Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Reward by Kane

I shiver nervously in my cage, as my bare skin touches the bars.  I shift to try and get a little more comfortable... Comfortable, ha! The damn thing is barely adequate enough to house a dog! But I'm not complaining; she had it specially made to her measurements. This is Her cage. (A bit of leg room would have been bloody nice though....)

I raise my head, hearing her walk through the door, i smile, taking in the sight of her. God she is so beautiful.  Is it strange to say that she always looks more so after she isolates me?  It wasn't long this time, only a few hours, after my 'minor offense': burning her toast.  Well, thats what She said anyway.  It was only dark brown, not black. I had argued that fact, hence my incarceration. Four hours later and it felt like i hadn't seen her in a week!

OMG, she looked amazing.

She reaches into the cage and i smile and look into her eyes as she strokes my cheek.  I lean into her hand slightly, and shiver in excitement.  "I wasn't really angry at you. I just needed an excuse to keep you out from under my feet for a bit, while i sort out your reward", she says to me softly.

Looking up at her frowning.  "Reward?" i question.  "Oh yes pet, tonight, you're going to have what you have been fantasizing about for a while: two dominas.  Do you think you can please us both pet?"  My jaw drops, and i pause, receiving a quick slap across the head for delaying. "Yes, Mistress i will do my best!"

"Just be my very good boy.  I know you will".   With that she leaves the room, after giving me a few instructions. I hear her walk downstairs.
I smile  and get started, showering quickly and putting on my wrist and ankle cuffs, locking the padlock on them, and dropping all my keys into the velvet bag she keeps for them. I place my latex hood over my head.  The hood immediately throws the room into darkness.  It was a simple thing she brought for me; she loves me wearing it when i lick her cunt because it doesn't cover the mouth. I lock the padlocks to my ankles as i bend over the bed -- plopping them into the velvet bag and throwing it behind me, i wait, bent over, naked (bar the hood). Waiting on her return.
I hear the doorbell ring and though I can hear my Mistress answer it, i cant really hear what was being said from this distance.  I only hear muffled voices in the darkness. Excited, i start getting hard, OMG, this is going to be amazing!

I hear them both walking up the stairs; my cock starts throbbing.  I hear the door open behind me; they both walk in. Mistress immediately notices my erection and says "My my my, are you a little excited pet?". "Yes i am Mistress," i quickly reply.  I hear her opening drawers, getting toys out , and it isn't long before my ass is lubed and a large plug is shoved 'up there'. "In preparation" Mistress explains; i moan as she slowly slides it into my ass.

I hear them both move to either side of me, then i feel the floggers -- a pair of them -- whacking my ass in almost synchronized rhythm. It isn't long before my yelps of pain became cries..... I hit the void.  The pain is a fire inside my skull, i embrace it, i scream and I cry as both these Domina's flog me with no mercy. I hear Mistress chuckle and mock me, saying, "That pathetic little cock isn't hard now, is it pet?  That should be lesson enough for getting hard without MY permission!". With that the flogging stops, and i hear  Mistress climb onto the bed. She grabs the back of my head, and pushes it between her legs. I need no cue to start licking her cunt -- hungrily.

"Now for your reward, pet, i got you a new strap-on with which my friend is going to fuck you now.   I fucked myself with it this morning when it arrived, and it feels so good.... so be a good boy and take it".  With those words i feel the other domina before me.  Shuffling closer i feel the tip of this new strap on pushing against my ass -- and  then push in.  I can't help but moan aloud. Christ it is big! Jesus, this domina fucking my ass is not being too gentle about it! I am moaning and grunting as i lick my Mistress's cunt, and i hear her moans of pleasure -- and also the grunts from the other domme fucking my arse hard.

"Enjoying that new cock inside you pet?" she asks me and i mumble into her cunt, hungrily lapping and pushing my tongue deep inside her. She arches her back, allowing me to tongue fuck her. My ass is being fucked harder, pushing my face into Mistress's cunt as i fuck her with my tongue.  "You should see the huge grin on my friend's face right now!  She's loving fucking your pussy ass", Mistress says as i move my tongue up to her clit. Pushing my tongue flat against it  i shake my head from side to side. Mistress starts moaning and groaning.  I know she is close; pushing my tongue back inside her, i fucked her with it again.

The domme behind me breathes heavier and grunts with the effort as i moan in ecstasy, i hear Mistress scream "I'm going to cum, you filthy little cunt".  I feel her cum all over my face.
Then..... Then.... i feel my ass filled with something warm..... My mind reels......

OMG.....This is a man!

I tried to pull up my head to scream "No!", but my Mistress grabs my head as i scream into her cunt.  "That's right my little cock whore, its official now.   You so enjoyed that cock inside you, moaning like the dirty whore you are! Didn't you pet!?"  I nod, words escaping me, my void mind starting to reel..... Mistress has just let a man fuck me...

I put my head on her thigh as the man pulls out my ass.  I feel her touch on the side of my face, and soothing words and sounds come from her lips -- but i can't  really understand what she is saying....

The End


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