Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Drug

Submitted by Roxana B

She was restless,
paced up and down
She was hungry
She desired,
desired him
The urgent need
To feel him
Touch him
Taste him
Devour him

She could feel his energy,
amongst the others
She could have taken theirs,
but it was his she wanted
He was her addiction
The reason why the veins in her sprit,
itched and ached for him

As she paced her hunger grew for him
Her anticipation grew,
in turn made her hunger grow
Round and round in a never ending circle,
of passion, lust. and control

She needed to control him
He needed her control
She need to taste him,
taste his precum,
feel his swollen and heavy balls
Hear his moans as she touched them

She needed to hear his breath
quicken under her nails,
as they assaulted his nerve endings
Feel her tongue pierce the seal of his lips
Wrapping around his like a vine
Consuming his breath
as he exhaled
Licking the salt from his skin

She needed to bind him
Feed from his helplessness
To command him to kneel and serve at her feet
To feel his heat and passion build
To make him give her pleasure,
and to take her pleasure of him
For he was hers,
and she would take what she wanted

Oh how his tongue would know her service,
and how he would taste her
How she would taste him,
as his swollen crown, hot and hard,
dripped his salty juiced down the shaft
How her tongue would run its length,
lapping at his oozing fluid

How he would throw back his head and moan
Fighting against his bindings
How his muscles would strain and flex
How she would smile and say
"Shhhh, my beautiful boy"

Wine glass in hand she would drink
Bring his lips to hers, and allowing the cool liquid to flow
from her, to him
How she would lick at the trickles
that formed down his throat
Licking first down,
then back up again

How she would slide her soft cheek down his chest
Stopping to lick at his hardened nipple
Feeling her excitement build
She hears him moan again
as his nipple is pinched
Oh how that made his cock jump wildly,
and how his balls would pulsate

How she would ease herself down on him,
and feel him fill her.........
How she would explode on his hardness,
time and again,
while denying him his release
How she would take all that he offered,
then still demand more

How he would beg her
Plead with her
for the moment of release
How she would ask why he should be allowed
"Because I am yours Mistress"
"Because I beg you take pity on me"
"Because I need you, need to serve you"
"Because I would do anything for you"
"Because you are my Mistress......I would die for you"
"If I lost you, I would die anyway"
"I live to serve you"
"No greater wound can you give me, but your disappointment"

"Stroke for me boy"
"Yes Mistress"
"I want to hear you moan like the little slut you are"
"Yes Mistress"
How he would gasp for air,
hungry and desperate for relief
But the more he stroked for her,
the more he was denied

Over and over she commanded him
Stoke..........and he stroked
Stop..........and he stopped
But cum.......he did not
He could not
Not without her permission
Her pleasure was his pleasure
He needed to serve her,
more than he needed to serve himself

Over and over he was commanded
Until he was lost in the moment
Lost in headspace
Lost to himself
No longer feeling his body,
or its own needs
Only feeling her desires, wants,
and her commands in his ears
Longing for the moment to give his gifts to her
His total submission to her will,
his orgasm, and everything that was him

Body, mind, and sprit
Gratefully handed over to her
who brings order to his chaos
Love to his heart
Fire to his belly
Tenderness to his soul
To she who quiets the maddening crowd
Is the light that still shines when everything is dark
The port in the storm..........his everything

"Give me your gift boy"
The moment arrives
"Yes my beautiful Mistress, yes"
Oh what a wonderful sight to be hold
How his muscles would bunch and contort
How he would buck his hips
How his lips would be dry,
yet his skin would drip sweat
How his moans would turn guttural
How he would pant and gasp
Fighting with his passion
wrestling with his gift,
as it fought its way out of his Body, Mind, and Sprit

Feeling the rush as he explodes,
his gift pulsating as it shoots,
covering his belly,
and coating his hand in his cream
His balls stealing the last of his strength,
trying to expel every last drop
Till there was nothing left to offer anymore.
How he would look naked, on all fours on the floor
His head bend in total exhaustion.
Everything he had,
he gave her
Everything he was,
was hers.


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