Monday, April 19, 2021

Henrik's Confession

Femdom Confessions 18/4-21

HUMILIATION! It is a curious and strange thing for me with humiliation. I really love it, get turned on by it, and at the same time i feel so extremely embarrassed and yes humiliated. Often this is in my brain because the act of humiliation is not always a scenario where anyone else but me and, of course, the Domme who has made me do the said thing knows it is even happening unless it is an act of public humiliation or verbal humiliation in front of O/others.

The act of being humiliated has been on my radar and sexuality since i was very young. Actually, i would say the very first sexual scene i can remember was 5 girls from my street where i would spend time after school as one of them was my neighbor and her mom worked at daycare so i would often go there to hang out until my parents got home. It must have been when i was about 10-11 i think, but I'm unsure since it is so many years ago, however, they wanted to see my penis. And i was reluctant and did not want to so they overpowered me and tied me. After this they were giggling, laughing, and smiling at me as they pulled down my pants and underwear making my penis exposed to them. This was so humiliating to me and of course i was beet red in my face but the thing that was strange to me and i did not understand at the time was that my penis was rock hard. The act turned me so on to be both tied up, dominated, and humiliated by this group of girls.

Now when i look back, this has played a big part in my sexuality and formed me into being a slave and wanting to submit to Dominant Women in my life. This humiliation was, of course, very much physical and very public to all involved however for me with humiliation that is not always the case. 

Lately i have been lucky enough to find a wonderful and amazing Domme Who very much loves to play with humiliation and enjoys playing with my embarrassment and She has taken me places in my humiliation were i had never dreamt of going and never imagined to be feeling so degraded but also enjoying it myself. These acts of humiliation are much more between just Her and me and not involving others directly but still the mind fuck in my brain and where the humiliation works for me is the “what if everyone around me knew” and that makes me feel so humiliated when i view myself kind of from the outside in and through the eyes of those around me feeling and thinking i know how they would think of me if they knew and in my mind probably laugh at me.

One of the things the Domme has made me do is to wear beautiful and sexy panties to work under my normal clothes. Of course, no one could see it but the feeling i had of the lace panties constantly touching my penis and knowing in my mind this was happening and with the whole office full of my Female and male colleagues around me. The funniest, and also for me the most humiliating, thing happened on Thursday as i was talking to one of my female colleagues. She was wearing a green blouse and i was wearing a green polo shirt. She and i often joke around with stuff also about having color coordinated our clothes for the day. And i said to her “we did it again today color coordinated our shirts” and she was laughing and then she said well at least only out shirts and not our underwear. This made me blush instantly because i was sitting there in pink panties and my thought was maybe…? So the humiliation of that act suddenly in my mind became even more real and intense because of her joking comment where she had no idea how close she was to hitting home. 


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