Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Untitled by Anonymous

 Sometimes the moon's orbit wobbles around the earth.   Those wobbles produce higher and lower tides, and dramatic events on  earth.   The gravitational attraction isn't a straight path, no matter the strength of gravity's pull.  And sometimes for me my path is not clear, my commitment is wobbly, and I forget the path I am on -- the path with Mistress.   But her pull, her path, her power is always there...undeniable, unshaking and a law of nature.   

It is best to let the law of nature take over and to follow her path, listen, and follow.  Einstein conceived of a planet's path through time space similar to a bowling ball moving over a mattress -- the object moves through a smooth path carved for it.  The easiest way is to follow the path created in a straight line.  Deviance from the path and wobbles cause friction, bumps and instability.

I often forget these truths as I get swallowed up in personal thought, drama and life.  And yet she doesn't.  For that I am grateful, and it is her nature.  She can't change her pull, and my attraction to it, no matter how I might try.  It is the nature of the bond, of D/s of us.

Thank you Miss for being there.   For not letting go, for not letting me spin off into a self-centered, untethered world of uncertainty and loneliness.   For being you and crafting Us.


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