Thursday, August 29, 2019

Carbs by Lady Karrie

I am feeling in a really fucked off mood tonight. Oh I swore, too fucking bad. if you had the day i had you would be fucking swearing too or standing in the middle of a busy street, screaminnnnng until the ambulance took you away. to Fuck knows where. So if you are offended slip the fuck away.

It started around 8am,  I left for my first business meeting, makeup beautifully set and hair perfectly blow dried, I slipped out of the apartment to be met with a hurricane of wind and rain.  As I tried to hide my face from the onset a rancid takeaway wrapper blew into my face blurring my vision and my six inch heels stepped into the leftover kebab and fries that was splattered on the pavement. And yeah I feel flat down on my arse. I was fucking furious sitting there stinking of chilli and fuck knows what dripping down my hair. I didn't even notice the split in my Chanel black jeans until after someone in the meeting quietly mentioned it!

At lunch my fucked up arse of an assistant brought me the wrong sandwich even although i had clearly said it was my no carbs day! I had to fucking eat it too. Ok he brought me alternative but when its right in front of you, you arent going to say oh no i don't want the chicken and cheese on Rye ill just have the pissed off looking limp salad are you! Fucking imbecile. Ill sack him tomorrow I cant afford my diet ruined by a fucking clown of a man.

And of course because I had the bread i thought fuck it and sent him out for fat coke and donuts.

And that is why I am totally fucked off today! Ruined my whole fucking diet Monday once more! I cant stop thinking of that idiot feeding me a pile of fucking fat.

And yes I know I shouldnt play when Im angry but do you know what you can fuck off too. Im not in the mood.

Hes waiting for me now.......hes gonna suffer.

"John why the fuck are you not kneeling" I punch him to the floor and kick him hard in the balls. "Answer me cunt"

No response, What the fuck. I get enough ignorance of men at work I am sure as fuck not putting up with it here as well.

I grab his hair tight and pull his head down whilst bringing a knee up into his face.

He squeals.
I am not ready to laugh as I normally would.. hes just annoying me more.

I slap his face hard and scream...thick spittle flies onto his face.."One last chance or I will fucking cut you deep"

"Sorry sorry Mistress you told me that I wasn't to kneel today until you told me. I am so sorry Mistress Very sorry"

For fuck sakes His fucking pathetic sorry sorry was really irritating I cant stand whining.

I grab my knuckle dusters from the nearby chair and smash his face making sure I make contact with his hooked nose. The blood soothes me slightly. His body crumbling to the floor doesn't. Fucking wimp!

"Get the fuck up you spineless little worm " As I drag him to the corner crucifix, he squeals like a pathetic piece of pork. I roughly affix his restraints, pinch his nipples ruthlessly till he screams then I bend for an instant to lick a  delicious trail of blood that oozes into his soft mouth, "Like blood on snow" I whisper.

 I wink and somewhat excitedly, reach for the bullwhip and begin the release.

All that pent up anger, all that fury inside me fuel my game. I dont want stripes I need welts. Ragged. Unkept splattered weals scarring his pale freckled skin. As the sound of the whip cracks steadily through the humid air my cunt begins to drip its delight.

When I am out of breath, when my arm hurts so bad that I cant lift it anymore I awake from the frenzy and am almost startled by the sight before me.

Releasing his restraints I rip my pants off hurriedly and smother his face in my wet cunt.

"Get one hand on your maggot cock and hold it there. No wanking! With the other start fingering me deep. All four fingers. Push them in as far as you can, then deeper, Get your tongue spread out flat on my clit none of that fairy tip shit or doing the alphabet you arse. Thats it Now lap and fuck until I tell you to stop"

Afterwards, I call him to me.

Hes all mushy now, I love you this I love you that. I have only one last instruction.

"Cunt, go down to the shop and get me some Carb-free, Gluten free, Lactose free, Vegan caramel swirl ice cream. Dont forget the flake."


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