Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Breeding Him by Cam Inventor-Jules


She looks up from her book, smiles at the two naked boys before her, and carefully places the bookmark between the open pages of the book before softly closing it and setting it down on the table beside her.  With a fluidity of movement, both deliberate and graceful, she moves her hand to her jotter and picks it up, crossing her legs so that she may lean on her leg as she writes.  She pulls the pen, a Cath Kidston pen with a print of London landmarks on it, from the white spiral binding of the jotter and uncaps it; the faint popping sound of the cap as it creates a tiny vacuum filling the silent air.  She jots some words on the paper and rips it away from the binding with a flourish, a zipping noise again breaking the silence.  Small motes of paper dust dance in a sunbeam.

With the paper folded, she leans forward towards her older, longer-owned boy.  She rests her hand upon her thigh and flicks the paper towards him between her fingers.  Saying nothing, with no words needed between them, the naked, caged and collared boy reaches up and gently grips the paper.  "Thank you, Mistress," he murmurs, prompting her to release it.

The boy reads for a few seconds, then drops his head.  "Yes Mistress," he intones and stands, bows slightly and turns to leave the room, leaving the first boy wondering what commands she wrote on the paper.  His eyes follow the movement of her first leaving the room, almost as a reflex, a primitive reaction to movement.  The feel of her glassy, disapproving stare burning the side of his face causes him to snap back and revert his attention to her delicate, painted toenails.

A short amount of time passes, and in the next room the first boy can be heard huffing and puffing.  Something heavy and metallic being moved;  half lifted, half dragged across the floor.

"Mind my floorboards, idiot!" she scowls, calling loudly into the other room. A muffled, "yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress" can be heard and the noises of moving equipment stop, to be replaced with increased huffing and straining noises.  The first boy returns to the room, awkwardly carrying a large metal frame with leather straps attached, and a khaki cotton messenger bag flapping at his thigh, the cotton strap laced from his shoulder and down across his hairy chest.

He reaches the floor just behind the first boy and, with care such as would be taken with a fragile piece of china, places the frame on the floor.  He leans on it a moment, flexing his muscles and rubbing the end of his foot where he clearly bashed himself with it.

"Clumsy boy," she mutters.  Turning to her second, she points at the frame. "That's for you."

He looks up at her, not recognising the purpose of the device, but understanding clearly that it is meant for restraint.  He gulps, and nods. "Yes, Mistress" he squeaks, uncertain.  He's still an anal virgin but Mistress had made it clear that the day he is deflowered and bred would be coming.  That he wouldn't get a choice when, where, how, or with whom.  In trepidation he turns to the device, clambering aboard into an all-fours position.  He rests his neck on a large semicircular section, and places his arms and legs on padded rests clearly designed for the purpose.  The first boy hands his Mistress the bag and then turns to the device. Working quickly, he locks the second boy's neck in place before restraining his arms and legs.  The boy restrained starts to visibly tremble, but knows his has no choice about this - it is her will and her way; he recently agree to give himself to her completely and now must learn all the new degradations which she chooses to inflict upon him.

Mistress now pours a glass of water and reaches into the bag.  Grinning at her boys, she pulls out a small packet.  It crinkles and pops as she removes a small blue pill from its plastic and foil cell. She holds it up for the restrained boy to see.  The first boy kneels down, opens his mouth and holds his tongue out for her.  She places the pill on his tongue, in a show for the second boy, offering him the glass of water and feeling her clit throb as he takes the drug down with the cool liquid.

He turns around now, with his cock cage still on.  Both boys and their Mistress knowing that will have to come off soon.  She reaches into the bag and pulls out a black leather tube, straps hanging everywhere from it.  The first boy puts his hands behind his back and patiently waits as she slips the armbinder onto him, buckling every strap and checking it is secure, adoring his little grunts as she pulls and pushes him about, before she wordlessly taps him on the shoulder to bid him to turn again to face her.

This is the moment she has waited for.  The anticipation intense now, as she lifts the chain around her neck over her head and takes the key hanging on it between her perfect fingers.  He swoons as he feels the heat of her fingers between the bars of his cage; she and the other boy are the only ones to ever touch his manhood now; that's what the armbinder is for - his cock is no longer his.  It is hers to control and she makes sure that remains the case.

The padlock clicks and she twists the hasp to remove it, letting the cage slide off his cock and allowing it to start to stiffen.  She strokes it, slowly at first, but moving in long, twisting strokes to make sure he's as Viagra-hard as possible.  Right at the last, she squirts a good quantity of cold lube over his cock and rubs it briskly in, before wiping the excess off on his chest hair.

He walks round to the front of the device, kneeling before the bound boy to show him the thick, rock-hard cock, bulging with veins, pushing it within inches of his face. "Ready?" he asks.   Before the boy can answer, Mistress responds for him, "the bitch is ready. Just get on with it."

The boy struggles to his feet and heads to the other end of the device, where the bound boy's ass is presented.  The boy looks up at her as she leans back and lifts her leg onto the arm of her chair, exposing her pussy as she begins to rub her clit the moment her first boy enters the other.  The bound boy cries out in pain as the thick cock studs him, ripping his cunt apart.

The bull boy slides in as carefully as he can, with his arms tied behind his back, squeezing into the boy in the breeding rack, until the boy's cunt gives way and he can penetrate fully. He rams his cock in until his thighs meet those of his ride.  The second boy has finally lost his anal virginity.  He flushes red with shame.

The bitch in the rack grunts and squeals as he starts to get fucked harder, the bull now ploughing into his ass.  It hurts, but also feels good - that thick cock, stroking his prostate.  He's always been a leaker and been proud of that, but now feels shame as he is driven to leave a little puddle of pre-cum on the floor as it drips out of his cock.  The bull desperately wants to grab the bitch, Mistress can tell that by the way he's thrusting Fortunately, the rack stays put with their combined weight upon it, giving him enough purchase to pound as hard as he can.

"Not too quickly," She chastises.  "We want him properly bred; this is not a quickie."  She leans back, stroking herself as she watches.  The boy in the rack twists his head to look up at her.  "Enjoying losing your virginity, slut?" she asks, breathlessly, as she fingers her clit furiously.

He grunts in response.  He feels so owned and used, the shame crashing over him - every word of hers a barb.  Now he can never say he hasn't experienced what it really means to be fucked.  As she reaches the edge, her bull responds too, getting closer and closer.

She orgasms, her entire body spasming and writhing in the chair - one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever experienced.  Her bull knows instinctively what she wants and waits, holding himself back by thrusting just a little less roughly into the breeding slut's cunt.  He keeps gently rocking in and out of the boy's ass, carefully watching his Mistress until she manages to open her eyes once more.  "Good boy," she purrs, nodding to let him know the time is right.

He pounds into his conquest, once, twice, three times, hard.  He grunts as his cock spasms and he feels that hot cum rising up from his balls and ejaculating into the other boy's ass as his cock twitches reflexively.  The other boy just grows redder, struggling a little in the rack's bonds, but now totally resigned to his fate.  The bull pulls out, still dripping semen from his thick, hard cock.  Their Mistress picks up a buttplug from the table and leans forwards, pressing it against the slut's hole to stopper it.  "That should keep that cum inside you," she smiles.  She pats his ass, before indicating to the bull that he should present himself for cleaning to the slut.

The slut winces at the still-stiff cock, dripping with cum.  But it has been trained to take it, as a cuckslave it has cleaned the bull many times. Reluctantly, it opens wide and sucks the cum off the bull. "Mmm," she chuckles, "just the first of many loads you'll be taking today - on your first day!" She leans on the bull, as if holding him like a trophy. "Look! Still hard.  It is amazing what those tiny pills can do.  And by the end of the day, he'll be completely dry as he cums inside you."

The Beginning...


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