Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cuckold by Rorke


He jumps and grimaces a little at his desk, with a hurried glance around he sighs in relief seeing those around him engrossed in their work and paying him no heed. Subtly adjusting his trousers and feeling the bump of the ingenious cock ring; bluetoothed to his phone to send an electric shock to his sensitive balls upon receiving a message from her; and picking up the phone: 

"No dinner needed this evening, boy,"

Sighing with a soft shake of his head at the brief message as he simply replies, "yes, Goddess, thank you, Goddess", and thinks such is the life of a male in a Female Supremacist Relationship. No matter, he muses, everything will freeze, it was going to be a special meal for her before the ritual of presenting his pay cheque to her but she must have other plans...Then suddenly, very suddenly the realisation dawns mixed feelings of excited frenzy and pangs of jealously hit him while the dread grows. It can only mean she has a date!

The rest of his day is a blur, just an out of body affair with him reduced to basic functions while his mind races. These were always difficult for him, while he had accepted long ago that he would never have that type of intimacy with her and his service to her was way above anything these men could experience, he could never help but feel that male envy of them having something he only will ever dream of. Plus, there is the added torture of who she was with, would he meet him? More often than not he did which always left him unsure of whether that was better or worse. 

Most times, he was just required to drive them home and fix them a drink before being sent back to his chores or to his room but that depends on her mood entirely. It could range from the extremes of being made to provide entertainment to one time being made to sleep in the car while they fucked all night. Again, he was very unsure which was worse.

Home time now, hurrying back as quickly as legally possible (the time he was caught speeding is another story for another time!) to prepare himself mentally. With no dinner to prepare; aside from the dog's and his own basic meal; his chores before she arrives home were light so he hadn't even that distraction to take his mind off of it. Kneeling naked, he could only try and process the feelings, "Suffering is service and service is freedom", he repeats over and over to himself.

He lost track of time ages ago but knowing her it is around 11pm when the door pushes open and is breath is taken, as it always has been from the moment he first heard her heavenly voice, filling his ears with her excited laughter and chat while his eyes dart to her heels. Bracing for the next set of feet he will see and swallowing hard, about to crawl forward as she grants permission to greet her, he freezes....

A second pair of heels and bare legs enter his view!!!

His hesitation earning him a slap to his cheek, causing his ears to ring, as he mumbles his apology and hurriedly kisses her feet.

The greeting complete, he kneels up and his jaw just drops. His Goddess stands before him, as beautiful as ever in the long, flowing skirt with a tasteful split exposing a thigh and the white top clinging to her form.

"Well, greet Miss Maddison, boy...where are your manners?", came her rhetorical question as he lowers his forehead to the floor in greeting, bringing a chorus of laughter from the guest. Hardly daring to breath as the young blonde Woman in the black dress allowed him to kiss her feet while conversing with his Goddess.

What ensued was an evening much, much worse than anticipated but somehow much, much better. It was decided that if they had to wear panties then so did front of this gorgeous young Lady he had just met, he had to pose in his pink sissy panties under constant ridicule, reminded that his were staying on tonight, unlike theirs.

This was very different in a physical way too, as while he avoided looking at the males, he had to tear his eyes off her. And even the waiter service (or maybe maid is more accurate) was more difficult as he was making cocktails to their exacting tastes opposed to just grabbing a beer!

Finally, after a game of musical statues at his expense which seemed to last for hours, his Goddess gave the sudden curt instruction, "Fuck off, boy".

Crawling from the room and closing the door to the sound of female laughter, moans and kissing, he sighs but smiles...this is his place and wouldn't want it any other way.


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