Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Invisible by Meldoran


Life is often made of crossroads, of decisions that must be taken trying to rely on logic, intelligence or maybe even just common sense. There are times, however, when common sense does not help; times when you realize that the choice is almost forced, whether you like it or not. At that point you can only suffer, just trying, for pure survival spirit, not to be overwhelmed by events.

Forgive me for this perhaps inopportune beginning, but I personally feel it is necessary.

I awake from my slumber, open my eyes, and slowly look around. It is almost unreal what is happening here. I am in a cage, not so small that it forces me into extremely uncomfortable positions, but still a cage that severely restricts my movements. This is the place where I am ordered me to stay by Mistress. The cell door is ajar, but Her command is stronger than any lock: "Do not move unless you are told otherwise," were Her last words before she left me. I know She has something in mind that I am unlikely to like; I have learned to know that Her imagination is unmatched when it comes to obtaining pleasure, even and especially through my suffering. But I also know that any attempt to rebel cannot succeed. Maybe I was able to fight back more in the beginning, but over time I've given up. I just can't fight back, assuming I want to. And I don't want to.

I am naked in the little prison, but not completely. The manhood is not caged, as Mistress usually requires. Instead, there is a sort of ring fastened around my shaft and scrotum, a toy I've never tried before and which Mistress wants to inaugurate today, of all days. Not knowing how it works unsettles me, but then I don't have much to do. I have my collar, of course, and my beads, that are completely stuck in my butt, complete my meager equipment.

It's dim around me. I quickly notice that the cage I'm in has been moved from its usual position and carried away from Mistress' bed, a bed I can barely see.

Mistress is lying sideways, as far as I can see, on the side of the bed nearest me. I can't make out her contours clearly, but I can hear her unmistakable moans. I can tell she's having fun with someone, but who? It's probably Cam, but whoever it is is hiding behind Mistress. I also hear an unfamiliar moan, which makes me realize that there are three people on that bed.

I have no idea who the third person might be, and maybe I don't care. Maybe I know him, maybe I don't know him. Maybe he's a friend of mine. I know that the refined perfidy of Mistress could relegate me to someone I might share my time with. I shudder at the thought. All I know right now is that the atmosphere is permeated with sex, with desire, and that the lack of clear vision is heightening the other senses and increasing my sense of frustration. It is obvious that my presence is not accidental: Mistress wants me to be there, but why? To emphasize my role and make it even more obvious? To feed Herself with my natural but suppressed desire for Her pleasure? I don't know how to answer.

I touch my hard member, I know I am not forbidden. Mistress moans again and again, speaking words, sometimes broken, that give me a picture of what is happening, "Move over and don't you dare cum. Instead, take his cock in your mouth and make it nice and hard. You know it's even nicer than yours?" Cam's grumble is a clear response, somewhere between offended and eager to please Her. I see him move and nuzzle himself between the third person's legs as he guides his head onto his cock. Mistress seems to be watching, amused and aroused...but only a few seconds pass and a sudden pain hits me on my member. I let out a moan which Mistress notices and turns to me for the first time, "My little slut, what was that?"

The darkness is not such that I cannot see an almost satanic grin on Her face. I don't have time to recover from the pain, and a new one hits me, even more intense, there, between my legs, coming from the ring I wear. I begin to understand. Mistress is using something that gives me electric shocks to my member, obviously dosed according to Her whim.

I'm still moaning, the pain tending to soften my manhood; fortunately enough, Cam's moans are louder, and so the sound of his eager lips around the stranger's hard cock draws the Mistress's attention away from me and calls her back to Cam, "Good, ... that's it ...." Saying that, she reaches behind him and starts stroking his hard member, causing Cam to moan even more audibly. I catch a glimpse of Mistress' hand move with methodical rhythm, causing agony in Cam, making him even more dependent and pulling him into a subspace of his own.

The atmosphere is charged with eroticism, it is charged with sex. But it is also full of domination, control and dependence. It's clear that Mistress is pulling the strings on all of us. In relation to me, it's quite obvious: I'm in a cage at her behest, forced to witness sex that isn't mine, and made to suffer for Mistress's distant pleasure. But Cam and the stranger are also obvious tools in her hands. I watch Cam nearly drown himself, banging his head against the stranger's pubic bone, while Mistress expertly stimulates and arouses him, keeping him docile with her deft movements.

There, now, Mistress turns...she looks at me as she continues to masturbate Cam...she smiles at me...I think she smiles at me...and a wave of immense pain seizes forces me to bend and gasp as if a hand, Her hand, is gripping and squeezing my balls, with determination, with malice, leaving me no escape.

I look up painfully, and she signals me with her index finger to come closer. I move with extreme difficulty, the cage is small, I open the small door and slip out, on all fours towards Mistress. I don't have time to take a few steps as a new incredible pain grabs me, making me gasp again. I collapse to the floor and hear Mistress chuckle in amusement. "Well, well, well, is that so difficult? ..."

I get back on all fours and trot laboriously toward her. As I draw nearer, even in the spasms of recent pain, I manage to catch a glimpse of the stranger, and my heart beats to my throat; the semi-darkness does not help, but it seems to me that he looks familiar, that he is Giulio???!!! No, no, I cannot believe that Mistress's sadism would go so far. Him?

She signals me to settle down, sitting, leaning, resting my head on the bed, exactly in line with Her hand, which continues to masturbate Cam. I understand immediately what she wants me to do. Still shocked with the acquired stranger's identity, I open my mouth, just in time for Her hand to accompany Cam's cock to my lips, sliding it in little by little. My mouth is full, so full that I get a gag reflex that I struggle to suppress.

Mistress smiles and enjoys the scene: a kind of human chain, a chain of servants pleasing each other just to please Her. The slave's mantra comes to mind... "Her pleasure is my pleasure," as the piece of meat reaches down my throat and begins to thrust between my lips. Mistress seems aware of my difficulty, because she reaches down, grabs Cam's balls (who moans in pain) and pushes Cam's cock even deeper, nearly choking me. Satisfied with that, then she stands up on the bed, almost riding the human chain and positioning herself with her sex right in the Giulio's face.

"Now you lick me, because I want an orgasm right now...In fact...I want you all to come, but after a real chain....I will....then you...then won't, Mel, since, as you know, you're the low man on the totem pole, poor you..."

I hear Her words almost in the distance, like a dream, or rather a nightmare, of which I am the involuntary protagonist. I hear the lustful gasp of Mistress as she holds Giulio's head in Her hands and presses it against herself....beginning to murmur words of pure lust... Knowing who it is that's giving Mistress pleasure right now ... hic et nunc... kills me even more than this piece of meat entering my mouth hard and throbbing. It literally drives me insane to know that he, only he, will bring Mistress to her climax. I moan and feel myself dying.

The atmosphere is growing hotter. Mistress' excitement is like a catalyst for the other two. I can only suffer and prepare myself for the orgasm of the one who thrusts into my mouth for Mistress' sadistic pleasure.

The road to apotheosis is short, heralded by a hoarse cry from Mistress as she squirts, fierce as ever, and I imagine with deep envy what Giulio must be feeling now, whose face Mistress has surely baptized with a crop of sweet precious fluids. Only a few seconds pass, and then Giulio himself cums too ... judging by the grunts he lets escape. A few more seconds, seconds of uncontrolled movement, and Cam cums too, copiously, filling my mouth with cum I can no longer hold back. Some of it spills out just as he collapses on the bed, dripping from the sides of my mouth.

There is nothing to say: everything was perfectly synchronized, almost as if it had been organized down to the smallest detail. Everything seems to be over. But, of course, it's not like that. Yes, it's true, the atmosphere gradually fades into a relaxed silence, a complacent satiety of the senses. But not for me, I know that, and Mistress knows it. She studiously ignores me as she talks to the two on the bed, "Divine, just divine. I knew I could count on both of you. On you, Cam, who are such a slut. And you too (turning to the one who was a real friend to me), well, I can't help but say you have a future ahead of you, a future as a pleasure provider for me. I'm sure someone here will be more than happy with that. " She laughs.

I just don't exist, except for that last lunge that makes me bleed. Today my function is merely accessory. After all, it is to confirm what I am, an instrument of pleasure in the hands of Mistress. And today my role is to be invisible, to not exist except as a vessel for pain and cum.

As she slowly rises from the bed, she looks at me with a smile and says, "Poor baby, today is a bit like Lent for you. A penitential abstinence. And your cock doesn't seem very happy about it. Let's take care of it for a bit ..."

I throw myself down and kiss her feet passionately as a tear wets my face, a tear of frustration but also of total submission to her. She lifts one foot and places it slowly on my head, pressing down and whispering, "Tomorrow, if I choose, you may exist again. But today you do not, you are invisible, you are nothing. Yes, kiss your mistress's foot, annihilate yourself in this act of absolute submission. And enjoy it."

And as She pronounces the last word, She works for the last time on the remote in Her hand, snickering evilly and pleased, giving me an immense ache in my testicles just as my tongue slides between her toes.

Just invisible...


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