Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waiting - Colt Seelowe

Headlights through the window moved across Stuart's face, waking him. He quickly straightened his naked body from its slumped position against the wall and used the back of his hand to wipe a bit of drool from the corner of his mouth. His knees ached from kneeling for so long on the cold stone tile of the foyer floor. He wondered what time it was, how long he had slept, how long she'd been gone. Stuart heard a key slip into the lock and watched his Mistress step into the foyer. His instinct was to rush toward her and welcome her home, but he knew it would displease her. Instead he waited for her to acknowledge him. 

Julia set her purse and keys on a table and clicked on a lamp. The sudden light made Stuart blink and squint. She spotted him and smiled, “Hi sweetness,” she said, moving across the room toward him, “Have you been up all night? You didn't have to wait for me you know?.” But he knew that he did. Her fingers slid into his hair and she pulled his cheek against her thigh. Stuart wrapped his arms around her legs, hugging her tightly. When he inhaled, the scent of sex invaded his nostrils. His spirit sank. 

When she called earlier to say that she would be home late and that dinner wasn't necessary, he hoped she was going out with girlfriends. Now he wondered who she had been with... Eric?... Jason?...someone  new? Stuart tried to hide the hurt in his eyes when he looked up to her hoping that she might answer his silent questions. Instead she patted his head and said, “Let's get ready for bed, I'm exhausted, and you must be too.” She stepped away from him and moved down the hall toward the bedroom. 

Stuart turned the lamp off and followed her down the hall. Arriving at the softly lit bedroom he dropped to his knees just inside the door. He kept his eyes downcast. Still, his body responded to the sounds of her disrobing... a zipper, her skirt dropping to the floor. His cock stiffened. It had been days since she'd allowed him to cum. At the sound of her voice his eyes flew to her. She was wearing lace panties in a rich chocolate brown and a matching garter belt and stockings. Her full naked breasts glowed in the lamp light. His mouth went dry and blood rushed to his cock. Blinking he forced himself to listen to her words. “Sweetness, go and run me a bath.” Stuart dragged his eyes away from her breasts, “Yes, Mistress.” 

He went immediately to the adjoining master bath to do her bidding. A capful of her sandalwood scented bubble bath created a luxurious layer of bubbles over the steaming water. When the tub was two-thirds full he turned the water off and returned to the bedroom. Julia was now completely nude and standing at the vanity pinning her hair up. A few wayward curls escaped the clip and hung loose at the nape of her neck. Stuart's eyes were unavoidably drawn to the luminous skin and the perfect curve of her naked buttocks. New life surged into his cock. 

He felt her eyes on him and looked up to meet her gaze in the mirror. His cheeks flushed and he quickly dropped his eyes to the ground. He stammered... “You-your bath...Mistress...it's ready.” She didn't speak for a moment. Stuart could still feel her eyes on him but he didn't dare to look up. He fidgeted nervously, worried that he had angered her. After a long pause she spoke, “Thank you, Stuart, please clean up in her and then join me when you're done.” “Yes Mistress,” he said softly, relieved. 

Alone in the bedroom he began picking up her clothes and placing them in the hamper. Her panties were damp, the crotch was stained with her lover's semen. Stuart tortured himself, lifting them to his face to smell the mingled scents of his Mistress' arousal and her lover's pleasure. An unwelcome image of his Mistress, lying beneath her lover, her legs wrapped around him, flooded his mind. 

A sound from the bathroom startled him, bringing him back to the room. Stuart guiltily dropped the soiled panties in the hamper and shut the lid. He turned down the bed and straightened the vanity before joining his Mistress in the bathroom. 

Julia was reclining in the large tub. Her head leaned back on the rim and her eyes were closed. Most of her body was hidden beneath the thick layer of bubbles but the pink of her nipples broke through the white suds. 

Stuart was careful to not disturb his Mistress; he quietly knelt on the bathmat beside her and waited. In the silence his mind again drifted to the images of his Mistress with her lover. He saw masculine hands traveling over her soft skin. Jealousy lodged heavily in his heart. At the same time his traitorous cock stiffened. Would she bring this one home? She had done that in the past. He'd had to endure the sounds of their lovemaking, of his Mistress' pleasure, while banished in the hallway. She often teased him that one day he'd be kept in the room, that she would share him with her lover. This idea both excited and terrified him. 

Julia's voice interrupted his thoughts. “Stuart, are you just going to sit there, or are you going to make yourself useful?” “Sorry, Mistress,” Stuart said, reaching for the soap. In their many months together, Julia's baths had become something of a ritual. He loved bathing her, both because he got to touch her and also because he knew exactly what was expected of him. Julia sat up and leaned forward, bending her knees, she hugged them, curling over them. He made a rich lather with the soap in his hands; the sandalwood and vanilla soap was his Mistress' signature scent and always comforted him. Stuart began to wash her neck and shoulders, rubbing circles into her muscles with his thumbs. He watched her visibly relax and felt a rush of pride that he was able to do this for her. That feeling was quickly quelled by the thought of what he couldn't do for her. Clearly he didn't satisfy all of her needs. As his hands moved to her back, he wondered how he failed, what he lacked. He wanted to ask her, but knew better. Then guilt flooded him, he shouldn't envy his Mistress pleasure. It was her right to seek a skilled lover, one who excelled where he fell short. After all, he belonged to her, not the other way around. 

Julia leaned back and Stuart's hands instinctively smoothed over her shoulders and onto her chest. He cupped her full breasts  and relished their heaviness in his palms. He closed his eyes and tried to block the image of her body arched, lifting her breasts to the mouth of her lover. His cock surged. He massaged her breasts and imagined washing away her lover's kisses. Reluctantly he moved on, easing down to wash her soft tummy before she could accuse him of lingering on her breasts.

Julia stood and the water sloshed. Stuart watched the clusters of clinging bubbles glide down her buttocks and thighs. Renewing the lather with the soap bar he began to wash her rounded buttocks. His cock stood tall and bumped against his belly when he leaned forward to reach her. His hands smoothed down her thighs. Julia lifted a foot and he took it in his hands, washing it. This was something he knew he did well, a way that he knew he pleased her. Stuart massaged her foot. He slipped his fingers between her toes and then began to tug and gently twist each one. But Julia was tired and not in the mood. She pulled her foot from his loving hands and replaced it with her other foot. Not wanting to try her patience, Stuart quickly washed the second foot. 

When he was done, she dipped it into the water to rinse it, and then placed it on the rim of the tub and parted her legs. Stuart's cock leapt, knowing what was next. He eyes moved up her thighs to the ruddy swollen lips between them. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. Trimmed curls covered her mound; her lips were shaved bare. That morning, Stuart had knelt between her legs in the shower and carefully shaved her. Even if the scent hadn't given her away, the sight of her engorged pussy would have. She had clearly been fucked recently. Stuart's cock ached. His fingers slid up her thighs and onto her pussy lips. They were still slick. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, knowing that her lover's cum was coating his hands. A barely stifled groan stuck in his throat. He opened his eyes again and watched his fingers slide over her turgid clit. It was like a pebble against his touch. He heard her moan and almost moaned himself. Stuart hoped he would be allowed to pleasure her, but she pushed his hand away. “Rinse me, Stuart, I'm ready to get out.” Stuart used the handheld shower head to thoroughly rinse the suds from her body. Julia stepped out of the tub and allowed Stuart to towel dry her. She went to the bedroom. Stuart stayed behind to drain and rinse the tub and hang her towel. When he followed her into the bedroom she was already in bed. He hung back by the door, uncertain whether he was supposed to join her. His face lit up with a smile when she patted the sheets beside her and called him to bed. He slid into the bed next to her. “You're a good boy, Stuart” she praised. Then he felt the pressure of her hands on his shoulders pushing him down between her open thighs. He eagerly complied. His nostrils filled with the scent of her freshly washed sex. He kissed the damp curls of her mound and then lower on her smooth labia. His tongue pushed between them, tasting her. Stuart sought her clit with his tongue. His mistress' sigh of pleasure caused his cock to jerk and he was careful not to let it rudely bump her leg. His tongue tip circled her clit and then flickered over it, left to right, up and down. Julia lifted her hips to meet him. Encouraged, Stuart closed his lips over her clit and gently sucked, drawing another moan from his mistress. This time he moaned too. His cock grew impossibly hard. Julia's hands pushed him down, away from her clit and to the entrance of her cunt. He tongued her labia, long, luxurious strokes liked a cat cleaning a kitten. She pushed his face harder into her and his tongue slid inside. Julia's hips rocked forward, pressing his nose to her clit as his tongue delved into her. Stuart groaned with lust and despair when his penetrating tongue encountered the residual sour flavor of her lover's cum. His cock jerked. He didn't pause in his efforts to please her. The taste of semen invaded his mouth as he continued slowly fucking her with his tongue. Julia ground her clit against his nose until he struggled to breathe. Stuart heard her breath quicken and felt her thighs tense. He renewed his efforts, pushing his tongue deep into his Mistress. Her legs wrapped around him, her heels pressed into his back. He heard her sharp intake of air and knew she was there. His tongue thrust into her again as her body quaked and her pussy spasmed. He continued to lap at her, knowing that she would push him away when she was done with him. Finally she made a sound of objection and her hand pushing against his forehead lifted his tongue out of her pussy. Stuart rested his cheek on her thigh, staring at her glistening pussy lips while the tension slowly drained from her body. He listened as her breathing returned to normal. 

His cock throbbed, longing to enter her. He lay still, waiting, hoping to be invited into her warm,snug, sex. Stuart knew this was unlikely, his mistress had already been satisfied in that manner tonight. He could taste the evidence of that on his tongue. He swallowed. Waiting. His cock stood fully erect, aching. Julia's breathing became steady and rhythmic. His Mistress had fallen asleep. Stuart's cock thumped helplessly against his thigh. He knew there would be no release for him tonight. He lay awake for a long time waiting for his erection to subside. Stuart knew he needed to sleep, that his Mistress would have a new list of demands for him the next morning. Finally he drifted into a fitful slumber with the aftertaste of semen lingering in his mouth. 


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