Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Almost Goodbye by Anonymous

 Almost Goodbye - by ANON

You hesitantly reach across the couch, across the divide, to touch my hand, an uncharacteristic conciliatory gesture. I stare at your hand. Your voice sounds strange, unfamiliar, when you ask, "Are we okay?" I raise my eyes and search your face, still stung by your willingness to walk away from me, from us. I pause before answering, "I think we can be." You open your mouth to speak, but for once, I have no need for your words. I need you to show me, not tell me. I close the space between us and press my mouth to yours. Pulling back, I whisper, almost plead "Show me." I desperately hope you'll understand what I'm asking for, what I need. And you do. 

Your mouth opens to me and I push my tongue into you, but it's not enough. Acquiescence will never heal this gaping wound. I start to pull away, but your arms are around me, holding me to you, preventing my withdrawal. Suddenly your tongue is inside my mouth. Urgent. Hungry. Desperate. "Yes," I think, "Show me. Prove to me that you couldn't walk away, not even if you wanted to. Show me that your need for me is too great, that my hold on you is too powerful, unbreakable." You don't wait for permission. I groan against your mouth, against the lips that are crushing mine. I hook my hands under the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head, disrupting your hands and your lips, but they return instantly. You force the left cup of my bra down, exposing my breast, and your mouth claims it. I cry out, arching my back. My fingers thread through your hair holding your mouth to me. Your hands waste no time. You push my skirt up my thighs and jerk my panties aside. Without warning, your fingers are inside me, two fingers. I gasp and cling to you, nails digging into your back, marking you, hips thrusting forward to meet your invasion. "Fuck me," I whisper, my tone demanding. From your throat comes a sound akin to a growl. I reach for your belt, clumsily tugging at it. Impatient, you take over with your free hand. Belt. Button. Zipper. I push your pants down to your knees, desperately needing you inside me. You pull me on top of you, grabbing your cock and guiding me onto it. Your hands find my hips and pull me down hard. My cunt engulfs you entirely with one swift movement. My eyes widen and then close, my body tenses, and I cry out sharply. I press my hands down on your shoulders, holding you in place. You thrust up into me. But you need more. You easily shrug off the pressure of my hands on your shoulders and lift me, flipping me onto my back, your cock, no *MY* cock, never leaving me. My legs instinctively wrap around your hips, pulling you deep. You thrust. Hard. Urgent. Pounding. Knocking the air out of me each time your body crashes into mine. I struggle for air. I scream. You don't stop. You don't pause. With a final thrust you groan and your cock spasms inside me, filling me with your seed, with *MY* seed. You collapse on top of me. My legs wrap tightly around you, not letting you go, holding you until you soften inside me. You begin to come to your senses. Realizing what you've just done, you anxiously push yourself up to look at me. You start to speak, but I cover your mouth with my hand, "If you apologize for that, I will never forgive you." When you nod, I remove my hand and pull your weight down on me, holding you, stroking your back lightly with my finger tips, searching for the half-moon indentations left by my fingernails. 

At some point, I rise and take your hand, leading you to the bedroom. I stand beside the bed, watching, as you finish undressing in front of me. Then you reach for me, slowly undressing me. Your lips adoringly brush kisses against each inch of newly exposed skin. Dropping to your knees in front of me, you lower my panties to the floor and press your mouth between my legs, worshiping me with your tongue, tasting the familiar mixture of my fluids with yours. You teasing my clit expertly, just as I've taught you, until I cum on your face. You hold me up when my knees buckle. 

We move to the bed and fall into a deep sleep in a tangled embrace. Hours later, I wake with your mouth on me, peppering small kisses on my breast. I look down and see the bruises left on my skin by your greedy hands and the bruises left on your skin by mine. Your lips close around my nipple. With a soft whimper, my back arches into you. I feel your cock hard against my thigh. We make love, slowly and tenderly. I roll on top of you, moving on you, engulfing your cock. Your hands gently tease my breasts. This time, you hold back, letting me move on your hard cock, your thumb massaging my clit, until I cum, then rolling me onto my back and thrusting into me until I look up at you and offer the barest of nods. In response, you instantly release inside of me. 

It's dark now. We lie beside each other, your cum dribbling out of me. I snuggle into you, needing to be close. You hold me until I'm asleep. As I dream, you lie awake feeling anxious about what is to come. You know there will be suffering after enjoying my body so freely. Making love is ALWAYS followed by pain, intense, almost unbearable pain, but it's worth it. With these thoughts on your mind, you drift into a restless sleep filled with dread and anticipation of what's to come. 


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