Thursday, August 29, 2019

Songbirds by Mark

So I read recently in the papers about this guy. He had been deaf all his life, had never since childbirth heard a sound. But modern science had invented this new thing: a cochlear implant. And he was one of the guinea pigs. So they fitted this device, and all of a sudden, he could hear. He explained to the reporter how his world had expanded. He could hear what his wife’s voice sounded like. He could hear his children’s voices. He could hear music. It was as if the world had turned from black and white to technicolour.

One day he was dropping his son off at school. As he got out of the car, he heard this really high pitched sound. But it was not whiny or screechy. Instead, surprisingly, it sounded really nice. He asked his son what it was. His son looked at him.

‘Dad, it is Springtime. The songbirds are singing’.

I smiled when I read this. I went through dark times myself, when the world seemed to be monochrome instead of colour. But then, I met my Mistress, and all of a sudden, I too could hear the songbirds sing.


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