Thursday, August 29, 2019

Need by Lady Karrie


He doesnt know me fully
Yet he has seen glimpses.
Felt the pain. Carried the bruises.
Jolted from the swing of my hand.

He saw cruelty flare in a glance
He danced alongside the caress
He sipped once or twice
Slipped into the depth

But he doesnt know me fully yet.
He hasnt tasted terror yet
A broken love  Deserted.
Crushed. He doesnt know where his journey ends

I want it that way, His face
Upturned hurt and disappointed
Eyes saddened and empty
Where did all the love go.
Fairytale Discarded

A smack. A punch.
A snarl.
I want him.

Shaking uncontrollably
Begging for his life.

And when he begs,
When he truly begs.
Stunned. Raped. Broken. Vacant
I will beat him again for his weakness


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