Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Railway Sleeper by Anonymous

"based on a true story"

The Railway Sleeper

Enraged she flailed through the door and up the stairs, an air about Her said that she was having what was probably the worst day ever since I had been in her presence. I was just an onlooker to her crazed, inconsolable attitude in which she presented. I didn't dare ask what was wrong, but in amongst her venting I could make out part of what the matter was, however I didn't see appropriateness in which I should question.

I observed and listened and just like that silence fell, all of a sudden as She was taken over by a completely different persona there was calmness, a quietness, Her anger filled vent, just suddenly ended. She was gathering her thoughts of what was ready to come, my unawareness of such predicament was about to crash down soon enough. "Here!" She demanded.  I raced attentively to Her. At first glance, I didn't notice anything unusual or out of place so I may have had a questionable look upon my face. She read my face like a book with many chapters within, it was if She knew exactly how I was thinking.  She chuckled, "Time will tell," as I was inquisitively gazing around.

So here I was, unable to fathom Her request I didn't dare question, so I just patiently sat on the floor by Her. After what seemed like an eternity, her phone rang, "No, no not yet..." she announced. With a slight excitable tone, "Well how long will you be?" she questioned. "Ok, come straight in when you get here, see you soon." And with that, she hung up. My mind blazed with all the questions, I was so desperate to say, ‘Who was that? What was that about? Is everything ok?’  It was like my mind wasn't even racing now, it was sprinting, faster than a marathon runner who's about to achieve gold.

The door opens, up the stairs came one of Mistress' best friends, a guy she had known for many years he was known to me as a master of his trade, he was an expert rigger.  But, he was not of the Dominant persuasion at all, more likely a submissive if he had ever entered into the lifestyle.  But, he was merely just Her rigger friend, who was definitely the most vanilla person she was friends with. His expert knowledge in being able to understand about such things, though, always had me quite confused.

Mistress was almost tugging as his arm, which was quite amusing. I tried my best to conceal my smile, watching this motion and he got a step ladder, with four steps up, just enough to be able to reach the hatch of the attic. It was one of those in an old house, nothing fancy about it, it was just pushed away from his head, revealing a dark, dim attic. Once again, I was left with a wondering mind, what was Mistress’ plan? I knew there was something, but I couldn't yet pinpoint it. Her friend twists his body around in some almost contortionist maneuver. There was a terrible scratching sound from above, almost verging on the scratching down of a chalk board, sending shudders through my spine as this noise always did. I anxiously looked up, and as I did another sound began, a soft jingle of that I couldn't quite place.

I was usually good with not being able to see. I’d become quite accustomed to sensory deprivation, but this time I was rather thrown off by the noises that I was hearing.  I couldn't figure out what he was doing, as he manipulated something within the darkness through the little hatch.  "Is it done?" Mistress asked quite sternly, growing impatient. With that he let go of this plethora of ropes which had been installed with very strong looking D-ring style hooks, he climbed down the ladder and removed it back to the little storage room from where it came.

It was then she explained, "little one, you see We found an old railway sleeper in the attic, it was quite well preserved, so he was able to create something that I've wanted for a long time and I’m sure you have by now gathered what this is for", I softly tilted my head and nodded back in response. She ushered with her hands, "Stand up, My girl" she said. I did so without any hesitation to my Mistress’ words, led by the arm over to where the curtain of ropes hung down. Her friend dismissed himself, and as he left, I heard the door lock in the distance, there was such a silenced sound.  I’d have heard a pin drop in that very moment.  She smiled so wide and began to use my body in motions as if She was the puppet master and me her mere doll. I liked the sense of this and I gave myself to her willingly and She was more than able to use Her body of mine however She deemed necessary.

Suddenly my head was rushing, my wrists and ankles were locked into cuffs, and within moments there I was looking like a captured fly within a spider’s web. The taut bonds, from which I was suspended, providing a sense of security, Mistress expertly maneuvered the tight pulls of the soft ropes over my exposed flesh. Even though the positioning left me feeling a new sense of vulnerability, it also gave me an overwhelming sense of safety, all in the same breath. The breath of which was the only thing I was now focusing on, as the blood rushed tenderly to my head, I remember the face of Her peering down upon me as she stood by me with the biggest warmest smile of pride.

Within a moment’s breath, suddenly that all abruptly changed, I yelped out. I don't know where it appeared from, but i assumed by the table at the top of the stairs. She was only gone not even 30 seconds till She reappeared. My eyes had been shut gently and I was in a relaxed state when as I felt the warmth gather over my flesh, as if it was burning deep within.  After a few flickers of this sensation and I began to understand it more, and the yelps soon turned to breathless pleasure as I travelled to a place beyond the normality of my mind. I don't really remember being taken down from my bonds, She was so skilled in all of this, my body in awe of Her.  When I awoke, I was wrapped in Her arms in our bed. It was then I saw the most fascinating colors upon my flesh,  She traced the pieces with Her fingernail, with that I wriggled deeper into Her arms as if our bodies had become one and with that, a prideful smile upon Her face, as She announced "That’s My good girl!"


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