Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Morning Ritual by Rorke


It had only been about about four or so hours, he reflected, since finishing his final task and turning in for some much needed sleep. But the loud buzzer inside his 'cell' (as the small space with a toilet and wash station with a mat on the floor couldn't be called a room) signaled in no uncertain terms it was 07:30 and time to begin his day.

Groaning into the ball gag with his stuffed cheeks hindering his breath as his stiff joints slowly respond and unfold while he rolls off the mat. Gingerly, as much as the humbler painfully pulling his balls back through his legs will allow, he kneels up and arranges the thin blanket neatly before crawling carefully thorough the small door.

Casting a glance to his left at her riding boots gleaming from his efforts four hours previously and ready for her later and then turning his attention to the main room where her two dogs both cocking their heads in expectation. Sighing into his gag as even her dogs are of a higher status than he.

Once the dogs are let out, he busies himself with making her coffee, strong and black with the cup filled to three quarters, how she always takes it. The aroma of the harsh liquid reaching his nostrils and mixing with the scent of her still on him. Carefully taking it on a tray with the latest copy of Femdom Times and crouch walking up the stairs.

His heartbeat quickening upon seeing her door slightly ajar, a sign he can enter, closed doors means he is not needed. Pushing through said door as she stirs awake and sits up with a smile at him while he sets the tray down and presents her coffee and paper.

Holding stock still with eyes lowered, not daring to steal a glance at her stunning beauty while she sips her coffee. Her heavenly voice reaches his ears, "Are you enjoying My stockings, boy?", she enquires as he nods eagerly with the stocking gag still in place.

An age seems to pass as she reads her paper before finally she speaks again, "Okay boy, go and do something useful now....fuck off!"


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