Monday, April 19, 2021

Rorke's Sissy Alphabet


A is for Attention- Both to detail and your pose.

B is for Bustier- worn under those male clothes.

C is for Chastity- Lock that cock in a cage.

D is Denier- I hear 5 to 15 is all the rage.

E is for Estim- What a distracting teasy treat.

F is for False Nails- Long, sharp and neat.

G is for Gown- it's love at first sight.

H is for Hair Removal- Lest you give someone a fright!

I is for Inspection- Show them what you got.

J is for Jessica- That's you new name, is it not?

K is for Knickers- frilly and lacy to amuse.

L is Lube- for when you're anally abused.

M is for Mistress- The Goddess you serve.

N is for Naughty Corner- It's what you deserve.

O is for Oral- now that's both cock and cunt.

P is for Penis Gag- That fills your mouth to make you grunt.

Q is for Quickly- you'll snap to your tasks.

R is for Red- The colour of your Basques.

S is for Suspeder Belt- Clipped to those stocking tops.

T is for Tied- Rope around your wrists, ankles and cock.

U is for Understanding- She knows you're a sissy.

V  is for Voice- Make sure it's sweet, soft and pretty.

W is for Waist- A clincher and corset brings it in.

X is for XX- Might as well throw that Y chromosome in the bin!

Y is for Yearning- For her attention and to cum.

Z is for Zipper- Do it up and start the fun!


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