Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Confession - David Lorefield

Anticipation rises as my breathing becomes a little faster and my heart beats noticably more firmly in my breast. There i am - in Her house, Her mansion, kneeling before Her sofa, naked. A clear, sensuous voice from behind me speaks, the words dripping onto me like honey.

"Welcome, My boy! Turn and greet Your Mistress."  Before i can turn, the chain attached to the collar around my neck is pulled sharply taut. I am powerless to resist and the force spins me around until i am facing the Goddess. She stands there, holding the other end of the chain firmly in Her grasp, and smiling. 

"Greetings Mistress", i reply. i am nervous now. Have i been good enough for Her? Have i met Her standards and completed all the tasks She has set me? I know that i have, but there is always  a nagging doubt - a feeling that no matter how hard i have tried, i may have displeased Her in some way.

"I have read the notecard you sent Me, my boy......". I swallow hard - i'm sure She heard me. 
"gulp - yes Mistress?". This task was a difficult one to complete in the short time allowed. I wasn't sure if it would meet with Her approval.
"I am very pleased, My boy. you have written well and I find what you have said to my liking."

Relief floods over me and through me, washing away my doubts. i feel so proud that i have servedmy Mistress well. I can't help wondering if i will be rewarded, even though I know my pleasure  is always in Her hands alone. My Mistress knows what is best for me, what i need and when i need it. 

"Naked and kneeling......mmmm. This is how you must always be for Me. Do understand, My boy?"

"Yes Mistress, i understand". 

"Are you aroused, my boy, my slut?" . I see Her smile widen and see a glint in Her eyes. My cock jumps visibly, as She conducts my symphony with master strokes of Her verbal baton.

"Get the plug. Lube it as i told you and insert it now!". I do as instructed. The anal plug meets some resistance at the entrance but slight pressure causes it to slide in, making me sigh audibly.

"Now rub your cock, my slut. Hard and fast. Use your other hand and fuck yourself with the plug. In, out - get to the edge for me!". I start to rub, the pressure building in my balls. Breathing is ragged now and my mind is empty of everything except Her and Her voice. The plug plunges in and out of my rearsending shudders through my whole body.

"Harder! I want your balls aching like thy're going to burst! But do NOT cum! If you cum before I command it, you will be severely punished. Do you understand, slut?

"Y-Y-Yess M-Mistress!". I can hardly speak now. Waves of animal lust crash over me, not just submissive, but almost sub-human. I am reaching the point where i will soon lose control - go over the edge, crashing into climax.

"M-M-Mistress ...... i'm there, Mistress......" The world is turning inside out and stars are bursting in my head as the supernova approaches.

"Now STOP! Squeeze your cock hard! Do NOT cum!". The agony and the ecstacy are fucking each other in my head and through my whole body. I can hardly breathe. My heart is pumping like i'm a sprinter. Slowly, the world resolves itself, my eyes open and my body begins to return to a more stable state. My balls are aching more than ever now but I know that I have pleased my Mistress once again. In that, i am satisfied.

"Are you ok, My boy?"

"Yes Mistress". She must hear the stress in my voice caused by the pent up sexual energy waiting to be released, resolved.

"you are such a good boy, My boy, My slut. you will cum for me - soon, very soon." Music to my ears, I know that She will give me my climax when i am ready for it, which only She will know.

"Goodnight My boy - sleep well"

"Goodnight Mistress. kiss"


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