Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Snake & Eve Part 2 By Lady Wycked

"Oh so my little pets want to please their Mistress, huh?", I taunt. As I press my flat palm into the damp whisper of fabric wrapped around Eve's pussy, the snake slithers down my arm resting on Eve's soft belly.

The snake lets out a sigh of appreciation. Oh how he adored his Mistress. Her, not the obvious heat source beneath him. Nah, she was almost good enough for his Goddess, "almost". And he enjoyed toying with the little femsub. He did it for Her. Oh how it made him ache, and it was an ache he was quite painfully familiar with. She liked to keep him desperately denied, and he was bound and determined to help Eve achieve the same level of need.

As I began working small slow steady circles into the soaked fabric Eve's body leapt forward trying to meet my touch. The more she strained upwards the lighter my caress. Whimpering and wiggling my little girltoy began to plead her case, "Oh god Mistress, I've never experienced an ache so unforgiving. Never have I had a thirst for anything as intensely as I thirst for your touch. But nothing fuels this god forsaken fire you've built between my thighs as the thought of pleasing you. Nothing."

With an insatiable hunger to satisfy and hoping to win favor, my little fallen Eve began to tremble from within. I was impressed with how my snake was seemingly picking up on my thoughts just as I began to exact them. Once I began moving forward towards Eve's body the snake nudged the blindfold down over Eve's eyes, depriving her of her sense of sight. I lean onto the bed between Eve's quivering thighs and raise my hand to her hard vulnerable nipples. Tweaking them roughly between my fingers I allow my fingernails to dig in slightly.

The reach upwards to her breasts caused mine to be mashed into her torso - pressing my torso into her hot crotch. I reach towards the bedside table where the snake surprises me yet again with his ability to anticipate my needs. He rolls the tiniest flogger off the table so I merely had to reach out and allow it to fall into my hand. This deliciously devilish implement was perfect for those specialized spankings. It was made from the softest deer hide and shaded with just a hint of pink.

I smile obviously pleased beckoning my cherished pet closer. The shared mind space between my snake and I, fueling my wicked intentions for my girlie toy. The snake came closer stopping in the crook of Eve's neck arching up and hovering at face level staring intently, hungrily, and adoringly at his Mistress. Watching her with complete awe and respect for he has seen this look before.

Not so long ago he was the direct target of her attention just  like this noisy little bitch now squirming under her touch. The little teasetoy was in quite the state. Even from way up her he was getting heady from the smell of her wet cunt. He could almost feel the pulsing of her needy pussy vibrating on the air. As tempting as Eve's wet sex and pert nipples ablaze with desire were, it was Her breath that he was intoxicated by.

He admired the graceful way his Goddess slid back down the length of Eve's exposed body. He coveted the way Her hair would feel being slowing dragged across flesh. Remembered how Her hot wet mouth a breath away from skin - tongue teasingly tasting the need that was evident and seeping from every pore felt. "God, She's GOOD!", the snake thought as he watched in appreciation as She danced the flogger skillfully across the whimpering little toy's breasts.

Each new contact of leather to flesh elicits moans and gasps from the squirmy little slut sending of the sweetest taste of torment and pleasure. The snake was becoming hypnotized by the intoxicating mixture of hunger, need, and lust that hung on her breath. Oh how he wanted to taste what she felt. "Oh look how hungry the little painslut likes the threat of a flogging. God she's dripping fucking wet.", I purr as I swish the leather across her belly. I turn the flogger business end towards me and I rub the outside of Eve's drenched panties up and down with the handle.

Smiling, I lower my face to her crotch and slide my tongue up the entire length of the glistening slit barely concealed by panties stopping only when my lips bump into a throbbing protrusion. As I swirl my tongue around the panty wrapped clit Eve thrusts upwards with all the strength she can muster. The snake hissed in disapproval. "My goodness, look at the greedy ill mannered little slut I have here. Eve, did I tell you to move?", I drill.

"No Mistress. No, you didn't. I'm so sorry. Please, I'm just SO desperate for you.", Eve whimpers.

"Well such blatant lack of respect and discipline cannot go without reproach", I growl. With one hand I hook my fingers into the panties right above the puffy pussy lips and twist the fabric causing it to ride up between the lips. Eve gasped and the snake shook his head, eyes glazing over slightly like a junkie who had just taken a hit.

I raise the flogger back and swing it, "this is for lurching you MUST show restraint", I giggle connecting flogger to exposed pussy lips. I thrash her puffy lips a bit bringing up a lovely shade of pink and heat to the surface. The poor needy lil femsub writhed without lifting and whimpered in the most beautiful blend of pain and ecstasy to fill the room. It sounded like a choir of angels falling from grace.

"You know Eve", I purr, "I bet you'd sound even better whimpering into my pussy". With one fluid motion I spin around setting my wet cunt on her face. With each strike of my flogger I grind hard on her face, lifting only briefly between blows. Underneath Eve, a dark wet blossom spreads through the blanket as her body leaks, unable to conceal her need a moment longer.

I think to myself, "how long would it take me to cum like this?". I find myself wondering if she'll cum before I do or if she'll pass out trying to outlast me.


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