Saturday, December 8, 2012

Confession by Gunther

“A Sure Bet”!!!! *By Gunther* Me and my other brothers of the “Wild Hogs” biker gang wore driving along route 66. We wore on our way to a big biker event when we, passed an all women’s biker gang. They had the logo on their leather jackets saying “Pussy Venom”! Of course being men as we passed them we wore all shouting and laughing at them saying women couldn’t ride and that they should ride bitch and so on… . Ofcourse we got the finger from them and some slander aswell. Jim, the leader of our gang “C’mon lets leave those Dyckes and find us some bitches, theres a biker bar up ahead”! We all just speeded up like the wild bunch we wore and left the Pussy Venoms who kept riding in tight formation. I rode next to Jim on our way : ”Damn, some of those chics looked real hot there” I shouted to Jim. Jim “Forget it Eric, those bitches are a mean group” “I heard rumours about them tieying a guy naked to a tree”! “When the cops found him, he was clearly tormented and closed up”, “he never said about what happened to him or who did it”! “We come across them, stay away from those bitches”! I should have know then by the look on Jim’s face he was meaning what he said, if only I had. We arrived at the biker bar and went straight to drinking and messing with the cunts that ussualy hang around that kind of bars. I was already feeling lightheaded when the Pussy Venom gang pulled up and walked in . The Leader a tall red haired women, drop dead gorgeous had this ice cold look on her face. The Leather jacket combined with under that a very tight corset and leather pants with laces on the side. It was pretty clear she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her biker boots defnetly wore custom made as the steel heels on them wore shaped in the form of a women. They all walked to a free table in the corner and ordered drinks from the barman. I went to get a drink to the bar as the leader was waiting on hers when I spoke to her. “You going to the biker Event in tree weeks aswell”? Her eyes turned towards me again with this cold stern look again saying “Were going alright and were going to win it”! I jockingly replied “You chick’s going to win the dragrace, right”! Whats that supposed to mean she replied in that same soft tone. “Oh, C’mon everyone knows chic’s cant ride, they’re better of on the bitch seat”! She came close to me looked me right in the eye and with her hand stroked my face as she looked up and down for a moment to me like assessing her prey. “What’s your name” She said. “Eric” I replied to her, and with this smirky grin on her face “Mine’s Karen, and care to have a little bet or is your mouth all bark and no bite”! I looked over at Jim who had this look on his face , you know the kind (Don’t do it). But I was all macho and ofcourse I would back down now not infront of all and loose face. “Sure Karen, name the bet”! Karen ofcourse says “Barrel race , fastes one to complete wins”! “And the Loser” I say. Karen licks her lip for a moment noticing im transfixed on her every move “Hmmm, The loser becomes property of the winner until the biker event is over in tree weeks”! My heart races, a change to have this drop dead gorgeous bitch as my slave. I hear myself saying without even thinking about it “Deal”! Jim now walks up to us with a paper and pen Jim “Biker rules, in spit and paper”! I spit in my hand so does Karen and we shake hands then the bed is drawn up on the paper and we both sign it like a contract. Jim looks at me “You better win this”! ,I reply a bit loudly “Oh you know bitches cant ride shit”! All the guys laugh on the remark, the women on the other hand have that weird smirk on their face like the one Karen had earlier. Karen orders two tequila shots and hands me one Karen “I only share a drink with a cunt who dares to have a bet with me”! We both drink the glass all the way down; That’s when I stand up from the bar seat I feel a bit wobbly on my feet. Jim notices this “You can’t ride like this, your barely able to walk straight let one of the others ride it for you”! But my macho ego kicks in “I got this, I can do this”! Jim “I gave you an out man, you loose this don’t bother coming back to us”! Karen overheard the last part and says to Jim “Oh so were racing for keeps”! I answer “Sure are, I’m going to warm up your ass tonight”! I say aloud. “Sure.. Sure” Karen says sarcasticly and grabs me for a moment by the balls “You might end up a nice playtoy afterall”! We all go outside where are setting out a line of twenty barrels on a stretch of road. Jim” Ok the rules are simple”, “ You ride as fast as you can to the other ends going each time between all barrels zigzag”! “The Fastest time when back Wins”! Jim looks at both of us and says “Who’s going go first”! I answer “Let the bitch go first”! Karen gets on her bike and lets the motor rip up a few times Jim stands with his arm up and a watch, when he lowers it, Karen races off with gaining speed and expertly goes between all barrels and comes back in 34 seconds. Jim “ok, time to beat 28 seconds”! “Eric your up”! I climb on my back still courage flowing over from the cheers of the guys. Jims hand raises again and when he lowers it I give it all I got . At the speed im going and the drinks in my system its not a perfectly done as Karen and about 2/3 trough the first run it happens. I loose steering control and the bike starts to wobble effect and then I crash, my bike thumbling away from me as the pieces break of left and right. I’m still on my back when I hear people running to me laughter from both men and women. Karen comes close stretching out her hand to help me up saying “Can you stand or are you hurt”! I take her hand witch surprisingly has a firm grip for a women and raise me to my feet. Karen “Are you alright there”? “Only my pride” I say Guess youre mine now , she hooks her finger in the top button hole and walks me to her bike. Then turns and says “Well, are you going to honor the bet”? “Or are you going to chicken out like man would”! I look at Jim who who simply says “He’s not one of ours anymore”! I look at Karen and say “Tree weeks with you how hard can it be,.. right”! Karen again strokes my face in her seductive way “Oh nono, we raced for keeps remember”! “You ride with me, you are my property”! “But I’m in a good mood, so I’m giving you a choice still”! “You can honor the bet and become mine, or you can leave and forever have your name in shame no club will ever want you as member”! “So what’s it going be”?! Her soft stroking gives a warm welcoming effect one I dind’t expect from her, but she seems nice. As my mind goes over the situation for a moment not being a member anymore of my gang and as I like riding with a gang I think why not. Afteral being the only male in an all female bikergang doesn’t sound so bad. I say the words out loud for all to hear there “Yes I’ll honor the bet and become yours”! Karen has this smile again “Good, just sign here that you willingly become mine”! She hands me a paper witch I sign without reading along with Jim and the barman as witnesses. “Give those colors back to the hogs, you’ll get one of ours, once you pass innitation”! I hand Jim my Wild hogs jacket. She looks for a moment at my bike saying “That’s a total loss, you’ll have to ride bitch with me”! That send a laugh trough the crowd to my humiliation, but it isn’t over yet. Karen takes a pink collar and leash from the bags on her bike and puts it around my neck and locks it. As she steps on her bike she yanks lightly saying “Come along bitch, we got a few miles ahead till we get to our rest stop”! Again the crowd starts laughing and whisling as I get on the bitch seat of her bike . She grabs my hands and places them on her breasts then cuffs them together. Through the leather jacket I can feel her firm breasts. “Just so you don’t fall off again”! Karen started her bike and we drove of followed soon by the other women of the gang. It wasn’t long before we went on an side road and about ten minutes later we came up on a open area with a bus. On the side of the bus the logo of the Pussy venom gang was painted. Karen undid the cuffs from my hands and we both got off her bike. She took my leash and gently tugged it for me to follow. We went to a small creek there her voice in a dominant tone said “Strip”! She helped me get out of my clothes until only my underwear was left. Needles to say I had a semi hardon still from the ride while holding Karen’s firm breasts. “Take those off” she said in a more stern tone. Slowly I did what she told me and covered my crotch with my hands embarrassed to be naked in front of this beautyful women. “On your knees, shoulder spread and put your hands in the back of your neck”! As I did what I was told I couldn’t help but feel the warmth of shame on my face and embarrassment. She walked slowly around me, her eyes looking alover me, her face having this wicked grin. “Seem’s somebody likes to be controlled”! she tapped with her right foot against my semi hardon”! “Maybe you’re not such a condescending asshole afterall”! She picked up all my clothes and told me to remain as a was when I heard the other women arrive. When they stopped they aimed all their lights on me, then just went on walking to the bus like I wasn’t there. There I was butt naked with a collar and leash around my neck, illuminated by the headlights of the gang’s bike’s. When Karen returned, I was shivering a bit from the cold evening air. She had a bad in her hand. “Wash yourself in the creek bitch”! I wanted to stand up but she stopped me by sternly saying “Bitches like you crawl”! So I crawled into the creek the water was freezing cold. “Get out and rub this allover your body except your head” she said tossing me a tube the letters clearly scratched off. After I rubbed it on and ten minutes later I had this itchy feeling allover my body . Karen just kept on looking me over the whole time when she noticed me in discomfort. “You must be freezing bitch, get back in the creek and wash yourself of then ,I’ll lead you to the fire we got near the bus”! As I crawled back into the water and washed myself clean, I noticed all the hair on my body was coming off. “Come out of the water Bitch and assume the previous position” she yelled at me. I did as I was told and again she took something out of the bag. She kneeled down in front of me and placed a chastity device on my cock, securing it with a lock. She held up the key then placed it into her bra saying “There now, we don’t want that thing on the loose”! Again she took the leash and yanked it saying “Now crawl behind me bitch”, “don’t want you to catch a cold”! She lead me to the fire by the bus, where all the other women wore. Some started to wissle others, slapped me on the ass hard saying “that’s a cute ass, bitch”! My head must have bin bright red from the humiliation being naked with a chastity device on, surrounded by all these women, when one women cheered “Oh look SHE has a natural blush on all her cheeks”! Witch made all of them laugh out loud. Karen took place in one of the chairs by the fire, and was handed a glass of wine. I was still on all four when she yanked the leash softly saying “Sit on your bitch ass and leg’s apart”! “Show of that little clit you got jeweled”! Again all the women snickered to my humiliation. The warmth from the fire felt good, do without clothes it still felt cold. Karen Spoke up as all the women had their drink “As you all know what transpired earlier, this little bitch here became my property for life”! I was stunned hearing the words and wanted to speak up, but the leash was yanked hard before I could object. “Shut up, or do I need to gag you” Karen sneered at me. Karen then just in her calm voice continued. Karen “As he is now becoming part of the gang, he will go trough the initiation part”! For some reason all the women giggled. “But first there’s the little matter of Her punishment for behaving badly towards our members and gender in general”! “Bring forward the punishment horse and tie her to it”! They brought out from the bus and placed it near the chairs. Then Karen led me to the contraption and made me bend over it. My hands got stretched forward and tied to a ring in front of me, then I felt my ankles being tied to the paws of the contraption. Karen for a moment traced my back with her fingers , then moved down to my ass and cupped the cheeks a few times. Then she wisphered “Be brave, little one”! Then she turned and faced the women again: “For the crimes against our biker club and women in general”, “Each of you will be allowed to administer on swing with the paddle”! “You may decide on Soft or hard blow”! “When each of you administered his punishment you then if you wish may fuck him”! Now I didn’t like the upcoming spanking, but the idee of being allowed to fuck with all these women I liked atleast the way I had in mind. Karen came to stand to my front so I could see her, she was holding a paddle you see in those bdsm magazines. Karen “Eva, as me second you are first” ! She handed Eva the paddle who then walked behind me, before I could brace myself I felt the paddle strike my ass cheek hard. The pain was hard and I cried out witch only amused the women more. Karen took back the paddle then called Nadia, who took the paddle and winked at me. Again the paddle hit my other cheek hard, witch made me cry out again this time tears started to form on my eyes. When Nadia, came back she said “Don’t worry bitch I’ll be gentle after”! Karen then called out Cloé, who took the paddle and teasingly paddled her hand a few times in my view, then went to my back side. I braced for what was coming , but she gently tapped my ass saying “I’ll get more fun after”! Karen again called out “Ellen, your next”! When Ellen took the paddle she said “Better brace yourself bitch”! She went to my back and I did brace myself as best as I could . Still the paddle hit me even harder then all before and I cried out, tears freely flowing from my eyes. And so it went on till all 14 women had hit my painfully and in flame ass. Karen then stroked my face saying the worst was over, then took a tube and started to rub my ass with the content with felt great and subsided some of the pain. The she unlocked the chastity device, but didn’t free me from the horse. Aldo my ass cheeks wore in pain, I was eager to fuck with these women or so I thought. Karen “Now sinds I own this little bitch, its only fair I go first” she said. With a trembling voice I dared to speak “Should’nt you untie me first”? I asked. Karen just turned with a big smile on her face “Think, you got the wrong idee there sweetie” she said with a sarcastic voice. That’s when Eva handed her the strapon harness witch she put on. Karen was adjusting the harness when she said “Tell me honestly bitch, have you had anything back there”? You could hear the the fear in my voice when I replied to her “Hell no, let me go”, “Let me go I don’t want this”! Karen walked closer and stroked my ass saying “Oh, I think you do want this”! Her finger was stroking now at my butthole witch I pinched tightly. “C’mon now, relax I’ll promise to be gentle”! “I’m not gay, I don’t want this”! I yelled. Karen just kept on massaging my hole gently “How can it be gay, I am a women after al”! From what I could see she lubed up her finger then went back to my ass gently massaging it . The sensation wasn’t that unpleasant and started to cause reaction in my cock to stiffen up. Suddenly she pressed on more and the finger went inside and started to gently fuck me. Karen just soft spoke to me now “There now doesn’t that feel good”! She was definitely hitting the right spot as pleasure was rising in me and soon she added a second finger. Eva shouted to so all the women could hear “See she does like it, her clit is all stiff”! I tried in my humiliation to will my cock soft but, Karen’s stimulations was to good. Karen “I think your ready to have your cherry taken, I’ll use the small one to break you in”! Eva handed her a rubber cock almost the size of my own. When Karen had attached it to the harness she came closer behind me and finger fucked me some more. Eva came to me front and stroked my face saying “Relax, its all going to be fine”! For a moment I relaxed, and that was what Karen waited for as she gently pushed the cock into me. Its painfully started to stretch me out and I tensed up witch caused more pain. That’s when Eva saw me tense she flashed me her D-cup breasts witch caught me of guard and Karen was able to ease the cock all the way in. Karen “See, there now all the way in”! “The hard part is over now, just relax “! Eva covered her breasts up and stroked my face again. Eva “That’s a good girl, relax”, “let it happen”! “We all went trough similar fate’s”! I stammered out ‘But I’m a guy”! That’s when Karen slowly started to fuck me in and out and I started to moan in pleasure. Karen “Not anymore Erica, a real man wouldn’t let himself get into this situation”! “He wouldn’t moan like the little bitch I’m fucking would he”! I couldn’t answer as I was riding the pleasure of the gently slow fucking sensation . I heard Nadia’s voice “She likes it, look what’s oozing out of her clit”! Pre cum was leaking from me. Karen placed her hands on my sides and started to fuck me faster. Eva grinned “Seems we got us a little slut here”! Nadia now came to my front, she to was wearing a strapon but the dildo looked bigger and she wasn’t wearing and panties and her denim skirt was hicked up. Nadia grabbed my face and said “Here slut, suck on my nice cock”! With that she guided it into my mouth and gently fucked my face, every now and then gagging me. That’s when I felt Karen fuck me harder and rougher. I felt taken and with every thrust Karen did my male ego faded. Eva “Looks like the bitch will be useful after al”! Karen breathing harder “Oh, Erica is going to be a good obedient little slut arn’t you”! All I could do was moan on the cock in my mouth. “I’ll train her to please us all “! After Karen was tired she was replaced by Nadia who stretched me even more . While Karen made me suck her cock clean. It was deep in the night when I had been fucked by most of the women and was allowed to sleep on the floor of the bus. My ass felt sore and I dreamt of what transpired in the day. END part 01


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