Saturday, December 8, 2012

Confession By Emma

Tina was just 16 she had left home, or rather the place she had existed for those years as soon as she could she had been seeing Tony for a year already he was several years older and to her everything she needed . After the chaos that had been her life so far the middle child of five kids he was ordered and organised, of course most observers looking in would have immediately seen it as controlling and manipulating he had introduced her to the D/s lifestyle slowly not wanting to scare her off. He became her rock even a father figure she so desperately needed, she had never known her own father he had not stuck around that long. Leaving home so young was a blessing for her mother it was more space and one less mouth to feed. Life with Tony had quickly changed after she moved in the reassurance and cuddles had changed to isolation and punishment but for all that she still had his attention and for want of a better word love. Over the first four months the he seemed to become more and more demanding till one night he came home from work and told her he had a special treat for her. Blindfolding her he lead her into the kitchen and ordered her to kneel she did as instructed and felt the cold hard tiles press against her knees even threw her jeans, she didnt mind as she expected a treat she could hear him moving around and every now and again his lighter flick into life his voice startling her when he broke the silence, it was not the soft rewarding tone she expected but harsh and angry he started ranting about how she fidgeted when she knelt and how this would teach her to kneel properly with that the blindfold was removed and she saw that she was surrounded by candles thinking for a moment it was quite pretty. He could not be seen but she could feel his presence behind her even so the ring of candles was not to close and it was not the worse punishment she had received again he spoke to her warning he to close her eyes and reminding her of the candles surrounding her she did not have to wait long to find out what was coming suddenly her hair felt cold and wet then she smelled it and total panic gripped her as her clothes felt cold and wet total everything in her body cried out to her to run the smell of petrol almost choking her some how she remained glued to the spot, the back door opened and his parting words of im off to the pub ill see you later brought tears to her eyes. Now if your wondering who would think of something so insane don't look at me for I simply retell the tail as it was told to me except for a change of name to protect my friends identity im pleased to say she is now a confirmed lesbian and domme.


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