Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Spa by Cam

The lucky ones amongst us males are the spa boys. We live in relative luxury but that doesn't mean we don't still have to earn our keep.

The Ladies come to the spas, to pick and choose - for pleasure or for mating. The spas charge by time and by service. We all have our favourite Ladies, and sometimes throw in little extras, which don't get logged in the ledger.

My own favourite is visiting today. Sometimes she picks me, sometimes not. I stand patiently in the line as she slowly walks down, inspecting each boy in turn. Some of them she touches, grasping their chin and tilting their heads, or running her hand over their chests. Once or twice, she cups the boy's balls, or strokes his cock. Just to see if she can get a reaction from him.

While we're in the selection room though, there must be no reaction. We must stay like statues. One of the less experienced boys whimpers almost inaudibly as she grabs his cock. One of the trainer's steps forwards, clips a leash to his collar and leads him off, without a word spoken. We all know he's going for some re-education.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see she's approaching me. I think I'm in love with her, but it's forbidden to speak of such things. I want her so badly. Not just for service but forever. To serve her only and be with her all the time. But males are too precious a commodity these days to not share.

I stare straight ahead as she approaches me, fixing my gaze on a spot on the wall opposite. She touches me. My skin erupts in goosebumps. Fortunately, reflex actions are tolerated. My pulse quickens and her hand rides down my body, wrapping itself round my cock and weighing my balls. I feel myself stiffen.

"When did he last service someone?" She asks, turning to the spa manageress.

The manager flips through her smartphone. "Last week. Well, almost two weeks ago" she says, without looking up. "Unusual, for him. But business has been slow. Everyone is on holiday this time of year."

"Perfect," the Last says. I wish I knew her name but I know her only by her looks, her bright eyes and her perfect smile. The curves of her body...and of course the fit of her cunt. "You know the services I've requested today?"

"Yes, of course. We'll bill your account accordingly," replies the manager. The Lady clips a leash to my collar and leads me from the selection room and towards the pool.

We spend quite some time at the pool. She sunbathes a while, and I run lotion all over her milky white skin to protect her from the sun's harsh rays. I make a point of turning it into a massage. She lets me get close...soooo very close to her sex but I know the time is not yet right, and veer my hands away at th last moment.

I fetch her drinks when she wants them, swim with her a while. She takes advantage of this to stroke my cock hard while I'm in the water. She presses herself up against me, letting me feel the heat of her pussy in the cool waters.

Eventually, she heads for the shaded patio and takes some lunch.  I kneel by her table patiently. Occasionally she offers me a bite of food but those are strictly treats. I'll get fed by the Spa later. It makes me feel like her pet, and I love it. I rest my body against her smooth calves while she eats.

After dinner she leads me to one of the chambers. She lies on the bed, puts me on the floor next to her and strokes my hair. "I'm going to take a little nap," she says, "but you know what I'll want when I wake up."

I nod, not daring to speak. I watch and listen as she settles down to doze. I think I fall asleep for a short while myself but I'm woken by the sound of her stirring.  I know what sh likes. I've served her often. I clamber up onto h bed, carefully so as not to disturb her and insinuate myself between her legs.

I kiss and caress them, working my way up to her labia, tenderly approaching her in the way I know she likes. She's rented me so many times. Although I don't know her name, I know her in the best way possible.

I kiss her pussy just as she wakes. I feel her fingers run through my hair. She twirls it, gripping it softly but firmly as she parts her legs and allows me to lap softly at her cunt. Her smell, her taste... everything about her I enjoy more than any of the other Ladies I serve. I want her to call me 'mine', to possess my body in the way she already possesses my heart.

As I attend to her clit with my tongue, she cums, pulling my head tight down onto her, denying me air until she is satiated. Often, as she slumbers in post-orgasmic bliss, sailing on that ocean of relaxation, she'll have me make love to her, to fit myself inside her and keep myself ready, moving slowly, until she's ready for her second.

Sometimes she pushes me away, tells me I'm done. Once or twice she's even dismissed me completely, back to the shower room and then to the waiting room until I'm selected again.

But not today. She seems urgent, not relaxed. She grabs me and pulls me up to her. My cock pressing at her wet pussy. She grabs my head, one hand over each cheek, squeezing.

"I want you" she says, almost grunting the words.

I'm taken aback. Ladies aren't supposed to…

"I want to call you Mine," she says, wrapping her legs around me.

I finally break my astounded silence. "But it's forbi…"

"Sssh." She presses a finger to my lips. "Only we will ever know. Her other hand reaches down, touches me and guides me inside her.

"You're going to become part of me today. Inseminate me."

I don't know what to do. Normally it's a regular thing for a spa boy to provide sperm for reproductive purposes, but it is always purely business, functional. This level of emotions attachment is completely forbidden.

"Do it," she says, gripping me tightly with her inner muscles, and with her legs. Give me my seed. Give me a baby."

I can't help myself. My need and lust for this woman, whom I know intimately but also hardly know at all overpower me. My cock twitches, despite myself, I cum in her, pumping her cunt full of seed.

I start to weep. If I'm found out it'll be bad for me. If she's found out, it'll be worse for us both.

As I relax and we uncouple, she tells me to lay sideways. She wants to prop her hips up on my back, to give her a better chance of conceiving. I lie there, worried for myself but more worried for her.

After about an hour, our time is up. Reluctantly, she gets up and I dress her. She clips a leash to my collar again and leads me back to the exit.

The manager is there, waiting for us. My Lady hands the leash over to her and waves her card over the payment terminal.

"Did you enjoy your treatment today?" Asks the manager

"Yes. Very much," says my Lady, looking at me. "Except for one thing."

"Oh?" replies the manager. "What was that?"

"The bastard came inside me without permission" she says, and turns sharply on her heel without looking back before he manager can reply.

I feel sick, knowing what punishment is coming my way, but also knowing she did it to protect me.



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