Monday, September 21, 2020

My Hunger Begs by Lady Khelan

     My hunger begs

I have a hunger that begs to be fed 

Shape and curve, silhouette upon my bed

Tangled web, silken weave

Limbs bound, you shan’t take your leave

They satisfy, ache and need

Gagged whimpers, sighs, and cries they plead

Touch of a wheel where passions rise

Mutterings as they agonize

Tickle, touch and quiver make

Click of a tongue, their will doth break

Gripping, pulsating, sweat soaked skin

Pools of wax draw heat from within

Anticipation builds at every wrist snap

Lashings harsh across your lap

The burn and yearn, tingle and sting

The flesh it writhes beneath each swing

Shocking touch, a clamp and a crop 

You beg for more, have mercy, don’t stop

A hint, a sign of amusing remedy

A long deep breath of sweet ecstasy

Ah, the pleasure of my satisfaction revealed

Appeased now, with a kiss it’s sealed

Until next we meet, my dear desire

When my hunger begs and you are required.


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