Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mon Capitaine by Anonymous

Mon capitaine

Finally, I had managed to achieve one my dreams, and I had bought a 40 feet sail boat I had laid my eyes on for a lot of time. Consequently, my weekends were devoted to bringing whoever may require that around the bay, giving them board and lodging into the boat itself. What I was earning from that was more than enough to cover the maintenance costs.
That week, I had received a strange reservation mail. It was signed by a Lady Mary, and she had booked the board for the following weekend. I quickly replied affirmatively, but I was feeling something was wrong and was keeping me in apprehension.
On Friday morning I arrived at the jetty, and began working on the boat, to make it ready for the weekend. I used to keep it tidy, so I had not to work that much. I was waiting for this Lady Mary, but at the agreed time nobody was in sight, so I thought it might have been just a joke. I was wrong.
I was below deck, tidying some stuff up, when I heard a calling voice: “Hello, is there anybody in there?” I got out, and suddenly I was blown away. A woman, more or less my age, was smiling to me, apparently very confident, with a small luggage on the ground by her. Her appearance was very elegant: her long hair was up behind her neck and a long light shirt allowed me to foresee a well proportionated breast. A black creased skirt put in evidence two wonderful tanned legs, and at her feet a pair of high heeled black pumps. There was definitely something familiar, but I was not able to find out what it was. I was a bit bothered by the lack of an excuse for being so late. After a brief introduction, I offered her to jump on my boat, gently asking her to remove her shoes before doing that (any kind of shoes were just forbidden over the boat). And it was here I clearly got that would have been a different weekend. She looked at me, smiling, and firmly replying “I take my shoes off only when I say that. Bring me to my cabin, please”.
I didn’t answer back, and maybe that was a big mistake. I grabbed her luggage and led the way to her cabin, which I showed her. I told her we would have set sail quite immediately (we were late, after all), and she just nodded. I came on deck, finished the last little chores, hoisted sails and set course into the deep. The sun was high but enjoyable, and the breeze very pleasant.
After a couple of hours sailing, the main sail well taut and the pace very firm, Lady Mary showed up from the main hutch. She was wearing nothing but a black bikini. “I guess this boat is provided with an autopilot, isn’t it?” – “It is, Lady Mary. Why?” – “I need your help, if you don’t mind, and I would hate to get adrift because of that” – “Just a sec, Lady Mary”.
After some minutes, I was in her cabin. There was a mess, actually, and she told me “My shoes got stuck under the bed, and I get sick if I bow down. Take them for me, please”. I was about answering back and telling her that was not the task of the Captain, but I held back, I knelt down to get her shoes, when I felt her hands on my shoulders and on my head, as if she wished to force me even more down.
On the spot, I did not react. I was clearly not at ease, but something coerced me not to go against her. “My dear Paul, don’t you think this is the exact place you belong?” Paul? How did she know my second name? That discovered a heavy veil on old times…”…and, moreover, I should take offense, don’t you agree? I would have thought you should have recognised me…”
I tried to stand up, but she prevented me from doing that. “No, my dear, I told you. That’s your place. Actually, as you are there, why don’t you greet me the way a lady should be greeted? Come on, I am sure you can make it…”. Her hand pushed my head down, slowly and no hesitation, until my lips were right above her bare feet, toward which I was strangely and inexorably attracted. A shiver run along my spine as my lips brushed against her toes, and at the same time, slowly yet firmly, her nails were caressing my back, leaving a red sign on my skin. Until her hand reached over my ass, slapping it hard twice.
“I think we will spend a nice weekend together…A Lady and a Captain…mon capitaine….or should I say…a Lady and her cabin-boy…..hahahaha….Get out of here now, and make sure dinner is served at nine on the dot”
I rushed out of the cabin, flushed and confused, almost caught unaware by what had just happened, and in the following hours I tried to be distracted by taking care of the boat pace. At the right time, I stopped the boat, furled the sails (we were very far from the coast), dropped an anchor, and started to prepare dinner. I obviously furnished the table for two, trying not to forget any detail, and I mentally reviewed all the food that, refined as it could be, was, of necessity, limited by the pantry size.
At five to nine, after I changed and worn an elegant t-shirt with some nice pants, I knocked at the door of Lady Mary’s cabin, announcing dinner was ready. She told me to wait for her at the table. I got on the deck and, as I was checking everything was at its right place, Lady Mary came out, smiling as she noticed my evident amazement. She was stunning, not a diva, rather very elegant and refined. She looked at me and said “You set for two. Is there somebody here I am not aware of?” – “The second place is for the Captain.” – “Mon capitaine, it is clear you have not fully understood. You are going to eat on the floor, what and if I allow. Very likely, very little”.
The situation was getting ugly. Pretending she was just joking, I accommodated her and started to serve her food, but strangely I didn’t put anything on my dish: Her strategy was working. I just told her “Lady Mary, once again I would ask you to take those shoes off. Heels are the most noxious things for boats.
In response, she told me to get closer and to bow down, and, quite unexpectedly, slapped me hard on my face. “Kneel down, mon capitaine”
I obeyed. Something made me do it. “The most noxious, eh? Good, slide your hands under my heels, so there won’t be any problem…”
I found myself reaching out and Lady Mary, without any uncertainty, dug her heels on my palms, causing an intense pain. “Good, mon capitaine, let’s spare the boat…”, and she dug even more, until a feeble lament got out of my mouth. In the meantime, she had begun savouring the food, clearly satisfied with it. “This quiche is very tasty, mon capitaine, maybe you are a better cook than a seaman, what do you think?” and she sneered while, her heels into my open palms, I was blushing and telling her “What do you want from me, Lady Mary?”
“What do I want? Mon capitaine, I am disappointed you don’t remember. You were not extremely kind, when we first met. Maybe I was a bit different, and for certain I was not wearing such heels….hahahahaha…but it was me, and you were not respectful as you should have. Time to pay for that. And by ‘pay’ I mean I will fuck your mind…(and not just that)…as I wish, and you will be thanking me for everything I give you. Is that clear, mon capitaine?” While she talked, she was smiling and merciless digging Her heels, so that I was frightened she could make a hole. A new Jesus Christ.
As far as possible, I looked up, and my gaze had to be a very suffering one, because she smiled sweetly and told me “Mon capitaine, what’s up? Something is not good? Oh, yes, I almost forgot, you must be hungry too…” She took a long carrot, looking at it for quite some time, and all of sudden she spat on it, a rivulet of saliva slowly trickling on it. Then she grabbed my hair harshly, hurting me. “Open your mouth”. I was exhausted by the tension, my hands still under her heels, my head and neck so strained and my face accessible to her…I obeyed without complaining, and she shoved the carrot in, pushing till I was almost throwing up, lovingly saying “I care for you, strange as that may sound to you. I won’t starve you. This carrot will be your dinner, but tomorrow morning I want to see it still in your mouth, or you will see. Thank me now, as I dressed it just for you.”
I was not able to talk, as the carrot was well invading my mouth, and so I just nodded. It was not a good move. Two violent slaps hit my cheeks, and she said sweetly “A more sincere word of thanks would have been appreciated…but it doesn’t matter…I will have to think about something else” She sat down with all her weight, making me moan for the pain…and quickly dropped my pants, my bare ass fully exposed now. She took a second carrot, bigger than the first one, but she didn’t spit this time and pushed it with no hesitation right into my ass, making me shout again (shouting with a carrot full in mouth I quite ridiculous, I say) and almost faint for the pain. “Wasn’t that good of me, mon capitaine? Oh….I forgot to spit to lube it…well, never mind, carrots are good after all, aren’t they?” She laughed wickedly and whispered “Yes, I think you will be Captain TwoCarrots from now on. The notorious Captain TwoCarrots, very famous all over the seven seas…The perfect name for you…and welcome into your nightmare weekend, Captain Two Carrots…..hahahahaha….”


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