Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Vanilla Confession by Anonymous

 Anonymous confession

When i first met her, it was clear to me, she was dominant. She liked teasing me, and making me uncomfortable, and she clearly held the power in our relationship.

But kink? BDSM? Not for her. She didn't relate to it, and any experiments we tried with roleplay (she was a natural, she seemed to revel in it!) that involved me being submissive, or humiliated, always made her feel like she had less respect for me. So we agreed to keep it out of our relationship.

Our relationship is now a 20-year marriage, with kids. Every few years, she seems to do a temporary 180, surprises me with sudden kinky acts for a night or two, and then goes back to her vanilla state, leaving me confused and empty, but grateful. 

This week, it happened again - for the first time in almost two years. This time, it was more physical than emotional/mental. It was sexual, it was exciting, and it was very unexpected.

We were sitting watching a movie, on one of our covid "Date nights". We were drinking, hanging out, chatting, and i suppose flirting a bit. That's when she started poking at me, teasing me, literally tweaking my nipples a bit and pinching me. She knew how reactive i was - i was an easy target.

She moved her hand down between my legs, and started teasing me over my jeans. This isn't something she normally does. Foreplay outside of the bedroom is an incredible rarity. At first i thought she was toying with me, and pushed her away lightly, but she kept at it and i realized i'd be better off to go with the flow.

Next, the zipper came undone, as did the pants. She moved herself closer, and slid her other hand down the back of my underwear. I was shocked to feel her hand make its way to my ass, then felt a finger tease and then penetrate my oh-so-rarely-used asshole.

Now she was fucking me up the ass, harder and faster, with one hand, and stroking me with the other. She stopped stroking, moved her hand to mine, and brought it to my cock, motioning me to stroke myself. I did so - rock hard, dizzy and disoriented.

She released her hand, brought it to my balls, and gave them a smack! Playful at first, then harder and harder. I was flailing, balls aching, cock hard, ass getting fucked really hard (i don't think she knew how hard!). I never could have imagined this was ever a possibility.

I moaned, i panted, i gasped, i kept having to let go because i didn't want to cum - and a couple of times i almost did. She would have killed me if i had, so i was glad i managed to control myself (this time). I've had some problems in the past.

From there, she took me upstairs to the bedroom. More surprises. She bent over the bed, pulling down her tight pants, exposing her sexy round ass and panties. Seeing her like that made me even more excited and more desperate to please her. I dropped to my knees, and she slid her panties off. she pushed back into my face with her ass, grinding her pussy into my mouth. I was in heaven! i don't ever remember feeling so blessed or lucky.

That's when she took my hands, first bringing them to her breasts, then moving them up to her ass. I knew she loved ass massages, so i began squeezing her cheeks, but she stopped me. She moved my hand, and guided my finger into her asshole. So now i was fucking her ass with my finger while she ground into my face, tasting her, smelling her .... it was the best.

I'm happy to say that after a few more acts, i did make her cum. That was SO important, so i was glad i managed to do my job. 

Of course, she's never mentioned it since and i imagine it might never happen again. But wow - what a great moment in 2021 that was for me :)


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