Monday, April 19, 2021

Stallion's Confession

My confession.   

I hope this is the correct way to do this.   

I feel like its almost impossible to find an outlet for my personal Kinks.  I like Femdom I love to be around Strong women. But I am not much in to being a simple sub. I have been in the past, in various forms. 

An obedient soft slave of sorts. that wore a collar and did as told. Trying hard to be a good boy.   

I have also been a Defiant disobedient slave and sub.  And disobeyed and did as much as i could to be punished. 

These can be fun, But sadly they do not really scratch the Itch that builds up.  

I am a Role player at heart. And love to play out scenes. Where I get to play the Cocky Arrogant defiant and lusty type.   A Barbarian.   The boastful guy at the gym. The pushy Head of the football team.  

The men that often I feel deserve to end up in trouble and being taught a lesson.  These types of roles, play in to my kinks very well.   I also enjoy just being the nice guy or maybe the Ill fated Slave that does not know what is coming. Lured in by a pretty face or a smoldering Temptress. Who turns out to be a Femme Fatal. 

No matter the theme. The desire is to find myself Bound maybe Gagged, I love being a Captive. Being Held and bound and locked up against my will.  and seeing a woman walk towards me with Lust and Mischief in her eyes.  A desire to see me struggle and fight. But ultimately be at her mercy. 

To be teased, taunted, and tormented. 

Watching her eyes slip over my body. Seeing the way being bound puts me on display for her.  Her hands explore pull at my hair, Pinch at my skin. Scratch her way down to pulling away the last bit of covering I have Letting my pride and lust fall free for her to see. 

In my fantasies I am well gifted. A large length of flesh that hangs for her to admire. She looks at it like its a meal. Like a cat looking at a cornered mouse.  She is going to have her fun at my expense.  And I cant stop her. 

Soft touches. As she takes it in her hand. coaxing it to wake for her. To rise to her bidding. She lets it go and steps a way. giving me more to look at. Slipping from the clothing she wore. Letting me see what I had desired.  At first I think maybe this will be fun. Maybe this is just going to be a bit of Kinky play.  But she quickly dispels that with a snapping kick. 

Her foot now bare flashes up to catch my low hanging fruits. A swift strike that makes me want to buckle and groan. Trying to protect myself. But bound as I am, I can't....   She laughs, Seeing me so powerless. She steps closer and this time her strike is a lot more intimate. Her body close Breasts pressed to my chest My semi hard length trapped between us as she drive her Knee up. Watching my face, my eyes as she does. 

It leaves me coughing and almost retching as she steppes away. Letting me have that small reprieve. She moves slowly hips swaying. She uses her body as a weapon. As the pain aches in my belly, She draws my eyes and my mind away from it.  she works to raise my lust as well. Her rear, her back, her legs, She touches herself. Leading my eyes where she wants them to go. She teases me with her body. Touching herself. Then looking at me, Her eyes falling down to my manhood,  at the part she is focused on. 

She stops her tease as she steps close again. This time she is gentle. once again caressing and coaxing my pride to rise. Taking it in hand she starts to slowly stroke it. She uses the wetness from her own lust to stroke over the tip. working the soft skin down to reveal the swollen plump head. She toys with it. Bringing the hard flesh back to life. After the shock of the previous pain. 

Any protests I try to make die in the gag. As she takes her time and works the hard flesh to be as rampant as she wants it to be. She glances at my eyes. She knows this feels good. Even as the rest of my body aches she makes me feel this, pulling me from the pain in to the lust again. Making me feel both, to mix the two in my core.  

In time she pulls her hands away. leaving the turgid flesh to bounce freely.  Watching it jump and jerk as i tense my inner muscles. The sounds i make as if begging her to continue.  She has me on that edge. Now she backs away. A hand moving over her body again.  She speaks,  A soft laugh as she watches me so bound and powerless and still begging with my eyes.  She tells me she wants to play a game.  She wants to see how well I can resist her charms. If I can do as she wants me to, no matter how hard it gets. 

If I Win. Well she will give me what it was I Really wanted. 

If I loose though. Well then She will gets what she really wants.   

I am torn. My body is on edge and I cant really think straight. I give her a look and nod. 

She smirks.  Telling me I did not really have a choice. But likes to see how eager I am . 

She comes back oil in hand. She pours some in her hands and coats her inner thighs. As she steps up to me. Her hands move up over my chest as her legs wrap around my  screaming hard length. She crosses her ankles and using me to keep balance she starts to roll her hips her legs stroking back and forth forward and back over the trapped flesh. her hot and still wet sex pressed to the hard member. as she grinds on it her own face showing how good it feel. She Pushes and pulls rolled her thighs against each other as she moves and watches the way my skin flushes and my heart starts to race.   

She turns her rear now pressed to my belly. Her legs again wrapping around as she starts to push back in to me. Pumping and huffing. Her oiled hands reach for the head the end of my lusty member that she can see poking from her thighs. She starts to roll and twist her hands around the tender sensitive head. Making my body shudder and jump. She tells me. sternly. I am not allowed to make a mess. I have to hold back to keep enduring. 

Its a loosing battle. She has already gotten me too close. And now .. Now I am gritting my teeth and bearing down on my inner muscles trying to hold off. But as her hands toy and polish the head. Its far to much. I let out a screaming moan. As the first gush of my lust jumps free. She watches as it spills. long Ropes of lust falling to the floor as she keeps her thighs working. 

Its just a few moments But it feel like an eternity. As she slowly stepped away. looking at the mess she shakes her head. She is disappointed she says, but her eyes give away the excitement she is feeling. She walks to a table and returns with a device. It opens to show a stretched elastic ring. Seizing my sensitive length she pushes the stretched ring to the base and then lets the device release it. It bites in tight. making the hard length look strangled as the veins stand out and then start to darken.  She smiles her wicked smile. And walks back to the table. This time she picked up a pair of shears. Her eyes are vicious and lust filled as she walks back. opening and closing the blades. in a snapping motion. As she looks at the strangled flesh. 

She looks in to my eyes and says since i failed that I obviously do not deserve to keep such a big toy. Since i cant control it.  She places the blades around the glistening member and leans in and drags her teeth over my chest. I am struggling fighting trying to get free. My head tossing my hair whipping around, Then i lock eyes with her.  I can see the lust and pleasure she is feeling. The burning heat of that look as she snaps the blades closed. 

 ......   As you can see My kinks are dark and wicked. Very hard to find someone that likes to play these out. And have fun with the wicked play.     I don't mind being a good boy. Being an obedient boy. but for me the real way to scratch my itch is to put me in the deep dark dungeon and make me beg for mercy that will not be shown . 



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