Monday, September 21, 2020

Warm Up by Anonymous

 Warm Up. (anonymous)

As she sat there, nonchalantly tapping her fingernails in a rhythmical manner against the glass topped side table, happily I’d assume, I could hear in the distance her gentle relaxing music, by the fireside. I was conscientiously going about my chores silently listening to the sounds from the next room. Suddenly I was beckoned. I adored the fact I was to grace her every whim, and I quickly stopped what I was doing and neatly left the cleaning supplies in a desirable fashion, and raced to her side brushing down my clothes so I looked presentable. Nobody wants to see disheveled mess, nothing should be too much effort, and it wasn't. I approached the door cautiously and before I had chance to utter a word she signaled, with just a finger, to my placement, which I very much obliged too. I carefully tucked my skirt, as I knelt down by her feet looking up towards her I rocked back slightly onto my heels. There was a momentary silence which gave me a moment to notice the small things, I could tell she had a busy day, from which I admired the deep plum tone on her fingernails which looked beautiful against her complexion and her new hair style the way it was slightly curled and now sitting just above her shoulders, I could tell she had been busy with appointments. I waited patiently for her to speak, just taking in her everything about her, I inwardly smile. "You should know something," she announced, to my slight confusion, as it’s not the usual way she would begin a conversation. I politely responded with a curious tone "yes Mistress?!", she went on to tell me of her upcoming plans for the night, how she was aiming to be meeting an old friend in town later that evening. 

Mistress handed me a small bottle and motioned to the job at hand - it was like I was in tune with her, we seemed to sing the same notes – so, I got to work. I took off her heels and began to gently massage her feet and legs making sure to cover ever part with her rose scented lotion, the scent radiated the room and I could tell she was enjoying the effort and time I was taking on every inch of what I was allowed to caress. I love to serve in this way, but it came much to my surprise when she after a while she stopped me, for I could have done this all night. But, I remembered she had her plans to maintain, and perhaps it was time for her to get dressed. Without words, a motion to put her shoes back on and to follow her, I, of course, promptly did as such. We went to the bedroom where my remaining supplies from earlier sat upon the dresser, she smiled, and sat on the edge of the bed, "here my girl, beside me" she said in a softened tone. I knelt down as directed, when, rather suddenly, I felt my skirt slightly moved. Her fingernail was tracing down my flesh, causing a shiver ran up my spine as if her finger had continued its path. I jolted forward slightly, I felt like ice had suddenly attacked all the warmth in the room, it left me almost presenting myself in an involuntary movement, much to Mistress' amusement. Yet, with the new found almost splayed position, I found I couldn’t move, as if my body had just went on a power outage. But, Mistress was soon to charge my body back up quickly, and without warning. There was no time to prepare, and I let out a sudden yelp as a strike hit upon my bare flesh, I twisted myself slightly to look at Mistress over my shoulder, and upon seeing her delighted expression I thanked her, and I guess that prompted the next three blows, which warmed me inside and out. I felt as though they were rewards for my thankfulness, and it filled me such pride. I took in the sensations, overwhelming me in that moment, allowing my mind to fall into a wonderous state, when a distant yet abrupt alarm sounded. As it bleated out, Mistress stopped it without a hesitation, and chuckled. "While you were busy downstairs, my friend texted that she had something has come up. So, my plans have changed, too."  I could not hide my smile this time as she almost whispered but, with such conviction " This is just the a warm up, as now, tonight *you* are my plans."


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