Monday, September 21, 2020

Confession by Will

It took Joe's eyes a moment to adjust to the light. He’d been kneeling in the darkness for what seemed like hours. The harsh light that suddenly emitted from the single bulb hanging above him bounced off the hard grey walls of the cellar, forcing him to bow his head and shut his eyes. He shifted his weight around in an attempt to alleviate the pain in his back, but the cuffs that held his wrists and ankles together gave him no respite.

He heard Her before he saw Her. Her leather high-heeled boots tapping against the unforgiving stone floor that had been slowly bruising his knees as he waited there kneeling in the blackness. Through squinted eyes he could just make out the tall and slender silhouette wrapped in tight black leather. Above her knee-high leather boots he could see the pale skin of her thighs and the black silk panties that any man would drop to his knees for.

“I’m back my pet" She said as she walked across the room towards him. "What a patient little slave you have been.”

At the sound of Her soft silky voice, Joe felt a surge of excitement. He felt it surge down his neck and make his heart beat rapidly in his chest. It reached down to to his legs and groin and made them tense uncontrollably.

And at the same time, he felt that familiar movement in the pit of his stomach. He felt the hairs on his arms stand up on end as his breathing became erratic.

“What is She going to do? What could be worse than what She’s already done to me? What could be better?"

He could feel the heat of Her gaze on the back of his head as She came towards him. He knew how much She loved seeing the fear and arousal take hold of his body. He took a deep breath and raised his head, his gaze meeting those icy blue eyes that first brought him to his knees and made him pledge his submission.

“Now then…” She began as She paced around him “...Because you have been such a patient little slave today, I thought I’d bring you a present. Isn’t that nice of me?”

“Yes Mistress Rachel.” He said, the words stumbling out of his mouth.

“I’m glad you agree.” She remarked as she walked over to the oak chest in the far corner of the room. “Lower your head and close your eyes while I get it ready. No peaking.”

As he heard Rachel walk over to the chest, every muscle in Joe's body tensed. He had learned that chest housed the most sadistic of Mistress Rachel's’ toys. His mind became a swirling fog as every “present” he had received in the past replayed in his mind. He heard the metallic clink of a belt buckle. He heard the sound of leather sliding over her boots and up to the soft skin of Her thighs. He heard the stretch of the leather as the buckle fastened. And then, after a moment’s silence, more taps of those vicious heels to bring Her back in front of him. She stood there for a moment, once again enjoying the psychological torture Her slave was currently experiencing.



As he looked up at his Mistress, something blocked his view. It took him a second to readjust his eyes upon the long, shiny, flesh-coloured dildo hanging from his Mistress’ hips.

“Well slave… what do you think?”

He could barely manage a murmur as his asshole involuntarily clenched. Yet despite the fear that was consuming him, his cock hardened at the sight of the thick rubber cock hanging inches from his face.

An open-palmed slap across his left cheek brought him back to reality.

“Answer me slut! Do you like your new present?!”

“Yes Mistress Rachel” he whimpered, as the sting of the blow reminded him just how helpless he was. All he could do was lower his head in shameful arousal.

“That’s better.”

He heard the leather of Rachel's boots stretch as She crouched down. Her face was level with his now, and Her voice was almost a whisper.

“And where…” she asked, Her blood-red lips brushing against his right earlobe “…do you think this present belongs?”

Joe knew what She wanted to hear. He knew there was no other answer. He knew that he could use the safe word and it would all be over. But as he looked down in shame at the head of his throbbing cock, he knew that this was where he belonged. Despite every punishment he had endured, he still wanted to please his Mistress.

“In my ass Mistress Rachel.”

Her full lips parted into a wicked smile and revealed a perfect row of white teeth. She stood up, so that Her member hung in front of his face once again. She placed both hands on the back of his head, and ran Her perfectly manicured hands through his thick blonde hair.

“No my pet, this isn’t going in you ass... Well… not today anyway.”

She was getting excited now - he could see it in those cold, piercing eyes. He could feel every nerve in his body tingling with anticipation, arousal and fear.

“You see…” She continued “…there's lots of ways of testing a slave’s obedience: Pain, humiliation, chastity... But there’s a way that’s far more effective than all the others... and far more fun…"

"You see my little slut, there’s nothing that reminds a slave of who’s in charge better than stuffing their throat with a cock. Nothing reminds a slave of just how powerless they are than when they’re on their knees pleasuring their Mistress’ strap-on with their mouth."

As She finished the sentence, She pulled his head forward so that his lips came into contact with the tip of her cold rubber cock.

“You see my pet, today is actually going to be very easy for you. All you need to do is open that slutty little mouth, and I’ll do the rest. Isn’t that easy? Nod if you understand.”

As Joe nodded, She increased the pressure on the back of his head, so that the smooth rounded head of Her cock parted his lips, entered his mouth and pressed against his tongue. She paused there for a second, letting him taste the brand new rubber, before increasing the pressure once more, forcing Her cock deeper into his mouth and to the back of his throat. Joe felt his lips pass beyond the head and tighten around the thick shaft.

His own cock pulsed now as he slowly began to move his head backwards and forwards, feeling every vein on the rubber cock run between his lips as he did so. She allowed him to continue for a few more seconds, before reapplying the pressure to the back of his head and holding it still so her cock rested against the back of his throat again. He could feel the saliva building up in his mouth. He felt like a proud cock-sucking slut.

She released his head and let Her cock fall out of his mouth.

“Spit on it.” She ordered.

Joe spat on to the large pink head of Rachel’s strap-on.

“And again. This is for your benefit not mine, lube up that cock properly.”

He spat further down the shaft, trying to cover as much as possible in a slick coat of saliva. It made Her strap-on glisten in the light as it moved back towards his mouth. Though this time, Joe's mouth opened willingly and his lips passed slowly over the wet head.

And then, just as his lips made it past the head, he felt Rachel's hands slam down on the back of his head as She thrust Her hips towards his face. The bulbous head of Her cock, lubed with his saliva, had no problem forcing its way past his tonsils and deep down his throat.

His whole body tensed as he frantically tried to free his hands from behind his back. But the cuffs were too tight, all he could do was squirm on his knees as the manicured hands on the back of his head grabbed a clump of his hair and held his head in place. The saliva now forced its way out of the corners of his mouth and drooled down his chin as he desperately struggled for air.

Rachel's voice cut through his panicked mind.

“That's it slut, take it all. Struggle if you'd like. You're not going anywhere.”

His eyes were screwed shut, his face was red and every muscle in his neck and back was straining to get away from the thick shaft currently lodged in his throat.

Then just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, just when he thought that he’d reached his limit, the grip on the back of his head loosened and he fell backwards onto the hard concrete floor.

As he greedily breathed in the stale air of the cellar, he could feel his Mistress looming above him.

“Get up you pathetic slut, I haven’t finished with you yet.”

The voice in Joe's head was screaming at him to stop. But he didn’t want to stop - he couldn’t. His Mistress wasn’t finished with her slave, and he needed to please his Mistress.

He struggled back to his knees, now painfully aware of the cuffs keeping his hands and ankles together. Rachel grabbed the hair on the top of his head and pulled him upright. No sooner had he raised his head, then the veiny shaft was back between lips and sliding down his throat. Despite the discomfort, his cock continued to throb rhythmically.

“Look up at me.” She commanded “I want to look into those terrified eyes.”

Through his tears he could just make out the sadistic smile and commanding stare that reminded him of just how powerless and vulnerable he was. He began to struggle again as his gag reflex tried to remove the bulbous pink head buried deep in his throat.

“Are you struggling down there my pet?” Rachel asked. "What would you give right now to breathe just one breath? Do you want me to stop?”

Rachel administered another slap across Joe’s left cheek before he could even make a sound in response.

"Tough shit! You're not ready to breathe yet, you haven't earned it. I'm not pulling out until I look into those tearful, vulnerable eyes and I see the last flicker of resistance melt away. This is what submission feels like. You are nothing now but a cock-sucking slave."

A part of Joe wanted to stop, to tap out and leave. But as he knelt there on the dirty floor of the cellar and looked up at his Mistress through tear-drenched eyes, he began to realize that this is where he belonged.

Rachel let go of his hair and he fell to the floor once more. For a few seconds there was silence.

“Remember slave…" came the voice from above him, “… that this is obedience. And obedience is pleasure."

Despite what he had endured, Joe felt oddly calm. Every concern, trouble and responsibility he had outside of this cellar meant nothing now. In this moment, all that existed was the pink-headed strap-on for him to service with his mouth. All he existed for was to choke down that cock for his Mistress’ pleasure.

He rose to his knees once more, opened his mouth and leaned forward.

For the first time in his life, he was free.


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