Monday, September 21, 2020

Peregrine's Confession

 As the credits rolled, she glanced down at the end of the sofa where Gus was curled up at her feet, snoring softly. He’d fallen asleep. He ALWAYS fell asleep. It was something of a pet peeve of hers, but tonight was different. Tonight, she’d been counting on it. She carefully disentangled her bare feet from his hands, still sleek from the lotion he’d been applying before he drifted off. Quietly she reached across him to his phone on the end table and settled back onto the sofa with it. 

After tapping in his 4-digit pin, her birthday, of course, she quickly made her way to the apps store and began downloading the hook up app she’d chosen after doing some careful research earlier that day. She glanced at Gus’s sleeping form occasionally, as she created an account in his name and set up his new profile. “Cum slut seeks thick cock.” She pressed her lips together to suppress a chuckle. After transferring and uploading a couple of rather degrading photos of her boy to his new profile, she looked it all over and, satisfied, she clicked submit. 

The next morning, they were sitting down for breakfast. She’d been sitting at the table reading over the news on her phone while he prepared their traditional Saturday morning bacon sandwiches. They both looked at Gus’ phone on the table when it pinged with an unfamiliar notification tone. On the screen was a window that read “Tonight, 8:30, the men’s room at Foggy Bottom.” Her boy stared at the phone without touching it, reading over the words, trying to decipher them. Finally he looked up at her to find her grinning like a cheshire cat. “It looks like you have a date tonight, my darling.” He swallowed hard and picked up his phone to read the message again before unlocking his phone and maneuvering to the new app. She watched him pour over his profile as his face reddened and his mouth hung open. “Yes,” she said, “It’s probably good that you start stretching your jaw now, I have a feeling that will make tonight go a little easier.”

That evening, he dressed under her careful direction. She did the buttons of his shirt for him when his fingers were trembling too hard to fasten them securely. She stroked his cheek adoringly and kissed him warmly on his mouth. “Just remember. I love you. I own you. Whenever there is a question tonight about what you should do next, just do whatever would make me proudest.” Gus nodded, as though in a daze, “Yes, Mistress,” he murmured and she walked him to the front door. 

He caught a taxi and took it to Foggy Bottom. After distractedly paying the driver, he stepped out in front of the rather seedy looking club that he’d never heard of or seen before. There were clusters of men standing around smoking and laughing outside. Against the wall, near the entrance, two men were grinding against each other while making out. It took all he had to not dive back into the taxi and direct the driver to take him home immediately, but he remembered what his Mistress had said…. “Do whatever would make me proudest.” Gus straightened his shoulders, crossed the dirty sidewalk, and stepped into the dark club. 

His eyes adjusted slowly to the dim lights.  On one side was a long, crowded bar. On the other side were booths filled with men. In between were a few occupied bar tables and a stage with a dance pole where a nearly naked man was performing a seductive dance. He averted his eyes and they found, instead, the sign in the very back that read “Loo” with an arrow pointing to the left.

Checking his phone for the time, he saw a message from his Mistress “Do me proud, my little lambchop.” With a deep breath, he made his way to the back of the club and turned left like the sign said. He went into the little bathroom. There was a sink, a urinal, and a stall with a toilet. He was relieved that it was empty. Gus waited, unsure what to do next. 

When the door swung open, the music from the club got louder and then receded into the background again as the door closed behind the man who’d stepped inside. He wasn’t sure if this was THE man, so he just stood there. Then the man reached over to the bathroom door handle and locked it with a resounding click. It must be him. Gus’ mouth suddenly went very dry. He nearly pulled out his phone and texted me to beg for reprieve, but he heard my words in his head again, “do whatever would make me proudest.” 

This wouldn’t be his first cock. Not by a long shot. It would, however, be his first cock without me there watching him and encouraging him. He drew in a ragged breath as the man stepped toward him and put a hand on his shoulder.  The man applied a downward pressure that Gus knew intimately… he was almost grateful for the familiarity of the gesture because it made his next action easier… He dropped to his knees almost without thinking.

Inches in front of his face was the fly of a dark pair of jeans. With unsteady hands, Gus reached up for the button, jerking at it a few times until it freed and then he clumsily lowered the zipper. Above him he heard the man murmur, “So you really ARE the cum slut your profile said you are.” Gus bit his lip to keep from arguing and instead focused on tugging the man’s jeans and underwear down to his knees. Out plopped a semi-stiff, uncircumcised cock. It nearly smacked him in the face it was so close. Gus hesitated. “It’s not going to suck itself,” he heard the deep stranger’s voice from above. 

“Do whatever would make me proudest,” he heard in his head, repeating it over and over again until it was a loop. Prompted by the memory of his Mistress’ voice he took the stranger’s cock into his hand and began to stroke it. He was relieved to find that it wasn’t massive, he’d taken bigger. Still, it wasn’t exactly tiny either. After taking a deep breath, he slid the foreskin back and opened his mouth to slip his lips over the silky exposed head of the cock. The taste was both strange and familiar at the same time.

Per his training, Gus began running his tongue over the head of the cock, swirling it around several times and then massaging the man’s frenulum with the delicate pink tip of his tongue. Gus heard the man above him exhale with pleasure. He thought to himself, “Let’s just get this over with.” He eased his lips further down on it, taking it deeper and deeper. He wet the cock generously with his saliva so it slid easily between his lips pursed around it. Gus kept his hand around the base of the cock, knowing that he’d gag if he took it all of the way into his mouth. Despite his training, he still hadn’t quite mastered relaxing his throat. 

Gus’ head bobbed back and forth on the cock. He kept his lips firm and lush around it while his tongue cupped and licked and kneaded it. He felt the cock growing harder and larger in his mouth. With a hand, he reached up and gently cupped the man’s balls and lightly rolled them around in his palm until they began to tighten up toward the man’s body.  

Gus knew it was coming soon. Unexpectedly, the man gruffly pushed the hand Gus had around his cock aside. With both hands, the man pushed Gus’ head down fully onto his cock, causing Gus to gag. The man chuckled and released the pressure before forcing his cock into Gus’ throat again. And again. His gagging seemed only to spur the man on. Gus tried desperately to quiet his mind and relax his throat. But then the man was cumming in his mouth. The first slimy spurt of semen spat over his tonsils and dripped down his throat. The next roped over his tongue. Gus gagged again, but he knew better than to swallow. He steeled himself for more and the man delivered. With a final grunt of satisfaction, the man pulled himself from Gus’ mouth and wiped his cock clean on Gus’ cheeks. He reached down, pulled his pants up, buttoned them, unlocked the door… and then he was gone. 

Gus still had a mouthful of cum. He was absolutely desperate to spit it out or swallow it, anything to get it out, but he knew the rules. He shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled his phone out. Swiftly he took a photo of his open mouth, showing the pool of semen cupped on his tongue, and texted it to his Mistress. To his relief, her response was equally swift, but what he read was unexpected. “I want to see it in person, come out here now and show me.” 

Confused, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and poked his head out of the bathroom door. From the doorway, he could see his Mistress perched at a bar table talking and laughing with a strange man. He approached them with uncertainty. When he reached the table, his Mistress reached up and pinched his mouth open. Seeing that the white slime was still present, she turned his head toward the man so he could see too, then she nodded her assent. “You may swallow, Mine.” He obediently choked it down, keeping his eyes on her. 

She looked at him lovingly. “My sweet boy, you’ll be so pleased to know that I’ve found you another date! Two in one evening, aren’t you the luckiest boy in the world?” Gus nodded, unable to speak. He glanced at the man while his Mistress leaned in close… “Don’t worry, I think your mouth is done working… this one is interested in a different hole. Have fun!” She pinched his ass as the man pushed his chair back and Gus compliantly followed him to the back of the bar and turned left into the loo again. He could hear his Mistress’ laughter as the door swung closed behind him. 


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