Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Assistant - Party XIII - The VIP by Lady Crissy

          [Note:  In our last segment of The VIP,  aaron was attending to Miss Night's VIP client, the Mayor, while the two of them chatted over business.  Much to his surprise, the Mayor was about to allow him to give her a foot rub... but not with his hands....]


I chuckled as aaron fumbled to get a good position and begin, his cock already hard as a rock.  I handed Helena the contract I had drafted, and she accepted it with a smile.

"Oh, aaron?" I began with a wry smile, watching his face turn to me.  "I have something for you before you begin."  I stood and walked back over to my desk, opening the top drawer.  I took out a small black velvet bag.  I walked back over with it and stood above aaron, who was looking very nervous.   He was always so excited about my surprises.

I slid a hard silver case out of the bag and opened it, taking out a very gleaming stainless steel cock plug..  I showed it to my guest, cradling it in my palm.  I chuckled to myself as I presented it to her like a fine wine and watched her smile wickedly and nod in approval.   I leaned down and took aaron's pecker in my hand and slowly inserted the device. It had a pretty little bulb on the end of it, looking like a very small metal wine cork in an amusing way.  Well, it was amusing to me, and that was all that counted.  aaron whimpered as it slid into place and shuddered.

"Now, that's much better,"  I commented.  "It wouldn't do for you to make a mess in front of our guest now, would it?"   I stood and looked down at the slut, now plugged at both ends as his face and neck again flushed red.

"No, Miss Night,"  aaron replied, his voice deep and breathy, his eyes beginning to shine with that blissful state of surrender I enjoy so much.

I watched aaron begin his task then as she read, and I went back to take my seat.  I could hear aaron trying hard to not make noises and watched Helena break only a bit of focus on her reading to stroke aaron's hair gently as she reviewed the document.  By the time she was done reading, aaron was panting lightly and trembling, but still rubbing his cock along her very well manicured feet.

"This looks perfect,"  Helena stated with noticeable relief and satisfaction in her voice, handing the document back to me.

"Fantastic!"  I responded, taking the papers and replacing them on the table in front of me.  "I will fax it to you after I've added a few small details for your approval."

I turned my attention to the slut at her feet.  "aaron, that's enough.  You are such a whore,"  I ordered and watched him stop and slide back from her feet.

"Yes, Miss Night,"  he croaked, lowering his eyes.

My guest looked at the boy and tilted her head, then she looked over at me.  "He did very well,"  she commented, nodding.  "May I?"

I nodded with assent and I watched her bend down, taking the plug between her fingers and pause.  The whimpering started again right away.  That, and the squirming.  I heard her laugh.

"I think our guest would like to hear some of that signature begging of yours that we heard earlier, slut, "  I suggested with a smirk.

"Mmmhmm... "  Helena responded, tapping the plug with a lacquered nail.  aaron made a choking sound.  His whole body stiffened.

It came out in a torrent.   Lots of "Please, Miss!"  and strangled noises.  She kept up the steady tapping on the surgical steel. I even heard some squeaking, and a what sounded a little like a cat after its tail has been stepped on  When she finally tugged and pulled the plug on the performance, so to speak.... there was a totally different type of torrent.   I rolled my eyes as aaron screamed like a bitch and messed the carpet.

My guest was laughing hard and placed the plug on the glass table with a small clink before standing.   Her laugh made it all worth the price of a carpet cleaning bill.  aaron was still at her feet, panting and seeming close to fainting, cumming his brains out.

I stood as well and stepped closer to and then around aaron, hugging her tight. My guest spoke first.  "Well, I never thought that I would be laughing as a part of resolving this matter.  I've been so focused on doing the right thing.... "  She was smiling wide, and I had not seen this carefree smile in some time from her.

I took her hands and spoke, "I know that sophia means a lot to you. She's been Yours since before you came into office.  The fact that you want to adopt her child so that you can raise her together is wonderful. I'm so happy for the both of you to take this step. It's my pleasure to help,"

I looked down at aaron next. He was looking more composed, but sheepish.  "Get to cleaning up, slut!", I instructed.  "I'm not planning on being her all night."   I watched him stand slowly and move to the closet.

I walked Helena out of the office and to the elevators, "Go get 'em!"  was all I said to her (with a smile) as the elevator doors closed.  The fact that I would support her in the coming election went without saying.  I walked back to my office in time to see that aaron was almost done cleaning the carpet.  "That's enough, boy.  Take the other plug out and get dressed.  I am taking you out to dinner."

He paused and looked up at me. "McDonald's again Miss?" aaron said.

"Tsk,   Don't I always let you get the Happy Meal?  You are so ungrateful." I pretended to scold.   aaron grinned and got up, carrying his clothes with him to change in the adjoining bathroom.  I began to shut things down, securing, then locking,  the documents in my cabinet.  I yelled to aaron, as I began to walk out of the office  "I will meet you down in the garage, slut!"

As I walked past aaron's desk to the elevators, I ran a fingertip lightly over the little plastic toys all lined up on his desk.  Then I smiled a bit.  

The End.


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