Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Untitled by Anonymous

 thirsty, wanting, delectable decisions await,

the fall of the ice cold trickle over this untold fate.

promise to fulfill the craving, this beautiful rapture, soon gushing free,

into the scent filled calm waters, i long to drown in to me. 

cautious, painful, burning desire,

the yearning flames, are raising higher.

heat rises into the darkness, yet as it calls,

the soft screams, are heard, the sound within the walls. 

potent to the mind, as in anticipation taught,

in just for a moment, i pause, where nothing i thought.

the sensuous, upon the tongue of that sumptuous taste,

into the throat the warmth, of ones sweet zesty flavour some haste.

the frivolous moment where i shall be,

calmly, drifting into the night, just sipping my tea.

                             -Tea Time


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