Sunday, November 17, 2013

Something Beautiful by Sillien

She scraped the bottom of one shoe along his cheek; the other pressed down on his balls. The sight of her squirming and wriggling sub brought a smile to Lynn’s face. She bent over and laughed right in his.

 “Look at you, bitch. Do you know how pathetic this looks?” The toe of her shoe slipped into his mouth, slowly fucking it. “My God, you are such a little whore. You love every minute of this.” There was no way of knowing what he was trying to say with his mouth stuffed like that. It amused the Lady nonetheless. “That’s enough of that, I think. We’ve had you well-stuffed, little slut.” She lifted her foot to tap at the exposed nub of his butt plug.  "And now I do believe that it’s my turn.”

His eyes locked onto her legs as she took slow strides to the dresser. Her hand slid in, and out came the face dildo. She shoved the nub in his mouth and tightened it around his face. Her face lit up as she smacked the rubber penis back and forth. Muffled yelps barely escaped his lips. The room grew dark as her thighs then wrapped around his head, her fragrant cunt lowering to the tip. Her body shivered as she slid down its length, her clit touching his nose.

 Lynn reached back to take hold of his nipples while she rode the fake cock secured to face. Her nails dug in. She tugged. Twisted. Pulled. His yelps pushed her to ride faster; his nose pressed against her clit -- bringing her ever closer. Making her moan. Making her thighs squeeze tighter until, finally.....  Finally, it all flowed out of her. She sat there and breathed for a minute before sliding off, looking him in the eyes.

 “You are such a dirty little thing, slut. Get yourself cleaned off and come to me in the living room.”

 All he could do was nod, the rubber dildo bouncing up and down.


 They sat on the couch afterwards. Just talking. Holding each other with a bowl of strawberries in front of them.

 “Stop laughing!” She flicked his nose with her index finger. “There’s nothing funny about wanting to be a doctor!”

 Danny couldn’t stop. “I’m sorry! It’s just… hard to imagine you swearing an oath to do no harm, you know? That would seriously cramp your sex life…”

 He got a punch in the shoulder for that comment and she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “Fine. It’s your turn. What did you always want to be, Mister smartypants?”

 He looked away from her, his hand reaching up to stroke his chin.


 “No, I want you to lie to me.”

 He chuckled and nodded. “ I’s nothing specific. I just always wanted to be…”

 He paused for a long while as he tried to find the right words. His eyes looked nowhere in particular, with that thousand-yard stare quality to them.

 “Have you ever looked at a perfect sunset? The kind where you have clouds scattered about and it looks like the sun has set the sky is on fire and it’s enough to almost make you want to cry? Or heard a song that you couldn’t help but play over and over again because of how it made you feel, even if it was almost unbearably sad but just so full of emotion that you felt compelled to keep going? Maybe you’ve been to Niagara in late winter, and seen the falls frozen over. Thousands of gallons of water rushing over the ice without end.”

 He looked back at her.

 “I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to be anything concrete. It’s never been about what I did for a living. I have always just wanted to be...something beautiful. That’s it.”

 Lynn took a deep breath.

 “And yet you like…”

 “Being told that I’m a dirty little slut? That I exist to serve a Lady like yourself?” He smiled and shrugged. “It’s good to have some perspective.”

 She leaned over and pulled him in, cheek to cheek.


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