Monday, April 19, 2021

Anonymous Confession 2

Well I did it.  I bought a beautiful Brazilian Horn stiletto switchblade.  9" of ultra sharp stiletto blade that springs out with a stroke.  Polished, glowing and ready.

Those of you who know me now know who your perverted psycho writer is.  Those of you who don't probably best hope you don't find out.  

You know how I ended up as a "sensual domme"?  I was pleasing the men.  The men who ache for a tame seductress who wants to tie them down and make them cum like a fountain.  Oh yep they will bend the knee for that fantasy.  And as a woman shocked by her own desires I counted myself fortunate to have men around me who wanted to let me control them.  And I took what was offered and gave what I thought I had to give.  I was fucking grateful.  Yes I want to tie you to the four corners of the I would like to spank you - lightly......and now I want to......oh you need to cum?....oh ok, can't neglect the almighty cock.  Would you like a little oral first?  

Oh lord it is embarrassing how very much I bottomed from the top.  And for how long.  Because the message that you must cater to men's desires goes that deep, at least for me.  And it took a long time to recognize that being gentile and careful and catering to what he wants by instinct, is not dominance.  It's not female led.  And it is not at all satisfying.  Not for me.  

I am ready to let your desires go.  I want to be the owner and mistress of the man who is truly mine.  The one who will be available for my desires, which tend to the violent; without question.  The one who is my whore.  The one that I adore.  

I like to whip, and wound and cut.  I like to slap - oh I like it a lot.  I like to punch.  I like to choke and restrain by the neck.  I like to use my hands.

I want to splay you and bind you, then run the point of this stiletto over you, down your torso, down your thighs, the point poised on your taint. pushing just enough to cause I fuss.  I want you hard throughout, including as i incise my name on your cock.  i want to pattern your thighs with bloody designs.  I want to watch the blood dry on you and crack.  I want you to hold my blade between your teeth carefully, as I fuck you to my cum and yours.  Yours NOT FOR YOU.  Yours because it fascinates me to see your cum dribble over your dried blood as you turn into a pretty pink painting for me.  Then I want to wash you, dry you; salve and seal your wounds; ensure you heal perfectly.  The love that I have for your body is unmatched.

A little irony to end with.  I asked my submissive a long time ago why his previous relationship had ended.  "Oh, she pulled a knife on me" was his response.  If all goes to plan, he is about to find out the meaning of "tip of the iceberg".  Wish me luck.


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