Saturday, July 18, 2009

Clamped Edges - Anonymous

My confession is about an assignment I was given, that uncovered a source of arousal that I had not previously known about.

I had to edge hourly for 8 hours.  No release until the final edge.

There was a catch though ... on each occasion I was to have one additional nipple clamp attached to a part of my anatomy for the duration.  I was quite new to such ideas and I did not know what to expect at all.  Indeed, I was rather apprehensive if truth be told (an of course in confessions it is).  I hoped that my arousal as the day progressed would counter-act the effect of the pain from the clamps, and I would manage to succeed in my assignment.

The first clamp was on a nipple ... the second likewise was on the other nipple.

I was introduced the sensations associated with removal of a clamp and the soreness - even though it was quite early in the assignment yet.

The third was on a testicle ... now I was getting somewhat more trepidatious and was most careful attaching these clamps.  The fourth was on the other testicle.

I discovered a curious effect - getting hard was becoming quicker as the assignment progressed.  I put this down the the increasing arousal that I had as a kind of residual effect from the previous edge.

The next two edges had a clamp applied to my hardeneing cock - the first at the base and the second half way along, again on the underside.  This made stroking less easy - a time to be creative - yet made getting hard quicker still now - I pondered on the options that provided the cause of this - it was the continued edging - right?  Surely then clamps could not be contributing!

The next two clamps were again on my testicles - so one on each nipple, two on each of my balls, and two on my cock now ... 

This was becoming quite intriguing - I seemed to be getting hard as I was applying the clamps now - before I touched anything at all to start getting hard !! now this is becoming really intriguing, not what I expected at all.

The last two clamps were one on my balls and the last one on the underside of the head of my cock - that really rather tender part ... eeeeeeks !!!

The result - now I was getting hard very quickly - and certainly before all clamps were attached.  What is happening !! why is this happening !! 

I had instructions on the last edge to edge twice, and then to go over the edge (yay)  I got to the first edge so very quickly this time, throbbing, and so hard that it was becoming difficult to keep all three clamps on my cock, the skin was so taut !!

I stopped all motion - WOW that was close ... yet my cock was not subsiding at all - I waited and then started stroking again - very carefully so as not to dislodge the clamps.  The second edge was not far away at all only a few strokes and I was quivering, ready to explode.

Another short break, and on the way to my last edge and "over we go".  YAY was I looking forward to this now !!!  I hardly had to touch at all, just a very gentle motion, just the slightest touch and I was on my way to my release like an express train at full speed !!   As my cock grew, throbbing, harder and harder, closer and closer, one of the clamps on my cock was finally unable to grip and slipped right off, just as I had the most awesome climax !!! 


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