Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Laughing Domme by Lady Avila

Last Thursday I had my second play-date as a domme. It was then that I found out that I really am a sadist. And one who loves to laugh.

I placed some clothespin clamps on his skin. He really made funny faces with the pain they gave him. My mood got better every clamp I placed upon him. This fun -- before what I really wanted to do -- was almost too much.

I started giggling as I took my rope flogger and with that rope flogger started to flog those clamps off of his body. (Of course is it hard if one is not yet used to using a whip!) He wasn't used to this

But I am talking about me. When I did miss several times those swats did hurt him; he made the funniest sounds -- which made me laugh even more -- the result: I missed more and more clamps.

The last little terrible clamp was a tough one. I tried several times but kept missing.  The damn thing didn´t let go -- until my sub turned his head and took it off with his mouth.  In pure despair!

At that I rolled on the floor -- laughing. That is me: a laughing domme.



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