Monday, April 19, 2021

Remote Control Boy by Cam Inventor Jules


I'm walking into the lounge from the kitchen, holding a coffee for her and a tea for me.  She looks up from her book, stares straight at me and says two words, in quick succession.



Something inside my head goes bang - like a fuse, or a firework.  I'm frozen - literally unable to move.  I can see, I can heart is still beating, fortunately.  But all my muscles are stuck solid, like I'm a statue.

She gets up from her chair and walks over to me.  She puts her hand on the back of my neck, feeling the small scar that's there.

"Remember, a few weeks back," she says, gently rubbing the scar. "You fell and hit your head.  You ended up in hospital and had to have that minor operation?"

I want to nod.  Of course I remember waking up feeling like I'd just stepped out of an industrial washing machine but I can't move - my eyes meet hers.  All I can do is scream with them.

"You didn't, of course.  That was a little lie."  She reaches down and cradles my balls, stroking my cock.  I can feel it - it feels as good as ever, but...I'm not responding like I should.  I remain...flaccid.

"Ready."  One word.

The rush of blood to my cock is so sudden I feel for a second or two as if I'm going to pass out.  Almost instantly, I have the biggest erection I think I've ever had, and I feel right on the edge, as if I am about to cum at any moment.  At the same time, I feel as if it is impossible for me to cum.

"I had you implanted.  Its new, experimental.   It's taken the last three weeks to graft completely to your nervous system.  But now, you're..."  she giggles, stroking the hard cock between my legs and feeling her clit convulse at the thought ... "my biological sex toy.  Voice activated."

I say nothing - of course I can't; I'm stuck in place.  She takes my tea and puts it down on the table.  She takes her coffee too, and starts to sip it before it gets too cold.

"What do you think of this?"

I feel a rubber-band ping in my throat - my vocal chords are working.  "I...What this legal?"

"Shut up." My mouth snaps shut. "I don't care what you think anyway. Put some clothes on, we're going out."

I start to move again - I feel strange; moving yet not really in control as I walk to the bedroom and pull on a shirt and trousers.  I put on socks, shoes, and a thin jacket and head to the front door, where I seem able to control myself, yet I am oddly unable to move from the spot.

Mistress appears, pulling on her jacket, and opens the door.  "Follow."  I follow her outside and close the door behind me.  We walk down the road to the shopping arcade, where there's a coffee shop Mistress likes to frequent.  We're in the queue, when she turns, lifts herself up on her tiptoes and whispers in my ear


Oh god!  I get a strange warmness in my crotch; that feeling that men know when their prostate is active, and I feel a sticky warmth oozing out of my cock.  I look down in horror.  "I'm..." I gasp, covering myself up with my jacket and glaring at her, ashamed and furious.

She just grins, turns to the counter and places our order.  I continue to leak into my pants. I hurry behind her to a spare table where we sit down.  I hope nobody has seen me but I feel sure they have.

"You can stop now" she says, as she pours some milk into her coffee.

"What the actual..." I start to hiss at her, still not quite believing what she's done.

"Oh yes, lamb.  It's quite real.  The latest tech.  We’ll finish our coffee and then I’ll take you home and you’re going to fuck me for hours."

We finish our drinks, almost in silence.  What more control does this thing have over me? It seems total.  She has fun using the key word “ready” as we walk down the street, but soon enough we’re home.  As usual, I strip – not being allowed clothes indoors without permission – and wait nervously for her next move.

“Ready!”  I spring to attention again.  “Mmmm…nice – and all mine! Now head to the bedroom and lie on the bed.  Once you lie down, freeze.”

“Y….yes, Mistress,” I say, nervously.  I walk to the bedroom with my hard cock waggling in front of me, and stop as I get to the bedroom door.  What happens if I don’t get onto the bed?  I feel my foot move, without me telling it to.  I’m dragged towards the bed.  I try to hold myself back but as much as I strain against myself, my muscles move me, laying me down on the bed, stretched out, and I become immobile.

Mistress enters the room, naked.  I try to look and admire her body, but I can only glimpse out of the corner of my eyes; I can’t turn my head.  She climbs on top of me, mounts me and starts using me.

“Quiver.” My cock starts twitching.  The muscle contractions soon become agony, but there’s nothing I can do to object.  She rides me as I twitch in sync inside her.

“Lots more I can do, Mine.  I think I’m going to have you strip in front of my friends at a party, and freeze.  Then I can brand you and you won’t even flinch.  Or I can get you on your hands and knees in a bar and have all the men take your cunt.”  The ideas keep coming, increasingly breathlessly, as she rides me to her orgasm and cums hard, lying down on top of me to rest, my stiff cock, still “ready”, still inside her.

She kisses me hard. “Yes. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this, toy!”


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