set things right."

So Lady and Atik and Atrick set off to see Lady Ave. It was a long journey, but they got there nonetheless. They asked for permission to see Lady Ave and they soon were granted an audience. When their time came to see Lady Ave, Miss Akit said, "Let me do all the talking, and you just be as humble and as good as you always are and we should be fine." Aitrick replied, "Yes Ma'am." As they approach Lady Ave, Miss Akit begins to speak.

"Good day, Ave so happy to see you! It has been some time since I last saw you.  I hope all is well?" Lady Ave said, "Well, hello, my dear Atik.  So good to see you, too.  It has indeed been a long time! I am doing well -- and thank you for asking. I hope you are also doing well." Lady Atik said, "I am except for one thing, Lady Ave, and for that I thought of you right away, knowing you are a fair and just ruler of this land we call Dominion." Lady Ave replied, "Oh my do tell Atik, please." Lady Atik went on and said, "Well, it that seems this submissive ran into The Fashion Police and that they didn't seem to like his legendary Awesome Suit.  They have banned it from our land, thereby robbing all our wonderful people of the joy of seeing it. They have taken joy out of the Dominion." Lady Ave was so shocked she was speechless for a moment but quickly regained her composure and said, "Oh my!  Not the Awesome Suit! I have never seen this suit but I have heard of it and its awesomeness. How can I allow such a horrible thing happen to a good and humble sub such as Atrick, especially since I have not seen this suit? So I hereby declare that the suit is unbanned from this land that we know as the Dominion!”

“Thank you, Atik for bring this to my attention! You have saved the rainbows and brought back the smiles to millions of our citizens! We shall proclaim this day Lady Atik day and on this day the Awesome Suit shall always be worn!" Lady Atik and the good and humble sub Atrick both thanked Lady Ave very much for her reversal of the ban.

Lady Ave then said, "Now that the ban has been lifted I would like to see the suit, please!" Atrick excused himself to put on his Awesome Suit. As he reentered the room Lady Ave gasped and said "Oh my! That is indeed an awesome suit! Henceforth this suit will be officially be called The Awesome Suit!" The good and humble sub Atrick bowed his head and thanked Lady Ave for her generosity. As they left the room Atrick turned and thanked Lady Atik for all her help. She had brought back rainbows and smiles to the Dominion.

Change Of Seasons by Anonymous

Darkness shrouds my world.
The endless black sea adjoins with a formless abyss of sky before my eyes.
I can sense nothing.
Not the figure of your presence nor the deviance in your smile.

Silence shrouds my world.
Neir a whisper reaches my attentive ears.
The crackle of white noise fills my head with not but static.
I can not pick up the little inflections of joy between such sweet sternness.

Numbness shrouds my world.
Neither feather nor heavy hand can breach this emptiness.
I can't feel the warmth of touch or the searing flame of crop-strike.
My sense is drowning in emptiness.

The blindfold peels from my bewildered face and bright images flood my world.
Headphones fall from my ears and the soft murmur of your voice floods my world.
Sharp nails accompany a soft caress and sensation floods my world.
Gazing, listening, straining into this change of seasons.

I feel almost reborn, spat back out into this reality.
From lack of all to overwhelming stimulation.
The tingle of realisation creeps up my spine whilst I look upon your face and hear familiar words.
I grip my bonds in remembrance of my situation, and succumb back into submission.

Happiness floods your world.

Fellow Goddesses by Anonymous

A field leaning back against the sky
Spreads open before me
Brown and forlorn from the long heavy winter
Small brave blades of green gasp for breath
She throws off the dark, wet weight of snow
And rises up to me to say a word

She points across the heavy grey blanket of the horizon
To a crimson whirling dervish of a flame
It dances for her, she boasts, on the tip of a flare stack
I think of altars and oracles and virgins pushed off precipices
And know she has recognized me

She smiles triumphantly and lays back down in the muddy leaves
I too am a goddess and understand these things
A minor one, but still
I have my minion who worships me
With offerings of clean sheets and cups of coffee
And nights filled with unspeakable things

New Beginnings by Tyrotem

“In my life as in the lives of most men there was a critical point of transformation from the universal to the particular, a place of terror and darkness, of confusion and loneliness, a day of unspeakable torpor and emptiness, whose evening brought forth new stars in the sky and new eyes within me.

Have you ever been lost at sea and seen a swimmer approaching from the land? Have you ever, recovering from deathly illness, taken a first draft of fresh garden air and felt the sweet surge of your reviving blood?

Incipit vita nova. I became a new man, still a miracle to myself, at once passive and active, receiving and giving, in possession of treasures, the most precious of which is perhaps till unknown to me. “

Incipit Vita Nova, Hermann Hesse 1899


I think back today to about 30 years ago, when I first read Incipit Vita Nova and the impact it had on me then and still has on me today. I was young, idealistic and very much in desperate need of friendship and love. I was a typical late teens male – I was shy around women, a bit of a nerd type who honestly preferred to read a book on a Saturday night than go out with other teens and get drunk. I was not naïve but had little experience with women . I had been going through a very difficult time at school back home. My girlfriend back in the US had just dumped me, after only three months, and I thought my life was over. A trip to southern Europe was in the cards for the summer, and I dreaded the thought of being away from her and being dragged away with my parents.
It was in southern Spain that long ago summer that I met Anna - a time and place forever etched in my soul.   She was older than me, almost ten years my senior and although I did not realize it at the time, possessed the trade marks of a sensual sadist. She was beautiful and sophisticated. The summer was glorious, Mediterranean and warm. The smell of olive groves, flowers and red wine cellars the scent of which still , to this day brings the memories of her washing across me like a  tidal wave crashing on the Atlantic western shores of Iberia.

It all began innocently enough with Anna. Her parents owned the “quinta” we were staying at. My father had rented the guest cottage on their property for the entire summer. The estate itself was enormous, several hectares of olive groves , with riding stables, swimming pools, and tennis courts. I soon found out that  Anna was of Basque and German ancestry, who spoke perfect but delightfully accented English, living  I was almost 19 at the time – she was 28. Despite our age difference, we became fast friends.My days were filled with swimming, horseback riding and playing tennis. Later I would spend time working in the stables grooming her horses. Most of my evenings were also spent with Anna, talking about our day. She was an accomplished equestrian, commanding and almost regal as she controlled the stallions, riding them hard, yet with a subtle grace. When she would leave in the evenings, to walk across the fields to the manor house  , the moonlight reflecting off of her ebony hair , I would gaze lovingly at her silhouette the scent of her perfume and hair would linger in my senses. Like many boys, my age,  I would lay outside, under the Spanish night skies and masturbate.  In my eyes, she was nothing short of a Goddess. She was petite (she was not much more than 5-feet 2-inches tall), large breasted and had the most exquisite bottom.  My head would fill with thoughts of her long, jet black curly hair, which when not tied back would fall down her back to well below her delightfully curved waist. I would climax under the night sky in what was to become an almost nightly adoration and fixation on the beautiful Anna.

The thing about Anna was how she had stirred feelings in me that were almost primordial. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, I was back to watching that movie on the television from long ago. Once again, I recalled, from when I was most likely not more than eight years old, a scene from a movie that had caused a powerful warmth and a stirring. It was a movie about the Roman Empire and the scene was that of a stately Roman Galleon on the high seas, slaves down below rowing as the task Master would whip them, to ensure that they maintained a satisfactory pace, their bruised ankles clearly leashed to heavy chains, thick unbreakable ankle manacles securely locked . The crack of the bullwhip, the loud cries and the welts on the naked flesh had left an indelible mark on my soul.  At that time I had no idea what the feelings were that I was experiencing, how could I , but when Anna mounted her horses and looked down at me, her voice soft but commanding, it brought back those very same feelings, repeated with increasing intensity throughout the years, leading to many hours of increasingly frantic masturbation, feelings  that are  apparently being triggered by something deep within my psyche and being.

About the end of second week together, it was early July and blistering hot in southern Spain we had been swimming in her pool when she asked me , but it was more of a command, if I would apply the sun cream to her back . We were alone on the property, except for the occasional sounds of dogs barking and the horses in the stables. She turned around on the chaise, lying flat on her belly and told me to unhook the top of her bikini so I could apply the sun cream.  I did not hesitate and began to work the scented cream into her back, observing her well-formed shoulder muscles and silky smooth skin. Her skin was quite dark, and I recalled her saying that her grandfather was originally from Sicily, and her grandmother was of Sephardic Jewish heritage. I noticed that when lying flat in that manner that her long dark curly strands fell past her waist and covered a good  deal of her bikini-covered bubble butt.

“Stephen”, she said my name in her delightful accented English, “Be a dear and tie my hair using that hair bow on the table and massage the cream into my back.”

I immediately took the dark red hair bow and began to collect the endless strands of hair, working them together and tying them , glad that she was lying face down as my penis was now hard in my speedo style swim shorts. I pulled her heavenly hair into a long ponytail and returned my focus to administering the cream into her skin. As I worked, she did not say much except words like “higher” or “harder” or “yes that’s perfect.”

“That’s enough,” she said, and without warning turned around and sat up on the chaise, her breasts naked now. I almost stopped breathing as my heart pounded in my throat. Her breasts were quite large for such a petite woman, and the areola were just enormous and a deep, dark, chocolate-like colour.

She pointed to the table and said “Steve be a dear and hand me my tank top.”

“Of course” I barely could speak as I handed her the top and watched as she slipped it on over her head, pulling the long ebony ponytail through the top, my face crimson with excitement knowing she could see my erection growing in my swim shorts.

Anna, I had noticed, seldom wore a bra around the house, and like many Southern European women would often go out in public without one as well, so I had a good idea of what to expect but seeing her heavenly naked breasts for the first time was more than I could take as my heart pounded and my face burnt red. They bounced out as if escaping the unnecessary confines of her tight tank top.

Anna’s eyes glanced at my covered erection as she began to brush her hair, a slight smile on her face but yet almost indifferent to my situation.

“I see you like my tits,” she said, her accented English and choice of words making my penis throb. She always was so proper and sophisticated.  As she spoke she put down the hairbrush and stood up ,leaning down, she  slipped off her bikini bottoms, sliding them down her shapely thighs, her hair covering her face and hiding most of her naked body from my glassy eyes.  I could, however, see that she had no pubic hair covering her pussy. She turned her back to me quickly and leaned down she picked up her dark beige tight riding trousers, given me a full view of that beautifully shaped naked ass of hers as she stepped  into her riding pants, slipping them up her thighs, wiggling and sliding them over that large bubble bottom as I realized then that she must never wear panties. Turning to face me again her next words struck me like a lightning bolt. “Show me Stephen,” she said looking at my swim shorts as she reached for her dark brown leather riding boots.

“Anna,” I blurted out. “Show you, w..what ?” I stammered.

“Your cock”, she said matter of fact, again her choice of words making my penis drip , as she pushed her small foot into the tight fitting riding boot as she continued to get dressed, slipping on her black leather riding gloves.I paused for a few seconds and noticed a sterner look on her face, and then just pulled my swim shorts down to my knees, my fully erect penis popping out as my hands trembled.

She began to smile now, looking up from her boots, her voice soft “Do you play with it Stephen?” And then not waiting for my answer she said, “Show me how you do it Stephen.”

This time without hesitation and almost like in a hypnotic trance I began to stroke my penis , my hand sliding up and down my erection as she watched,  a studied look on her face, a look of curiosity mixed with indifference, as if she was reading a magazine. Given my almost nightly masturbatory fantasies about her over the last fortnight, it did not take me long to reach orgasm and I squirted cum all over the stone patio surrounding the swimming pool , the cum squirting only a few feet from where she now stood, in her riding boots, her nipples clearly visible through her tan tank top, as she continued to brush out her hair, the strands falling across her breasts. At the moment she was nothing short of a Goddess , as the late afternoon breezes blew through her hair, causing it to cover her face, her dark ruby red lips glistening in the late afternoon Spanish sun. Looking at me again she brushed her hair back into her dark red hair bow , then walked closer , looking down at the cum on the stone, she pressed the tip of her boot into the tiny puddle. She grabbed my still erect penis with her riding glove and gave it a tug and squeeze, then kissed me softly on the lips.

“I am late Stephen for my afternoon ride on Sebastian “ she continued “Why don’t we plan on going for another swim later tonight and be a darling and rinse out my bikini for me.”

With that, she again dipped the tip of her exquisite leather riding boot into the semen splattered stone and then stepped lightly on my naked foot, the cum dripping onto my foot. She wiggled the tip of the boot, smearing the semen on my toes and pressed harder. I almost fainted as she released the pressure and  stepped away , quickly turning and heading in the direction of the riding stables.  I watched her walk away, her long dark ponytail bouncing against the exquisite bubble-butt of hers that completely filled  and stretched her riding pants.  I struggled to pull my swim shorts up from my knees and cover my still erect and dripping penis.


Incipit Vita Nova. I was reborn, deeply in love and captivated.

Sexual Healing by Lady Jericho

my frustration dies there
torn apart, torn asunder
it dies there, mourned not
in its wake there comes
ragged, tremulous, convulsing breaths
oxygen rich blood saturates my brain
and rage crawls away
while i cry out
let me die again
my anger slain, the life in it leaks out
i am slick with its dying
seeking this oblivion, this suicide
i thrust myself upon your truth
until the hilt of your honesty
plunges deeper still
into the divided self i am
and i am cleaved
one side from the other
my cloak of shame thrown aside
and with it the breaches of distrust
long imbued with disdain
my feet bare
where once malice shod them
and my tunic, criticism held so close to my heart
to the pyre added
my maille, every link forged from a thousand slights so old, so well worn
it clinks out its objections
but i can not hear it
the fire vanquishing my indignity
crackles too loudly and my soul drums
and naked i dance freedom to the flicker of flames and they burn hotter and higher
my ancient weapons consumed
smelt to purity and rarity
the strength of experience
white hot from mace to adornment made
and its purity flashes in the firelight
there on the edges of my transformation
i dance primal and holy, drenched in purpose
and there the phoenix of my laughter comes to life the ash shaken off
to wing, to flight it takes
so relentlessly driven i am
even my demons flee
hurling themselves onto the fire
exhausted and alight
there impaled
i died tonight
and i wonder at it all
how i longed for death
i contemplated every method
until upon your claymore i found my peace
how easily i pressed your weapon
inside of me
and let it suffuse me
intoxicate me
how i abandoned my defenses
to lay down and die
and take your killing thrusts
how with tender strength
and rigid determination
you cleaved me
right from left
and so held, i fell apart
shuddering, crying out
death! death!
kill me again, slay me
so i might live, so i may dance
naked in the firelight
burden free with joy and abandon
my funeral dirge, a soft cry restrained and i sing for you at pyre-side
you conduct me as a symphony
my choir, nerves, so well directed
every member in tune with aching harmony even the drumming to which in dance
my hips give sway in relentless rhythm and my hope builds
with a melody so strong, so sweet dawn long since broke
and the hour early
my anger long dead, bled dry
with all that hatred i adorned myself in
reduced to ash
and that too, with a final shuddering gasp dissipates
naked without the ashes of my fear
i stand
adorned in simple, honest strength
it's glint set out against the dark flush of my skin my hand out stretched
i bid you dance with me
in this life
until the next and there too

Ten Biscuits and A Goat Called Delboy by Delboy

To paraphrase Hartley: The future and Second Life is a different country; they do things differently there. Very differently.

So, I put myself forward for this slave auction and got accepted. At the specified time, I turned up in my best bib and tucker,(well, a pair of jeans and a Jam tee shirt), and was welcomed by Miss Eva and told to go into one of these cubicle jobs, get naked and wait. Which, with help from the ever patient Miss Eva, I managed to do, (getting into the cubicle. that is, not getting naked). Then all I had to do was attach a hastily purchased cock to somewhere other than my right kneecap and wait.

I was fourth up.

When I was called up I clumsily bashed around trying to get on the dais; clicking on various options, none of which the right one, (I swear that, at one stage, I clicked on an internet radio playing Johnny Cash's version of “Hurt”, but I could be wrong). When I eventually got on the dais I was facing the wrong way. Obviously that got sorted.

Then there were huge problems with my microphone; volume turned up too loud or some such thing that, added to my less than spectacular entrance, didn't do me any favours. In my defence, I'm partially deaf and pretty much need the sound to be turned up to eleven.
And so, to the questions from the ladies.

I wasn't looking forward to it. One of the earlier candidates had been asked where the clitoris was.  Thank Christ I wasn't asked that, my memory doesn't stretch back that far. The closest I come to sex nowadays is with 'Lilo Lil' my inflatable companion...and she's got a puncture.
I'd written out, in longhand, a couple of A4 sheets of stuff; a wee story and some bits and bobs about myself. For my grand finale, I had intended to read the brilliant John Cooper Clarke's 'I Wanna Be Yours', but that all went out the window.

Given the grilling the others before me had gone through, I had an easy time of it, very easy indeed. A bit of Only Fools and Horses and a smidgen of biscuit listing; I have to hold my hands up; I cheated a little on the biscuit front; a Jaffa Cake isn't a biscuit, (the clue's in the name), but, shhh, that's just between me and you.

To say the bidding on me was frenzied would be a more than mild exaggeration; I think I went for three baseball cards and a half eaten Jaffa Cake.

I will say to any blokes thinking of putting themselves forward; give it a go, but don't take it or yourself too seriously.
Oh, if a potential candidate with a slightly fragile ego should happen to read this goes on to be auctioned; just one snippet of advice; never ever read local chat while you are being auctioned.

Seriously, never EVER read local chat. I found it funny then and still do now, but I'm weird.

I'd like to thank all the ladies, even the ones who ripped into me, you made me smile.

Special thanks must go to Miss Eva and Miss Mo for their understanding, their patience and, most of all, their warmth.

Oh, I still don't cry.... well hardly ever.... well maybe just the odd tear when I listen to Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca sing Delibes'Flower Duet, but that is too achingly beautiful to not let yourself drown in.

The Closet by Doc

"So… how long have you lived in Andrea’s closet, James?"
I wondered how she knew that I now slept, ate, and waited – mostly waited – not only in Andrea’s home, but in her closet.  I figured out that they must have been talking.  Mary and Andrea had been friends since high school, and, at one point, according to Andrea, had been lovers.  That, however was long ago.

“Uh, it has only been two weeks…. I guess she told you, huh?”  Mary nodded.  She then asked another question.

“Do you like it?”

I assumed she meant living in Andrea’s closet, but I decided to add some unasked for information.

“I only have to be there when she’s at home or expected home.  She lets me out to take care of ‘practical stuff’ most of the day during the week.  If she wants me to greet her from the closet during the day -- if she plans on coming home for lunch -- she texts me first.”  I paused.  “To answer your question, though, I find it a bit confining.”  She giggled.  It hit me that saying having to spend time confined in a closet might indeed seem ‘confining’.  I grinned.  I appreciated Mary’s sense of humor, but I decided not to say that to her.  I continued….

“She likes it when I’m waiting for her.  I like the fact that she seems to really enjoy finding me inside her closet – simply because she told me be there.”

Mary then said, “She not very nice is she?”  I thought for a second.

“No she isn’t,” I replied.  Then I added (unnecessarily), “She likes it when I tell her that she’s a bitch.  She takes it as a high compliment, in fact.”

“It is a compliment,” said Mary.  “I know her as well as anyone.  You are lucky to have her in your life, you know.  You could well have ended up with a much less smart girl taking you for herself.”  The look on Mary’s face was very wistful.  She was staring at me.   I evaded her gaze.

“I don’t know if I like this or not,” I said.  I was being very honest.  “It’s very disorienting.  I don’t feel comfortable.  I think getting used to this will take a long while.”

“That’s of relatively little importance, isn't it?  I mean as long as you don’t start ‘acting weird’ and being a jerk about it…. Right?”  I nodded, and then added, “I’m inside my limits.  It’s not as if I am gonna go nuts or anything.  After all, it’s only when she’s around.  The rest of the time I’m free.”  She smiled.

“You remind me of a dog I used to have,” she quipped.  “Heyyou always came running when called.  The rest of the time I guess he was fucking all the bitches in the neighborhood, or chasing squirrels or whatever the fuck else dogs do when their mistress is not around.  I have no idea and could have cared less what Heyyou was up to before I called him home.”

I didn’t say anything.  She continued. “I think I’m going to ask Andrea if I can use you when she’s otherwise occupied.  I think it’s a shame to have you in that closet so much.”  I said nothing at first.  Then I said, “That’s up to Andrea and you.  It’s none of my business.”

“True.  That’s one of the things I like about you.  You know you’re Andrea’s fuck toy and puppet.   You don’t fight it.  You are happy with that role.”  She paused.  “Andrea’s a great friend.  I like her.  I would never go around behind her back.  But…..”.  Her voice trailed off.  “… I would like to share.  You and me.  With her OK.”
I kept my mouth shut.  I knew my role.  I knew my first loyalty.  I knew which woman came first.

“Whatever Andrea decides,” I added.  Then I decided to try to derail the conversation.  “I was in here reading, Miss.  Would it be OK with you if I were to continue reading now?”  She once again grinned.

“Sure. Of course.  I’ll have Andrea tell you what we jointly decide to do with you – either way.  You won’t know jack either way until she tells you, though.  Do you understand?”  I nodded.

“Here,” Mary said.  She tossed me something from her handbag.  I looked down at it.  It was a dog treat.  She laughed, spun on her heel and left the room without a single other word.
I got my answer the next day from Andrea.  “Oh, about Mary?“ she said.  “I told her ‘no fucking way’.  She needs to find her own closet toy!” I nodded. “Now, James, go stand in the corner.  I like when you do that, too.” I went to corner of the room and faced away from her.  I could hear her softly chuckling.