Sunday, November 3, 2013

Confession by Doc

Wheels Within Wheels, Turning

Eileen whispered her secret to her best friend: “It’s the control
that I love!  The power rush!”  Karen nodded.  “It isn't the money.
It isn't the benefits.  It isn't even the leisure time it generates.
It’s none of those”.    Joe listened, standing mutely in the corner.
“He’s just so easy!  And when I snap my fingers he does what I tell
him to do.  I never had that before.  I knew I was missing out, but I
didn’t know what it was that was missing.”

Karen  nodded again.

“Watch!,” said Eileen.  “Go make us some coffee!  And bring me the
box that’s lying on the nightstand, too.  In that order!”  Her man
moved, without saying a word.

“He certainly is quiet,” remarked Karen.

“Oh, I told him this morning to stay mute for four hours.  He still
has two hours to go”.  She paused. “I have the timer on the stove set
so we know when his time is up.  The stove is handy.  I wonder who
came up with the idea of a timer on the stove….”.  Joe was nowhere to
be seen.

Karen looked at the door into which he’d disappeared.  “I wish I had
one like yours.”  Eileen giggled.  “You mean my stove?”  Karen gave
her a dirty look. “Nooooooo…..!”
“Oh, you want my Robo-Boy?  Ha! Ha!  No way.  He’s mine…. “.  Then a
strange look came over Eileen’s face.  “On second thought, maybe we
could arrange something….”  She was thinking.  It was obvious.  Karen
tilted her head, watched Eileen’s face, which now exhibited a funny

Karen spoke first.  “I want a Robo-Boy of my own.”  Eileen stared
into Karen’s face, searching it for … for something.

“OK.  I have an idea,” she finally said. “But first I need to know
how badly you want a robo-boy of your own.” She paused. “I mean
REALLY!”  A silence lay over the room.  The only sound was the
percolator in the other room; the only smell that of brewing coffee.

Karen knew what to say.  “I want a guy like Joe desperately, Eileen!”

Eileen chuckled.  It was an evil laugh, fraught with unknowns.  “And
what will you do to get one,” she asked.  Karen answered immediately,
“Almost anything.  Almost.  Not anything, but close.”

Eileen then whispered into the ear of her friend, “You are fucked,
Karen.  I know what you want.  I know what you need.  I have control
now.” She blew into Karen’s ear.

Karen tingled all over.  She realized she was indeed ‘fucked’ as her
friend indelicately and crudely put it.  She simply asked, “What do I
have to do?”  And Eileen just as simply said, “Take Joe home with you
today.  Use him.  Take advantage of him.  And return him in good

Eileen looked at her friend’s puzzled face.

“I have a guy coming over today.  Your job for me is to distract Joe.
 I’m in the process of getting myself one more today.  Joe would just
be in the way.”

Karen nodded, only slightly shocked.

Then Eileen giggled.  “I figured I’d expand my scope today.  It seems
I might have gone from one subbies not to two but to three.”  She
grinned.  “Are you ok with that, Karen?”

Karen mutely nodded.  She knew her role now.  Apprentice.  Trainee.

Joe entered the room with a tray.  On it was the coffee.

Karen turned to him, “Joe, you’re coming home with me.  We leave in
20 minutes.  Bring that box Eileen mentioned, too!”  She paused.
“Oh, and Joe, forget about your time of silence.  It has been
extended.  I don’t want to hear one fucking word from you for the
rest of the day!  You’re going to be cleaning my house this afternoon
and I don’t want to hear a word from you until I send you back

Joe nodded.  Eileen giggled.  “You’re good, Karen!  You learn fast!”

Eileen shuddered as she felt her power.  It was nice having
everything in delicate balance – while she pulled all the strings!


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