Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Trip - Anonymous

"Today, my boy, we are going on a little trip.  I know that you will like it - well, I will like it, so you will like it whether you like it or not, right, pet?"

"Is your mic working well today, pet? ... wait here, I'll TP you."

"Yes Mistress" he replied quicky and quietly, "... and yes, my mic is working well today , Mistress."

** whooooosh **

"When you have rezzed, I want you to come over here by me pet, and then kneel quietly for a minute or two, I have some IMs to attend to.  I will send an invitation to a private call."

"Now then, I want to you to keep your mic open until I tell you otherwise, pet" She says.

He hears the the Lady's words, and suspects what is about to come next.  Despite this realisation (or perhaps because of it) His already swollen cock starts to twitch and harden involuntarily.  

okay - I want you to get hard now pet, and don't make me wait.  

"I am hard now Miss" he pants, his breathing starting to come in shortening gasps.

She smiles... "tell me when you are getting close, pet" She says in a quiet whisper, listening to his moans growing louder as he becomes increasingly aroused.

"I am close Mistress" he says - or gasps - between his moans.

All of a sudden, he notices that She has closed the IM call, and his excited panting can be heard by all via in-world Voice Chat.  He tries to contain his response, but his arousal combined with kneeling at Her feet causes inescapable excitement.

"Keep stroking pet ... faster" She says in his IM.  His moans increase in volume - he has not been allowed release for several days already "is it even weeks already", he thinks to himself.  

"'Edge', Miss" he gasps ...

"Don't stop yet pet" She says audibly ... 

His moans grow louder as his excitement reaches new heights ... louder and louder ... "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedge" he cries out ... please may I cum Mistress ... please Mistress ... Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease may I cum Mistress."  

He notices all the people standing around looking over in his direction, his arousal reaches new heights never before explored.  His moans seem to echo around the entire Sim ... "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mistress"

"That'll do now pet, you may stop."  

He stops stroking, and his cock just throbs - bouncing and bobbing, throbbing and dripping - seemingly unwilling to subside.  "Now, wait here until your Chastity Belt is back on pet, and then let me know.  Then you may come home."

It was over half an hour before he was allowed home.


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