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Mon Capitaine 2 by Anonymous

 Mon Capitaine – 2

The weekend on the sailboat was just the beginning. On Sunday afternoon, when I left her at the pier, she gave me an appointment for the following Friday. I was supposed to show up at 6 p.m. at her house, she said smiling. She would give me the address.

"See you next Friday, Mon Capitaine!" - she said laughing, and I couldn't help but shiver.

While I was tidying up the boat, I tried to think about everything that had happened. And it was all extremely strange. I have always been a man of few words, very cerebral, used to control events as much as I could. And yet, this time I realized that I had abdicated and let myself be dragged into a flow of events absolutely out of my control. However, it was not so much this that struck me, rather the fact that she had managed to make me take a completely subordinate, even submissive attitude. While I was cleaning the deck I was wondering if my nature was just like that, a submissive person: and my answer, perhaps out of natural self-defense, was negative. Yes, it's true, I had never been a tough guy, and in fact, I had a reputation of being a very kind person, but certainly, both at work and in my love life, I wasn't one to be prevailed upon. And yet...

Shaking my head, I put the last ropes in the peaks, giving a last look, and then I went away in silence.

The week passed quickly. I had tried not to think about her, except to try to recall when I had met her. I began to remember: it had been at university, but the memory had faded away. I seemed to remember that she was very fond of me and that she made it quite clear to me. On the other hand, I hadn't shown any interest in her, in fact I had snubbed her. That was what I remembered, but it was as if I had removed the fact.

On Friday morning I received a message on my mobile phone, with her address. It corresponded to an isolated area outside the city. I prepared myself, even bringing something just in case I had to spend the night there (inside I was certain of that; we hadn't talked about, but I was sure I would only be dismissed on Sunday night, and I packed my bag accordingly.

Just before 6 o'clock, I was in front of the gate of a rather old and well-kept villa. There was no name on the intercom, the agreed signal was two rings on the cell phone. At 6 o'clock the gate was opened, and I entered, knocking on the front door. When I saw it, I startled. She was very beautiful, wearing a simple blue tailleur that left her beautiful legs uncovered. She was elegant without being conspicuous; but above all, she exuded, with every movement she made or word she pronounced, a feeling of authority, of self-awareness that made me feel uncomfortable. She made me sit down and sat in front of me, crossing her bare legs and smiling at me.

"So, mon Capitaine, have you pondered about our meeting? Have you remembered who I am and when we met?"

“Yes, more or less.”

"No, no... with me you can't use ‘more or less’, I'm not a ‘more or less’ person. Do you remember the days of the University or not?"

“I do, yes:”

"Well, then you remember that you were not particularly nice; and I am a person who does not forget. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. And I intend to eat it all. Kneel here, close to me."

Nothing forced me to do that. I could have got up, told her to go to hell, and gone. But I did not. A force superior to my will forced me to obey. I knelt down where she told me, right next to her armchair. And as I did so, I felt a feeling of warmth invading me. I could not understand myself, and it bothered me, but I knew that I had no choice.

"Great. Let's start by setting the rules. I will always be Lady Mary for you. But you will not have a name here. You will simply be Mr. Hiero. You will wonder what that means. Well, not because you are my hero... just memories of university... common memories, aren't they? Do you remember who the hierodules were? The slaves of the temple...who were often and willingly used as prostitutes...hahaha".

It was as if her voice, and her laughter, in particular, entered into vibration with my soul, creating a state of waiting and uneasiness, but at the same time of desire and inescapebility. I bowed my head as if to accept what she had said, and she, slowly raising my chin with the tip of her shoe, said in a low voice "Every sentence, every conversation, must always end with your "Yes, Lady Mary". Is that clear?"

“Yes, Lady Mary.”

"Good. Also remember that if I don't tell you otherwise, you will always have to look me in my eyes. Never avoid my gaze. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, aren't they? And I want to eat your soul, drinking it over a good glass of wine."

“Yes, Lady Mary.”

"Good. Now go and get changed in the first room on the right, along the corridor. You will find everything you need to wear for the whole weekend on the bed. Nothing more, nothing less. Or maybe something more, every now and then... I'll be waiting for you in 10 minutes. Go."

I got up and walked away to the pointed room. Upon entering, I noticed a bed with clothes on it. In fact, just a garment, a kitchen apron. As I took off my clothes, I wondered why that garment was there. Humiliation, of course, but what else? Its purpose was to degrade me, but I thought, or perhaps hoped, there was something else. I looked in the mirror, and the yellow weaves cotton apron made me absolutely ridiculous.

After ten minutes I was kneeling next to her again, without being asked or ordered. The apron covered my waist, my chest and my legs, but it did not cover my ass, nor could it hide my exuberant erection. Which she didn't let escape, when she said to me, "Ohoh...Mr. Hiero is I have chosen the right name... And so, better to begin immediately, after all, a weekend passes quickly... Follow me, I feel like fancying some coffee".

I got up and followed her to the kitchen, where she sat down on a comfortable chair and said to me: "There you can find everything you need to prepare my coffee, I hope you are capable of it".

“Yes, Lady Mary.”

"But, to make things more fun...let's see if your B-side, so exposed, can be used to play...memories on the boat, carrots, no? hahaha"

She approached me as I was tinkering to make her coffee, and I felt a hand resting on the back of my neck, and at the same time, I felt something pressing against my ass hole... "I suggest you to relax, and to be won't hurt that much..."

It was a plug that she was inserting little by little, without any hesitation, into my ass. I felt like dying, but I didn't want to give in to her, so I kept working on the coffee, almost pretending nothing was happening, while an atrocious pain was spreading all over my body.

"Bravo Mr. Hiero! Come on, it's almost all in, where it's going to stay for a while..."

She sat back down and said, "Great. I want my coffee black and black as the color of the pompom hanging from the plug...just a beautiful sight...hahaha".

I blushed dramatically. The tone of her voice, everything she said to me, instead of making me angry and rebel, softened me up as if she emptied me of my will and filled me with something that was not mine, but that took possession of me, inexorably..

She looked at me a little bit, quite amused, and then, coming out of the room she said: "When it's ready, serve my coffee in the living room".

The pain began to fade, but I felt humiliated. It was a part of me that I didn't know and that came out. That's what I thought while preparing the tray, with the cup of steaming coffee.

I went back to the living room, where she was waiting sitting, nonchalantly flipping through a newspaper. I approached her and knelt down, offering the tray.

"Great. The smell is inviting. You'll get some too when the time is right, don't worry." She took the cup and sipped the coffee, with evident satisfaction as she stared at me. "Bravo, Mr. Hiero. So you know how to do something, other than taking care of a sailboat...". While she was talking, she moved her legs, until she put one foot on my thigh and one on the evident bulge that I could not in any way hide.

"How horny are we... Soon we will have to do something about it, don't you think? Don't tell me that you discovered something you didn't know? That maybe you like to be fucked in the ass, and that you like to be treated like a little slut...hahaha".

Her foot was pressing on my member, giving me strong feelings, while the pain that was spreading out from my ass, in waves, was just as much strong.

"Yes, I would say that slut is the correct word, don't you think? And we will use this little slut, we will use it well, until this is your only raison d'etre: to serve me and fully be my slut".

In this way, little by little she advanced towards me, until her face was only a few centimeters away from me. She graciously took my chin, saying to me gently but peremptorily "Open your mouth, it's time for your coffee".

I opened up my lips, always looking at her. She smiled at me and little by little she drained an abundant trickle of saliva, mixed with coffee. "Don't swallow now, but only when I tell you to. I want you to feel clear that I am inside of you, in your ass and in your mouth".

Feeling her saliva while her smiling eyes were fixed on mine was like a shock. I think she noticed, because at the same time she smiled at me, put her hand on my shoulders, and forced me down so that the plug was pushed even more imperiously into my ass. "Mr. little slut and my should be careful, one could say that you almost love me...hahaha".

She smartened herself up little by little, gave me the cup back, and told me that I should serve dinner at 9 p.m., inventing a menu from what I would find in the kitchen. After having served the dinner, cleaned and cleared (she did not tell me if and what I would have eaten too), I would have to keep her company.

"...And you'll see, you'll like it...well, I certainly will like it...and that's the very important thing, isn't it? Hahahahah."

I headed towards the kitchen and began to prepare dinner. I did not know exactly what was in store for me. I did not know what further humiliation I would be subjected to. But little by little I realized that, slutty or not, being in her hands, manipulated like a thing, made me feel alive and that I would do everything to give her pleasure.

The only question was: how far would she push me? But I knew I could not answer. Not yet, at least.

P.S. The only thing I know is I am still alive. That weekend was the beginning of everything. A storm. Other confessions will answer, telling what really happened.


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