Thursday, August 29, 2019

Silent J by Anonymous

Why must it be that I am silent here
How do I stand out
How do I make you notice me
I am merely a set of pixels
Pixels that I have primmed and fashioned
and nervously put together in hope that you may notice me
I do greet you each time You arrive or depart
I do so with as much as a twinkle of personality that is permitted not enough that you may think me too cheeky or unworthy of your time but enough that you may just fleetingly notice me.
Perhaps a few months is not enough but I am here still trying.
I smile at your jokes but I am not sure if i should commiserate on your mishaps.
Yes I wish to present the gentleman. Yes I am a good guy.
Where does that get me though
Standing here so silent.
I once asked to message you in Pvt but you were busy. I have been frightened to ask again. I have my dreams just now better than that a No once more accosts my senses.
I see them flock round you. Cheeky Beggars. Begging for attention. Insolent at times. Disregarding rules. They have your time.
They will be gone you know. Gone soon. Fly by nights.
Me. I shall be standing silent.
For however long that takes.
Your gentleman awaits you My Lady.
If you would only notice me.


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