Friday, July 3, 2009

Poem - David Lorefield

A whim, no more. No  rhyme or reason there
A leaf that falls untimely to the ground
To help me leave behind the strife unfair
Another life, a second time around

I found my way to you that summer eve 
My purpose just to find a way to live
For moments free from pain that sorrows leave,
To find my purpose here, my soul to give.

I didn’t really know my mind, and yet
Despite untruth and shameful history,
Your help and guidance, freely given, let
Me know and understand, my mind set free

My fears, alive and breathing, now I faced
And shared with you, expecting nought but hate.
But even now you cared enough to taste
My pain and soothe the wounds, and seal my fate

You opened up a door into your soul
And bathed me in the light from far within
Without you now my life would not be whole
I follow where you lead, your love to win.

And so my fears subside and leave me calm
In knowledge new and hope for future days
Devoted to you, healing words to balm
Your needs, submitting freely to your ways.


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