Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anonymous Confession

This is my confession
I  teleported in the Dominion Femdom Sim wearing a Diaper and a white t shirt i want to tp away to another sim and ended up to this one but i got to like it here with the lovely ladys i had talk to last time.
Than i had seen Lady Persephone and Sub Dondas who i met here yes they had seen me wearing the diaper and told them i was at a diaper sim.
The diaper sim is for people that have a fantasy or fetish about it but alot do not know how it goes about it but i will tell in this confession there are different type of fetish to it Like.

1. There are some that just like being put in them or wearing them as a punishment or humillation but there is the option to just like the feel in being in one and not to wet or mess in them just to wear them.

2. The other option is to act like a baby to wear baby cloths to cribs to all sorts of baby stuff and to wet and mess.

Personal i did't mind wearing them in sl but i hate the all cute baby side to it some friends are like that but i rather wear it if it was for punishment or to be humillated or just to wear it thats about it
As for this confession it is true i did wear a diaper and yes i taken the punishment and await for the reply.


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