Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miss Fawna's Story With My Puppy by Lady Fawna

I keep imagining you under my feet at the board meeting...I miss being naughty and playing with you when I should be working. I love to have you under my feet, me stepping on and squishing you. You know that is where you belong. Squished under my beautiful feet and your cock and balls between my toes. I want my puppy nice and hard. Bound and made to suffer for my pleasure. Teased and denied my ass on your face.

I straddle you and your tongue is just out of reach for a taste. That is where I want you to be. I desire to spoil my prince...because I am your Queen. I am your everything. I am your home. When you kneel  before me you is at peace.  The collar slipping around your neck grounds you.

Sometimes I can't stop thinking about how much you cum when I finally let you release. I love having you in cock bondage, seeing you so tight and purple. I love to have you on the ground before me as I sit on the throne, using you as my foot rest, sipping my drink as you pant and ache for me.  With just a press of my heel you are under my control completely. My one high heel presses firmly against your chest as the other one presses against your cock and balls. That's when you make 'the face'. That face! I love to see that agony -- your mouth wide open in a silent scream. I love to see your eyes desperately searching for my gaze, and then the relieved look on your face when I lighten up my hold.  That's when I love to see 'that' smile. You know then that you are fucked completely. You are going nowhere.  You can't understand why to take this torture from me -- but you do.

I order you to worship me, loving how your lips feel on the tops of my feet, against my tight calves, and then on my smooth thighs. I want your face between my hips.

I adore sitting on you, owning you completely, smothering you with my sex. You are such an obedient boy. I love to make you nothing more than a mindless chair for me...a quiet foot rest...a hungry and eager puppy...  You are just a mound of clay -- to become whatever I desire you to be.

The best is when we miss each other over long periods of time apart. We begin to crave each other's touch. I know you love being craved by me. I fantasize about having you with me. Tied to my bed. Laid out completely for me. Having you in total restraint so I can tease and torture you to my heart's content. I wish to make you my play thing.  My little toy. My treasure. Then I dream of devouring you for hours. For days. For weeks. Owning you completely. Thinking of that makes me very wet.

I love to look down at you as you kneel before me, your collar hanging where it belongs.  I love to pull you to my breasts.  Holding you between them.  I drag my freshly painted nails up your back. I love it when you beg -- to be mine. I love how you beg --for me to tell you more.  For me to describe what I want to do with you.

I love how denying you release make your harder; how my words connect deeply with you. And in those moments you are my possession. You are mine.  Mind, body and spirit. I control you completely. There is no escape. You are 100% owned my me. My little puppy being stretched, crushed, smothered and milked and subject to all the delicious torturous pleasures I desire. All to please me.

You belong to me in so many perverse ways. I love the long and slow delicious agony I give you with my wickedly evil and heavenly blow-jobs. I love it when you give me your "tribute" of pre-cum. I love to make you dizzy and drippy, trembling with anticipation. You need this, and you need me to take you there. I am the only one who knows how to destroy you and build you back up. And I so love controlling you with your CB device.  Holding you. Preventing you from having a full erection.  Binding you in place. Leaving you no room for release.

Truth be told, though, the one thing I miss the most is -- your kiss. That sweet connection we have when our lips meet and our passion takes over. When you grab my hair, and hold my body.  When you show me your animalistic side! .I can't begin to tell you how much that turns me on because.... Because in the end I know you will submit to me. I let you show me your Dominant side because I love knowing that I can and will bring a man like you to your knees, knowing I am the one who contains that power.  It feels amazing. It's these images that fill my dreams.

What I don't tell you is that YOU are my fantasy.  That YOU are my pleasure. That I treasure everything that makes you who you are:  your nerdy movie trivia, your obsession with comic books, your hippy and groovy way of seeing the world, your mischievous Hans-Solo-scoundrel attitude.  And your amazing, colorblind, open, generous, peaceful, and beautiful heart.  These are what please me.


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