Saturday, December 29, 2012

Salun's Confession

My whole life I’ve been very much submissive. Clean this. Clean That. Go run for this and that. Its something I’ve never really questioned and something I’ve never only for the slightest moment thought to dabble in the other side. Despite having very little chances to experience my submissive self in real life I believe that those handful of experiences have lead me to think of what an ideal Mistress would be like for me.

Long ago I use to be far less shy than I am now. A result of a very bad and demasculating relationship. So my ideal owner would be a Mistress that would help me learn to overcome my shy demeanor. Let me hide behind her when necessary but push me forward when she deemed it necessary for my growth.

She would give me tasks to do. Ones I would do without question and out of the blue.”Clean the House” or “rub my Feet” Random tasks that would help to ease her life in the tiniest f ways whenever possible.

I desire an owner who is active in the D/s lifestyle. Preferably events and gatherings. n which she can show me off. Take pride in her caged and collared submissive. And if she would allow it for me to even be open in my day to day life about my submission to her.Wearing her collar with her name on it in public. I wouldn’t want my owner to feel as though she and I need to hide our true relationship.

I adore the idea of an owner giving me a dress code of sorts. One whom would tell what I can wear to events, parties, outside of the home and inside. SOmething in particular I confess I adore is the concept of being made to undressed at all times when at home. Are even at events sometimes. As Part of her way of helping me overcome my shy demeanor.

She would take me out on a leash when I was a good boy and punish me when I have done wrong. Not in a sexual way rather to get her point across. A firm hand to keep her boys and girls in line when she was there and away.


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