Monday, April 19, 2021

Mon Capitaine IV by Meldoran


She had sent me to sleep in a kind of dark, windowless cubicle. There was no bed, no cot, just a couple of blankets on the floor, and a wrinkled pillow. I fell asleep with difficulty thinking back to Her last words..." Welcome to your nightmare of depraved submission, slut." They rumbled in my head as I kept asking myself, "why depraved submission? Why slut?"

I remembered Her, back in college, when I certainly hadn't treated Her well; but after all, it had been a teen story, to which I hadn't given any particular importance. I wondered confused whether all this justified such revenge. But more importantly, what was going on inside me? What was this about me not rebelling, not telling Her to go to hell, but instead submitting to Her whims, even the most bizarre? And why, inside me, did I seem to get pleasure from the way She treated me? What was happening to me?

I got to sleep with difficulty, and the night was quite restless. The cage that She had secured to my cock had caused considerable discomfort, if not pain. Luckily She had made me remove the gigantic plug that She had previously stuck in my ass. However, when in the early morning I heard noises beyond the door of my little room, I felt quite sore and upset. It was Saturday, with the perspective of two more days similar to the previous one.

I got up and opened the door, just in time to see Lady Mary walking towards the kitchen, smiling at me, "Good morning, my dear. Come on, breakfast is ready". I must have been crazy, because the mere sight of Her made me kneel, and follow Her on all fours, which obviously pleased Her, but she didn't comment on it. "To start the day off right, a good breakfast is just what you need, don't you think?"

Who knows, maybe I was expecting something unspeakable, but instead I was offered a 'normal' latte with some stale bread, all in the same dog bowl I had used the night before. But, in retrospect, it was probably the only normal thing about that whole day. I took to eating the soggy bread as She spoke to me, "After breakfast, after you've cleaned everything up, you'll join me in the living room, where we'll spend some time together. And where we'll have fun." As she spoke, She looked at me smiling; She was in her homely outfit, but still simple and refined at the same time, really charming.

"Come on, mon capitaine, show how much you love your Mistress." She moved one foot closer to my mouth, took off Her slipper, and without giving me time, forced me to open it and slipped all five toes between my lips, pushing energetically until I almost choked and hurt. "Oh, but then you really love me...look how you suck my toes...but I assure you that before the weekend is over you'll be sucking more than that...". The not-so-veiled threat made me wince, even more than the foot She was mercilessly pushing down my throat.

The torment lasted a few minutes, and I strained not to vomit, so deep she pushed her foot. As soon as she was satisfied with the blatant humiliation, She removed Her foot, emphasizing my labored breathing with a sneer, and stood up, ordering me to clean everything up and join Her in the living room as soon as I was done.

I cleaned and tidied up with extreme care, but very quickly, because I wanted to hurry and run to Her feet, even though I didn't know what She had in mind. I then rushed into the living room, where She was waiting for me sitting in an armchair. I can't help but say that She was divinely beautiful, which made me strangely fearful: the aggressive and authoritative male I thought I was was gone, making way for a weak and submissive little man, at least that's how it seemed.

She motioned for me to kneel in front of Her on the floor, which I did instantly. She looked at me smiling without speaking, and I felt myself emptying. Still, without speaking, She approached me slowly, grabbed me by the hair, forcing me down and simultaneously bringing my face under Her. I did not oppose. At one point, still holding me by the hair, she whispered, "Let's seal our love pact, come on, open your mouth." So saying, She collected a copious amount of saliva and let it drip between my lips, sadistically letting some of it soil my face and beard, and spitting hard at the end. "You're a servant girl, my servant girl, you know that?" and so saying, still holding me underneath Her, She slowly grabbed my earlobes, pinching them with increasing force with Her nails, until the pain became very intense.

"What do you say, we're still on time for earring holes? You'd make a gorgeous slut with a nice pair of raunchy earrings." Her laughter shook me inside, but I couldn't fight back. I felt myself sinking. "Don't worry, I won't make them for you, at least not now. We need to do something else now." She then took the plug, that giant black thing that I had already gotten to know, stood up, went behind me and, without any compliment, pushed it into my ass, causing me indescribable pain. "Good, little slut, very good."

She then returned to sit in the chair in front of me, smiling at me, and relaxed comfortably, placing Her feet on my hands and ordering me to massage them. In the meantime, while I obeyed, She slid a hand down Her white T-shirt, slowly, until she reached Her panty covered sex, which She began to caress teasingly. Apparently, seeing me naked there, massaging Her feet, excited Her. "You know, I'd love to feel your filthy tongue here, between my lips. Do you think you deserve it?"

I answered without thinking, "Yes, of course I do!" "Wrong answer, my dear. I will allow you to honor me with your tongue, but not on my sex." With that said, She slid further into the chair, displaying Her bottom to me in a provocative and somewhat obscene manner, intimating, "Lick it.

I looked at Her, noting that She always managed to surprise me. Licking her ass? But what had I become, less than an abject being, good only to lick Her most horribly unpronounceable parts? Still, I didn't react. Still, I lowered myself and let my tongue explore the roundness until I found the hole...caressing and adoring it. " you understand the relationship between us? I pound your ass, you lick mine..."

Hearing Her say those words was upsetting to me, and even more upsetting to see, almost from the outside, what I was like. Licking Her ass while She was giving me excruciating pain, as my member burst with grief in the metal cage. She was panting harder and harder, grabbing my hair violently and pushing my face against Her, almost howling "Cunt! Cunt!"

She came profusely on my face, drenching me with Her juices, while my pain showed no sign of abating. Begrudgingly She pushed me away, laughing in delight at seeing my state. "What is it, mon capitaine, something wrong? I wouldn't say so, given the exuberant state of your cock." She lowered Herself slightly forward until She took my cage in Her hands, and to my surprise She fumbled to remove the cage itself, so that my member shot up, hard and throbbing. "It seems to recognize its Mistress, and greet Her. We shall return the greeting."

She took something from the little table next to Her, I had no way of knowing what it was, and She lowered herself again, wrapping my member in Her hands, placing something between my skin and Her fingers sheathed in a glove She had quickly put on. I had only a moment of panic, and immediately a rush of immense pain spread from my member to my entire body. "You know, the healing virtues of nettle are well known...maybe we'll discover that it's also good against excessive arousal?" I understood what She meant, seeing the member completely wrapped in leaves of that herb. I looked at Her, almost crazy with pain and seeing how much She loved torturing me. Although she had had an orgasm only a short time before, She was obviously very aroused. Evidently, the greater my suffering, the greater Her pleasure.

She continued to move Her fingers with a deliberate slowness over my cock, masturbating me with the nettle. I was panting. I was moaning. She was smiling. She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. "Think of what you've lost, acting the way you did, you stupid bitch..."

The pain was unbearable, but so was the voluptuousness that that kiss was giving me. My cock was on fire, torn between endless agony and equally immense pleasure. I closed my eyes, but that kiss sadly ended, and with a sudden change, Her teeth grabbed my lips in a painful grip, but it only lasted a moment.

She flinched. "Follow me, on all fours, like a dog." I obeyed, following Her as fast as I could, and we moved into a larger room, in the center of which stood a sort of medieval pillory. I shuddered at the sight of it. "That's right, here the hands, and here the neck. Yes, like this." She shut me down and I found myself pinned, but totally exposed, unable to defend myself or stand up to any possible offense. But that clearly wasn't enough. "Now we're going to play a nice game, for which, however, you'll have not to be able to see, otherwise the pleasure would be lost. Yours, and mine. So, you'll have to put on this blindfold, which will serve you...well, it will be useful for something." She put on me a black thick blindfold, which completely occluded my vision, and further amplified my feelings of fragility. I felt her fumbling with something, but I couldn't figure out what. "What is my little slut waiting for? An award? A prize?"

It was then that I felt Her grasp my head firmly, and at the same time, a hard object pressed to my lips. "Open!" I opened, and she sank a fake cock into my mouth, without any hesitation, and without any mercy. "Suck, slut, suck, tell me how you like your Mistress' cock, tell me you wanted it and craved it..." and as She spoke She pushed that horrible contraption all the way down my throat, beginning a kind of satanic dance, a sabbath in which She was the priestess and I was the sacrificial victim. Even if I wanted to, I could no longer rebel. I could not move my head, nor could I try to refuse that hard monster that with merciless rhythmicity was breaking through my mouth and making me drip rivers of drool. Her arousal seemed to increase, at least I thought so because her voice became almost hoarse and dark. "You slut! I'll pay you eventually! A penny, I'll pay you! That's what you're worth, a penny!"

This perverse dance lasted for a while, I can't say how long because time no longer had any value for me at that moment. And my other senses were also dulled, just pain, sorrow, and humiliation. It was then that I did not feel that someone else had entered the room. She, still holding my head firmly in Her hands, stopped and pulled the member from my mouth. I gasped, coughing and moving my aching jaw. "Open, again, let's not lose the rhythm" I opened, and felt my mouth filled again...but this time it was no longer Her dildo, but a real cock...hard...strained to the point of spasm. I was horrified at the thought of what was happening, as I heard Lady Mary's laughter, which made me shudder "But look...mon capitaine...a male like you...a real man…blowing a cock with the mastery of an old whore...who would have thought it!"

She let go of my head, but by now I had no reason to try to escape. The cock of that mysterious visitor had taken the place of Her dildo and was moving in my mouth, rubbing on my palate and pushing down my throat. I no longer understood anything, I no longer existed, but I could still hear Lady Mary's voice booming inside me as She brought herself behind me and placed her hands on my bareback. "Hic et nunc, here and now. My vengeance admits no delay in its implementation. And you will remain my slave for life. For always. Mine."

She threw a coin on the ground, saying: "I paid you, whore. I am buying you, for eternity." She sank Her nails into my flesh and ran Her fingers through it, surely leaving deep marks on my back. And the pain and humiliation merged into that one word, "MINE!"


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