Saturday, December 29, 2012

Confession by Lady Sweet

I can see you're nervous.  You've been waiting for this with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.   You stand stiff as a board in the middle of the room.  The cross behind you, my toybags open for display to your left, as I stand before you, watching in silence, seeing your heartbeat pulsing in your neck as you shift from foot to foot.

I continue to watch you, knowing that my scrutiny is making your heart flutter.   You blush, your hands shake with the barest twitch, like you're not quite sure what to do with them.

I slowly begin to walk around you, my hands touch your shoulder and trail down the sleeve of your shirt, my nail barely touches your hand.  I can feel you holding back the urge to draw away.   I stand behind you, so close that my breasts press into your back, I blow softly against your neck.  You're breathing fast, trying hard to stand still, waiting.

My fingers stray to your head and I grab a fistful of hair, jerking your head back I whisper in your ear "strip".  Releasing you I walk to my bag and pull out a set of plain leather cuffs.   I look over my shoulder, I see you hesitate and then turn and watch as your pull off your shirt.  Your shoes follow and your hand shakes as you reach for the waist band of your jeans, unsnapping them.   I grin as you slide them down your legs and recognize that you're commando underneath.

I walk around you again, cuffs dangling from my fingers, slowly inspecting you and giggle wickedly as a blush spreads from your neck across your face.  It glows warmly across your hairless chest and I nod in approval of your cleanly shaven groin.

"Kneel" I say softly and watch you sink to your knees.

"Hands"  and you extend your arms to me.   I frown and you quickly realize your mistake and turn your palms up and drop your eyes to the floor.   I  buckle the cuffs onto your wrists then reach for your head and push it to the floor.

"Kiss the boot bitch boy" I utter harshly and as your lips find my leather clad left foot I raise my right and plant it firmly on your back, digging the stiletto heel into your shoulder.  Once satisfied I lift my boot and press against your shoulder, pushing you back into an upright position.

"Stand and turn slut"  I walk to my music player and press the play button as you obey my command and face the cross.

As the strains of Muse's - Undisclosed Desires begin to fill the room I grab your wrists and force you to the waiting cross, I fasten them high above your head and force your legs apart with the toe of my boot.

I feel your breath catch as I press hard against your body, Running my nails hard down your arms I whisper into your ear "please me, show me how it's done"

I hear your soft moan of resignation as I turn and peruse my toy bag and I smile,


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