Tuesday, December 14, 2021

PayDay by Rorke

 He shivers as he holds the position so familiar to him by now; knees splayed wide and core engaged to push his chest out, back straight with a raised chin but lowered eyes. His wrists crossed in the small of his back while the silence washes over him and his fingers absentmindedly trace against the sealed envelope. Time almost becoming irrelevant with each drawn out minute of anticipation forcing his mind to focus and he feels himself become one with the room, blending into the still surroundings.

This is all just a formality really. His wages have been set up to transfer directly to her account for many years now but every payday he kneels in her office, just like now, to present her with the unopened payslip. Truth be told, he has no idea how much he makes because it doesn't belong to him, all he sees is the basic allowance she gives to him for 'essentials'. This day holds another special meaning too, however, it is the one day a month he gets released from chastity (assuming all the factors such as his chores and behavior are acceptable, of course)

The stillness of the room is suddenly broken by the mahogany sliding doors to the office scraping against their runners followed by the staccato click of her sharp heels and  the subtle notes of vanilla perfume fills the atmosphere. Instinctively, his hands raise to offer the slip as she passes and unceremoniously takes it from him.

Hearing her perch on her desk, he steals a very brief glance up while she studies the paper. The sharp intake of breath and a whimper of need escaping his lips as the heavenly picture of the tight grey dress revealing lacey stocking tops donning crossed legs

Her voice breaking the silence with a, "Good boy", causing his heart to warm before she continues, "However, I have a date tonight so your release will have to wait....you can fuck off to your chores".

Swallowing that rising disappointment and turning it into the dedicated, burning submissive energy and whispers his thank you before placing a kiss to each of her heels and crawls off to his chores. 


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